Tante toge liar lama tak digauli

Tante toge liar lama tak digauli
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Deep in the forest a howl could be heard. "Dammit, shit." Claire Windblum muttered to herself. She was only on the first line and already she had writers block. "Oh well, they say this happens to the best." Claire was a women in her early forties. She was a writer of sorts.

Being known for making children's stories. She wanted to do something else though. Something more erotic. Being her age she did her best to keep in shape. It showed. Men, and women a like would stop and stare are her when she walked down the road to the local shop. Her body was toned and firm. Her breasts were perky and fine.

Not the biggest but she knew how to flaunt them. Her ass was her best feature. Perfectly rounded. Her long red hair hung over her shoulders and covered her eyes. She stood up from where she was sitting. Grabbing her coffee she went to the window looking down on the city street. She had to get out of there if she was going to write her story. She turned around and jumped lightly. Her son Gabe was standing behind her. "What mom, afraid of your own son?" She laughed.

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"You wish you little shit." She said walking over and giving him a hug. He was at the ripe age of fifteen. He was also in good shape. Semi-long brown hair.

Any young girl would probably be pleased with him. "So my boy. What do you say to a little camping trip this weekend?" She asked sitting back down at her desk. "Yeah sure. That sounds fine. Why though?" He asked taking a seat next to her. "Well I'm not getting anywhere with this new story.

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It's set in the woods, so why not go there to write it?" It was the day of the camping trip and everything was going without a hitch. They arrived at the cabin Claire rented in only a few hours drive. The place was beautiful, magically surrounded by the trees and wild life. "Oh my." Claire muttered as she pulled up. Gabe was getting excited as well. The unloaded there things and went inside. It was dark, and quite, just what they needed. "Alright mom, I'm going to go find my room." Gabe went down the hall choosing the one farthest down.

Claire set up her own things and was just marveled by it all. She saw a beautiful full mirror against the wall. It was dusty and decrepit.


She loved it. She knew she would get some real work done here, but first it was time for dinner. After about a half hour the two were sitting at an old wooden table making small talk. Claire was smiling and enjoying herself. She couldn't help but notice that Gabe was staring at her every time she thought he wasn't looking.

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She was feeling rather proud of herself. Even though it was her son looking at her she still felt flattered and flirty. After a while Gabe cleaned up and went to his room, and Claire set up to get some writing done. She had her coffee, and a snack. Before she knew it she had at least six chapters done. It was a story of a girl lost in the woods, she was afraid and alone when a werewolf appeared to her aid.

Or so it seemed. Soon the wolf was on top of the girl. Her screams muffled by his snarls. His hot wolf cock dangling between his legs. He was ripping her clothes off and forcing himself on her, she tried to fight but couldn't overpower the beast. He forced his cock into the girls mouth making her gag on it. He thrust and howl as her cries went unheard. The monster could feel his climax coming he let his seed shoot into her mouth. The girl cried and choked as she swallowed it all. The monster wasn't done.

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He turned the girl over her ass in the air as he gave it a few licks. His tongue sliding up and down the girls crack before placing his cock at her entrance.


With one fell swoop his cock was all the way in the girls tight little ass hole. He was thrusting wildly and the girl was screaming crying for anyone who could hear. There was no one. The wolf was almost at his limit again as he pushed into her. His knot forcing its way into her tiny hole. Claire snapped out of it. She was so into it she didn't realize that she had her tits hanging out and her hand playing lightly with her clit.

She saved her work and ran to her room. Making quite a bit of noise. Soon she was naked, on her bed with her fingers working into her pussy. She was grunting and groaning. Imagining the monster forcing it's self on her. She was tweaking her nipples and pounding herself harder then she ever had. She was about to cum when her door squeaked. She looked over out of the corner of her eye to see Gabe beating himself hard.

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He was on his knees shaking and pumping like a mad man. Claire was to long gone to see him as her son anymore. She turned and got on her stomach.

Her ass in the air. As she continued to work her burning soaked cunt. "Oh Gabe! Oh hunny cum in mommy!" She was shouting. Gabe was shocked. He didn't know what to do. His cock was still rock hard. He watched her and decided. He quickly went in to the room. His mother grabbed him and pulled him on the bed. Her mouth exploring his she rubbed herself against him.

He couldn't do anything. He was like the girl from the story. Claire licked and sucked on his neck, down his body. Played with his nipples sucking each one hard. She licked down his stomach and even further down his cock was twitching. She took no time in taking it in her mouth. She sucked and slurped. Licking the head, sucking and spitting on his shaft. She sucked on his balls like a baby sucking for milk. She forced him to turn around and get on his knees. "M-Mom what are you doin--" He couldn't finish.

Claire was licking his ass forcing her tongue into his hole. She licked deep and Gabes moans were loud. He was pushing against her face. She grabbed his cock and jerked him while she was tongue deep in his ass. Everything on Gabe was smooth and hairless making his mother even more turned on. "I-I'm CU--" Again he couldn't finish as he tensed up and shot his load on the bed.

His mother growled in anger. She wanted it. She was becoming more wild. "EAT IT! EAT MOMMY'S CUNT!" She was screaming almost howling.

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She she burred her pussy on her sons face. He was lapping and licking. She would never give this up. He was now her little cub. She had to make it official. She tensed up and let him lick at his own pace. "Here comes mommy's love." She said as a warm stream of piss shot out of her cunt and into Gabes mouth. He was shocked, almost spitting it out. When he did she growled and scratched him.

He cowered and drank it. She moved down and let her piss coat his cock, and soak the bed. When she was done she grabbed his cock and forced herself down on it.

Howling out as she fucked her son. Her cub. She clawed at his chest, as he grabbed her hips. She moved herself faster on his cock whimpering and crying out. She was going to cum. Gabe started to fuck his mother fast and hard. He too was overcome by the sensation.

He screamed out with his mother as they came together. She fell on him and kissed him deeply tasting her pussy, and piss. He whimpered slightly kissing her back.

The snuggled together for a while. Kissing and nipping at each other. Neither of them talked. It was as if they couldn't.


They growled and howled. They fell asleep, and woke up hours later. Just looking at each other. Claire cooed her cub, and he moaned playfully. Where the two humans lay were now two wolves. They licked and sucked each other, and fucked for hours. Howling and fighting they were pawing at each other and playing.

Claire bent over as he cub climbed on top of her. His hot wolf cock pushed into her wolf pussy. After a few fast thrusts he knotted in her.

Letting his seed coat her insides. They did this for days until they found a way out of the cabin. Off into the forest they went. Never to be seen again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kelly sat at her computer.

As she typed the last words. Happy with her story. She smiled and pet her dog. Thinking if she can write it she might as well try it. After sending the story to her publisher she went off to bed. Taking her faithful friend with her.