Me banging thick white girl

Me banging thick white girl
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[Have no fear, the series is still alive. Always love hearing from readers. Enjoy!] Right in the middle of my latest play session with Hailey and Melanie, my phone went off.

A quick vibration alerted me that it was just a text message.

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"We should talk about things" Danielle's message said. "I need to go, guys" I told the two girls. They were said but they nodded, knowing the situation. At this point, I had pretty much shown that I was going to keep our sexual games alive at virtually any cost.

Hailey told me she'd just hang out at Melanie's so that I didn't have to bring her back home. I couldn't help but steal one last glance at the two young girls, naked and full of my cum, yet again. I quickly drove back towards Danielle's house. I tried to do some thinking in the short amount of time that I had. There was no doubt that I wanted my relationship, or whatever it was at this point, with Danielle to continue in any capacity we could agree to.

At the same time, as I had told her, we were still in high school, and I wanted to enjoy the incredible situation that I currently had. I knocked on the door and Danielle let me inside. She was wearing a black tank top and jeans, both outlining her tight, fit figure. I hugged her as I walked inside and we both sat down at the kitchen table. I looked out the window and had to think back to the times that I've seen Hailey and Melanie playing in the pool from that same spot.

Danielle hadn't said anything yet, and instead was looking towards me, as if she wanted me to start with my thoughts. "I'm not exactly sure what I can say that will make you feel any better" I started. "You know how much I like you. I'm guilty of living up a situation that most wouldn't dream of even witnessing.

I know it's not an excuse." "I know" she sighed. "And trust me, I know I've almost encouraged stuff with my sister enough to understand that whole dynamic. But you obviously can't be hooking up with her entire cheer team and expect to have any sort of relationship outside of that." "You're right" I admitted. "It isn't fair to you. So what do you propose at this point?" "Honestly, I don't know exactly" she started.

"If Hailey is going to be around and get involved on the occasion, that's one thing. But try to keep it in the house. At least tell me if something else is going on." I thought about her words. She was basically giving me the green light to have relations with Hailey still. But the cheer fantasies seemed to be over. And that meant Melanie, too. Maybe I could talk to her about that one exception at some point.

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But for now, if I wanted to keep this incredible and gorgeous girl to myself, I had to agree. "Sure" I said with a cool smile and leaned in to kiss her. She came over and sat on my lap and kissed me back. It had been a while since we had spent any real one on one time together. Our tongues danced together and she ran a hand through my hair. I rubbed up and down her arm and smiled when I felt goose bumps.

My hand touched her ass through her jeans and she playfully slapped my hand. "No, not right now" she laughed. "That's your punishment. You have to wait at least a little bit." In my head I thought it wasn't the end of the world.

I had just had that rendezvous with the two girls about an hour ago and I could use a little rest. "Why don't you come back later tonight?" she smiled. "My parents are going out for dinner and a movie so we'll have a good amount of time." I agreed and left her house after one more kiss. I spent the next few hours napping in my room, before I woke up with a text on my phone.

It was Hailey asking how things went and if she should go home. I responded that things were fine, and that I actually had decent news for her. A few seconds later my phone rang. "Your sister almost said we could continue to mess around" I said to her.


I could hear her excitement on the other end. "Didn't really get clearance for anyone else. Don't tell Melanie. I'm going to work on it. I'm going over there to see her tonight." I wasn't sure if Hailey was planning to leave us alone for that night or not. She had already had her fix today and knew things were a little awkward. I had to imagine if there was one night she might not show up, it was tonight, even after the news that she was basically allowed to.

I showered and made myself look presentable. I put up a nice shirt and pants, and even made a stop at the local store for some flowers. After receiving word that her parents were gone, I made my way to Danielle's house. She opened the door and my mouth nearly dropped at her outfit. She was wearing a short, tight black dress. Her fit, tanned legs and thighs stuck out underneath, and the dress showed off her gorgeous shape. I gave her the flowers, which got me a big smile and kiss.

She disappeared quickly to go put them in water, and I watched her ass the whole time she walked away. I guess this was part of the punishment. "I thought we'd start out by watching a movie" she said. I nodded and took a seat on the couch with her.

She flipped on some romantic comedy and dimmed the lights a little for us. After no more than a few minutes, I turned my attention towards her and kissed her cheek. "Why don't you watch the movie" she giggled. I wasn't going to give up that easy though. I started to kiss her neck on the side closest to me, and after a few seconds of tilting her head towards me to stop me, she gave in and let me have at it.

I kissed, licked, and sucked her neck, and she moaned and melted against the couch. My hand went to her thigh, rubbing up and down, my own version of teasing, while I tortured her neck. The moans picked up when I slid my hand under her dress and started to rub her already wet panties. I used one hand to rub her firmly and the other groped her breasts while I continued to kiss her neck. "Okay, you win" she laughed, turning her attentions away from the movie.

She grabbed my shirt and quickly pulled it up over my head. She kissed down my body and worked off my pants next.

I grabbed her dress and pulled it off of her, leaving her in just black lace lingerie as she rubbed my erection through my boxers.

She did this for several minutes, refusing to give me any more than this for the time being, as I unhooked her bra and started to suck on her perky breasts. Finally, as I let my tongue tease her nipples, she pulled my boxers down, leaving me naked on the couch. I followed by yanking off her panties, as the clothes pile increased. The cloth couch felt comfortable enough on a naked body, and I was glad it wasn't leather. "It's been too long since I've felt you inside me" she purred from underneath me, as I quickly climbed into place and let my cock rub against her clit.

I think we were both too horny for foreplay tonight, and before she knew what happened, I slid myself deep inside her, stretching her tight walls as I entered. "Oh fuck yeah" she moaned and her hands rubbed my chest as I started to fuck her in a deep rhythm. I tried to angle against her g-spot while I buried myself deeper with each thrust.

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Her perky breasts bounced each time I bottomed out inside her. I bent down to kiss her, and we shared a passionate kiss filled with moans and vibrations as the intensity picked up.

After a few more thrusts she climbed off of me and got onto her hands and knees. "Come get me" she looked back at me with a wild grin. Within seconds I was behind her and rammed my hard cock back inside of her. She screamed this time as my cock head easily hit her g-spot. I pulled her hair and used that to plow into her deeper and harder. I used my free hand to give her gorgeous ass a spank while I watched my cock continue to disappear inside her pussy. I moved from her ass to her clit, and started to rub while I pounded her.

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"Fuck!" she yelped and came hard, her tight pussy getting even tighter around me as her body shook. My hands went to her hips and pulled her back onto me harder and deeper, making sure she took the full length each time. Her breathing became panting and she struggled to keep her balance as I gave her all she could handle.

The passions were high and I felt myself building towards my own climax. "Fucking fill me" I heard her say as soon as she felt me getting stiffer. I could feel a big load building as my shaft continued to get stiffer and pulsed inside of her. Knowing we were reaching the end, she used what was left of her energy to throw herself back against me, taking me all the way inside.

"Stop holding back and give it to me!" she demanded with a giggle as I curled my toes to drag things out as long as possible. This also increased the force of my orgasm, and seconds later I buried myself inside her and erupted, blasting hot rope after rope of sticky cum deep inside Danielle's pussy. She squealed with glee as I filled her, the high lasting a long time. I felt myself flood her completely and we both collapsed on the couch in a heap.

We laughed and I kissed her neck from behind until she wiggled back around. We held each other as the movie continued to play in the background for no apparent reason.

A few minutes later and I heard a key jingle. I almost had a heart attack thinking it might be her parents, but calmed down when I saw Hailey prance inside. Her sister didn't seem quite as happy. "Oh shit I'm sorry guys" she said with a small laugh. "I really didn't mean to intrude.

Thought you guys would be a little more hidden than this." Danielle relaxed a little, sensing her sister really wasn't trying to join the fun so soon. "You guys really do look hot though" she laughed again. "Definitely the sexiest couple I've ever seen." Danielle smiled, seemingly content that her sister called us a couple. It was a start, at least.

"Seriously though, I'm not going to ruin anything" she said. "I only want to watch, if you guys decide to do anything else." "I think you missed it tonight" Danielle laughed, glancing down at her filled pussy.

I smiled wickedly and Danielle pushed me. "What are you thinking?!" she said with a small laugh. "We can at least let her help you a little" I smiled. "Hailey, go get the smallest dildo you have." She didn't need to be told twice, and was back within seconds. I grabbed Danielle and put her back onto my lap. I slid her glistening pussy over my cock, trying to get myself hard again, while I played with her ass.

"Let us fill your holes" I smiled to Danielle, who looked unsure. "I told her to get the small one! Don't worry." Hailey quickly came up behind her and gently pressed the smaller dildo against her sister's tight, gorgeous ass. Watching Hailey help out was getting me excited again, and I grabbed a hold of my shaft as it came back to life. I kissed Danielle's breasts, which were pretty much in my face, and raised her hips up just enough to angle my cock back inside her.

"Shit" Danielle moaned as I re-entered her, and her sister started to push the dildo into her ass. Danielle had to ride me from this position, so she dropped herself down on both me and the dildo as her two tight holes were stretched. It was a good thing I told Hailey to get the small one because it was a tough enough fit.

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Still, she had taken bigger at the cheer party, and she was really turned on tonight. I smiled as Danielle even started to play with her own breasts, while Hailey and I filled her. My hands rubbed up and down her legs and I saw Hailey rub her sister's body a little, tentatively. It was clear she didn't want to overstep any boundaries, at least not this quickly into the new agreement.


I started to rub her clit, adding yet another sensation, and Danielle quickly responded by cumming hard, squeezing both my cock and the dildo as her holes contracted in orgasm. I gave Danielle a hard spank and she screeched a little, her breathing intense. She continued to bounce up and down, filling herself to the limit over and over.

This time, there was no action between Hailey and I. There had been occasions where we might kiss and play with each other while this was happening. I had no doubt that that would occur again, but tonight was not the time for that to happen. It was partly that understanding that made me even fonder of Hailey, even if we didn't quite work as well emotionally as Danielle and I did. "Fuck&hellip.fuck" Danielle said as she came again, squeezing and massaging my cock in orgasm, making it tough to last even after just filling her.

She was that hot of a fuck. I looked up and admired her gorgeous, tight figure bouncing on me. As I started to get closer, Danielle bent down to kiss me passionately, and Hailey took this as a cue that her work was done.

She slid the dildo out of Danielle's ass, and she used the extra room to slam down on my cock harder while we kissed. She didn't let me up for air as I got thicker and stiffer inside her again, and seemed to smile into our kiss as I struggled for air, breathing through my nose quickly.

Her hands rubbed my chest as I released, filling her again with what seemed like an impossible amount of cum. Her pussy was completely flooded, and after I pulled out, we made a big mess on the couch.

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Danielle and I held each other again as Hailey went to the kitchen to get stuff to clean up. I still wasn't sure where exactly we were at, but I think we were both content in the present.