Real straight dude getting dicksucked

Real straight dude getting dicksucked
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Chapter 6 Norma's new lover was as good as Toby even though she didn't know the Danes name. He was better equipped than Toby, he had more stamina and he was a lot rougher than Toby. Once getting into the pen with the dog and being naked from the waist down, if Norma tried to move away from him he would become agitated and would jump up to nip her on the back of the neck. Having had this dog's cock embedded in her cunt Norma knew that this dog's cock was longer and thicker than Toby's was.

Therefore he was able to penetrate deeper into her. Norma had never bothered to estimate the size of Toby's erect cock.

All she had been interested in was having him fuck her. The Great Dane was different. She didn't why, but she wanted to measure the dog's cock. The next time she went to the kennel she took her dressmaking tape measure with her. Before entering the cage she stripped off most of her clothes leaving only her flimsy t-shit on. The dog was more than happy to see her especially as she was naked from the waist down.

Letting herself into the cage she patted the dog on the head and spoke softly to him. Kneeling down she reached beneath him and started gently massaging his hairy sheath. Within a few seconds she had rubbed the dogs cock to erection.

Measuring from the pointed tip of his cock to the opening in his furry sheath where it had emerged from she was stunned by the dimensions of his hard cock.


There were 8 inches of hot cock poking out with what she thought was more to come. It had swelled very quickly to be nearly as thick as it was long at its base. The knot in his cock was still within his hairy sheath until Norma squeezed a little harder and the knot finally emerged small at first but quickly increasing in size.

His knot stopped enlarging and when Norma measured it was the size of a baseball seven inches around it. She was having trouble keeping the huge dog still. Norma's pussy was juicing freely and the dog was trying to get to her cunt to lap them up.

She had no intention of leaving the cage without having the dog in her. The huge dog started growling and snarling at her. Fearing that he might attack her she let him go. The dog got behind her, pushed his snout between her legs and licked her cunt and at the same time lifted.

Norma quickly got to her hands and knees spreading her knees. The dog's rough tongue parted her hot slit as he licked her erect throbbing clit, slowly licking deeper and deeper into her to get at her juices. Norma knew that when the dog stopped licking her that he would waste no time in mounting her.

Without warning the dog jumped up mounted her and wrapped his legs tightly around her waist and started thrusting and shoving his cock at her at the same lifting her to line his cock up for penetration. The moment the point of his cock found Norma's slit he started pumping his eager cock in and out faster, growling savagely every time she moved.

Finally he slammed the entire shaft in. He was humping her with hard thrusts. She felt so full. The dog's cock hadn't this big in her cunt during their other encounters. She now had ten inches of rigid hot dog cock sliding in and out of her cunt.

He continued pumping his cock in and out of her tight wet pussy seemingly stretching her vaginal wall out of shape. His thin cum squirted into her with every thrust.


"Oh yes!! Faster, faster, faster. yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!!! Fuck me, fuck me harder; fuck my pussy. Harder." She was screaming out. The dog stopped, with the knot jammed hard against her burning pussy lips.

She wanted the knot inside her as he emptied his testicles into her.

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The dog pulled back and wrapped his legs tighter around her waist as he jumped forward and drove his cock deep into her again. Norma knew he was going to get his knot into her. She wanted it in her so bad.

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She started pushing backward meeting his every thrust. The dog shoved even harder, as his huge knot slammed against her ravished pussy lips and spread them wide. "Oh!! My God!!!! "She cried softly as her pussy opened up and accepted the knot into her cunt. She felt her vagina close tightly around it, they were tied together with his cock pulsing and jerking deep inside her as spurt after spurt of hot sperm laden cum was forced into her. She could feel the pressure building deep inside her.

She felt the pointed head of his thick cock pushing hard against the entrance to her womb.

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She wanted him to push harder and drive his cock right up into her womb. She wanted him to shoot her womb full of dog sperm. It was his hairy sheath brushing against her clit and the tip of his cock pressing to so hard against her womb opening that finally sent her over the edge. Orgasm after orgasm raked through her ravished body. After she calmed down a little the dog started with short fast thrusts, that had her bra-less breasts jiggling about inside her loose fitting t-shirt As she pushed back to meet one of his thrusts, she felt something inside her give.

The pointed tip of his cock was suddenly entering the neck of her uterus. Then she felt his thicker sperm laden cum gushing into her womb as again she orgasmed again. She could feel his cum filling her and she wanted every drop she could get. She felt pressure inside her building as emptied his load inside her. He started to try and pull back. But there was no way he could, they were tied together.

Then he suddenly turned around on her as they remained locked together ass to ass. His cock was jerking and throbbing inside her as he tried to pull out.

She had another climax and another and yet another, as they stayed locked together. When the huge knot in the dog's cock finally went down and they finally unhooked from each other, about 45 minutes had elapsed.

Some of the dogs cum was freely running down her inner thighs as she got shakily to her feet and let herself out of the cage, dressed and left the kennel. Over the next few days Norma started looking at other farm animals.

So far her only animal lovers were dogs and there had only been two of them. She didn't know what she was looking for. All she knew was that she wanted something more from her chosen lifestyle. She walked aimlessly around the farm trying to regain her composure before returning to the house. Her thoughts were always the same she wanted children and she was beyond caring about who fathered them.

Sometime later her thoughts turned toward her father, could she talk him into becoming her lover or even better convince him that they should live as husband and wife. The whole idea she was thinking about excited her. Her libido was raging at an all-time high. When she came out of a daze she'd been in she found that she had stopped at the pig pens. Looking into the pen she saw a young boar looking and showing some interest in her, so she reached over the railing and patted the young boar on the head.

Then turning away she headed back toward the house. When she got to the house she found her father sitting in an easy chair on the veranda and her thoughts went immediately back to her earlier thoughts about him, when she saw the bulge in his pants she wondered what he was thinking about.

So as not to embarrass him Norma quickly went inside. Elsey had noticed changes in her daughter. The change she was sure of was that Norma was wearing shorter and skimpier clothing. Her miniskirts seemed to be getting shorter every day. Later that afternoon Norma was studying some papers when she knocked some of them onto the kitchen floor and instead of kneeling down she bowed over to pick them up.

Right at that moment Elsey walked back into the kitchen, she immediately saw that Norma wasn't wearing underwear and she had a clear view of her daughter's ass and bare pussy. Not wanting to embarrass her daughter she said nothing and tried to move quietly back into the passageway all to no avail, Norma knew someone was behind her.

Standing up Norma smoothed her skirt down, turned to her mother and said, "I was hoping you were daddy." "Why Norma?" Elsey asked. "Because I want him to get me pregnant." Norma replied.

Their conversation ended on that note when Peter walked in and asked, "What's the matter Elsie you look like you've seen a ghost?" "Nothing's the matter Norma and I were only having women talk." Elsey replied.

Exasperated Norma walked out of the house and headed for the kennels and even though she was happy to see the dog she didn't strip off and get in with him.

Instead she talked to him saying. "OH God! Why can't you impregnate me, I wouldn't care if I had pups or a normal baby." The dog tilted his head to one side not understanding why this human bitch wasn't getting in with him.

Leaving the kennel area she wandered aimlessly around the barn and stables not stopping for any length of time in any one area. She wanted to be fucked but she wasn't really interested in being with the dog, she wanted a man. The next morning things were back to normal.

Norma arose just after 5.30 AM as she normally did. Going to the bathroom to pee, sitting on the toilet seat she let forth a great flow of urine.

The strong smell of her urine was almost over powering. As she wiped her pussy she winced because her pussy lips were quite sore and seemed a little swollen. Going back to the bedroom she lay on her back across the bed and inspected her vagina in the mirror on the wardrobe door. She noticed that her pussy lips were very red and a little swollen. Pushing the pig away she quickly stripped her skirt off and stood naked from the waist down in front of the pig .

Norma then got down on her hands and knees and crawled into the boar's domain, his shelter.

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She knew enough about pigs to know that when sows were in heat wanting to get fucked they were very difficult to move anywhere. They just wanted to stand in one position and wait on the boar. Trying to act like a sow but not being sure if the boar was interested or anything would happen she just waited. The boar walked around her nosed her ribs satisfied that this strange sow wasn't going anywhere.

He grunted a little and looking back Norma saw the curled end of his cock poking out and twirling comparable to a corkscrew. He put his head on Norma's back and his cock lengthened twirling as it did. Looking back between her dangling tits she could see his cock dripping piggy liquid as he flexed it up and down. Then as he mounted her, his cock lengthened as he launched his body forward sliding higher on her back.

Norma felt his cock poking and jabbing at her inner thighs as he searched for her pussy opening. He lurched again and she felt his cock enter her pussy. Norma sighed as he walked ahead pushing himself further up onto her back.

She could feel the boar's cock was twisting and turning its way deeper into her cunt searching for the entrance to her womb. He lurched again and farted at the same time as he rammed a few more inches of his cock deeper into her. She felt his cock dancing around inside her hot cunt searching for the small opening in her cervix which would allow him into her womb. He made weird grunting sounds and he stood still momentarily, flexing his cock inside her.

Norma winced and squealed as the tip of his cock found the tiny opening and with a shove he drove and locked his cock in her womb. She felt his cock flex and his hot sperm laden cum gushed into her womb filling her. The boar stood still for less than a minute before he began slowly fucking his cock in and out with short movements. Peter was working in the cow yard when he heard a loud, long squeal come from the pig pen and he thought: "Shoot, that's the new boar;" he thought what's going on with him.

"Is he hungry?" Peter climbed into the pig pen and looked into the boar's shelter. To his horror saw a pair of legs sticking out from under the boar's body. He immediately recognised them as belonging to his daughter. Peter's heart was pounded rapidly.

"My God, he's crushed Norma. Is she dead? I told her never to wander into that pig pen alone." He thought. He knew that these animals could sometimes be unpredictable "Its better to play it safe and have someone nearby in case you need help" - he had always advised both Elsey and Norma. As he got closer, he was somewhat relieved to see that Norma's legs were moving a bit.

Also, he didn't hear any cries of distress. Finally, all he heard were cries of ecstasy Peter called to his prized possession: "Come on pig, get off of her." But the pig wouldn't move. Why - well, when you're in a middle of having an orgasm, it's kind of hard to do anything else, isn't it?

The fact was that the boars cock was fully inserted full up inside Norma's womb. The pig and the girl were joined together cunt-to-cock and cock-in-cunt. The boar and Norma were engaging in the act of sexual intercourse - a human female and a pig copulating with each other. Peter nearly fainted. "Was the boar raping Norma?" He asked himself.

It didn't appear that way. Norma seemed to be deep in the throes of pleasure as she softly moaned and passionately kissed boar's snout. To add to the bizarre spectacle, Peter could see that this mating seemed to be consensual. That was for sure - she wasn't trying in any way to fight him off. Peter waited - he couldn't do anything to interrupt. How could he possibly separate them, but there was just no safe way to do it.

He was reluctant to call his wife over. "What would happen if Elsey saw this?" he wondered. "It would kill her!" He just couldn't tell her.

Unbeknownst to Peter, Elsey had just arrived on the scene a few minutes earlier. She was in an apoplectic state. Peter heard a gasp and turned and saw the full expression of horror in his wonderful wife's wide shining teary eyes.

He went over to her and put his arms around her - he almost began to cry when their mood was interrupted by another loud and drawn out squeal and another and another.


The boar was coming - in torrents!! His sperm, his semen, his cum, whatever you want to call it, was shooting from his loins directly into Norma's uterus. The squeals seemed to never end - Peter tried to cover his wife's ears so she wouldn't have to hear those blasphemous sounds. "Oh, how our Lord must be weeping right now!" he rued.

And then it was over - there was silence. All he heard was a few kissing sounds as Norma and the boar smooched before falling asleep from sheer exhaustion and orgasmic fulfilment. The troubled duo carried their daughter into the house - trying desperately to clean her up and then they gave her a hot bath. They knew that they would have to wipe away the abomination from her soul. But no matter what they did Peter knew it wasn't going to be enough, he knew that there was still a lot of the boar's love juice was trapped in her womb.

And her pussy lips were coagulated, with drying piggy cum for that animal shot a few last spurts after his cock exited Norma's vagina. After bathing and drying her they assisted her to her bedroom and put her in bed to sleep.

With Norma asleep, Peter and Elsey talked of consulting doctors about this horrific event - but they were terrified that the doctors would have their daughter committed.

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The couple decided they'd handle it themselves. They were just so afraid of what would happen if the event became known to any outsiders. They also knew that the Boar couldn't impregnate a human female, and that, in spite of the reputation of the so-called "dirty pig," The Boar was actually, well cared for and was quite the exception to the rule.

He couldn't pass on any disease to their daughter. Another problem they faced was - should they exterminate the boar? Peter reasoned it really wasn't his fault he was just an animal doing what animals do, with anything they can do it with. Elsey wasn't so sure - "is this a pig a deviant?" she asked. But there was no answer forthcoming. They chose to isolate themselves from the world and would take it from there. Another thought Peter offered to his loyal spouse was whether they should sell him for meat.

Neither could accept either option - the Boar wasn't mature enough nor was he big enough to sell, besides that he had been reared from a weaned piglet size and was like a member of the family. Another factor contributed to the fact that Norma could have intercourse with him without being crushed by a potentially massive weight.

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And putting him to sleep seemed to serve no purpose. It wasn't the Boar who snuck into Norma's bedroom; it was Norma who'd snuck into his pigpen - to put it into a peculiar context. So they decided they would just keep a watchful eye her so as to prevent this from ever happening again.

Well, that idea was clearly easier said than done. Crafty Norma managed to sneak away while mom and dad were sleeping and their reverie was consequently disturbed by the pig's loud squeals of sexual pleasure ringing throughout the night skies on this old country farm.

To make matters worse, Norma was clearly the seducer here. Norma craved a cock for her bedtime treat and she was right now getting all she wanted, the Boar's cock had jerked around inside her cunt until it's corkscrew like end had found the opening to her womb, (as it would have had she been a sow in heat). Norma squealed as she felt the tip of his cock entered her womb as he fully extended his entire length into her womb. Again, the frazzled hubby and wife waited until the last few throes of her sexual ecstasy to occur before intervening and taking Norma back into the house and ordering her to have long soaking bath.

This occurrence became routine. Quite soon, though, the problem became much worse. Their daughter wanted the Boar's body joined and bonded to hers whenever she could. They were so exhausted from having their nightly sleep interrupted that they now allowed her to fuck the boar during the day. Finally, Peter redesigned the boar's sty so that Norma could sleep with him whenever she felt the need to have him screw her brains out. One good thing in all of this - was that Norma still did her chores - and she seemed happier than she had in a long time.

She was such an asset to her parents - she was strong and very able-bodied, in spite of her "abhorrent behaviour" with the pig. Peter even speculated, somewhat wryly, that "the only thing different is that one of the players was of another species." In that light everything else was normal. Peter was so perplexed that he said to himself, "God, what is normal in this crazy, crazy world?!" Even nuttier still was the fact that the boar couldn't seem to get enough of Norma.

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To be continued