Dorothy loves getting her pussy

Dorothy loves getting her pussy
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Mother-in-Law Sex, Pt2: Grandmother After our first encounter, that very pleasant sex together in the bathroom, I guess both of us were unsure how to behave in the days after, especially when my wife and sister-in-law were there to again make us into a Family of 4. I decided to try and be as natural as possible, though perhaps my wife wondered why I didn't attempt love-making as often as previously, her rebuffs so constant these days and nights that I truly did promise myself I would become celibate!

Well, celibate with my wife, but to be natural with Mae, my mother-in-law, meant the very next morning, with the girls gone to work, I walked up behind her as she faced the stove cooking breakfast, encircled her nightie-clad waist and lightly nuzzled the back of her neck through her freshly-washed hair. She shivered and gave a sigh, and my cock jumped in my shorts towards her voluptuous behind. See: all natural so far! I didn't push matters, though my prick did as she leaned back into me; I eased back and just told her what we had done yesterday wasn't wrong not if we had both felt pleasure, and I had.

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She sighed and agreed. I allowed my hands to lightly brush over her raised nipples, kissed her neck again, then eased away to let her continue cooking, while I went up the street to buy my newspaper. Mae was upstairs in her own room, eating and watching her TV series when I returned, so routine took over as I opened a beer and settled down to read my paper.

By the end of the news and sports section, before turning to the business, my mind had begun to wander, reliving moments from yesterday, and this morning's feel of big, sensual breasts under the silky nightie. They were beautiful breasts, almost the mother clone of my wife's/her daughter's perhaps not so strangely. In turn, Mae's were a smaller clone of her own mother's, and my thoughts led to the memories of feeling those big melon-sized smooth breasts some months before&hellip.and …doing other things remembered so well, re-awakening yearnings best left in the countryside……………… (6 months ago…) My grandmother-in-law, Pai, was about 66 years old, her husband long since passed away.

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She lived in the countryside, and we, the city family, took infrequent weekend trips there. I love the countryside, always have, and one time we visited my wife, knowing I wanted to move from the city one day, insisted I stay on for a week extra while the 3 of them went home to work (my mother-in-law was still working at this time).

I happily agreed, as I had no pressing need to go home, unemployed as I was, and eager to embrace the country life for a few days. Grandmother seemed also keen to have me stay there; she often had one or other of her daughters come and stay, but this week she would have been alone, so perhaps I could help her and be useful.

In more ways than one it transpired! In one's own home in much of Asia, not wearing a shirt is ok, but not acceptable when go out in public.

Pai insisted I didn't need my shirt in her house, just shorts as she knew I wore in my own home. In turn, she always wore a wrap-around skirt, and a loose shirt, her very large breasts jiggling with every move ah, yes, I had noticed previously.

They sagged a little, well they did appear pretty heavy to have carried around for so many years, but actually quite upright for her age I thought. (Must be a family trait, as her daughter's and her granddaughter's were also well upright). Pai's nipples must be large, as they were always poking out the material of her shirts.

We ate dinner outside in the cool of the evening, after the others had left for the drive home. Pai washed the dishes while I tidied, then I showered and watched a little TV while Pai, in turn, took her shower. She came out from the bathroom, just a thin towel wrapped around, her long hair let down, almost waist length, ready for sleep country-style: early to bed, early to rise. I said I would close the doors, clean my teeth, and turn off everything, and also go to bed. Pai smiled, gave me a very un-Asian, totally unexpected, peck on the cheek, and headed up the stairs to the bedrooms.

She was only half-way to the first landing, with me watching her go, admiring her hair, her shapely legs, tall and still-sensuous body swaying under the towel, when that towel fell off and dropped down backwards a few stairs!

A frozen few seconds as my eyes stared at what had been a towel-covered rear end suddenly turned into a really sexy bottom, the crack leading down and then opening as she rather slowly bent over, thinking the towel would be at her feet; in spreading her legs and bending, she succeeded (if that was her objective) in showing me a pair of protruding pussy lips, and her pink rosebud.

My cock reacted and jumped into hardness in my shorts. This made me jump also, jump up and run (slowly) to get her towel; as I stooped, picked it up to reach and hand to her, eyes trying and failing to avert their direction, I found she had turned around, descended 2 steps waiting for me.

This meant my face, when I rose back up, was staring right at her pussy! A full thatch of brown/grey hair faced me, tantalizingly rather hiding the lips behind, but such a sexy sight. She leaned down allowing those pendulous boobs to loll in front of my face, as she reached a hand out for her towel. "Sorry…" I mumbled, "I didn't mean to stare Pai…" "It's ok, we're family in this house, and you're just like a son" she softly cooed, as she retrieved her towel from my hand, trailing her fingertips across my fingers in doing so.

I shivered, mesmerized by guilty thoughts and sights, and marveling still at the most beautiful, 66y.o. female body I had ever seen, a body capable of turning me into a drooling, cock-throbbing, speechless teenager!

Pai seductively (it seemed to me) wrapped the towel around herself, smiled so sexily, whispered a "good night son" as she caressed a hand across my cheek, and resumed that fluid sway of her body as she continued up the stairs. Like an automaton, I turned off the TV as I picked up speed, heading for the bathroom, where I poured some liquid soap into my hand and just had to jack off to the pictures in my head before they disappeared.

I came with such intense feelings I had to sit on the toilet seat to compose myself, to stop the erotic words emanating from my mouth as I relived Pai's body open inviting? right there in front of me minutes ago. Somewhat dazed, I stood, cleaned my dick and my teeth, made sure lights off and doors locked, then climbed the stairs to my bedroom. Country nights are cool and I could only find a thin sheet as covering as I stripped off my shorts and laid on the bed, thoughts and images crowding my mind as I told myself to go to sleep.

But the cold was invasive until Pai appeared in the doorway, said "You're cold, come with me" and reached down for my hand, pulling the sheet off at the same time…"Wait Pai! I don't have any clothe…" She ignored my warning, pulled me up and led me straight across the hallway to her room, where she pushed me down and onto her bed, climbed in beside me, pulled her warm covers up, then cuddled and gently kissed me as a mother/grandmother to a child.

Except I am not a child, and the warmth and eroticism of it all soon roused my body all over, including my dick. Pai must have felt it, she rolled over and reached back to pull my body into a spooning position against her back, holding my right hand and then draping it across her chest to grasp her left breast.

I was in shock, she must have known that; she snuggled in and whispered "It has been so long since I had a man cuddle me, and it feels so nice to have you here. Don't worry, we're family, and families can share: everything." Within a moment, any bad thoughts I might have been having dissolved, replaced by a sense of bonding with this wonderful, sensuous older lady lying with her sexy body here in my arms.

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I changed my draping hand into a caressing one on her breast, and slid my left hand under her neck, crossing her chest from that side to caress also her right breast. Both of us sighed, both her nipples responded, and my growing cock probed between her opening legs of its own accord. I had no idea how many years it might have been since Pai had had sex, but I knew it had been months since I had; my wife dropped her craving for sex soon after our marriage, and my attempts at forcing the issue resulted only in frustration and sadness.

My balls ached every time I read a sex story, every time I allowed my thoughts to drift to sex with anybody; even a neighbourhood dog had begun seeming a possible substitute to my hand. My balls were full now, and my prick was hard as it bobbed between the buttocks and legs of my wife's grandmother.

I tweaked her nipples, rolling them as they grew even firmer under my fingers, using my hands around those smooth, wonderful breasts. I wanted to suckle them so much, but that had to wait for now as I felt Pai begin to pant and move her lower body faster, seeming to beg my cock to do its job, and do it now! I smoothed her long hair to one side it reached way down her back and actually met my pubic hair in their own erotic tangle released my right hand, and trailed my fingers up over her shoulder and gently scraped my nails around her neckline and down and around her smooth back.

What a body she had for 66 years! They were hard years I know, lots of children -6 daughters struggling to raise them after her husband passed away, but doing the job, and yet, her body was as smooth and firm and sexy as I could only imagine it had been many, many years ago.

I moved my hand down her spine, lingering here and there, using my mouth to plant gentle kisses on her neck, her shoulders and back, nibbling her exposed right earlobe, my hand reaching the crack of her buttocks, sliding down through there and under; my prick was lodged between her legs, but she opened them to my hand as I slid from her tight rosebud further along. She shivered, clasped my left hand tighter to her breast, helping me knead it in my hand and fingers, as I felt for her lips below.

They flowered open, wet with juice, as I grasped my prick and stroked it up and down those lips. But only for a moment; like one of those carnivorous plants, her cunt with one backward shove claimed my cock and sucked it in: gone in a nanosecond into the depths of Pai's needy body.

She squealed and I backed out a bit; I am not a huge prick-bearer, but know mine is larger than the average Asian male's. She needed to get used to it, so I left the head inside to spread her slowly I guess no sex for years makes a woman's pussy tighten, as Pai was very tight before sliding just an inch or two in, then out, then as more juices made it even easier, 3 and 5 and more inches.

She continued a constant moaning, her body wriggling, wanting, her breath in pants, my mouth kissing and licking her upper body, my left hand alternating between each tit, and my right I used to find her clit, hitting it and making her writhe backwards full on to my cock, as she screamed "Now!" She grabbed my buttocks and forced me to the extremes of her cunt, even as she wailed and I feared she was in pain; but she dug her fingers into my arse and kept pushing.

When she appeared to relax somewhat, I began a rhythmic making of love, some slow, short ins and outs, then a full length plunge into the depths, hitting a barrier of sorts where she gasped even more; back out to just my head teasing her insides, slow in and out, never the same frequency, heightening her waiting until that full thrust again, maybe 3 full bangs in succession, then back to slow. Her juices were coating us both, her clitoris at its fullest in my fingers, her breathing was erratic, and my heart was pounding as I amazed myself with my stamina after so long without my own release.

Country air is sooo good! One more sequence surprising her and that did it; as I hit bottom once more inside, this lovely, lonely lady in my arms hit her peak and imploded in her Blissful ecstasy!

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It was also my signal, but I exploded in her, my cock flaring again and again as my cum pumped out, deep inside Pai, so deep and strong as to make her rock against my body with each gush, her orgasm maintained even as mine came down from the heights of the mountain we had climbed together.

She whimpered and I could feel tears trickling down to my arm across her breasts, but she squeezed me and I knew they were not tears of pain or sadness, or even guilt, but rather Tears of the Rain and the Clouds we had reached moments ago.


I stayed hard enough to remain locked within her, returned both hands to her breasts, and with genuine love for her, kissed her back and neck and cheek; then I used one hand to gently wipe away the tears and we remained snuggled like this as we both calmed down and drifted through a world of softness to sleep.

I woke to a mouth around a raging hard on, but Pai, looking for my eyes to open, promptly stopped, eased herself out of bed with a last kiss to my prick, and with a smile on her glistening lips, wrapped her towel around herself and swayed her body downstairs leaving me like a shipwrecked Robinson Crusoe: alone!

When I was able to stuff my prick into my shorts, I made my way downstairs, finding Pai had already showered and gone, to check her business and shopping at the market I assumed.

After my own shower and morning coffee, Pai returned with her shopping, which I rushed to carry for her, and also another woman in tow. I had met her before, friend of the family, but was confused by her smiles and nods this morning. She was married with 2 children I knew, but her husband had run off with another woman years ago; why I am not sure as she was still young, perhaps late 30's, slim and attractive and attentive to her children whenever I saw them.

The 2 women, Pai like a mother to Panya, began preparing food in the kitchen, but not being a breakfast or lunch eater, I went off for a walk in the early morning countryside (it was still only 0630), soaking up the fresh air, the sights and sounds of country life.

After perhaps 2 hours I returned, hot by now, pulled off my shirt, and ready for a beer and relaxing sit-down outside under the trees. Pai and Panya had finished, cleaned up and were quietly conversing nearby; I couldn't fail to notice the glances towards me, the smiles and knowing looks surely Pai is not telling Panya about us last night?

Would she? I drifted off dreaming, waking a few minutes later it seemed, and with another hardon poking down the side of my shorts, almost hanging out. And wet! But looking around, I was alone, so I felt myself to see if it was cum, no: felt more like saliva.

The house was open but the women had gone, so I roused myself and began working in the large vegetable garden, a job I love doing. Time passed and then Pai arrived home, having checked on her business and eaten lunch with her workers. She said I'd be exhausted and it was now too hot to work outside; she was right, so I collapsed into a chair, realizing I was burned and tired Pai brought me a beer, went off for her shower as I said "This will perk me up, and then a shower will pick me up!

After that, an afternoon nap seems like a good idea." Pai said she agreed; this was normal country routine: nap while the hottest hours make working difficult. Suitably refreshed later, I closed the doors and went to my room; Pai was already naked on the bed. "This is the coolest room for an afternoon nap, hope you don't mind sharing…" her words trailed off, a slight lift to her eyebrows making the question into an invitation.

I lay down beside her, snuggled one arm under her shoulders and pulled her close to me; she raised back up on one elbow facing me more as she leaned down and gave me a most-ungrandmotherly kiss on the mouth, sliding her tongue across my lips to moisten them, and curling it as she slipped it into my mouth.

Where on earth, or heaven, did my wife's grandmother learn to become so sensuous, so provocative, and so sexy!

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I stirred in my loins as she moved her hand down across my flat abdomen and tangled her fingers in my pubic hairs. I lay still, except for my rising prick and my arm stroking lightly around the edge of her breast, as I deduced Pai wanted to do everything herself. She softly wrapped her hand around the expanding girth of my prick, stretched it and exclaimed "Oh, so big, so beautiful! I have never had one as good as this, never felt like this in my life before!" She slid her body down, then sat up and raised her leg over my groin, putting both hands on my prick, holding it while she lowered her pussy straight down its length in one juicy moment, as she was already cumming it seemed.

She leaned forward, bracing her hands on the side of my body as she began squirming and grinding, raising and lowering herself to wherever and whenever it felt most pleasurable. I had 2 free hands, soon fastened on those breasts I found so fascinating, firmly swinging, nipples lengthening and showing their owner's body's delight. At times, Pai leaned closer so I could get a tantalizing slurp on one or other nipple, but teased me constantly and pulled away to now begin bouncing up and down, seemingly feeling exactly when the head of my cock was nearly popping free, then plunging down as far as she could.

At one downward stroke, I thrust upwards suddenly, and as we met at the zenith, she screamed and came; I grabbed her hips and held her down while grinding my cock up and up, and Pai felt like she was having orgasm after orgasm, as she writhed and moaned and screamed.


I figured I was giving her happiness, and smiled to myself, changing that to a hiss and moan as my balls began to churn under the crack of her buttocks as she continued now pumping up and down; then down she came, and I came up, shooting the cream out of my prick into Pai's insides, causing both of us to feel joined into one in that unbelievable moment of pure simultaneous orgasm.

Pai collapsed on top of me, heavy but voluptuously embracing. We seemed to shudder at the same time, Pai's little judders of delight matching my final, small spurts of cum, our arms and bodies seemingly all over each other, until I rolled her to the side and, this time it was my tongue forcing a way into her mouth, groping and (I hoped) showing her in a romantic way, how much being one with her meant to me.

She responded, so I guessed she did understand. My free hand cupped and squeezed a large breast, my other hand with no free movement under her body could only stroke within a small circle on her back. In turn, Pai just had one hand stroking my face and neck and her other roaming my back and buttocks, gently, then strong as our breathing returned to somewhat normal. We gloried in the feelings, and kissed and embraced. It was only early afternoon when we then feel into another exhausted sleep, but we never left each other throughout that day and following (other than the upstairs bathroom for necessary matters and some ablutions after each session).

Pai, for 66y.o. seemed to have rediscovered a libido buried inside her for so long alone, now freed and jumping. She raped me. That's truly the only way I can describe that evening, that night, overnight, and the following morning: a rape in every possible position, in every room upstairs, even on the stairs, and in the main room downstairs, where we woke with the morning birds' calling no doubt watching through the windows at our 69 position, my mouth lolling over Pai's cunt, hers equally exhausted with my prick somewhat in her mouth.

Panya was also viewing with interest as she knocked/banged on the front door to wake us, shouting "Time to go to the market Pai!" Pai stirred first, her movement pushing her body closer to my mouth, and my tongue began moving of its own accord inside her…she squealed and grabbed the sheet which somehow we had found during the sleeping part of the night, pulled that delicious pussy away from my lonely tongue and wrapped the sheet around herself as she rose to stagger to the window and hiss at Panya: "Not today, Panya, I don't need to go to the market; we still have food from last night, because we were both so tired we didn't eat dinner, just fell asleep here… a little more sleep and I will go and check on the store.

Go away!" "Oh yes, I can see you BOTH just fell asleep right there, yes, I can just picture it" Panya responded, as she looked past Pai at my naked, sleeping body with a rigid dick! "Oh my, is that what a foreigner looks like?

Oh, maybe you haven't noticed before Pai, yes? I sure would have!" Pai glanced behind, saw the same sight, and shooed Panya away hurriedly, even closing the window shutters to block her view, then she quickly came back to our makeshift bed, and re-inserted my cock into her mouth, slurping until she got the filling she wanted, when she fell back to sleep, the dream world where I still was.

The following few days passed in a haze, for both of us; we did eventually untangle enough to do the normal things: Pai did have a business to oversee in the day-time, I really did enjoy working in the garden and the fields during the morning hours; she had people to see every day, including Panya, who, Pai suggested to me, was coming to visit more often than previously.

Our times together were filled with making love: having sex started our days together, but after that was sated for both of us, we turned to slow love-making.

I amazed myself with my both my stamina and my ability to bring Pai to multiple orgasms, and was amazed by Pai's hunger and non-stop desires.

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After our morning wake-up by Panya, we were somewhat more circumspect: downstairs with all the doors and shutters closed, but that was hot (we were hot anyway of course!), so mainly upstairs with a fan on maximum to try and blow enough heat away to avoid the house catching fire!

We made love in all positions I had ever imagined, and Pai said she some had never even thought of, but perhaps the highlight was a doggy-style fucking, Pai on her hands and knees, until I decided the finger I had begun using to stimulate her bottom (ok, her arsehole!) could be better replaced by my prick. I slid out from her juicy cunt, and wiped my prick up and along the crack of her arse, wetting it; Pai made no protest, rather pushed her rear back towards me, emboldening me to hold my cock and position it at the entrance.

I pushed a little, felt the slippery head enter, and no complaint from Pai as I followed through with a few more inches. She pushed back, and I pushed forward, at the same time using my fingers to stimulate her clit and pussy from underneath. She moaned and aah'd, so I pulled back to the opening, then slowly pushed my whole length inside, until my pubic hairs were nestling against, tickling against her arse. I slowly withdrew, then pushed in more strongly, repeating this until I was sure the grunts and groans, the pushes against me, the raised head and clamped hands on my arse were definite signals that it was enjoyable to my grandmother-in-law!

By now I knew, Pai's orgasms could come at any time, momentous or a series of small emotional bumps, intense and sustained or fast and furious, but this time was an exclamation for a woman's orgasm: she somehow Burst over me, her pussy gushing fluid over my hand, her anus pulsing, and pulsing more around my cock as we climbed that mountain again, and again.

I was so happy to have been involved in giving Pai, in us both feeling such intensity, such incredible pleasure.

And the sleeping cuddles were the most wonderful short as they always seemed to be!

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But, the days passed, and tomorrow was going home day, so we spent a final night with one long love-making time, buried inside Pai as long as I could, then a snuggled-together sleep. In the morning, Pai was up and busy making breakfast when I came downstairs, put my arms around her and nuzzled her neck.

She knew what I meant, and sort of squeezed her arms and body back behind her, to me, before pulling away and busying herself. After breakfast, perhaps to make it seem like a day of long ago, Pai said she was going with Panya to the market, and would then spend some time in her (neglected) store, while waiting for my family to arrive. I went for a final long morning walk, returning home after about 2 hours, hot and bothered.

I stripped off my sopping t-shirt, and wandered in to get a beer, to sit down and relax with. I naturally reflected on the past week, was it wrong, depraved, bad? No, we had both agreed it was none of these things during many a long conversation. I showered then Pai returned home, with Panya in tow. Going in for my next can of beer, returning to squat on the floor in front of the sofa where Pai and Panya were sitting, Pai suddenly asked if I wanted to come back soon, and could have Panya as a bed partner also?!

I was in the process of swallowing a mouthful of beer, and spurted it out as I almost choked! Pai thumped me on the back, and Panya grabbed a tissue to wipe my face and shirt, then down to the beer soaking into my pants around my crotch, on my crotch, up and down my crotch as she wiped the floor between my legs she couldn't fail to notice my cock also going up.

but not going down. She continued, a smile on her face, glancing up at Pai I noticed is this a conspiracy, I wondered? Pai had stopped, not waiting for any reply, and now stood and announced she had to go and check her workers at her grocery shop in the village; she'd be home soon or when my family arrived and phoned her; meanwhile she said Panya could stay with me and help with anything I wanted.

"You need me to help, Pai?" I asked, rather upset she was going, and also confused. "No, today you go home, so this is the last day to enjoy here with us country folk; you relax here, Panya will get anything you need.

Bye" and off she went, swinging her hips, and a backward glance-a wink?- at Panya, and a somewhat less happy smile at me. I nearly cried. Before Pai could even leave through the gate outside however, Panya had my shorts pulled down, revealing my cock for an instant before plunging her mouth down over it! I pulled back, but she followed insistently, moaning while sucking my growing prick (how could I not respond?) and thus slurping and opening her throat even more as I backed across the floor.

Then I stopped: Pai must have given permission to Panya, and I was so in Love with Pai that I allowed her friend to have what seemed to have been promised. She sucked, and I put my hands to her breasts, finding no bra but engorged nipples poking out, and I began massaging and squeezing them; my dick meanwhile was getting ready to blow her mouth really was good so I wanted to give her pleasure also.

I rolled her somewhat, so I could reach a hand to her pussy, and I probed, finding it wet and easily able to allow my finger to slip inside. She groaned, arched her pelvis into my finger, and lowered her head fully down on my prick, but only for a few moments as she gagged and came both at the same time her cunt flattening against my 2 fingers now, her mouth slipping back up my extended cock… "Stop!" Pai shouted from the door, "The family is here!" "Oh, oh." Panya moaned as she gushed over my hand, and again as she climaxed once more, not wanting to let go of my cock which I was trying to remove from her mouth.

I gently pushed Panya's shoulders up, figured I had a moment, and kissed her on the mouth by way of a thank you. She moaned even more and stuck her tongue between my lips, but I gently disengaged and looked her in the eye: she knew we must stop.

"Please come back" she pleaded. I smiled, lightly kissed her in acknowledgement, and rose up. Pai, at the door, smiled sweetly, knowingly and sadly as I rushed over and kissed the back of her legs and her back and up to her neck, hidden from view.

It was over, my countryside time was over. Even Panya then disappeared, over for now also. I rushed for a cleanup in the bathroom. My wife, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law trooped into the house, chattering away. My wife gave me a quick kiss, "I've missed you no-one to do my washing and ironing" she laughed; Nui, my sister-in-law ruffled my hair and kissed and cuddled me as per normal, "oh, we miss you at home!" and squeezing me in her hug.

Mae would not kiss me, of course, but she looked closely at me what could she see?- before saying "time to come…to come home, and be with family". Double entendre here? For the next few hours, eating for the women of course, then it was bye's all around.

Pai suddenly asked me to go upstairs with her to get something to go back to the city, so we had one last private moment to silently hold each other, look into eyes which held a myriad of secrets, and let our bodies promise to reunite in the future. I kissed her forehead, whispered "thank you, you are beautiful, and we have had Love", and grabbed the large box she really did have ready to give.

Downstairs, Mae met us with a smile and said "Here, let me take care of that for you" words which were to echo in the future, as she took the box out to the car, where the girls were ready waiting.


Inside, last moment alone, I pulled Pai behind the stairwell and hungrily kissed and held her, with the same response. "NO! Please don't!" I urged as my lips kissed and sucked away the tears dropping on her cheeks, "Pai, please, if you cry, I will cry, how can we now, here? I will be back; you have been the most wonderful woman in my life, but I am married to your granddaughter, and we cannot cause pain down through the generations. We have been …" Pai pushed her fingers against my lips, "Sssh, I know.

This week has been the happiest of my life, and I will cherish it; if we can be together again, or if we cannot, the feelings will always be within." A gentle kiss and a push in my back out to the car. She stood waving goodbye, and Panya appeared from somewhere to tearfully do the same, as we drove off, my wife up front with her sister her car so she drove - and Mae in back with me. We stopped up the road for fuel and some beers for me, and began the 200kms, 3 hour trip home.

My wife soon reclined her front seat and went to sleep, forcing my mother-in-law to shift her position also, notably towards my side to stretch out. Mae grabbed a cushion, asked me quietly if she could stretch out a little, then placed the cushion over my lap, her head on top, and one hand underneath on top of my prick.

I move further sideways to my side; Mae did the same, stretching further, head and cushion back covering the hand remaining over my groin: a growing mound within that groin. "Did you enjoy your time with my mother?" she asked sweetly. "My mother said you both had a good time the whole week!" she continued even as she groped up the leg of my shorts and found my engorging prick.

"You know Mae; I love my family, and I always have fun, especially in the countryside. With Pai, it was extra special - you would think she is only a young woman, all the things she can do!" Mae squeezed my cock, then left her hand around it as we both drifted off into a dream-world……&hellip. Back now in the present. Rousing myself from the memories of that one glorious week with Pai, I realized some hours had passed when Mae appeared, showered and dressed for shopping.

She asked if I needed anything, smiled and ran her fingers into my hair as she rolled her wide hips and buttocks across in front of me, and headed out, still smiling broadly as she glanced back. A glance of promise, no doubt we both had ideas of the future to come. (Part 3 will be ready soon. Constructive comments welcome, but if you don't like, don't read it!)