Chinese teacher horny in morning

Chinese teacher horny in morning
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My Mother, Grandmother & Me Hi, my name is Bobby. That's what both my Mother and Grandmother call me anyway. My Mother was fourteen when I was born and I found out later my Dad was my Grandmothers husband. Seems he started molesting my mother when she was about eleven.

She told me he started by rubbing her pussy and finger fucking her. After about six months he started kissing and licking her pussy. She said at first she was afraid and embarrassed but it felt so good she didn't tell anyone.

In her thirteenth year he fucked her one night and didn't use any protection. She got pregnant that very first time. He began fucking her every night she said. Before he fucked her the second time he had her take his wife's (my grandma's) birth control pills. My Grand Mother was a waitress at this fancy dinner house and worked six nights a week from five to eleven in the evening.

That was why it was so easy for him. Mom said she had no idea she was pregnant becaus she never had any signs that usually come with pregnancy, like morning sickness or wanting strange food. When she started to show after four months she thought she was just getting fat. She started to diet, but after six months it became obvious. When confronted with it by my Grandmother Mom confessed that her husband Dan had been fucking her and blurted out the whole story.

Consequently they were divorced but not before my grand mother made him sign a confession and agree to give her twenty percent of his gross salary until Mom was eighteen because if he didn't grandma would send him to jail. However Dan kept sneaking back at night, while my grand mother was working. She said he was a good lover and she liked what he did to her.

He fucked her at least three time's a week until she was sixteen even through her pregnancy. One night my grand mother came home early because she was not feeling well and caught them. With the threat of prison he left town and never came back. We live in a very upscale neighborhood so that I can go to good schools said my grand mother but we could only afford a one bedroom house. Grand mother bought a king size bed to accommodate the three of us, I slept in the middle.

We were very happy and never thought how it may have seemed strange to an outsider. When I was twelve I started to grow hair around my private parts and was getting some funny feelings when I held my cock. I began jacking off and about the third time I had a climax.

Boy did it feel good. After that I would jack almost every day.

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Mom worked at a hash house that was open only for breakfast & lunch. Her hours were from six until two in the afternoon. She was making about a hundred dollars a day and was usually home by two thirty or three at the most.

My grand mother worked as I said earlier at a fancy dinner from five until eleven in the evening. That was perfect for our situation. Mom got up at four thirty every day and left the house at five forty. My grand mother always fixed me breakfast and a box luch and got me off to school. Early one morning I was lying in bed. Mom had left for work and my grand mother was sleeping, or so I thought.

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I began to massage my dick very slowly. It didn't take long before I was fully erect. Suddenly my grand mother reached over and took hold of my dick and began to massage it, saying let me do it for you.

I was completely stunned. I just laid there. After a minute or two of stroking my four and a half inch cock she bent over and took it into her mouth. Oh my god what a feeling as her hot wet mouth began to suck me. I don't think she had it in her mouth more than a minute before I shot my load into her mouth. She sucked and licked my dick so that there wasn't anything left. I literaly couldn't move. She continued sucking and my dick stayed hard.

She straddled me so that her pussy was right over my face. She had a very strong musk aroma coming from her hole and it had a batch of black hair surrounding it. I didn't know what to do, but it felt so good having her hot mouth sucking my dick that I just froze. She lowered her ass a little so that she was just inches from my face.

I reached up and pulled the lips of her pussy apart and was amazed at how pink it was around her hole. I don't know why I did it but I leaned up and kissed her pink hole and flicked my tongue at it. Grandma let out a little moan and lowered her pussy gently onto my face. She whispered, eat my pussy Bobby, kiss and lick your granny's fuck hole. I didn't completely understand her words but I began to lick and suck that hole.

I stuck my little tongue as far as I could inside her hole. Her pussy was unbelievably hot and wet. I soon got over the smell and the salty mint taste. She would push down hard onto my face so that I could hardly breathe and I would feel a warm liquid spread over my tongue and face, after which she would ease up on the pressure until she would do it again.

I soon shot another load into her mouth but continued to eat her pussy. I felt her cum on my face two more times when she turned around and laid down beside me. She kissed me on the cheek and said "Did you like that Bobby?" Oh yes grandma, can we do it again?

"Yes Bobby, from now on you and I are going to have a lot of fun together, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, not even your mother. I could get in a lot of trouble and might even go to jail." Oh I promise Grand Ma I promise.


When can we do it again? As soon as we can get you hard again. Within about ten minutes she had me hard again, she told me to lye on my back. When I did she straddled me and let my little cock sink up her hole. I said, oh grandma your so hot there, it feels like I'm in hot water. She gave me a big smile and then fucked my dick with that hot hole of hers for about five minutes before I came again.

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She looked at the clock and said, "Looks like your late for school. How would you like to stay home and we will tell your Mom and the school that you were sick to your stomach.

I reached up and hugged her. For the first time I noticed how big her breasts were. I said, Grand ma you have such big breasts. "You like your granny's tits do you. Would you like to kiss and suck them," she asked. I shook my head yes and she pulled my head to her breast and I began to suck first one than the other. She taught me how to knead her breasts and take my thumb and index finger and pinch and roll her nipples.


When I did it just right she would moan and say that's nice Bobby. I kept fondling her breast and soon I was hard again. This time I had a little better idea as to what I was suppose to do. When I slid my dick inside her I was again amazed at how hot her pussy was and how her inner walls of her pussy felt like a slippery velvet glove.

She would make her pussy lips grip my cock and milk it as I went in and out of her. She taught me how to make slow even strokes. This time I was able to last a lot longer.

I fucked her for about twelve minutes before I came. Before I came she was moaning and telling me how good I felt inside her. OHHHH Bobby, that's nice Bobby, Oh yes Bobby you're making me cum oooooooooooooooohhhhhhh yes. Then she would start all over again. When she told me what a good lover I was I felt wonderful? We fucked one more time's before lunch. We were naked when we went into the kitchen and she fixed me a bowl of vegetable soup.

I drank two glass's full of milk. I kept admiring her figure. At forty six grandma still had a nice figure. Her tits only sagged a little and she had only put on about ten lbs onto her hips.

She had a slight pouch to her stomach. At 5'9" and 132 lbs. she looked great. I learned later that her tits were a 38d cup. After lunch we played a game of checkers and then went back to bed. She wanted to know if I would like to fuck her in the ass.

I said I don't think so. Wouldn't I get shit on me? No, not if I douche first. I said what is that? She took me to the bathroom and showed me how she douched both her pussy and her ass. After she had douched she put k-y jelly up her ass hole. When I fucked her there she was unbelievably tight.

I came within a couple of minutes. I decided I liked fucking her there. Mom got home about three and after grandma told her about my being ill she came into the bedroom and felt my head to see if I had a fever.

I told her I was fine.

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I said after Grandma gave me some medicine and the soup I felt a lot better. As soon as my Mom went into the bathroom about four PM to take her usual shower I went into our bedroom where Grandma was getting ready to go to work.

She was bent over putting her nylons on and I could see her beautiful pussy and I new I had to have her before she went to work. I wrapped my hands around her body puting one hand on a tit and the other on her pussy, rubbing her clitoris. She moaned Oh Bobby Its not a goooooood Idea as I slipped my cock into her waiting cunt your Moooomm may see us, oh god bobby you feel so good inside me, and I can't seem to get enough of you. She bent over and let me pound her pussy until I came.

She said, Bobby you seem to be able to make me cum quicker than anyone ever has. I heard the shower turn off so I pulled out of her and went to the kitchen after giving her a french kiss.

I pointed to her pussy as I left pointing to the cum that was oozing down her leg. I laughed as I walked into the kitchen. Mom came into the kitchen in her terry cloth robe and started dinner.

I had never looked at here except as my Mom.

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As she went about the business of fixing our dinner I started admiring her nice breasts whenever she bent down to get something her robe would open up and show her breasts or cleavage. When she stepped up on the small stool to get some canned vegetables she had one foot on the stool and one on the floor and just for an instant it pulled her robe apart and I could see her pussy.

she was naked under the robe.

I started to get a hard on and as she stepped down she saw me staring at the gap in her robe. She quickly pulled the robe closed turning a light shade of red. After dinner Mom and I watched some TV but nothing very good was on so I went to bed.

Mom said she wanted to stay up for awhile and read. As I lay there I thought this had been the greatest day of my life. I was a virgin yesterday, and today I had fucked my Grandmother. Just thinking about it gave me another hard on. I hoped I could stay awake long enough for grandma to get home so I could fuck her again.

I felt like Iwanted to be inside her all the time. Mom came to bed about thirty minutes later. I pretended to be a sleep. So I faked snoring a little and rolled over close to Mom putting my arm around her. I let my hand fall on her breast just to see what she would do. She didn't move so I gave her tit a little squeeze. She took my hand and put it beside her.


I snorted a couple of times and scooted up close to her. I could feel her nice butt as it was solid against my stomach. I got a hard on and my dick slid up along her but and back. She didn't move and I was afraid to do anything more.

I soon fell asleep thinking about how nice it would be to fuck my beautiful mother. I woke up about twelve thirty and realized Grandma was sucking my cock.

I was very hard so I pulled my cock out of her mouth and rolled to my side and got behind my Grandmothers, slowly shoving my cock into her hot pussy.

I fucked her for about twenty minutes before Cuming and fell asleep still inside her. (continued( All rights reserved to the Author. [b]