BDSM dominant edging sub and sucks his dick

BDSM dominant edging sub and sucks his dick
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Ok guys. My name is Alex. I have a confession to make.

A pretty big one at that. I am 21 years old, and I am a sex addict. I'm not just a sex addict though. I'm a sex addict who can't stop being enabled by those around him. I shoot loads of cum into my mom's mouth nearly every night before bed. When I get home every day, my neighbor Victoria is waiting for me to drop by and fuck her silly. My best friend's mom comes after me nearly every chance she gets. My girlfriend and fuck buddy is pregnant right now.

It all feels like my life is spiraling out of control, and that my drive for sex is taking over every aspect of my life. So here it is. My diary chronicling my life as a sex addict. This is my story. How did it all start? I was 18 at the time. I was still a virgin, despite my (no brag intended) pretty good looks and relative popularity in my Senior-year class.

For those who don't know me in real life, (which I hope is everyone reading this), I am 6'3", with a thin body, arms, and legs. My face is taller, but with no blemishes whatsoever across my entire head. I got lucky there, I suppose, compared to most other teenagers.


My hair is black and styled, slicked upwards, with a fade down the side. One notable thing about me is my foot size. I wear a size 14 shoe.

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You know, I normally don't believe the 'foot size' myth, but for me, I think it applied. At this age, my cock may have been somewhere around 8-9 inches. At this time, I was living with my parents and 2 sisters. One younger by 2 years, and one older by 2, who went to college not far from where we lived. My mom is a neat-freak type, and pretty protective (or at least, used to be).

My dad, needlessly to say, was a workaholic who was almost never home due to frequent travels out of state. Both of my sisters had a relatively similar personality; irritating. The only difference was one was taller than the other and had bigger tits (the older one fellas.

No ideas). I was a frequent masturbator. Like, twice a day frequent. I remember my friend, Luke, telling me about the first time he blew a load, and I just had to try it myself. I liked to imagine all sorts of things while I choked my chicken. My celebrity crush, Selena Gomez, was #1 in my book. Miley Cyrus close second (if you can't tell, I watched a lot of Disney as a kid).

Then, there was my neighbor, Victoria. She must have been 20 then, in college, and living out of her dad's house next door. Oh god, Victoria. I had many good times imagining her underneath me. Call me a creep, but I used to get so excited when she would go out on her deck and sunbathe wearing nothing but a blue bikini.

Dammit, I'm getting sidetracked now. Well, the story really started on a Saturday night, when I lost my virginity. It was in April, and it was one of the few times that my entire family was away from the house.

My older sister was visiting a boyfriend from out of town, and my mother had taken my younger sister to a concert (One Direction or something like that). As usual, my dad was away for business. My mother, seeing that I was 18 and legally an adult in the US, decided I was clear to stay home by myself. I was laying in bed, in my pyjamas, watching TV.

It was then that the strangest thing happened. I heard a knock on my window.

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Not my door, window. It clearly startled me, and I jumped out of bed, thinking that it could have been anything outside.

An animal, a burglar, a monster, anything. Going closer to the window, I saw it was a girl. Not just any girl though. A girl in my class, Kara. Somehow, in sandals, she was able to climb up to my window. Although I wasn't too familiar with her at the time, I had always known her to be a gymnast.

So I opened the window, and let her in. She climbed through and stood up in front of me. I was clearly confused out of my mind, however to tell the truth, it was kinda exciting. I couldn't help but wonder what brought her there. Kara was a girl that I had relative interest in at the time.

Gorgeous brown hair, medium sized tits, and ass and thighs like you've never seen. My memory is a little fuzzy, but I remember the exchange going something like this: "Kara, what are you doing? Why did you come in… that way?" "Well, hello Alex," she said with a laugh, "I was just in the neighborhood, and you know… decided to drop by." I looked at her with a brow raised.


"Are… you sure?" "Ok, well, I was actually at Hannah's party down the street. We were hanging out, talking about our crushes, and…" she sucked her teeth, "we started talking about you. And how so many of us are… into you. So I thought…" I cut her off, "you would drop by, and be the first of your friends to make a move on me?" "Yeah, something like that." "So… do you expect me to just start making out with you right now?" I really was confused out of my mind, and part of me thought that Kara may have even been trying to hide something.

Although truth be told, I was getting turned on by her even being in my bedroom. My pajama pants must have made it difficult to hide the erection I started to grow in my underwear. "Something like that actually," she said, approaching me, placing her hand on my arm, "I… just need you Alex.

I wanna fuck you," she said bluntly. The idea of it, let alone the use of the f-word, really took me aback. I was started to stammer and back away, but part of me wanted to approach her.

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Again, she must have noticed my boner rising up, and giggled. "Look, your friend wants to! Come on!" I brushed her hand away, and looked at her. I wanted to do it. I really did. Then my mind was only in one place, and it was Kara. I didn't even think about the strange circumstances surrounding our meeting. However, part of myself still needed convincing. "I guess it could be… fun," I said, much to her excitement.

"But… I need a minute to get ready," I said, backing away to the bathroom in the hallway. I slammed the door and sat down on the toilet. God, I was freaking out so much. I had no idea what this one night would lead to, did I? I looked down at my erect cock bursting through my pajama bottoms, rising over the sink into the view of the mirror. I had maybe 2 hours until my mom and sister came back. In the end, my mind voted yes. I came back out to Kara, and to tell the truth, the rest is a major blur.

I remember her practically jumping on me and tearing off my clothes like some kind of feral badger. I remember the warm feeling of her body under as I thrusted into her for the first time. My thick, meaty cock spread her pussy walls nice and wide, more than she was ever accustomed to, leaving her a red-faced, moaning mess. Each thrust made a wider line of sweat form across my brow, as my feet dug further into the mattress next to her legs.

My dick felt enveloped in her wet, hot, crevice. It was a foreign feeling, yet I loved it.In those moments, my mind raced with 10,000 thoughts and twice as many voices. It all culminated when I gripped her shoulders hard, and with a twitch of my long rod, shot a heavy load of cum into her. I came 6 more times that night. We did it in a variety of positions.

Kara was clearly an expert, a fact I learned as she rode me like a horse, screaming her lungs out. I must say, the whole experience somewhat boosted my ego. After nut #4, I guess I got cocky, and flipped her onto her hands and knees, thrusting into her once again from behind. I had seen doggystyle before in several porn videos, but never though I would get to try it my first ever time having sex.

From the way her body bounced back against my pelvis, it seemed she enjoyed it too. I was sweaty. Tired. But I wanted more. After cumming one more time, I fell back onto my pillow and passed out. When I woke up the next morning, a beam of light was shining through my curtains onto my face. Kara was smart enough to close the window and door, and even cover me with a blanket. She was a slut alright. An experienced one with enough smarts to leave a house with no evidence besides the memories of her partner.

I sat up and put some clothes on, going downstairs. My mother was making breakfast, and she turned to look at me. "Hey Alex. How was your night? I see the house is still standing, so that's good." I replied with a stroke of my hair. "Yeah. I was fine last night. I was pretty boring. I just laid in my room and watched a movie." For the rest of that day, the event of Saturday night played over and over in my mind.

The clothes on the floor. Kara's moans of pleasure. The feeling of my toes curling as I blew several wads into her. I could only ask myself one burning question, and that was if I would ever see her again (spoiler alert: I did). Despite my balls being thoroughly emptied last night, I jacked off in the shower thinking about her. Kara and I didn't act any different when we saw each other at school the next day.

She remembered. I remembered. We both looked at each other and our wanton sexual acts played back in our minds. It was hard for me not to approach her and fuck her right on the desk in the History room. However, she did leave a note in my locker as I left to go home for the day, It said that she would be over at my house after school got out.

I got excited as I looked at the note. Were we going to do it again? Was I really that good of a fuck so that she wanted more? I walked home and sat down in my living room after taking off my shoes and socks. Soon there was a knock on the door, and I jumped out of my chair to answer it.

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My cock slowly began to rise again just thinking about her. But I had to prepare for the event that she may not have wanted sex right now. I invited her in and we sat down in the living room. She seemed a little uncomfortable if anything, much to my surprise.

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"So Alex." she started, "Saturday night was great. I had a lot of fun, and the other girls were really jealous," she said with a smirk, "but I'm not sure If I really want this to.

go anywhere, you know?" I saw then. It was only a one-night stand for her. I should have been smarter. I played it off cool though. "Oh yeah. Of course," I said with a wave of my hand, "I understand. It was fun, but it's over. Ok." But it wasn't over. In fact, we fucked right on the leather of the couch I was sitting on, our sweat and cum leaving small wet patches all over. I came in her with several mighty thrusts, painting the insides of her cunt white.

We lay there in the afterglow of our amazing sex, her body on mine, out of breath, and that was when we made our agreement. We were to be friends with benefits for the foreseeable future. We both were excited out of our wits about it.

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Soon however, my mother came home from work, and my sister from her sports, so Kara got dressed and left out the back door, again, my family none the wiser. I couldn't get over the fact that she wanted me to be her fuck buddy, out of everyone.


And for those of you who have been paying attention, yes, Kara is the fuck buddy I mentioned at the start. Yippee. So that's how it all started. The first time I had sex, and my first girlfriend/friend with benefits.

All within days of each other. Then, I had no idea how things would spiral out of control, real soon. I'll try to post updates as much as possible, when I'm not busy and Kara isn't home.