Strippers in the hood maggie

Strippers in the hood maggie
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What would you say if I told you I was a child of the gods? Not the god but the Olympian Gods Zeus, Poseidon, Ares and Aphrodite, would you believe me? Would you trust me? That is the question that has been plaguing me since I was created in 2,500,000BC, it is now 2012 I am 2,502,012 years old but I can change my appearance to anything I desire and even modify my body however I desire.I have seen it all too.

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I was there at the Battle of Thermopylae, the Battle of Marathon,Alexander the Great, I was at the head of the roman armies and then at the head of the barbarian hordes.

I was at the battle of Hastings and the conquering of Jerusalem. I became a knights Templar and defended the Crusader States. I was burned at the stake, I was Napoleon, I was Ceaser, I was Leonidas, I was Alexander the Great, I was Eisenhower, I was Washington and Lincoln, I was Charlemagne and William the Conqueror. I have shaped this worlds history to my liking and I do indeed like it. Ifought in world war 1 and world war 2, the korean war, vietnam war, falklands war, the gulf war, iraq war and in Afghanistan.

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And that was when my family discovered my location that had long been hidden from them by the wretch Hades, they sent a group of 13 immortal warriors to bring me back at any cost and when I refused saying I have effected this world too Much to leave now, I created religions such as Islam, Catholicism, Judaism and all the rest,they worship me now and they don't even know it!

And you ask me to simply leave and return to Olympus!. They didn't take it too kindly, they attacked me and I killed three with ease, now I am hunted, the most powerful of the gods, they want to take me away, but I won't let them. I have hidden myself well, changing my identity and all my files I have kept myself hidden for 13 years here in Los Angeles. My files say I am Alexander Prometheus, my mother an father were Perseus and Andromeda Prometheus who were hugely rich business owners who owned Ferrari, Porsche, Lambourgini, Mercedes, Ford, Volkswagen, several jewellery and clothing shop chains, a few weapons manufacturing facilities, several Flight servicecompanies and Military Vehicle factories making my family the largest manufacturer of the worlds weapons and military vehicles for The USA, Russia, Great Britain, France and the other UN nations.

My family also originated from Greece,but were assassinated when I was 14 by a killer who still had not been caught leaving the families riches and business empire to me.

So I bought a huge amount of land on the outskirts of LA mostly abandoned factory and residential districts that were no longer being used and levelled the area to create a brand we district. I renovated the factories and Storage houses converting them into large houses with pools and large gardens.

I then converted the residential areas into various different shops, cinemas, nightclubs, arcades and amusement parks for my own desires.


After completing the construction of my own house and I had moved in joining a school as well, I invited all those in my senior year group to live in my new districts free of charge and to no surprise they all accepted making me the most popular kid in the school not to mention how I joined all the sports teams; football, soccer, baseball, Ice hockey tennis and swimming.

I also joined a wide variety of clubs; Chess, computer, music, drama and the Cadets. Now I was set to see how long this perfect life would last. This is where my story begins. My first day of school.

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I decided I'd enter with a bang so I whipped out the Bugatti veyron for show. Speeding down the road to the school brought a lot of awe stricken looks from pedestrians and school children as they saw a convertible Bugatti speed by them. I slowed down to enter the car park and had a good look around at the other students as u found a comfortable parking discs beside a black a white racing striped mustang.


I grabbed my small black backpack as I opened my door and got out of the car wearing two white and black Nike trainers, dark blue baggy jeans, a white t-shirt with a zip up grey hoody over my head and leather jacket over it.

With my bag slung over one shoulder I caught a good number of glances from cute girls standing beside their mini coopers or pink beetles and a lot of glances from awe struck jocks as they all just guessed who owned their families new homes.

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I walked up to reception confidently to get my classes and my locker. Once I received them I web to a large red locker on the hallway outside the music department.

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I went up and opened my locker storing what books I didnt need until after recess in it. As I closed it I discovered a girl leaning against the locker beside mine. She was the same height as me with long flowing golden hair tied into a single pony tail and bright deep green eyes and pale-ish skin wearing a short red skirt with a white band near the bottom, two white plimsolls with matching above the knee white and red socks, she was also wearing a white shirt that was tucked into her skirt with the top button undone and a red tie lose around her neck with the sleeves rolled up.

She was a member of the cheer leading squad and sucking a red lollipop between her two plump blood red lips when she said "I don't recognise you before, are you knew? She asked as I turned and smiled at her, taking down my hood and fixing my hair "I am, I just transferred from a school in greece" I replied whilst her face held a cheeky grin, "What's your name then?" she asked inquisitively, "Alex" I replied confidently as I then asked her "And what is your name?" she smirked and said "Abigail, what classes have you taken then?" she followed as I smiled and whispered beneath my breath Abigail, "I have taken all of them" I told her proudly with a smile curling the right side of my mouth as her mouth opened wide in shock and awe revealing gleaming white perfect teeth, "Wow" was all she could manage as another girl wearing the same as her with auburn hair and hazel eyes came up behind her and said "Hey Abigail we need to get to chemistry come on!", at this Abigail simply gave a wink and walked off with her friend down the hall to chemistry leaving me standing by my locker.

As I was walking to my first class of he day, English I was busy on my IPhone 4s and blindly walked into someone as I was ascending the stairs. Before I could catch her she fell to the floor with a large thud as I looked at her in shock.

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She was lying on her back but her legs were twists sideways as she lay their propped up on her shoulders wearing tight grey business trousers that clung to her tight perfect ass cheeks and a thin tight black jumper that also clung to her skin showing her slim athletic figure and C-Cup breasts, She had a tanned face with flowing red dyed hair and bright hazel eyes that looked up at me in shock, she looked no older than maybe 19 or 20 as I reached over offering her hand as I said in an apologetic tone "I'm soo sorry I was too busy on my phone and I didn't see you there!" She took my hand and let out a small moan as I helped her up and said angrily "Yeah watch where you're going next time!" This in turn angered me as I decided I might have some fun here I offered her help in picking up her papers which she replied ignorantly "I'm not goingTo tidy this up by myself you know so you better help me!" So I began helping her clean up, it didn't take long and as we both reached for he last paper our hand connected with mine landing on hers as she grabbed the paper.

I then instantly changed her opinion of me from anger to attraction and made her quite horny masking it with a sense of electricity running up her arm from our touch "I'm soo sorry I did didn't mean to d-do that" she stuttered awkwardly as I handed her the small bundle of papers I had in my hands and offered to walk with her which she quickly accepted The rest of the day was pretty boring and dull as I had already guessed it would be considering that I have went through the school systems of various countries quite literally over 30,000 times.

But after school it got pretty interesting. I had to get some groceries for the house so I headed into the city centre to get them.


Once there I parked my car and walked through the market towards a Wall-Mart when out of no where a girl, aged 17 with brown hair that had two tasels tied with a small blue band at the front and a pony tail at the back, tanned skin, cyan coloured eyes, and a strong athletic build bolted around the corner followed by a white husky and ran into knocking me straight to the ground with her crashing on top of me, "Ah!".

she exclaimed "Get out of my way next time" she continued to shout as two police officers ran round the same corner and tied up her husky and grabbing her shoulders, put her in handcuffs.

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One of the officers approached me and extended a hand to help me up which I gladly recieved "thank you" I said as I looked at the girl, she looked back at me with a face full of sorrow and frustration as a smirked at her getting he justice. I turned to the cop and asked " What did she do anyway officer" the officer looked at her smirked then looked back at me and replied "She ran away from her orphanage and accidentally blew up an oil tank in a shop destroying the shop and the road in front of it" he replied calmly as I nodded and said "Well good job officer" as I got back into my car with my groceries in it and was about to drive off when I got back out of my car and walked up to the police car that had driven into a alkey on the right of the mall.

As one officer was sittong on he hood facing down the alley and his partner was facing the same direction talking to the mall manager, I walked up beside the cop car and tapped on the window to get the girls attention. She quickly turned to see who it was and her face turned sour as she looked at me.

I used my powers and opened the door much to her surprise "How did you open that, it was locked!" she said impatierntly as I did the same thing with her handcuffs, "How- How did you do that!" she exclaimed as I clamped my hand over herr mouth and whispered "Be quiet and you will get out of this mess, come with me and quickly, I'll answer your questions when we get back to my place okay" I finsihsed as she nodded and followed me as we skulked back to my car, slipped in and drove off.