Busty babe Tera sucking and gets boob jizzload

Busty babe Tera sucking and gets boob jizzload
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Acquaintances by Royal Trycon © ~Having visited your home on several occasions, due to family gatherings and surprise birthday parties for friends, I can't say the thought of getting to know you better hadn't ever crossed my mind. There was always a certain glow about you when I was around, that led me to believe you had thought about me as well. Thus came the day my car happened to break down near your place, and I thought just by chance, you might be able to give me a ride to work.

Not sure if you were home, I gave your door a knock. "Just a minute!" you said then opened up the door dressed in your morning bath robe. "Oh, hey," you recognized me. "Come on in.

Is everything alright?" I filled you in, and you offered to give me a lift. "I'll be just a sec. I need to get dressed really quick." And so I waited. Not wanting to sit down, still buzzing from my morning coffee, I began looking at family photos hanging on the walls in the bedroom hallway.

Leaving your bedroom door opened a crack, I decided to take a chance and peek in on you. The thought of catching a glimpse of your naked flesh was too strong to resist. and so I peeked. Not finding you I looked closer and spotted you in your bedroom bathroom, which also had been left open a crack. I ventured further. Tip toeing through your messy room, I quietly looked through the gap in the door. In the mirror's reflection I found you. Having already dropped your robe, your naked shoulders were visible.

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Your skin looked soft and edible. Becoming aroused, I wondered about the rest of you, and crept closer to the door. I could hear you moving around. I stood up tall in time to see you slide on your silk panties. "Holy shit!" I whispered to myself. I reached down to comfort my erection. Mmmmm.you looked deliciously cute. I watched you more as you strapped your bra over your large breasts. You turned just then and my adrenaline sky rocketed.

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Had you caught me peeping, I don't know if the embarrassment would have been worth the distrust that may have followed.

I decided I had already pushed my luck and tried my hardest to sneak back out of your room. Just as I reached the door I heard you exit the bathroom. "What are you doing?!" you laughed sternly, wearing a t-shirt by this point.

I turned, "Err. ummmm," is all I could get out. "Were you just watching me?" you asked, glairing at me with a grin on your face.

"No," I blushed looking at the ceiling. "Oh, ok." you let it go, and I turned to leave the room. "That's too bad," you spoke quietly. "What's that?" I turned back around. "I said that's too bad." You turned and went back in the bathroom. "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!" I thought.

Then it hit me.

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Knowing I had to be to work soon I wasted no time, shoving the bathroom door open and grabbing a hold of you. Immediately we kissed. Sliding our tongues in each other's mouths and running our hands all over each other's bodies. I grabbed onto your ass and pulled you towards me, rubbing what lied below your waste against my erection. "Oooo," you whispered. "Somebody's awake!" you smiled. I grabbed a hold of your head and kissed your neck.

Your hands rubbed the bulge in my pants and began trying to undo my belt. I reached up and squeezed your breasts. Your nipples were hard. You looked so cute in only your underwear and little t-shirt. I had to hurry! I reached down and undid my belt as you unzipped me. I let my pants fall to the floor and you slid my dick out of my boxers.

"Oh wow," your eyes grew large. "You're a big boy!" I kissed you some more and you started jerking me off. I let my feet slip out of my shoes and everything else, and watched your hand stroke me up and down. You looked at me. "You want me to suck your." I interrupted you and threw you down on your knees. You shoved my hard cock in your mouth and started sucking.

"Mmmm," is all I could speak. You slid me out of your mouth, spit on my helmet and spread it around making me nice and wet as you licked my shaft and rolled my balls through your fingers with your other hand. Then you slid your tongue up to my head and started sucking me off some more.

You looked gorgeous with my dick in your mouth. I held your head still and fucked your pretty face. You opened your mouth wide and choked me down. I caught a glimpse of the bathroom clock and realized I was gonna be late if I didn't pick up the pace. I picked you up off the floor and kissed you. You kept a hold of my dick as I slid my hand between your legs. Your panties were soaked. "Mmmm, looks like I'm not the only one awake." I mentioned. We both looked down and watched our hands playing with each other.

Then you looked up at me and licked my chin. "Fuck me!" you demanded. I didn't argue. You turned around and leaned against the sink. I picked your knee up onto the edge of the counter and slid your panties to the side.

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You whipped your head around to watch as I jammed my long dick inside your wet little pussy. "Oh my fucking.Oh." is all you could get out. I wasn't gentle. I grabbed your waste firmly and began pounding away. Your hands scrambled to hold yourself upright, knocking your brush and curling iron onto the floor.

I thrust as much of me into you as I could. Filling you up past your limit. I reached under your ass and played with your swollen clit.

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"Oh yeah. Fuck me!" you shouted. "Fuck me good." I slowed down and made my stokes longer and harder. You pushed back against me. "Your pussy's so tight." I complimented. You looked at me in the mirror.

"Ya? You like fucking that tight little pussy?" I loved the way you talked dirty to me.

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I grabbed onto your shoulders with both hands and beat your cunt into submission, making you yell. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh my God, I'm cumming!" Your warm juice felt great around my shaft.

I slowed down again and grabbed a hold of both your tits. I watched my spear stab into you over and over, and felt my pressure rise. "Mmmm," I giggled. You spread your ass and looked back at me. You knew the expression on my face. "You gonna cum for me?" "Mmmm hmmm," I replied, not wanting to stop. "You wanna cum in my mouth?" you offered. I couldn't argue. I slid my hands over your ass and thrust deep a few more times.

"Damn, you've got the biggest dick!" you smiled. I enjoyed those words and knew I was about to pop. I pulled myself out of you and began stroking myself. You turned around and got on your knees and took over. Your performance was perfect. With your mouth around my head and both hands stroking my shaft, you proceeded to vacuum my cum out of me.

You rolled your head around and continued a steady rhythm. I leaned my head back and felt my heart beat rise. "Oh! Here I cum!" I warned. You opened your mouth wide and let me watch as my load streaked across your tongue. You stroked me faster and I shot another load down your throat.

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"Mmmm," you sighed and swallowed. Then squeezed me tight, twisting your hands to drizzle the rest of my juice onto your lips, and licked it off. "Mmmm, that feel good baby?" you whispered, smiling big up at me. "Mmmm, woman." I replied. ".will you marry me?" I joked, making you laugh. [END]