Slim thief angel del rey had sexual activity with lp officer

Slim thief angel del rey had sexual activity with lp officer
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Chapter 1: The first day of school is always the worst, they say. Not so much for my case. On my immediate arrival, I met: my future best friend, the student body president, the guy everyone loved being around, no matter what mood you were in.

When I walked in the doors, his friendly little teenage hand stuck itself out towards me, inviting me to grip it in favor. I hadn't really noticed he existed, being the new kid, I was extremely nervous.

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Being greeted in such a proper manner came as a shock at first, then I accepted the gesture, shaking his hand. I was staring at my feet while doing so, afterwards, I looked up and was hit with a wave of awe. His sharp, piercing blue eyes contrasted by his golden blonde hair and his solid white small teeth made him. pop out compared to other people. He was my height, maybe a half inch shorter. He was wearing a simple black t-shirt under his gray relaxed jacket that appeared to be rather dated (later revealed he held this jacket pretty closely.) His skin wasn't exactly tanning bed for 48 hours straight tan, but he wasn't paper-white.

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While I'll admit we looked a bit alike, describing our qualities makes us sound eerily different. While we both had similar haircuts (or lack-of, we both had shoulder-length hair), similar skin tone, hair color, and height, our facial features and our eye colors were completely different.

We complement each other quite nicely. I'm about 9 months older than he is, but this isn't reflected in our personas. As of writing this, I am about to turn 16, he is barely 15. We are in the same grade, this took place when we were both 14.

"Hi!" He exclaimed with a smile on his dimpled face.


"Hello." I shyly muttered. He laughed weakly and looked at me warmly. I felt kind of safe in his presence and I hoped I could feel like that all the time.

"Don't worry, first days can be mild if you tackle them with your head up. Follow me." He offered me breakfast at his expense and, nervously, I accepted.

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He purchased me a warm strawberry stroodle with white frosting, picked out an empty rounded lunchroom table, and seated me like a gentleman. He shortly followed. While I had expected him to bring me to his friends, I'd imagine it would be have been something similar to dropping a sardine into a shark tank. I figured, getting to know one of the sharks would offer me better leverage when talking to the other sharks (not saying he is mean, he is far from it.) "So, how'ya feeling?" He requested, breaking my concentrated thought.

"Fine, fine. Better now than I did before, thanks." "No issue, happy to help." He hit me with a warm, friendly smile that, as before, comforted me extremely. The way he acted was so attractive. I know I liked girls, but I had a thing for him the moment I met him.

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********** Chapter 2 After this first encounter, we began to talk more and soon I realized we had a lot of in common. I can't put my finger on it, but our personalities had a lot of similar traits, and while he didn't exactly agree, I hinted at it from time to time.

We both look at the world in a similar way, although he is a more proactive person who sets goals, while I usually go with the flow and swing with the punches. We both acknowledged our slight crushes on each other recently, and he began to blush and act shyly around me. He got jealous when I flirted with girls, and, one time, pulled me out into a private area where he began to break down into tears. He begged me not to hurt him, I'd imagine he had a bad experience involving someone using his feelings against him.

I had to assure him over and over that I wouldn't before he fully came out of his shell. We started secretly dating, but we made it look like a bromance. He pulled it off really well; doing things guys in bromances did, like seeing movies and eating lunch together. We both enjoyed each others company a lot. He loved to make me laugh, I loved to make him laugh. We got along well. The first time we had sex, I had invited him to my house for some soft alcohol. We were good students, but that didn't mean we didn't like to drink.

My parents were out on a business trip, we would be alone for as long as we'd like. I heard a knock on the door. He stood in front of me, casually dressed in loose fitting jeans, a large (bigger than he should wear) t-shirt and tennis shoes.

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He liked to dress nice, it seemed, even when dressing for comfort. I was wearing red and black pajamas as opposed to his more formal attire.

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"Hey!" He gave a big smile and a big hug, both he liked doing, especially towards me. He slipped off his shoes calmly, eyed me, and smiled again. "I'm so happy to see you, its been a week since we last spoke and all but it felt like forever." "I know what you mean." I responded, agreeing with him. He gave me a kiss on the lips, quick, fast, and calculated.

I blushed and he began to towards the stairs, I soon followed. Not before grabbing some lube, however. I was planning on seducing him but I wasn't worried about wearing a condom.

Not like i'm going to knock him up. We ventured to my room, where we sat in my bed and listened to music. We both appreciated similar taste, finding songs we both liked was not hard. Our drinks began kicking in. I noticed it first when he "accidentally" put his hand on my leg for "support." I didn't disagree, iv'e been wanting him to make a move for a while.

Soon though, I realized he was just fucking with me. He teased me past my breaking point for the next ten minutes or so until I finally gave in, grabbed both of his small hands, and pushed him down onto the bed.

He gave a small giggle and asked me what I was doing. I ran my fingers through his long hair, kissing his neck ever so slightly. I shoved my hand down his pants and underwear, where I found his average-sized cock. I rubbed it gently, not breaking my eye contact with him. His face said it all; pure cuteness. He was in absolute ecstasy. I kissed him passionately, exploring his mouth; while doing so, rubbing his cock in an ever more pleasurable manner.

'I love it when he moans in my mouth.' I thought. I stripped down and stripped him down, he was obviously blitzed. He wrapped his arms around my neck as we made out roughly. I scanned him up and down. he wasn't a beef-cake, but he was fit. Damn, does he have nice legs! He didn't have abs but he didn't need them.

His arms weren't huge, but he didn't need them to be. His personality and his charisma made up for it all. He was as adorable as expected.

"Be gentle." He said unexpectedly. I popped open the bottle of lubed and showed it to him. He wasn't as tense afterwards. "Oh, I will be." I gave a friendly smile. Reassuring him made me feel better. I lubed me and him up and slid my cock into the entrance of his ass. He moaned a little. I looked down at him, still ontop of him, missionary-style, sort of.

His eyes and mine met, and I pushed into him gently. He whimpered and held onto mewhat seemed to him, for dear life. I pushed a little more and stopped, allowing him to adjust to my member being inside of him.


He smiled, beaming up at me with his cute little face. "What are you waiting for?" He giggled a little, pulling me down to him, frenching me. I didn't need an invitation. I pushed myself into him, he screamed, clawing into my shoulders. I was scared, did I just hurt him bad?

But after a few seconds, he looked at me with an evil, naughty little grin. Acknowledging his unspoken request, I repeatedly ram my cock in and out of him with gusto. In just a few minutes, he was about to cum. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" He began to have a small spasm, and he came all over my bed. I came inside of him shortly after. Taking it out of him, I fell over, laying next to him. I pulled covers over both of us, I figured he would want to rest after being emotionally and physically exhausted.

I put my arms around his neck. "I love you." I knew I did, I had to. I was so attracted to him, I knew it wasn't lust. He was a great guy. "Oh lordI love you too." He turned to me, looked me in the eyes, and softly kissed me. We fell asleep, and slept for nearly twelve hours.