Guy cums everywere after jerking off

Guy cums everywere after jerking off
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It had been a boring day at school so the short walk home cheered me up a little. My family was a little better than middle class and our house showed it. It was two story with me and my sister living on the top floor. My parents usually got home an hour after me and my sister got home a little before me.

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Although we went to the same school we didn't walk home together because we were in different classes at the end of the day. " Hey, " said Sophie casually " hey, " I replied and went to my room. My sister Sophie was '18' like me and around the same height, she had long shiny and thick blonde hair which she liked to keep straight.

I had black black hair and light abs. While I was toned Sophie was slim and very flexible, she did a lot of gymnastics and was even in a team. Her body was very developed with good hips, an admirable butt and large breasts. Of corce I had never thought of her in a sexual way. Why would I? shes my sister. Anyway it was all about to change.

The top floor of the house was divided into 5 large rooms (like I said we were quite wealthy and it was a big house). 4 of the rooms surrounded a room that we all called the hang out. The hang out had a couch with stairs leading down behind it.

In front of the couch was a large empty space that Sophie used to do streches and stay flexible this was followed by a tv. The rooms around it were the bathroom( only for me and my sister), the guest room ( vote at the end if you want the next story to be a threesome), my room, my sisters room and the computer room.

Ok back to the story. After I had changed and had a shower I joined Sophie on the couch in the hangout. Me and Sophie really connected with each other and we would talk about everything. "Do you remember the time our parents gave us the sex talk?" asked Sophie. "Ya," I replyed, " they said it was like a train entering a tunnel" me and Sophie laughed so hard it started to hert.

I grabbed my tummy to control my laughing. Sophie just laughed harder, bending her head back over the couch and pushing her chest outwards. Sophie was shy of her big brested so she usually wore loose fitting clothes. I couldent help glance at her breasts. I had never seen her boobs look this big before. They were large and round. As her laughing slowed she returned to her normal sitting position and I looked away.

" Do you remember our parents told us that at the end of sex chu chu cum," said Sophie " oh my God that was hilarious," I replied " our parents were so worried about the importance of explaining sex to us," said Sophie " ya, have you ever um. Had sex?" I asked nervously she gave me a strange look, " no have you?

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"no." it felt weird asking my sister questions about sex but at the same time I wanted to know more. I then asked her, " have you ever seen a boy naked?" "no," she said. " really," I replied. " ya the boys are really shy around me and no one has the guts to ask me out" I could understand this if she wasn't my sister I would be scared just to talk to her. The next question I asked surprised even me! " do you want to see a boy naked?" " um ya it would be nice I mean all my friends have." " well," I said, " if you want I wouldn't mind letting you see me naked." " um.

Your my brother isn't that weird?" "not really," I replied, " we aren't going to have sex, this is just to show you what a naked guy looks like." I gave her a reassuring smile and added, " no one will know it will stay between us." Sophie straightened up on the couch and replied in a thankful manner, "ok how about now? mum and dad aren't coming home for an hour and a half so no one will know." I said, "ok" and removed my clothes starting with my shirt than shorts and finally I removed my underwear.

All this time Sophie stayed quiet just looking. When I was done I looked up at Sophie.

She looked up at me with no expression on her face then she started grinning and giggling. I felt ridicules but still thankful my penis wasn't hard. " hey now this isn't fare," I said. "you know what your right," said Sophie, " have you ever seen a girl naked before?" "no." I said.

I had a feeling I knew where she was going with this. " do you want to see a girl naked?" said Sophie with a grinn. I was scared to answer this question.

What if we were to embarised to talk to each other ever again. Then again it was embarrassing being the only one naked. "yes," I said. I tried to persuade myself this wasn't because I was attracted to her but because I didnt want to be embarrassed alone.

Sophie stood up and removed her shirt and jeans. Surprisingly she removed her underwear before her bra. She was reluctant to remove her bra until I reassured her that we wouldn't tell anyone and it would be our secret. She removed her bra and I was amazed at how large and amazing her breasts looked.

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We stood there for a while facing each other. She was looking at my body up and down so I decided it was ok to look at hers. I tryed not to stare at her breasts for too long or get my dick erroused. We smiled a little at each other. " should we stay like this for a while?" Sophie asked " ok," I replied.

We spent the next hour watching tv nude. We were totaly comfertable naked around each other. Sophie even slumped up next to me not minding that her brest was pressing against my showlder. Every now and then I would stare at her body and admire how slim and sexy it was. My sister had the prefect body with curves in all the right places.

Her boob was so warm and soft against my shoulder.

Oh shit. I was getting an erection. I slouched over to one side so she wouldn't see it. We heard mum and dads car pull up outside so Sophie and me quickly put on our clothes. As I did I made sure she couldn't see my erection. By the time mum and dad came upstairs to check on us we were dressed and watching a movie like nothing ever happened. Sophie was still slouched on my shoulder but that was nothing unusual(we were always close and friendly and she would do this often so it was not odd) At dinner time our eyes would keep meeting and we would giggle.

Our parents didn't suspect a thing.that night I got a text from Sophie. " do you want to do this naked thing again sometime?" I replied to the text, " ya it was fun" " how about tomorrow?

its the weekend and mum and dad are going to a friends house" "ok that should give us about 4 hours, good night" part 2. I was a bit concerned about my erection but I ignored it and went to sleep. The next day when the parents left me and my sister striped naked. We went all around the house naked doing what ever we wanted without shame. Whenever me and Sophie looked at each other we would smile. With both of us still nude I was watching tv while she was doing stretches and other exercises to keep her body flexible.

Every time she she did a high level stretch she would moan and breath heavily plus from the angle I was sitting I could see her perfect butt go up and down. If having a naked hot blonde girl on the floor moaning and giving you an amazing view of her butt even if she is your sister doesn't give you an erection than I'm sorry but your gay. My erection was at full length as hard as it could be.

Putting a pillow over it was too obvious so I didn't know what to do. After a while my sister turned around and noticed me with a scared look on my face and before she could ask why I was scared she saw my erection. " I can explain," I said in a panic. " its ok ," Sophie said. She stared at my errection, " I get it we all have urges. The reason I like being naked is because it means were open with each other.

Hey by the way I'm attracted to you too. Last night I almost fingered myself thinking about you with those strong arms and abs.

Next time you get an erection I want you to tell me and ill give you something special." I looked puzzled and then she did something I never expected. She came up to me and kneeling on the floor kissed my penis.

I knew it was wrong and we could get in so much trouble if anyone found out.

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I gasped as her warm lips touched my penis than slowly she took more and more of it in. When she had most of it in she bobbled her head up and down. I moaned in pleasure as her head moved up and down and her tongue slid up and down with it.

Then she did the most amazing thing. She started sucking hard, making me groan in pleasure. She then stopped and sat next to me on the couch. She then carried on with the blowjob from there. I decided I wanted to give her some pleasure too so I moved my hand to her vagina and rubbed its swollen lips, Sophie moaned as best she could with my dick in her mouth. I pumped my fingers faster and could feel her getting wetter and wetter she was shaking and bucking her hips. I think I found her G spot because suddenly she removed my dick from her mouth and yelled out, "there right there!!!

faster faster!" she clenched her teeth as I pumped harder and faster. Her body jerked her breasts shook and she collapsed on my lap panting heavily. I had just made my sister cum!!! the seriousness of what I had done sunk in but I wasn't worried in fact I was turned on even more.

My hand was covered in her warm juices and I loved the feeling. I looked at my sister lying across my lap. Her face was red and she looked flushed.

Her body was covered in sweat.

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Her hair was soaked in sweat too. " That was amazing," she said in a week voice, " thank you" " your welcome," was all I could manage to say in a nervous voice. Sophie's head was on my lap facing me and she soon noticed something hard pressing against the back of her head.

She turned her head and realised it was my erection. " I can help you with this," she said and started giving me a blowjob again. This time she did it faster and sucked harder.

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I was in heaven. I wasn't worried about the future I was enjoying the moment. I moaned each time her head went down. As her head bobbled I admired her beautiful blonde hair. I would never admit it to myself before but now I had to agree that she was one sexy big breasted girl. I never wanted the moment to end but all of a sudden I yelled out, " Sophie, Sophie I'm gunna." before I knew it I my whole body tensed and I came.

I could feel the cum squirting out from my penis. Sophie swallowed the first lot but near the end she couldn't cope and removed my dick from her mouth. 2 streams shot out from my dick and went on her pretty face. "ahhh," was all I could say before we heard mum and dads car pull up outside. Sophie grabbed her clothes and rushed to the bathroom while I got dressed outside.

i watched her blonde hair sway as she ran. By the time mum and dad came up to check on us we were both dressed and watching tv. Despite both be and Sophie's face being flushed and reddish everything was normal. For the next few days me and Sophie avoided each other. Neither of us wanted to talk about what happened. I knew we couldn't do this forever because the school holidays were coming up and that would mean me and my sister alone in the house for 2 weeks.

Please vote about what you would like to happen in the next story. There will be sex and the story will be better written. Vote if you would like a threesome in the story and if so what the boy or girl should look like. Thanks ; ). Oh and would you like there to be another story?