Your hot cock looks good in my tiny hands JOI

Your hot cock looks good in my tiny hands JOI
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Hari sat on the PC and went through the job websiteshe applied for some jobs. He checked his mailbox and did not find any mails from Consultants. Hari had been laid off and was sitting at home for over a month. He was slowly getting frustrated sitting at home doing nothing. He missed the office routinethe hot babes and hot sex. He made some calls looking for a job and drew a blank. He visited some porn sites and started stroking his cock. He was slowly becoming hard and getting aroused.

He needed sex badlyhe liked fucking 4 times a week and here he was without sex for nearly a month. The door bell rang. He got up and stuffed his hard cock into his shortsthe cock made a big tent in his shorts.

He opened the doorit was his maid Priya. She looked at himhis tent and looked down and smiled. Hari rushed to the bathroom took his shorts and started masturbating. His cock became nice and thick and after 10 minutes he shot of his load. His sperms came out of with a force and flew across the bathroom. He took a bath under the shower. He suddenly realized that he did not have a towel.

He called Priya and asked her for the towel. She gave him the towel and had a good look at his nude upper half. Hari dried himself and stepped out to wear his clothes. He flung the towel on the bed and picked his shortsas he was stepping Priya stepped into his bed room, she screamed and ran out of the room.

Hari was embarrassed that Priya had seen him naked. He went and sat on the sofa. He switched on the TV and started watching some songs. All the music videos were hot and raunchy.

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Priya started sweeping the floor and she was stunned to see the music videos. She stole glances at Hari and his cock. This routine continued for a few days. Hari started looking at Priya and found her interesting. She seemed to be in her early 30swas plump and dark.

But she had a nice curvy figure and big breasts and ass. Hari wanted to caress them.


Hari started fantasizing about Priya. His cock told him to fuck her and his mind told him to stay away from her. Hari realized that Priya had lust in her eyes and looking at him hungrily. Hari decided to check her desires. He started stroking his cock before arrival and he noticed that Priya would lick her lips and ogle at his tent.

Hari switched to wearing towel so that he could expose himself as she mopped the floor. Hari found that Priya was looking inside his towel. Priya's dressing was also changing, she would keep her pallau on one side and give him a good view of her breasts. She started lifting her saree up and gave him a good view of her calves and thighs. When she would wear a white blouseHari could see her nipples. Hari decided to test her intentions. Priya was washing the utensils in the kitchen.

Hari went for a glass of water. He stood behind her and rubbed his cock on her ass. Priya froze for a moment and moved away. Hari's heart sank, he moved closer to her and repeated the act again.Priya giggled and rubbed her ass against his cock.

Hari was thrilled. He put his hand around her waist, pulled her closer and started rubbing his cock over her ass.

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He drank the water and left the kitchen. When Priya came to mop he put on xxx movie.

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Priya was stunned to see movie and was left dumbstruck. Hari removed his shorts and started stroking his cock. Priya got up and ran away. Hari followed her in the kitchen and asked her what happened. Priya told she was feeling excited and could not watch the movie. Hari pulled her closer and took her hands and kept them on his cock. She started stroking him. Priya was becoming hot and excited. Hari squeezed her breasts and was surprised to see her nipples sticking out.

He put his hands under her saree and felt her ass. She was not wearing any panty and her skin was as smooth as silk. Her ass and thighs were soft and firm at the same time. He felt her pussy and found to be clean shaven. He stroked her clitoris and felt her juices gushing out. Priya was moaning. Her pressure on his cock was increasing.

He felt the pressure increasing. He pushed her on the ground and shoved his cock into her mouth. Priya sucked him like a pro and she played with his balls and ass hole. The feeling was exquisite. Hari came in spurts and his cum fell on her lips, cheeks and breasts.

He told her that he wanted to fuck her. Priya told him that she had to complete her other jobs and she would have sex with him tomorrow. She lifted her saree and gave him a clear view of his pussy. The pink pussy against her dark skin looked inviting and tempting.

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She told him to stroke and ease her heat. Hari inserted his fingers and started stroking her pussy vigorously.

He started kissing her breasts. Priya undid the blouse buttons and her breasts sprang free. Hari kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples. The more he sucked the more pointed her nipples became. After 15 minutes of stroking Priya gave a loud scream and collapsed on top of Hari.

She told he was really good and she would fuck him every day. She told him to be ready the next day. Hari was waiting for his fuck and he had a huge hard on. Priya cameshe had worn a new saree and applied perfume.

She told him that she would complete the work and then they could fuck.


Hari told her that they should fuck first. Hari pulled Priya and gave her a wet kiss. His hands roamed from her hed ,to her backher assher belly and then to her breasts. He kissed her her foreheadher cheeks, throat and chest.

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Priya removed her blouse. Hari started removing her saree. He stripped her naked. He started kissing her from head to toe.He was enjoying the smooth feel of her body. He felt her pussy and ass. It was soaking wet. He teased her nipples and bit them. Priya cried out in pain and scratched Hari's back. Both of them were in heat and so hot that even the AC could not stop them from sweating. Hari's cock was knocking at the door of Priya's pussy. Priya spread her legs and she gasped.

She found his cock thick and her pussy was getting stretched. Hari made slow strokes entering slowly. When he was halfway inside he withdrew and rammed his cock inside. He encountered Priya's tight pussy and repeated his strategy of withdrawal and entry.

He was slowly filling up her pussy. Priya's juices were making his entry and exit smooth and painless. He soon managed to enter her completely. His balls were now hitting her pussy and creating a thuk thuk sound. Priya was moaning and telling him to fuck her hard.

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She was pushing down on her breasts and asking him to suck them. She was simply loving this standing fuck it was her first. Hari put her arms and lifted her and asked her to wrap her legs around his waist. He carried her and placed her on the dining table. Fucking was easier now and he increased the intensity of her fucking.

He was kissing her on her lipssqueezing her nipples and playing with her clitoris.


Priya was really excited, moaning loudly and her juices had started flowing out of her pussy. She grabbed hold of his balls and started playing with them. She gave a loud shout and collapsed on the table. She pulled him down on top of her and gently kissed his face. She said this was the best sex she ever had and she would work for him for free.

Hari told her no and offered to double her salary.

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Priya turned around and spread her legs. Hari entered her from behind and he loved the feeling. Doggy style fucking gave a different feeling altogether. He slapped her ass till it was red. Priya asked him to get rough with her. Hari pulled her hair and violently kissed her and squeezed her breasts hard.Priya screamed in pain. Hari shoved his thumb into her ass. Priya was moaning and panting. Hari felt the pressure risinghe came in spurts. After he stopped he withdrew from her.

He saw his cum leaking out from her pussy. Priya turned around and tasted his cum. She said she liked it.

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