Geile Lesbenschlampen haben hardcore Vierer mit Fitness Trainer

Geile Lesbenschlampen haben hardcore Vierer mit Fitness Trainer
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Tales of My Depraved Life - Pt 2. - Being Used Everyone should experience having a sweet, young, warm, hairless cock in their mouth at least once in life. A few months before turning 12, I spent the summer in the Adirondack Mountains at a place called Connor's Lake. It was shaped like a cashew nut and our rental was at the bottom tip of the 200 yard long 50 yard wide, deep, cold lake.

I began exploring the first day. Going to the right around the outside curve of the cashew, I found a small beach area where a strip of imported white sand ran for some 20 yards. There was a fire pit of stones in the middle, but the beach was littered with sticks and leaves and looked like it hadn't been used recently. Further up as the land rose I saw the other house on the lake, so I turned around.

The left side of the lake was the inside curve, and there was no path. This made exploration much more fun and I played Army with a stick as if I were stalking in a jungle. The trees ran up the slope and there was nothing but shade on that side of the lake.

Finally I made it to the other end and there was a huge yellow rock basking in sunlight. It was eight feet high and about twelve around.

The sides were smooth and it would have been impossible to climb if it were not for a notch you could step up on. I stood on the massive boulder and gazed across the lake at the other house. It was an A frame with decking all around. I couldn't see anyone so I kept exploring.

I heard a strange sound like a squirrel rustling leaves, but not quite. I crept closer to the sound and I thought I heard someone crying.

When I stepped on a twig I heard a noise come from under a huge tree that had fallen on a rock near the edge of the lake. A young boy scampered out from the brush and ran. He wasn't wearing any clothes! I was shocked! It looked like he wasn't coming back so I looked at his hiding place. There was a cozy space under the fallen tree where branches and leaves sheltered one side like a lean-to.

On the ground were gathered leaves and I sat on the comfortable pile. As I got up my hand touched something odd. Under the leaves was a magazine, I recognized it right away.

It was a six year old PLAYBOY in perfect condition. I looked around and all was quiet, so with baited breath I opened it to the centerfold. The girl was blonde with pig tails and nice small perky tits. My dick began to swell and I freed it from my constricting pants. Seconds later it was out of my shorts and I was practically drooling over the layout. When I climaxed, I thought that girl was the most beautiful I'd ever seen. The pleasure shock ran up my spine as I hunched over the mag, then my back arched backward and I closed my eyes.

When I recovered, I looked at every photo in the Magazine and before long I was horny again. This time there was a girl in a bathtub. She had dark hair and her tits hung over the edge of the tub while her ass rose from a mass of white bubbles. I couldn't take it. I felt cramped so I got up and took the magazine back to the giant yellow rock and put it on the step part of the notch. Again I looked around but all was silent. I let my jeans fall and pulled by hard dick out for a second helping.

I was really enjoying this second round and my climax was building slowly but steadily. Then I slowed down a bit to make it last but I was too charged up. When I began to climax my knees buckled a little, and I let out a little cry. A sound came from behind me. I feared a bear had come along and it almost stopped my heart.

But when I turned around, it was that little boy. My cock was in my hand and pointing at him. He started at it! He was blonde, pale, and was about 10 years old. I turned away to hide myself but I couldn't stop what I'd started. I finished jerking-off on my knees facing the rock. One hand pulled my underwear up over my ass while the other made quick work of a task that cannot be rushed or stopped once it has started.

Finally I was done, and as I stood I pulled my pants up as quickly as I could. Before I had the belt buckled the little bugger was standing next to me.

He was totally naked and his dick was hard. It was as long as mine and its head was rather fat. When I looked down he put his hand around it, but strangely he let the tip show. "That's mine, I need it" he said. I stepped aside and he grabbed the Playboy from the rock. Then he moved off without a word. I saw him go under his tree again and when he came out he was putting on a tiny red bathing suit. It was so tight, it went up the crack of his ass and his boner was easy to see.

You didn't see Speedos back then but this kid could have started the trend. When he left, I climbed the yellow rock and watched his progress. I figured he was staying in the other house and I could see him make his way through the woods to the other side. Then I lay on the smooth rock and took the sun. The hot surface felt great on my back and I turned on my belly as I contemplated what had just happened.


The warm rock was having an effect on me and I started making slow, gentle movements against the hard stone. Then I heard a splash and I looked over my shoulder. Someone had jumped into the lake. It was a girl. From thirty yards away I could see she was pretty; when she came up on my side I saw her shapely long legs and the hint of widening hips. Her one piece suite was white and her tits were more than just pancakes.

Her suit had a mini-skirt that barely covered her ass and unfortunately hid the lines I was looking for in the front. Her name was Maritz or something; I couldn't concentrate because she had the most beautiful face ever. Her eyes were light blue like the sky and her thin lips were pink and trembling. She asked if she could warm herself on the rock so I moved over. As she lay back I stared at her puffy nipples.

I swore I could see through her wet suit, and those nips were pink or I'm a werewolf! I had to roll over on my belly again to 'hide'. She was really smart too, and she talked about astronomy and the zodiac.

She suggested we meet one night under the stars so she could tell me about the constellations, my heart soared.

Each day ended up the same from then on. I'd go to the beach and skim stones or wade in the frigid water. Maybe I'd play soldier and throw dirt bombs at imagined enemies hiding behind trees. But always I found myself at the yellow rock with 'Mari', or her strange brother Eric. As I found out later Eric was sexually abused. It explained a lot. One day I was waiting for Mari but Eric showed up and told me she went into town with their mother.

He didn't talk much and he always had his hand down his front. We were lying on the rock and I was asking about his mom and dad; then without fanfare he just pushed his shorts down his legs and exposed himself to me. He was only three feet away, and I had a bird's eye view of his cock.

He started rubbing it and I was speechless. The next thing I know he stands up and comes over and sits on my belly.

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I was like "what get the hell off me". I pushed him away and in the process his penis grazed my wrist. He stood there with a longing face but he just kept rubbing himself. Do you want to lick it"?

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He asked "No Eric, boys don't do that to boys" I said. And I was about to say 'what's wrong with you'? I'm glad I didn't. Still rubbing, he said "My Dad does it all the time and he's a boy so you're wrong". I was flabbergasted. His dad licked his dick all the time? Holy shits ka bibble! "I lick him too; do you want me to lick you"? Things were way out of hand and I knew something was very wrong in that family. Yet Mari had seemed so normal.

Eric kept asking me to lick him and he got closer and closer and wouldn't take no for an answer so I pushed him. He tripped backwards and almost fell off the boulder.

He was sliding off the edge and I grabbed his ankle and then his hand. Eric didn't bat an eyelash. He kept going on about wanting to lick me.

Eventually we were having separate conversations, neither listening to the other and I was lying on the rock facing away from him. Then he slid closer and put his arm around my body right onto my cock. He gave me a firm squeeze through my jeans before I pulled his hand away.

I looked over, he was still half naked and the tip of his dick was red from all that rubbing. Luckily we heard car doors slamming and Eric finally moved away and pulled up his shorts. A few minutes later Mari swam over. (Something I would never do in that cold water) From my face and the lack of conversation she asked if something was wrong.

I said "ask your brother". To my shock it went like this. "Eric what did you do"? "He hates me, he won't lick me". "Eric I told you, Dad told you to mind what you say now hush".

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"I won't. It's not fair, I do all the licking and nobody licks me". "That's not true Eric…" I waited in disbelief for the rest of her reply. Was she going to admit licking her brother? "You always get what you want, now go home".

But Eric just lay there not moving as Mari and I discussed him as if he were a mile away. "He's very sensitive. But he won't leave us alone. He keeps playing with himself all the time, all over the house. Sometimes the neighbors back home have to call my mother and tell her to come get Eric. He's out in the street showing everyone his penis". I looked over and Eric was nonplussed.

"Is he sick"? I asked. "Don't talk about it. He just loves playing with himself, there's nothing we can do about it". With that, Eric stood up and stepped over Mari and lay on the other side of me. He put his hand on me over and over again even though I kept pushing him away. And Mari and I just kept laughing at him. But some of the touching was getting me aroused. I tried thinking of something else but looking at Mari's sweet face didn't help matters.

Eventually the little pest managed to grab right on target a few times and my growing cock was getting easier to find. Suddenly Mari said she was cold and she was going for a towel. "Be right back. Don't worry about him, he'll stop after a while". That's when I almost shit. Eric moved up and his cock went up the back of my tee shirt.

It felt as hot as boiling water. He kept jerking off on my back and running his hands up and down my hip and onto my cock. I started to throb after a while and his hand didn't really bother me.

Then I felt him spasm and he grabbed my chest and held tight. If you've ever been humped by a dog you know the feeling. When he was done he stared to loosen my belt. I let him do as he pleased. His warm hand felt good as he wedged it down under my underwear. I turned over a little to allow him better access. "Easy' I said, "Go slow".

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That was the first and only time I ever saw that kid smile, and it was just a little smirk at that; a sign of his conquering me at last. Then I needed him to go faster. I put my hand over his outside the pants and urged him on. "Go ahead do it now, do it faster Eric". I started breathing really heavy and then he stopped and said, "Not here".

I followed as best I could with my hard on, as Eric scrambled down off the boulder. He took me by the hand to the fallen tree and told me to lie next to him. "I have to lick you now", he said as if being ordered by some alien being.

Then I pulled down my pants and let Eric do what he wanted. But he didn't lick at all. He engulfed me entirely, all at once. There were so many feelings all at once I couldn't process them. When I caught my breath and stopped rolling from side to side with tickled ecstasy, I was able to feel more.

Eric sucked me nonstop like a piston. I felt his neck and his muscles were like stone. The movements were monotonous but heavenly. It was my first time getting a blowjob and there was no sense of wrong or shame.

I still loved girls and in particular Mari. When I climaxed Eric knew just what to do; he eased up as my spasms ended and my breathing slowed. I thought of him and his father and the lessons that he must have learned. I felt sorry for him being all screwed up like that. But for me at least I had no problem enjoying the benefits. We found Mari on the boulder when we got back. She was resting on her towel. Without picking her head up she asked me.

"Did Eric finish"? I laughed as if it was only him that needed to finish, certainly not wanting to admit what really happened. "Uh, huh". "Good, maybe he'll calm down for a while". Mari and I spent a lot of time together that summer, but all I managed to do was kiss her a few times. Only once was there a prolonged kiss, not what you'd call making out. But I loved her just the same. The only sex I got was from the same sex; and that story only got more interesting.

Late in the summer Eric's father asked me to help him carry some bags of firewood up into the house. It was stored in the basement of their rental. The room had only one small window, and a light bulb swung loosely on a wire from the rafters.


When I spotted an old Army helmet I asked if it were his. He then told me about his time in the Swedish Army. He said he was part of Special Forces.

I probably would have believed anything, but he showed me a photo album to prove it. While looking at the photos he told me he was glad that I spent so much time with Eric. Immediately I got nervous.

He asked if Eric bothered me. I shrugged and said no, not really. "He told me he licked you is that true"? I hesitated. It was hard to lie when Eric and I had sucked each other almost every day that summer, and some days we spent hours at it. I wasn't built to lie. "Well, sort of…" "Its all right, my son has few passions in life".

I waited for him to finish the thought, but that's all there was. Then he asked me to come over to the work table where the light hung.

He picked up a scrap book from his army days and turned to the last page. There was a photo of a naked woman with huge tits, it was wrapped in plastic. "Would you like to see some more"? He asked. I tried not to sound too excited. "OK". Mr. B went to a paint closet and took out a magazine. I imagine that's where Eric got the Playboy from.

But this was an old black and white magazine and it was printed in Swedish. Mr. B turned the pages slowly and stopped when he came to a particularly nice looking model. This continued until the book changed and there were pictures of men and women doing everything imaginable.

My cock was like a rock in my jeans, my blood pressure was up and I know my face must have been very red. Then there were pictures of women with women and my interest peeked. It was unbelievable. Then Mr. B looked down at me. He was sitting on a stool and I was standing next to him.

He asked if I wanted it to continue. I managed to say "OK" only briefly meeting his gaze. But then the book changed again. Suddenly there were pictures of men with other men and I almost stopped breathing. It looked disgusting and I started to pull away. Mr. B put his arm around my waist and pulled me back close to him. I was petrified and I was breathing heavily out of fear. "Don't worry no one's going to hurt you. Are you afraid"? "A little", I said. His hand was on my shoulder now.

"I have another book you may like better, he said with that quaint accent. Then I saw a magazine called 'Colt 21'.

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It had color pictures and mostly of young boys. Some of the pictures were strange; they'd obviously found boys with the biggest penises and gotten them together.

It was an eye opener but somehow I felt less threatened looking at them.

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Before long I was turning the pages myself. Then Mr. B told me to hop up on the stool and my back was against him. After a while his hands were resting on my thighs and I didn't even notice until he touched me between my legs. Then I had trouble concentrating and Mr.

B turned the pages. He had succeeded in getting me very horny and the slow movements outside my pants were driving me crazy. It started with a thumb moving up and down on my cock, and then he used the tips of two fingers. I wanted him to masturbate me right then, quickly, I loved his touch. Giving in was heavenly. My head leaned back to his chest and I started moaning. Mr. B growled and his right hand came to my face. He put a finger to my lips and I opened my mouth. He moved it in and out, in and out.

All the time his two fingers were massaging me, up and down, up and down. Then he gently squeezed my balls. I almost came. "Do you like licking Eric"? He asked. But I couldn't admit it, I couldn't answer. "You must like it; he's been telling me about how you like his penis for weeks…so do you"?

"Yes' I said feebly. "Good. Now I want you to see something". I was sure he was going to get up and take his pants off, but all he did was turn a few pages in the book.

He pointed to one of four photos on the page. A man with a truly gigantic cock was being sucked by a small boy of about eight or nine years of age. It was an amazing photo to be sure. But I was already prepared to do anything he wanted. "Look closely" he said. It took a while but then I recognized Eric in the photo.

My mouth opened in disbelief. He turned the page. There was Mr. B in full view standing over his son and cum was splattered all over the boy's face. I was not only speechless but my brain seemed to overload and I sort of went blank. Mr.

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B got up and did what I was half expecting for some time. He let his pants drop and I saw one of the biggest cocks you'll ever see in any magazine or on any internet site. It was about 13 inches long and as fat as my wrist.

Moments later my pants were around my ankles and my cock was being sucked by a professional sex model. I climaxed within 10 seconds. I felt something different though. Eric had sucked me at least 20 times by then but nothing ever came out. This time I felt a surge. "You have sweet cum" said Mr. B…I was a man at last. Of course I did try to suck Mr. B's cock but it was impossible. That why Eric always talked about licking.

And that's just what I did for the next half hour or more. But when Mr. B shot his load he turned away from me.

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It was a good thing he did too, I've never seen that much stuff come out of a man before or since. As a result of that memorable day I became a much more confident person. Mr. B hadn't abused me, he used me and I loved it.

Before summer ended I spend two more days with Mr. B. Once we were alone and once Eric joined in. That day is deserving of its own story. Mrs. B also gave me a highlight when we were in the living room and it was raining so we had to stay in. I kept staring at her boobs every time she walked by. Finally she said "Alright, go ahead Jeffrey", and she took my hand and put it down her bra.

When I didn't do anything she just looked at me blankly. So I started to squeeze over and over for about 8 seconds. "That's enough till you're older' she said. She was happy to have me around because I was obviously satisfying Eric's desires and calming him down.

I guess she considered me his boyfriend.


Plus I always acted like a gentleman around Mari. I jerked off like mad that night. And the next day when I was giving Eric his blowjob behind the boulder I paid particular attention to his sweet, soft ass.

I kneaded his buns like they were his mother's tits; it was a great turn on for me. I also remember giving Eric a lot of cum that day.

He swallowed it for me three separate times. Apparently big tits and blowjobs get me going like nothing else. That is still true. I also like a smooth hard cock gliding over my tongue and slipping deep into my mouth.

I love the taste of warm skin and the feel of it on the roof of my mouth and the pulsing spasms before it comes. Eric was fun but Nick was better.

See Part 3 coming soon. All comments welcome.