She love cum on face

She love cum on face
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The doctor's office was plain, the walls decorated with just a few framed diplomas. The psychiatrist/bitch sat behind the desk looking at me, an opened notepad on her lap.

"So you want me to tell you all about it," I said. She just looked at me. "Ok, here goes." and I began my story: "They brought her in at a quarter to four in the morning. The ER was empty, for some reason the city had been pretty quiet that evening.

Well, except for the woman that they brought in that night. She was lying on a gurney wearing a white ambulance smock. They said she was a rape victim and asked if this was the correct place or if they should take her upstairs. I didn't recognize the orderlies but told them it was, she would be fixed up and sent on. And they left. I looked at the girl. Young.

I picked up her chart and flipped the pages to the detail analysis. Raped in one of our many "safe" public parks and beat up to boot. Raped by at least three guys. What the hell was she doing out in the park at that late hour? I looked down at her. She was staring blankly at the ceiling, her lips slightly parted. Her face was lightly bruised but there were heavier bruises on her neck. Yeah, they got her good, I thought to myself. 'Ok, let's take a look at the damage,' I thought, and untied the ambulance smock and pulled it apart.

She was a cutie alright. A little over five feet tall, with very light, almost blondish brown hair. Her tits were fully developed too, nicely round with dark pink nipples. The nipple tips where small, I could tell that they had never sucked on by a child. They also had bruises, especially the right tit; it had a large bruise the size of a hand. I looked down at her pubic hair. It was the same color as the hair on the girl's head, and was slightly matted together.

But it was very shapely, the curve of her vulva rising to the same level as her hip bones. Yes, she was definitely a good-looking girl.

A very nice looking, but, very dead girl. What a waste.

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I quickly took my samples: Finger nail scrapings, samples of semen from her mouth, vagina, and her rectum. Looks as if her rapists had quite a time with her. She was finally strangled by them. I knew that, because the bruises on her neck were matched by the crushed parts of her windpipe. What no one else at the hospital knew, until now that is. Is that I had been "using" patients like this woman for several years in between "live" girlfriends.


I gotta say that I can't really figure out what all the fuss is about, I mean they aren't going to complain now are they? At any rate it was time for me to have my own fun with her.


I remember saying. "Alright Honey now you get your final screw!" I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. It was already hard with anticipation. Then I wiped a little K-Y jelly on the head of it and walked up to the head of the table.

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Grabbing her head I turned it so she was facing me, and pulled her mouth open. I've always prided myself on the size of my cock. When it's fully hard, it's a nice nine and one-quarter inches long. It was perfect for dicking young girls who couldn't say no! I slid it into her cool moist mouth and pushed. I had both of my hands on her head and pushed it further until her lips and nose pressed into my pubic hair.

No live one could handle my dick like that, but the dead ones - Oh yeah, they never complained about the size. Her mouth accommodated my dick nicely, and as I thrust my cock deep into her throat, I pushed and pulled her head. Back and forth. I could feel the tightness of her throat on my cock.

This was a blowjob like you can't get down on Main. Then I started long strokes. I pulled my dick almost out to her teeth and jammed it hard back into her throat. Any other girl would be gagging about then, but this honey wasn't - in fact she wasn't doing anything but getting fucked in her mouth. Then I couldn't hold back anymore and was cumming deep in her throat.

I pumped a couple of more times, my balls banging against her cheek, feeling that wonderful release, then pulled my cock out of her and sat on the stool next to the table and continued my paperwork.

After about a half-hour and six pages of notes, I decided it was time to get laid. Again, I pulled my dick out of my pants, and since it wasn't hard, I started to finger the girl's pussy. Now let me tell you, there isn't a cunt that's as tight as a 4-hour dead one.

My dick was soon hard and ready.

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I spread her smooth shapely legs apart so her slit was wide open. Of course, her cunt wasn't wet even after my finger was in it. So I applied some more K-Y jelly on it. Then I got up on the table and mounted her. Straight in without any "nice" pumping. The girl just lay there, a little cum dripping out of the corner of her mouth as I humped away in her.

She didn't make a sound. I fucked her for several minutes, and as I fucked her I was rubbing her tits, her very cool, very white tits.


With each hump into her cool pussy, her head would flop around, and her body would inched towards the top of the table, when finally, her head flopped off the table so she was staring at the wall behind her. "Won't look at me, huh?" I whispered loudly at her!

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So I started to punch her in the stomach, and as I did so I started to get real turned on and I started to cum. I thrust hard down on her, and with my legs between hers, I started to spread her legs with mine until I heard her leg bones snap out of the hip sockets.

I was cumming hard, and her hips where like jelly making me cum even harder. It was the best fuck I ever had with any girl dead or alive. I just laid there on top of her breathing hard and that's how those orderlies found me." I looked at the doctor, who just looked back at me.

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"Did that shock you?" I asked. She said nothing. But then, I didn't really expect her too, you see I had to kill her. She wanted to fuck me - I know she did - and I can't fuck her if she's still alive.

Not anymore, not after doing that dead girl. There isn't anything like it.

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Yes, this bitch doctor would be next.