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Jamie hurry up were gonna be late!'-Sarah and Elizabeth were short with their patience. 'Do you always have to dress up so long?!'.Sarah was annoyed finally while Elizabeth was fixing up her bra in the mirror. 'Do my boobs look small Sarah?'-she asked.


Sarah rolled her eyes while giving her two pairs of socks 'Here,this will help.As always'-she said 'Im gonna be over soon Im putting my make up whats the rush!'-Jamie was yelling from the bathroom.She knew she is going to see Tim tonight.She liked him for quite a while and she was very sure he liked her.After all,he wouldnt be watching her like he did everytime they had lunch break.

'Because were going on a concert did you forget,besides why are you putting so much make up,Ive heard Tim liked natural girls,so that wont help you much'-Sarah said. This time Jamie rolled her eyes but she knew Sarah was right so she began to remove her purple lipstick,it really was too much.

'I will be out shortly,relax Sarah'-she said Looking herself in the mirror she noticed that she really looks cute although maybe too skinny,she tried to gain some weight but didnt work.'Hmmm.Well,my boobs are small but bigger than Elizabeths for sure'-she smiled while combing her blond hair.Her hair wasnt artificially blond so it had a nice honey like colour and was shoulder lenght and her eyes were so deep,and so blue that they radiated with happiness and expectation.She was wearing a black,worn out Guns n Roses t-shirt and blue washed out jeans which she decorated by using scissoirs and was content with effect she got,exactly what she wanted,aslo she decided to wear flip flops instead of sneakers.

When she got out she found Elizabeth puting socks in her bra and Sarah looked bored to death laying on the bed and listening to some music. 'Finally!'-Sarah screamed pulling her arm and draggin her out of the room.'Elizabeth,leave that bra alone already,youre killing it.'-Sarah said.

On their way out they stumbled into Jamies mother.'Girls,be back by midnight,I have already informed your mothers you will be sleeping over.Here,take some cookies so you wont be hungry there'-Jamies mother smiled warmly,holding a plate of freshly baked cookies 'No,thanx mum,we already ate,remember?'-she said 'I will take one for sure!'-Elizabeth grinned and grabbed two while passing by Jamies mum.

'Ok girls have fun,dont be late!'-Jamies mum yelled but girls were already on the porch,hurrying to get there on time. It was a nice warm night,sky was almost clear so you couldve see the stars perfectly and the moon was full so even if there was no light,you couldve seen everything almost as good as if it was day.

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Gilrs were laughing and were like all 16-year olds with no worries on their mind but only fun. Car passed by them and stopped.It was Sarahs brother,he was 21 and was already going to colledge while they were just in high school. 'Greg,bug off,we dont need a ride so dont even offer one,besides with all of your friends inside,there would be no place for us'-Sarah said angrily and kept walking.

'Who said I was going to offer you a ride,lil sis?Actually I wanted to offer it to Jamie,not you and Elizabeth.Sorry Liz'-he said with amused tone and a grin. 'Im going to tell dad about you and your friends smoking pot,I can smell it from inside of the care.Youre stoned already?'-Sarah said.

'No you wont sis.Unless you want me to tell him youre dating Eric.He wont be too happy so you better shut up.-Greg said it in a threathening tone. 'Well,have fun girls,who knows,maybe we will be there too'-he winked to Jamie and car drove off,leaving a smell of burning tires behind it.

Jamie knew Greg liked her for the past year or so but his agressive attitude wasnt so compelling,besides she knew Elizabeth was in love with him. 'Your brother is so perfect!'-said Elizabeth with dreamy look in her eyes.'Do you think he noticed me?'-she asked 'Liz the only one he likes is himself and hes not perfect,hes a jerk and he had so many girlfriends I already lost count so I seriously doubt he noticed you.Can we change the topic please I dont want to talk about that idiot anymore'-Sarah was oficially angry which was most obvious when she started to bite nails .'Hey,do you think I will see Tim tonight?I mean its gonna be so many people there,Im afraid we wont see each other'-Jamie wondered while smiling happily.

'Ofcourse you are gonna see him!Everyone knows he likes you Jamie.Even the teachers probably'-said Elizabeth and started to giggle along with Sarah. 'Dont overreact please its not funny besides only you two know it'-Jamie blushed lowering her head. They continued walking and they heard music in distance.'Great,were probably late'-thought Jamie 'Ok,you three can go in now'-said the bodyguard on the entrance. Eric,Sarahs boyfriend was waving to them and calling them to join him.'Hey,girls,join us,the more the merrier'-said Eric while pulling Sarah close to him and kissing her while his hands moved towards her ass.

'Easy,Eric,we havent seen each other in two days only'-warned him Sarah.'Besides,we can go for a ride later,too many people here watching'-said Sarah.

'Jamie,lets get something to drink and leave these love birds alone'-smiled Elizabeth. 'Okay sure Liz'-said Jamie.She was a bit worried,she hasnt seen Tim and began to wonder is everything allright with him,maybe he got ill,there was a flue in their school so she thought maybe he caught it but.He was so looking forward to it,he wouldnt miss it for any other reason.

While they were moving towards the bar Jamie noticed someone she knew.It was Tim with his friends.Jamies heart jumped a bit she was so happy.His short light brown hair was perfect as always,his brown eyes were enchanting even from so far away,he was wearing sneakers,dark blue jeans,black shirt with a Motorhead logo and a motocycle jacket since he did have a motocycle which he rode often even to school and everytime she heard it she knew she is going to see him.

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Elizabeth was ordering three Cokes and Jaimie spotted Tim walking towards them.She was so nervous that she missed the Coke Elizabeth was giving to her and it dropped on the floor so she started to collect shreds.

'Damn,Im so sorry Liz I didnt.Ouch!'.screamed Jamie.'I cut myself,Im goin to bathroom to wash it and put some paper on it.'-said Jamie.'Tell Tim I will be back shortly.

She had to fight her way thorugh the crowd,many people came to the concert of T-Rex,it was one of the most poppular rock bands in their area and they were definitelly going to get famous,their music was distinctive and different so as their styling. Toilett was crowded and her hand was bleeding pretty bad it stung a lot so she decided to look at it on the light.She washed her hand but she noticed she had a shred inside it but coudnt get it out so she borrowed tweezers from some girl to get it out properly and took a piece of paper to stop the bleeding.

On her way out someone stood infront of her.It was Greg,Sarahs brother. 'Hi Jamie.What happened,are you allright sugar'-he smiled while taking her hand in her hands. 'Do you want a ride to the hospital,maybe they should check it out,doesnt look too good to me,its still bleeding obviously'-asked Greg. 'No thanx.Im sure it will stop bleeding soon thank you Greg.How did you find me anyway?'-she wondered.

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'Well.I saw Elizabeth so I asked where is Sarah.And you ofcourse'-his smile looked devilish. 'Yes.Ofcourse she told you.Im not surprised'-said Jamie more to herself then Greg. Greg started putting his arms around her waist.'You smell lovely Jamie,I love the smell of your discreet perfume and of freshly washed laundry'-he said. 'Dont.Stop it Greg,Im not interested,Im sorry'-Jamie tried to find a nice way out of this. 'Really?Well,maybe if you gave me some time to proove you Im good and I would take care of you.Unlike Tim.What can a 17-year old offer you?-said Greg while squeezing her waist.

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'That hurts leave me alone Greg!'-she was yelling now and pushing him away.Out of the sudden she heard most beautiful sound in the world.It was Tims voice. 'I can offer her much more then you ever could have imagined Greg.Now leave her alone as she said,dont you see she obviously doesnt want you around?'-Tim was calm but his voice began to sound threathening.Greg let her go and approached Tim.

'This is not over little boy we will be seeing each other soon and you will learn how to behave'-Greg was furious and pushed Tim while walking away.

'I hope youre allright Jamie.I was looking for you,Liz told me where you are and tolf me you cut your hand so I rushed to see if youre allright'-he said looking at Jamies eyes.


'Yes.Im okay now.Thatnk you Tim.I didnt see you when I got here I though you werent gonna come'-Jamie admitted what went throught her head. 'Sorry,I had to help my mother with my brother,he has a flue.'-said Tim. 'Oh.That is nice of you but maybe we should get back,Im sure Sarah and Elizabeth might be worried.'-said Jamie while smiling softly. 'Sure,but let me grab us two Cokes since you dropped yours'-he said.

They found the rest of the company and it was great,they had fun all night listening to music while Sarah and Eric were smooching almost most of the time.

Sarah and Eric decided to go for a ride.'Jamie,Eric is gonna drop me near your house so be on the corner at midnight'-said Sarah. 'Sure,but dont be late,youre sleeping over okay?I dont want my mum to get mad because of this.'-Jamie said.


When concert was over Tim offered himself to Jamie as a companion to her house.Elizabeth was still with them but Tims friend Jake who had a thing for Liz and everyone knew it even Elizabeth knew but she was too focused on Greg,decided to go with them. As they were stepping out,they saw Greg and his friends leaned on Gregs car,smoking pot and obviously waiting for someone.Jamie knew.This means trouble,after all he did threathen Tim.

Greg started walking towards them smiling to Jamie.'Hey baby,do you ned a ride home?' 'No,Greg thank you but Tim will escort me home,I already told him he can.Im sorry,maybe next time?'-she said in hope Greg isnt going to do anything stupid. 'Come on,we are going to have so much fun,we can even go somewhere alone later,Id like that and I know you would too'.-said Greg 'Why dont you finally leave alone.Does she has to draw everything to you?She doesnt want to go anywhere with you.Ever.'-Tim was slowly annoyed with Gregs constant tries and it was obvios he was harrasing Jamie.

'How dare you?You know my father works in the police and if I do something to you,you cant prove it.Who is going to tell what happened.I wont.My friends wont,Liz wont and Jamie w.'-he was interrupted all of the sudden. 'Dont speak in my name Greg,I will tell what happened if you do something to him.Just because youre older and because we all know who your father is,doesnt give you the right to whatever you want!'-when she said that,she saw a mild shock on everyones faces.It seemed like noone expected her to stand up for Tim,usually she stayed out of this type of things but.What she started to feel for Tim,she couldt deny.It wasnt just a crush,she started to fall in love with him,somehow she knew he was the right for her.

'We will see about that Jamie.And if i was you Tim.Id be careful.Very'-Greg said and went in the car and drove away. 'Dont worry about him,he isnt going to do anything Jamie'Tim leaned and kissed Jamie for the first time.She felt like she was in heaven his soft lips searching hers and his warm breath caressing her as they were like one in that monet,it was like everything stopped and only them existed.She was happy beyond everything else she wanted to tell him she loves him but it was too soon and she wasnt sure what would he think.

They started to walk home and Tim was holding Jamies arm and it felt like at that moment he decided to stay with her forever. They met with Sarah just in time and before they went inside Tim kissed her once more tellin ther they will see each other tomorrow. They tried to enter the house quietly but Jamies dad was downstairs waiting for them 0Hi girls,just in time.Hope you had a nice time,maybe you want to go to kitchen to grab something to eat,your mother fixed you up some spaghetti in case you are all hungry'-Jamies father kissed her cheek and wished them goodnight.

They grabbed plates and ate a bit giggling all the time and after that went to sleep it was really late and they had school tomorrow. 'Yes yes yes.He kissed me finally and then we held hands all the way back to home!It was amasing!I think.No,no.I know already I love him!'-Jamie was all excited and talking about it it was like she was going through all of it again.

'I was there I saw it'-said Elizabeth 'Well.I wasnt and Id like to hear more.I was with Eric remember?'-Sarah rolled her eyes.Elizabeth wasnt exactly the smartest person around but she was almost always happy and so innoccent and pure that everything else didnt matter much. Jamie decided to wear jeans again but this ones were brand new and her mother bought it to her about a week ago,they were a bit expensive but she knew she is going to have them a long time.They were darker coulour and she decided for pink flip flops with black flower print on them along with darp purple shirt with some writing on it.

Sarah wore a light dress that was reaching her knees and was white with little dots and wore shoes with a bit of a heel so she could look a bit taller ,she was rarely complaining about her height but girls knew its bothering her because she wasnt wearing anything with heel only when she was sleeping. Elizabeth decided to wear dark green capris and white shirt and she decided to wear sneakers which fitted her perfectly because she was very tall and she always stood out if not with her height then with her weird fashion sense.She never knew how to dress but didnt want to take any advice on it so girls gave up on that.

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Dowstairs,in kitchen,Jamies mum was making waffles and making an omlet for the girls.She decorated the table with a vase that was filled with tulips and when you got closer,you could smell the scent but their purple colour was really outstanding.Each of them had their own glass.Jamies was pink with skull print,Sarahs was red with flowers and Elizabeth had a plain white one,she didnt wanna complicate and wasnt picky like the two of them so she settled with a regular one in the store.

Plates were white with little daisy's on them and the forks and knives had a plastic fluorescent red colour but were metal on the top. There was a freshly squeezed orange juice made just for them because Jamies mother thought they should be eating heathly to develop mentally and physically she said.

'So how was concert did you meet some boys maybe'-Jamies mother was teasing them while she was pouring juice in their glasses. 'Come on mother,dont ask that.'-Jamie began blushing infront of her friends who seemed amuzed by this and her being a bit embarrased. 'Ofcourse we did! Jamie has someone she likes very much'-Elizabeth said when she felt Sarah kickin her leg. 'Ouch why did you do that?!'-she asked confused.' 'I did not do a thing,what are you talking about Liz'-she replied 'Anyway,we have to get going or else we will be late.Again.As we always are.And we used every possible excuse we could think about'-said Jamie in a hurry why holding a waffle and picking up her bag.They were on their way to school and morning was beautiful,she loved summer but not when it was too warn,it was more liek something inbetween summer and spring but more summer like.

Elizabeth wanted some ice cream,so they figured why not they will each have one also. When they arrived infront of the school something was missing.It was Tims motocycle. Jamie got worried again,he promised he will greet her infront and he was never late. 'What could have happened?'-she asked herself quietly and she got the response sooner then she thought. 'Did you guys heard what happened?It so awful!!!'-Alice ran to them with the panic on her face and excitiment and Jamie knew something is very wrong.

'Calm down Alice,what happened?'-Jamie asked although she has a weird feeling something was wrong.Something with Tim. 'Its about Tim,they have found his motocycle crashed and he is in a hospital,thats so terrible,everyone is talking about it!'-said Alice and ran off saying she needs to tell everyone else about it.

Jamie stood there,in shock.She felt it,she somehow knew it,but.She was hoping she is wrong,that her feelings are deceiving her.Turns out she was right and she hated it. She heard Sarah and Elizabeth saying something to her and then she saw nothing but dark.She fainted.Next thing she know was she was layin on a doctors table and she heard her mother and doctor talking.

'.its going to be allright.She needs rest,dont let her go to school few days,rest will be good for her.' 'Jamie,honey are you allright?No,dont get up,its okay Jamie sweetie,its going to be allright,mum and dad are here,we are going to take you home.Its okay baby'-said Jamies mother as her father picked her up in his arms,carrying her to the car.Jamie fell asleep and she dreamt Tim and her having two chidren,in a white house with a white fence and they were sitting on a porch looking at their children playing while they were holding hands.She could smell the flowers and she could feel the love and harmony in her dream,it was all so perfect but she knew it was just a dream.

When she opened her eyes,she saw Sarah and Elizabeth standing there and smiling to her.'How are you feeling Jamie?We brought you your favourite chocolate'-said Elizabeth while giving Jamie her favourite nougat chocolate. 'Liz,dont bother her with chocolate,I doubt she is interested in it.'.Sarah turned her look frm Elizabeth and looked into Jamies eyes with concerned look on her face.

'Its going to be allright,trust me.Tim is.He is okay,when you get better,we can go and visit him if you wish.Tims parents sent you something.'-said Sarah while giving Jamie a teddy bear and a get well soon card. 'Okay.I.'-said Jamie but she realised she does not have the strenght to think or speak or get up or anything.She was so devastated and she wanted to be left alone. Girls,let her rest some more,you can see her later,okay?-said Jamies father while entering the room.

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'We are going to visit you later,dont worry,it will be allright.'-said Sarah and hugged her so as Elizabeth. Days went by and Jamie has lost weight,she refused to eat.It was two weeks,she didnt even attend scool and she was not even interested in her friends and refused their visits and even talking to anyone,her parents got her a psychologist,but she also refused to talk to him.

Walking,she found a bench near the local church,noone was there because it was a hot day and everyone was in the house.Sitting there,she thought how she couldnt face seeing Tim just yet,it was still too much for her and her mental state couldnt handle it because she knew she is going to collapse again if she saw him like that.

Police still havent found out what happened to Tim nd why ddi he crash that day,it remained a mystery but she knew Tim is not good because noone knew what happened so that must have meant he is for some reason unable to speak.She knew he was probably in a coma.

While sitting there,a car went by and stopped.It was Greg.'Hi Jamie are you okay?I have heard what happened to Tim and I am so sorry I know you cared about him,hes going to be allright.'-said Greg while exiting the car and finding his place on the bench beside Jamie.

'Do you wanna go for a ride with me?Everyone is worried about you and have went looking for you.Do you wanna take a ride with me I want to show you something,we will be back quickly.'-Greg promised while he held her hand and led her to a car. Jamie said nothing,she just let it happen because she was too weak and too uninterested in fighting.Nothing more make sense to her she just wanted to forgot all of this happened so she allowed Greg to take her for a ride. They were driving for at least an hour when Greg stopped the car in the middle of nowhere,in the woods and in the distance she saw an old wooden cabin,but it looked like it was still sometimes in use,and looked pretty much like someone is taking care of it occassionally.

'I just remembered,I have left something inside,will you wait or are you gonna come with me?'.Greg smiled at her. 'I didnt know you have this cabin,Sarah never told me about it.'-Jamie somehow forced herself to speak. 'This is my cabin,I bought it,was a surprise for my parents and Sarah,they always wanted to have something in the woods for vacation so I figured I coud surprise them,but Ive only bought it few days ago,so I didnt have time to tell it to them.-he said.

Stepping out of the car she realised something was wrong with his intentions,she didnt like it,her instinct told her to run off but where and if she did she was sure Greg would catch her anyway so she decided to step into the cabin. When she stepped in she was in a complete shock.There was something in the corner,something like a cage built into the cabin,it looked solid and on the bed there was a pink sheet,few pink blankets,teddy bears.Everything was pink even ballons and there was a welcome sign hanged above the bed.She heard Greg locking the door.

'Jamie,this will help you recover okay?Dont resist you are only going to make things worse,I am here to help you.When you recover I will bring you bakc,I have even left a goodybe note from you on your desk.Yes i have forged it,for your own good.Be a good girl Jamie now okay?'-said Greg with a content look on his face,he had a wild look on his face which reminded her of some kind of a predator. She began to realise he is not joking and she ran to the door crying and fighting to get it open but it wasnt worth and she felt Gregs hands holding her and then she felt him hitting her so hard her nose was bleeding.She fell on the floor crying and begging him 'Please Greg,everyone will be worried leave me alone,you cant do this.They know I would never run away and that I am not like that,please Greg leave me alone I beg you.'-she started to cry and weep 'Look what you made me do you bitch!'-Greg was furious and started to pull Jaimes hand and dragging her round the cabin.

He tossed her on the bed while ripping out her clothes and Jamie hit him and scratched his face so bad he began to bleed. 'You fucking idiot,now I have to punish you for this,youre going to realise soon enough resistance wont help you,you might as well enjoy this because I know i will'-hes said He took a rope and bound her hands on the top of the bed,the bed was partly made out of iron,just the frames,the were pink also.Also,he did the same with her feet and she remained laying naked there for the first time in her life infront of a man,she was still a virgin and never had sex,she used to think Tim is going to be her first one day.

Greg started to touch her boobs,licking them and sucking on her nipples while she begged him and screamed.He hit her again,this time harder so she stopped resisting,all she could do now is to silently beg and plead,but she know it makes no diffference and saw determination on his face and the strange look on his face.He was indeed enjoying this.He started to kiss her lower and lower and she felt his lips on her pussy.

'This smells so good.You are still a virgin arent you Jamie.This is going to be far beter then I though,do you know how hard is to find a virgin these days Jamie.I wont fuck you yet,because youre a virgin.Im going to make a special thing out of this,a gift to Him.'-Greg said just before he began to lick her.It was something so good that Jamie was actually partly enjoying it and she felt so embarrased because of it,but she couldnt resist the feeling and she came in a matter of few second.She cried afterwards because it was so wrong.Greg took his clothes off and she saw his big cock,he was horny and hard when he came closer to her he whispered in her ear 'I might not fuck you now,but you are going to suck my cock now and youre going to enjoy it Jamie,you have to get used to it,were gonna do this a lot.Be a good girl and open your mouth now.'-he commanded but Jamie refused but then she felt his hand on her jaw,opening her mouth and forcing himself in,it lasted for few minutes and she gaged on it,thinking she will throw up,and it semed like tears in her eyes were turining him on even more and in one moment she felt something odd and warm in her mouth so she realised he cummed.' Swallow it Jamie.Be a good girl.Yea,okay thats it.Good girl.'-Greg said with an obvious satisfaction on his face,content.

'Please Greg you got what you wanted,please I beg you let me go now,you wont get away with this.'-Jamie cried but was also angry and feling helpless.Soemthign she never felt before in her life. 'Oh no,Im not even close to being done with you.And I still didnt fuck you,remember?'-Greg said while getting dressed. '.I will be back soon,I dont know when,but I need to prepare some things.You on the other hand,can scream as long as you like,there isnt anyone here for miles and miles and noone is going to hear you so knock yourself out'-he grinned and gave her one last look while going out.

Jamie heard his car starting and she knew that there was no way out.She tried to scream ,she tried hitting the wooden walls but it didnt budge,it didnt do anything.Nothing she did helped.When she looked around her pink cage she saw a little fridge so she opened it.He left her food and something to drink.With stuff inside,she could last a whole week,its not like she ate much anyway,now she isnt going to eat at all she thought.

Also there was something else.A large wooden table with chairs,a small fireplace with some wood ready inside waiting to get lit,and there were candles all over the place,but in the other corner of the cabin she saw something.Something weird,looked like a poster or a star and it looked like it was hanged the wrong way,aslo inside of it there was a goat head,and on te small table beneath it there was.A human skull?

'Impossible'-she thought,'what is going on here.How did he get this.?'-she was in disbelief and she thought her eyes were decieving her. Also there was something laying there looking like a knife and a glass.More like a chalice and a black book,it was too far to read what is the book all about but she knew it has to be something bad. She lit four candles and he left her much more then that,actually a whole pack of hundred candles but four was enough to light the whole cabin.

As she sat on her bed,crying she thought about her parents,about Tim,Elizabeth and.Sarah.Does Sarah knows what is her brother like and what he did,did their parents knew what kind of a monster he is,everyone thought Greg was a good bad boy but who would say he is capable for something like this.Suddenly,she realised.He must have caused Tims accident,noone knew what happened,besides Gregs father was a sheriff so he would know how to cover it up so noone would find out.

There was no escape and now she has to take advantage of the situation the best she could,she has to figure something out but then she notice he didnt left her any knives or forks or any sharp objects so she couldnt hurt him or herself in the end.She finally fell asleep exhausted and thinking of what will happen next and she had that dream again.Of her and Tim and their children,and the house.