Lisa ann gefickt von Mark Davis Helen Duval nimmt cum

Lisa ann gefickt von Mark Davis  Helen Duval nimmt cum
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Claudia had always puzzled me. She fell into my life when I was eighteen, and fresh, and heading off to college. I met Claudia via mail, when I found out that she would be my roommate for the upcoming year.

I didn't have many reservations about meeting her, because she sounded so cheerful when we talked on the phone before we met in person.


When we finally did meet, I was surprised. For one thing, I towered over her. I was blonde to her brunette, pale to her swarthy, bob nosed to her long nose.

And another thing, her breasts swelled out of her chest like grapefruits while mine looked more like unripe tangerines. Despite these superficial differences, we got along amazingly well. We made lots of jokes, and said goofy things, and talked about boys and sex all the time late at night. We shared how many people we had slept with, and the number grew and grew as we went through our freshman year.

All of this was fine, and Claudia and I were good friends, but then, toward the end of the year, she fell into a lot of academic trouble because she hadn't been paying attention to her school (too much sex…her personal record was three in one night, and she had been with at least one member of each fraternity on campus, as well as two guys at once.) I was horribly jealous…I had always wanted amazing encounters like that, but mine remained mostly vanilla.

My jealousy ended with the end of freshman year however, when Sarah was forced to move back home and transfer to a community college, since her grades were so low and her parents were so furious with her.

I forgot about Claudia in the ensuing years, and only mentioned her or thought of her when reminiscing about my college days.

And then one night, for some strange reason, I dreamed about her, so incredibly vividly. Somehow, we were back in our messy dorm room, which was littered with socks and bras and packets of instant mac and cheese.

For some inexplicable reason, I became laden with the desire to kiss her- which was strange for me, since I had never been attracted to a woman before, even though I had kissed a couple when I was drunk. I awkwardly reached for Claudia and kissed her lightly on the mouth. She responded with a soft sigh, which was when a little light bulb went off in my head. I had forgotten that she was bisexual, so she welcomed my advances. Claudia and I kissed softly, and then I, being taller, moved her underneath me.

I could smell her, and her scent was just as how I had remembered it, a mixture of unwashed hair and marijuana, which had usually turned me off, but not this time. It turned me on, and I knew that kisses would not be enough to satisfy my newfound lust. I slid my hands awkwardly down Claudia's sides.

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I felt the fragile protrusion of her collarbone, her freckled arms. I, shyly at first, cupped those breasts, which had always slightly awed and dazzled me with their size.

She gave an encouraging moan, and pushed her chest toward mine, like she wanted more. I was willing to comply. I gently slid off her shirt, under which was a lacy black bra. I fumbled with the clasp- usually I was the one who had the bra taken off, not the other way around- and pulled it off, revealing smooth, luscious breasts, with invitingly hard nipples. Claudia moaned deep in the back of her throat as I ran my lips around her curves.

I pinched her nipple lightly in between the tips of my fingers and ran the pad of my thumb across it, which made it as hard as a pencil eraser.

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"Harder…harder!" whispered Claudia as I nibbled on her nipples like they were a delicacy. She was so fragile, and I had never done this to a woman, and I was scared slightly, but her encouraging whispers and movements caused me to knead her breasts more roughly and kiss around her breasts and move to her abdomen. I left a trail of kisses down her chest until I reached her belly button, which I poked my tongue into.

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That made her laugh. Encouraged, I decided to go for a much, much bolder move. I rose up on the bed and moved so that my body was in between her spread legs. I continued where I had left off with her belly button and moved quickly across her belly and her shaved pubic area with gentle kisses until I reached her clit.

I stroked it with my fingertip, feeling her wetness and warmth. I could smell her, and the scent didn't turn me off- in fact, it just made me want her. And with that thought in mind, I slid a finger inside her. Being a woman myself, I knew what turned me on, so I had no problem doing the same things to Claudia.

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I hooked my finger inside her, putting pressure on her g-spot. As I did that, I kissed and licked around her entire pussy, making sure to pay special attention to her invitingly slippery clit. Claudia's hips moved rhythmically according to the increase and decrease of pressure that I applied to her pussy with my tongue.


After several minutes (but it seemed like seconds) Claudia's moans increased to screams as she yelled "Ahhhhh! I'm commmiingg!" By the time I drew back from between her legs, both of us were sweating and our eyes gleamed with passion. Claudia looked up at me with a curious come-hither type gaze.

She crawled toward where I was sitting on the edge of the bed, and sat in my lap. She twined her smooth arms around my neck, and French-kissed me very gently.

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Her kisses continued across my cheekbones, the tip of my nose, and my chin. She nibbled on my ear, and murmured, "It's about time I paid you back, roomie!" I agreed, for I was just as turned on as she was.

Claudia told me to lie back on the bed and get comfortable. She leaned over the edge of the bed and groped around until she found a small black purse. I wondered what on earth she could have in the purse- it wasn't like we needed a condom or anything. My silent questions were answered when she unzipped the purse and drew out a slender silver vibrator. She then turned on the vibrator to its lowest setting and slid the buzzing device in between my thighs.

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I was no stranger to vibrators, because I had used them myself many a lonely night, but it was the first time that a hand other than mine had been putting it inside me. Claudia slid the vibrator all the way inside me, until just the smallest tip was peeking out. She then jacked up the vibrator to its highest setting and sweetly tortured me with vibrations that seemed to go from my pelvic bone to my fingertips. I was at her mercy.

I gave up all my tension that I still had inside from the strangeness of the whole situation, and screamed wholeheartedly as I came. As I was coming down from my amazing orgasm, Claudia kissed me gently on the lips and murmured, "If you're good, roomie, then maybe next time i'll stick that vibrator in your ass and make you come even harder!

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I stammered, saying " ass.its." Claudia winked at me and said, "Trust me, you'll LOVE it. Seconds after those words left her lips, I woke up to my alarm clock blaring ,leaving me feeling extremley confused.but insatiably turned on.

It was going to be an interesting day.