Hot horniy cute full sex stories

Hot horniy cute full sex stories
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My first thoughts were of Bryan as I sat up in bed and looked around. I was still naked and I had been sleeping on top of the covers. It was broad daylight and most likely close to noon judging by the brightness of the tiny stateroom. I stood up quickly to search for clothes and my head felt woozy like I had gotten drunk, though I was sure I'd only had two drinks and that was certainly not enough to give me a hangover.

Something just didn't seem to fit. I gingerly turned my head from side to side looking for the discarded clothes of last night and fighting the urge to be ill.

My skimpy red outfit was missing. There was nothing in the closet or small dresser. I could feel panic creeping into me and I steadied myself on a wall to keep from falling. I wobbled back over to the bed and lay down on it trying to devise a plan and to sort through the jumble of emotions, memories, and ill fitting puzzle pieces.

I felt completely foolish as I thought about the sex that had taken place on this bed last night. I thought about how he had pleasured me so thoroughly with his tongue and how his eyes had feasted upon the sight of my vagina as he licked me.

He had known my body as only a few before him had. I had opened myself body and soul and he had broken promises. I was embarrassed by my behavior. No matter how I tried to tell myself that I was jumping to conclusions, I still felt as if I were going to learn a few hard lessons before this day was through.

The missing clothes and missing lover combined with the fact that it was hours later than he had promised to have me home gave me nothing but a sense of foreboding. I was also certain I had been drugged but couldn't think of how that could have happened. The events of yesterday ran through my mind in an obscene parade that even now, under the stress of the morning events, sent shivers up my spine.

My thoughts drifted to the blowjob I had given him in the car and how badly I had wanted to give him pleasure. I remembered the taste of his cum and my fingers instinctively went to my mouth and lightly touched my swollen lips. I remembered the walk along the dock and how special I felt to be doing anything except sitting in my apartment alone. We had stood on the deck and he had kissed me so thoroughly.

I thought about the look on his face when he saw me dressed in the clothes he had bought me. I don't know when I started crying but I suddenly noticed tears falling softly on my naked breasts.

I shivered, feeling cool in my nakedness. The walls seemed to be closing in on me so I recklessly jerked the door open and strutted through the galley naked. If someone wanted me to walk around here naked then they would get what they sought because I was not ashamed of my body, well, except maybe the bouncing tits which were bobbing slightly as I walked.

My first stop was the bathroom where I relieved my self, noting soreness between my legs and even my ass felt sore. The sex last night had gotten a bit rough but not bad enough to cause anal soreness as well.

I reached between my legs and gently prodded my clit and pussy. The whole area felt a bit stretched and tender but I knew that was a temporary side effect of good sex so it didn't concern me. What concerned me was my ass. I found it with my fingers and gasped as I felt stickiness and it seemed to be open a bit but worst of all was the pain when my fingers made contact.

I was raw! My fingers were covered in a sticky pink substance. I knew it was blood and suspected semen as well. Someone had sodomized me while I was sleeping. I burst into tears as I turned the shower on and washed myself thoroughly, even going as far as trying to force water inside of me. I was angry at myself as I scrubbed and cried. I was so stupid! I came here with a man that I barely knew and drank alcohol, then I willingly had sex with him and fell asleep.

He was rich and handsome and charming. I was poor, plain and awkward. No one would ever believe that I didn't consent to anything anal.

It would be impossible to prove. Even though the anger was the most prevalent emotion I also noted a great deal of gratefulness coursing through me. It could have been so very much worse. The thought was sobering. I finished my shower quickly. I had to get off this boat immediately. I fought the primal urge to flee as adrenaline born of fear pumped through me.

I stopped myself and took three deep breaths. Then I opened the door and left the bathroom. My thoughts were jumbled and I didn't really have a plan but I knew I had to have clothes.

It wasn't exactly necessary, I would leave the boat naked if I had to, but I didn't want to resort to that. I began searching in the main room where there were the doors, the steps that led to the deck, and the hall that led back to the galley, bathroom and the room Bryan and I had used to make love.

The first door I opened was obviously a utility type closet that was full of cleaning supplies and tools. There was also an excessive amount of colorful electrical cording running through the wall and disappearing into the floor.

I pondered the necessity of so many wires for a moment but remembered how well lit the boat was. I moved some medium plastic boxes aside hoping my clothes were tossed behind them. I came away disappointed. I heard the remembered voice of a famous game show host as I paused outside the second door. .would you like to see what is behind door number two, Miss Lane?.

I took a deep breath and opened the door, relief flooded through me. It seemed to be the captain's stateroom and I was hopeful I could find something to wear inside. I went to the closet and immediately grabbed a long sleeve white button up shirt. It was perfectly pressed and smelled crisp and clean. I buttoned it hurriedly over my naked breasts. The shirt hung halfway to my knees but I wasn't worried about fit, only coverage. I couldn't find any slacks that would even stay up on me so I donned a pair of navy blue pajama bottoms with a drawstring which I pulled snugly.

I closed the drawers and closet restoring the room to the perfect order it had been in when I'd arrived. I felt like such an intruder as I closed the door behind me and headed barefoot to the stairs that led to the deck. I had my foot on the first rung when I felt the urge to see what was behind the last door in the room. I took that first step anyway but paused on the second.

There were SO many reasons not to worry about the third room: The need to get off the boat and back to my real life, the risk that someone could be in there who didn't want to be disturbed, and I had already found the clothes that I needed. Then there was this little voice that said what if Bryan was in there sleeping, completely oblivious to the events that had occurred.

Maybe he had wanted to let me sleep peacefully and undisturbed and had taken my clothes with him to be cleaned.anything was a possibility. I wanted it to be true.

I cared for Bryan even if I was perplexed by last night. I ran over to the door and tried to open it but found it locked. I looked around the doorframe in frustration, surveying the door and the way it was attached. Now that I had decided to get in that room nothing would stop me. I needed information to help explain the mysteries of the eve before and if my uniform was in there it would sure save a huge amount of explaining to Dave.

The door appeared to have a simple keyhole lock that could possibly be sprung with the right tool. I went to the kitchen and dug into drawers looking for something to use. My search was futile as I began throwing things out of cabinets and emptying drawers into the floor.

I don't know why I became so involved with the search.

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I was making a huge mess and felt a bit guilty for it but then the anger kicked in and the desire to know what happened to me became the only thing that mattered.

I wanted answers. I wanted my clothes. I wanted to leave. I searched every cabinet and every drawer until it dawned on me that maybe the key was hidden down below, inside the cabinets but on the underside of the countertops. I don't even know why the thought occurred but I am thankful that it did.

I found the key in a magnetic key box that was attached to the bottom of the kitchen sink. I squealed with joy. One would think it was a diamond engagement ring that I had found. I leapt over the debris in the floor as I ran to the door and turned the key in the lock.

It fit and the door opened easily. I stood stunned as the room opened up before me. It was filled with monitors. There were eight monitors around the room and a couple chairs sitting before a paper strewn desk. The room seemed small, the walls seeming to strain under the weight of the heavy equipment. I noted batteries, a digital camera, and a camcorder along the wall. Cords ran everywhere seeming to have no rhyme or reason. VHS tapes lined shelves on one wall.

I nearly collapsed as I sat in a chair allowing the reality of the room to sink in. A black video with a red "E" marked on it's label lay on the desk before me. My mouth went dry as I inserted it into the VCR on the desk and turned the monitor directly in front of me on. The video began with footage of the boat's empty bathroom. It ran for a short time and then the door opened and in came a girl wearing a coffee shop uniform. I watched in stunned disbelief as the view shifted and my ass descended on the toilet seat.

I saw a clear picture of urine streaming from my urethra in a golden river. It had felt so good to piss just then, I couldn't believe that all the while there had been a camera in the toilet bowl. I clamped my hands over my mouth to keep from being sick.

I gasped when the angle changed and zoomed and there was my pussy held open as Bryan licked me. The sight of myself with legs spread on the bed was oddly erotic to me, though the anger kept me from enjoying the view for much longer.

The scene rolled on endlessly as it chronicled everything that had happened in the bedroom. I was fascinated as I watched myself have sex but I was furious that it had been videoed. I watched as we had bed rocking sex from all different views until I couldn't take the sight of it any more.

I pressed eject, grabbed the video and slid it into my waist band, pulling the drawstring tightly to hold it there. The baggy shirt concealed the outline well I noted as I headed out of the room and up the stairs.

The boat was docked at the marina to my relief and it took me less than a minute to disembark. I didn't look back. I never wanted to see that boat again. The shock of Bryan's betrayal was still controlling most of my emotions. I didn't have shoes or a purse or a car to go home in. I was angry though so it made handling the situation easier. I simply walked into the deserted marina restaurant and asked if I could use the phone. A wrinkled old lady looked me up and down and pointed to a pay phone in the corner.

"I have lost my purse," I told her. "I don't have a quarter." "Lose your shoes too? " The hag asked casting a glance at my red polished toe nails. "Yep, was a rough night." I said shortly.

"Well we don't allow people in this restaurant with bare feet so hurry up and use that phone behind the counter and get out of here." She pointed emphatically in the direction of the phone and went back to sweeping the floors.

The lack of customers in the restaurant could only be for one reason. That lady was a bitch. I headed behind the counter to call my friend Emma to pick me up but as I dialed the first digit Peter Blaine walked in the door and headed straight for me.

I set the receiver back in it's cradle and greeted him. It felt odd to be standing in front of such a distinguished gentleman wearing his clothes. I blushed as he took my hand and kissed it again. "Ah there you are, Miss Lane," he said with a smile. He was handsome for an older man. His short cropped hair was salt and peppered under his hat and so was his thick mustache. The crisp white of his captains uniform gave him a polished look.

His sparkling blue eyes regarded her just as intently causing her to blush and look away. "Your clothes and purse are on the boat." He said. "Well I looked for them." "I could tell." "I am sorry for the mess, I was in a hurry to leave and desperate to find anything to wear." I tried to explain.

He ran his eyes up and down my body. "Looks like you found something. Were my shoes too big for you?" "Yes, they were." I answered quietly. I couldn't remember the last time I was embarrassed to this degree. "Come back to the boat so we can trade.

You give me my clothes and I'll give you yours." He smiled at me instantly making me feel more at ease, less embarrassed. Then I will give you a ride home. You have work at 4pm today right?" He asked. I nodded. "How did you know?" "Bryan told me before he left. He asked if I'd mind dropping you off at work and of course, I said not at all." The Captain smiled at me showing even rows of straight white teeth.

They were so perfect, in fact, that I wondered if he had dentures. I guessed his age at late 50's but he was in impeccably good shape. It was hard to tell exactly how old he was with his graying hair and just the faintest lines around his eyes and mouth. His lips could have belonged to a model they were so wondrously full and attractive. "Oh?" I queried. "The agreement was that he would take me home when we docked to pick up his friends." The captain sighed.

"He warned me you may be upset but he felt you needed a good night's rest.

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He said you seemed tired after working all night." The captain seemed to have all the answers but there was still one question I wanted to scream at him: Did he mention why he made a fucking videotape of us screwing? A rage I had never felt before was building inside of me.

Poor Bryan, was he too ashamed to look me in the eye after fucking my ass when I was unconscious? He had to have the hired help dump me off at home like some discarded bimbo.

I wanted to lash out at the captain and tell him what a fuck head Bryan was and he should tell his boss what Bryan does with the girls he brings to the yacht. I bit my tongue though, it wasn't the captains fault, he just drove the boat.

There was no sense in unleashing my fury on him. Bryan was the object of my loathing. I didn't speak a word as I headed out of the restaurant and back down the dock.

The yacht didn't look so beautiful to me anymore. It looked like a water bound prison. The fancy facade just an illusion to hide the sick goings on within. My empty stomach lurched. I didn't relish the idea of stepping aboard that boat again. I just wanted my clothes and to leave as soon as possible. This time it was the captain who helped me on board and lead me to the living area below decks.

He retrieved my clothes from a plastic bag near the couch. I hadn't noticed it earlier but the bag was black and it blended in well with the sofa. "Thanks," I said and began to strip right there near the couch. The captains face was unreadable as I unbuttoned my blouse before him. I knew I was behaving irrationally but I knew no room was safe on this boat and so there was no point in going elsewhere to change. He raised an eyebrow at me questioningly. "Oh c'mon" I snarled as I exposed my breasts and slipped the shirt off.

"You live here, you can't tell me you don't know about the cameras!" He nodded.

"Yes, I do know about them. I figured you had seen them when I found the door unlocked and the key still in the lock We entertain quite a few important people on this boat, Edyn, the cameras are a security precaution." Suddenly I remembered the video in my waist band and tried to cover the top of it which was sticking out but it was too late the captain was staring right at it.

I could have kicked myself for letting my anger cause me to behave so rashly. He reached for it but I moved to the left a bit and he missed. "That doesn't belong to you. We have lots of tapes of events that have taken place here. It could cause huge problems if someone leaked information. Please hand it over." "Oh, not to worry, I am the main star of this attraction. No incriminating evidence against anyone except that creep Bryan and I can't even use that against him.

It wouldn't stand in the court of law. This video is rightfully mine!" My voice had been rising in octaves until the last sentence was spoken in high pitched shout.

The captain looked sympathetic as he shook his head sadly. "What was on the video?" He asked. "It's disgusting trash!" I growled. "It's me pissing then him eating me then us fucking then I shut the damn thing off not wanting to see the part where I swallowed his load of cum but I am sure everything is on there in explicit detail." The captain looked oddly relieved for a second and then licked his lip thoughtfully.

"Wanna pay him back?" He asked. "Huh? How?" "This is just a thought mind you but wouldn't it be grand to make another video with someone else and mark an E on it then leave it on the desk so when he comes in to get his kicks he pops it in the VCR and sees you fucking someone else instead of him.

No man likes to see a woman he's had a good time with be intimate with someone else. It'll wreck his boner for sure." The captain laid his idea out so concisely that I was very tempted to take him up on it.

"Who would I fuck though?" I asked, calculating. The captain beamed a bright smile at me. I blinked in astonishment "You?" "It's been so long since I've been with a woman that it would truly be doing me a favor while at the same time ruining Bryan's day." He looked me up and down gazing at my tits longingly.

"And besides you are already half naked.

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We could make the video and then get you to work." The idea was appealing in a sluttish kind of way. I wasn't convinced though until he pulled his pants down and revealed his massive cock.

I literally felt moisture spurt from my pussy. Now, this was my dream cock. This cock was like a magnet and my clit became molten steel immediately upon seeing it. I fell to my knees and took him in my mouth right there in the living room.

There was no possible way to deep throat this cock so I wrapped my hands around the stout base of it and took the gigantic head in my mouth. I had never saw a cock so huge and as it hardened it grew to massive proportions. The head was nearly as wide as the palm of my hand the shaft as thick as my wrist.

"Wow," I said between licks. "Have you ever had this thing measured?" I heard him laugh above me and I looked up into his eyes as I continued licking around the head of his cock. "Yes as a matter of fact.

It's exactly ten and six eighths inches when fully erect." He said proudly and groaned as I licked at his balls for a moment. "Don't forget those six eighths now," I said sarcastically and giggled thinking how silly it was to know your cock size down to the eighth of an inch.

"Oh, trust me, I won't, my dear, and neither will you." He said and pulled me to my feet. "Come." He said and tugged my hand toward his bedroom. I followed willingly but I wondered who this girl I was turning into was. I had been so happy to be with Bryan but I felt dirty for agreeing to have sex with the captain. "Get undressed, " he told me as he began undressing himself. I slid his pajama bottoms down over my curvy hips and then stepped out of them.

I laid the video on top of them and sat down on the edge of the bed. feeling nervous and unsure. I wanted to experience his cock but I didn't know him and he was old enough to be my father. He must have noticed the indecision on my face because he stood there with his massive erection standing straight out with his hands on his hips and asked, "Are you sure you want to pay Bryan back?" I nodded.

"Then why do you look so unsure?' He asked. "I'm nervous, I haven't been with many men." I said. "How about a drink to loosen you up a bit?" He offered casually. An alarm bell rang in my head. The last drink I'd had on this boat had been drugged. I didn't want to take any chances. I was certain Bryan had been the one who'd drugged me though and alcohol would certainly make this whole sex for revenge thing easier.

"That sounds good." I said trying to keep that edge of uncertainty from entering my voice. "Make yourself comfortable on my bed and I'll be right back." He said. I watched his perfectly muscled ass disappear out the door. I slid up and laid back on the pillows and glanced up at the ceiling.


I saw a tiny hole just above the bed and I decided to make a show for the camera. Bryan would be seeing this and I wanted him to see that I was just fine without him. I pushed my breast upward with both hands and licked my nipple. I hoped he could see the smile on my face as my pink tongue flickered across the erect bud. I reached one of my hands between my legs, past the neat triangle of kinky hair, between my lips and to my clit.

I rubbed it gently but I couldn't feel anything. I could only think of the camera watching me. My mind was filled with memories of how lithe my body had looked on the video.


My breasts had looked full and perky. My cunt had glistened a healthy pink. I had looked beautiful as he'd fucked me with my hair fanning around me on the comforter, stray tresses curling over my breasts. I wasn't ashamed of my body as I had been a few days ago but I was ashamed of my actions.

I shouldn't have ever gotten into that Corvette of his but the mistake had been made. He had used me for his own perverse pleasure and now I would use the captain for mine and walk away from this boat with never a look back.

The captain returned with a tall glass that looked like orange juice. I sat up and shot a smile at him. His cock had shriveled a bit but I was confident I could urge it back to it's former glory with my tongue. "Here you go. It's a screwdriver. Hope you like vodka." The captain handed me the drink and I sipped it slowly. "Thank you, Captain. It's very good. " I said between sips. "Call me Peter. What we are about to do has nothing to do with steering a boat." He winked at me as he reached under his bed and pulled out a box.

"What's in the box?" I asked curiously. "Fun stuff." he said as he flipped the lid open. I nearly sprayed my drink across the room when he pulled two dildos out of the box. One noticeably smaller than the other. The small one was skin tone, the larger was black.

I coughed noisily almost choking on the drink.


"What are you planning to do with those?" I asked though I suspected the answer. "How big was Bryan, Edyn?" He asked as he held out the skin toned toy. "As big as this?" I shook my head. "A bit smaller." He nodded. "This one is eight inches." I gawked at it, imagining how it would feel inside of me. I took another drink of my screwdriver as he held out the black toy to me. "This one is nine inches and look how thick it is." He turned it over in his hand demonstrating it's width.

I gulped the rest of my drink and set the glass on the bedside table. "I'm going to use these to stretch your pussy so my cock won't hurt you. So that when I dive into you, you won't scream in agony. Some women do." His aging face looked a little proud of that fact. His mustached lips curved into a sinister smile.

"I want you to lay back on the bed and spread your legs." He said in a no nonsense tone. I hesitated a moment. This felt all wrong. I'd never had sex without kissing the man first. It felt so cold and business like. "Do it." He commanded.

I thought briefly of refusing, citing deviance from the plan for my reason. I'd agreed to screw him not have dildos shoved up my cunt. "Fine. Let's just forget the whole thing then." Peter said angrily and began packing the dildos back in the box. I laid back on the bed and spread my legs.

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Peter smiled at me. "I see you've changed your mind." He said happily and reached between my thighs to gently tease my clit. "You won't regret it." He set the box in the floor out of his way and moved up between my legs. I looked at him boldly. I concentrated on my anger and hurt at Bryan to keep from feeling bashful.

The mind game worked I began to relax as Peter separated the lips of my pussy and got an eyeful. I tried to concentrate on enjoying the encounter. I wanted Bryan to see me happily fucking someone else. Peter was an expert at eating pussy. He latched on and didn't let go. His tongue manipulated my button deftly while he slid his finger in and out of me. My clit was definitely enjoying the attention and I could feel myself grow slicker as he increased the speed with which his finger fucked me.

"You like that, Edyn?" He asked, looking up at me with my juices smeared across his face and chin. "Mmmm, " I answered. Then he slid another finger into me and made circular motions with his hand as he thrust them in and out.

His mouth was clamped on my clit and the suction perfectly placed. I slid up and down on his two fingers wantonly then I felt him curve them slightly and stroke my g-spot. I noted the orgasm building toward the climax but before I could reach it, Peter slid his fingers out of me leaving me panting and squirming. "Suck my cock, Edyn." He commanded kneeling on the bed.

I immediately obeyed and got on hands and knees to take his massive cock into my mouth as much as I could. He didn't grunt or groan, he just casually began shoving himself a little further into my mouth. I protested a bit until I found his hand clamped against my head holding my mouth onto him roughly. I relaxed my jaws and changed the angle of my mouth and he slid a bit more comfortably into my throat. I gagged but he held me there. I could barely breathe.

Finally he released my head and my mouth slid off it. His cock was dripping saliva. I couldn't believe how much I had taken in. I groaned as I licked his hard shaft and balls.

"Yes, suck my balls." His balls were hairless and the loose round sacs were a perfect target for my lips and tongue as I suckled him gently. I licked them steadily, wetting them completely. "Fuck yeah," He whispered as he exhaled sharply.

"That's right, be my slut." He said and traced his hand down my crack to my sore asshole I gasped in pain as his fingers slipped past it to my soaking wet twat.

He fingered me with two fingers, sliding them out to tease my clit now and then. He was bringing me close to orgasm again as I continued licking and sucking at his cock.

Peter pulled away and reached over me brandishing the skin toned cock at me. "Time to get you ready to fuck me. Your pussy is plenty juicy." He commanded. I moved to lay down and he stopped me. "Stay on your hands and knees. I'll stretch you from behind." he said and I felt him change his position on the bed.

He was out of my line of sight but I could see him in the mirror over the dresser. I watched as he eyed my rounded ass appreciatively and separated the cheeks. "Looks like you enjoyed a bit of anal last night." he said as he looked at me closely. "Yes, apparently after I fell asleep." I said angrily. "It's a pity. You appear too raw for any anal today.

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It can feel like heaven if done right." I saw him reach up and pick up the eight inch dildo and push it against my pussy. He used one hand to push it and the other to separate my lips. I watched it slowly disappear inside of me as I relaxed against it, feeling it slide deep. "Very sexy watching it disappear inside of you. Watching your pussy tighten around it and draw it inside. You like that slut?" He asked. "Yes I do." I said and rocked back against it as he thrust forward causing it to plunge deep inside of me.

I squealed as he gave it a few more thrusts then pulled it out with a wet sucking noise. "Time for the black cock. You ever had a block cock?" he asked me as he pushed the head of the nine inch cock against my slippery cunt. "No." I said trying to wiggle back onto it. He shoved it a bit into me and I felt it stretching the walls of my cunt to impossible distances. "Owww," I moaned as he worked it in a gentle circle, getting my pussy used to it, creating more moisture.

I could feel myself loosening as I gyrated my hips backward. It slid inside of me a little at a time until it was most of the way in. "Beautiful, look at that thing slide," he commented as he fucked me slowly with the fake cock.

I felt full as he advanced and retreated several times but empty when he removed it and lay down on his back. My pussy was outraged by the sudden emptiness. I whimpered in need as I straddled his cock and lowered myself onto it. Peter and I locked eyes as inch after inch slowly disappeared inside of me. I began perspiring with the strain on my pussy and muscles to keep from hurting myself.

I panted from exertion as I squeezed and wiggled on his cock. "That's right." He groaned. "You're so feel so good." His hands squeezed my dangling breasts as I fucked him.

My hair hung loosely, swaying as I rocked in tiny motions to get his cock even further in. I slid up and down his pole in a quick wet motion.

I had to cum, I couldn't take it any longer. I moved fast and fluidly as I rode him hard. I rubbed my clit as he squeezed my breasts roughly. His hands almost hurt as they pawed my tits but the excitement of the show I was putting on for Bryan drove me on. My hair tickled my back and hips as I threw my head back and pressed my breasts into his grasping palms.

My orgasm as was coming on like a locomotive and I ached to take him all in as I slid further and further down on his rigid shaft. I moaned helplessly with each delving thrust of his cock as it hit deeper inside of me each time. "Take it all, you whore," he said urging my hips downward with his hands.

I obeyed him and finally slid all the way down on his cock. I cried out as I threw my head back in pleasure. My body felt full to the bursting point the pressure on the inside was pressing upward on my clit. I circled my hips slowly and rocked my pelvis. I knew I would soon orgasm fast and hard as I felt the first stab of pleasure rock through me. "Fuck it. That's right. Up and down. Yeah.

Fuck it." He grunted between gritted teeth and staring me hard in the eyes. The pleasure was intensifying and I was crying in painful euphoria. I rode his steel pole faster and faster until I felt tendrils of delightful sensations course through my cunt.

I clenched around his cock as he began lifting his hips to plunge into me. His hands were holding my waist so tightly it felt as if he would break me in two as he thrust into me painfully and filled me with his hot cum. I collapsed on top of him as I savored the wetness between my legs. I'd done it.

I'd fucked another man on video to get revenge on Bryan. I was very proud of myself as I lazily slid my pussy off Peter's shriveling cock and lapped up any spilled juices with my tongue. I heard him chuckle. "You surprised me with the way you rode me." He said with admiration in his voice.

"Did you like my big dick?" He asked as I lay beside him. "Yes, I did." "You have a perfect pussy. I would love to fuck you again sometime." Peter said as he dipped fingers between my legs to trace my clit. "Would you like that, Edyn?" he asked. I didn't know how to answer the question.

He'd made me cum hard on his huge cock but that didn't mean I wanted this to become a regular occurrence. I shook my head. "I think I am ready to get back to my real life now." I heard him chuckle but he sounded far away. I was feeling drowsy as I struggled in vain to sit up. Something wasn't right. "What did you do." My mouth wouldn't form any more words as my eyelids drifted shut.

I tried to form the word "Help" as the camera in the ceiling began to blur. I felt real fear for the first time in my life as conciousness fled me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Linda Broyles stepped into the stateroom and let her eyes rove over the helpless girl who was sprawled on the captain's bed.

She tossed her blonde head nonchalantly as she looked Peter in the eye taking no heed of his nudity. "Silly girl shoulda never came back here." Peter watched hungrily as Linda slowly undressed before him. "Now it's time for some real fun," He said and grinned. Oddly enough, he looked much like a fox in a henhouse as he compared the breasts of the women before him.