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Dicke deutsche weiber
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At 70 years old and two marriages I sometimes wonder how I made it this far. This is not about my work life nor my two marriages but rather about the ladies and the sex I've had over the years. I edited this and put E back in.makes a bit more sense?? I was 15 or so at the time and I started noticing the girl next store.she was the same age as me but had started to bud over the years with a couple nice shaped breasts and her hips had started to flare.

We would play tennis or shoot hoops in her drive way and mysteriously the ball would get stuck behind the back board and I would have to lift her up on the roof. This would let me feel her breasts on the side and the days she wore a skirt I'd get a look at her panties! That summer I was sleeping outside as usual due to the heat and myself and friends would sneak out and meet to party. One nite I was coming back through E's, the girl next doors yard and I saw that she was sleeping on the back patio.

I stopped by and said hey.she was kind of quiet and I asked what's up? She said it was her birthday and didn't get much and no one really acknowledged it. Her Mom was an alcoholic and her Dad was more into golf than the kids. I said I wish I could help but how about a birthday kiss?

She said OK but hadn't ever kissed a guy. I said I can teach you. I was pretty good at kissing.

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I gave her a light kiss and backed off. How'd you like that I asked and she said it was nice but short. I said we can practice and gave her a longer one with more lip pressure. She said that made her tingle and I asked where.she said that's private. I would later find out "private" would be a key word with her. I gave her a hug and could feel her breasts under her night gown and also could feel her nipples. I said time to go and she asked if we could practice kissing more the following night?

I told her for sure and went back to my place. The following day I told my buddies I wouldn't be out I needed to get some sleep. I saw E around sundown and told her I'd be over after her folks went to bed.

She smiled and blushed a deep red. Around 10PM her and my folks were sacked out and I wandered over. She was waiting and I noticed she was wearing a tee shirt instead of a night gown and I wondered if she had pants or panties on.She was quiet and I asked if she was upset about kissing and she said no and asked if we were BF and GF? I said sure I wasn't dating anyone at the time.

She asked if we were going to make out and I said I'd really like that! This went on for a couple weeks with the kisses changing to frenching and when it got to hot she would push me away and said her "private" feelings were getting to much and we stopped. Needless to say I would go home with a raging hardon and jack off multiple times that nite.


We didn't see each other for a couple weeks due to vacations and such. I headed over a little bit late, around midnight and she seemed really happy and kissed me with more passion than ever and hugged me tight affording me a chest rub with a pair of growing boobies. We started making out again and I slipped my hand to the side of her breast and moved to her nipple that was standing at attention at least a 1/2 inch. She moaned into my mouth and whispered we needed to be careful of getting to "personal".another key word for the future.

I gently continued to play with her tits and worked my way down her neck and sucked on her nipple through her shirt. She gasped and said way to "personal" and pushed me away.

I asked if her "private" feelings were getting to strong and she said yes I think I pee'd my pants. Being a stupid 15 year old that made no sense but I didn't push the subject and before I left she asked if I'd be back the following night.


I said this is hard on me to and she said sorry but she was scared of getting pregnant.I went home and jacked off three times that night! We shot hoops the next day and I got some really nice titty feels and also a couple upper thigh touches getting the ball off the roof! The last time I touched her thigh higher up she said this is making her wet again and she needed to go in and change her panties.

I had the felt the dampness and smelled my hand and told her it doesn't smell like pee. She said it's not it's kind of milky white and from her "private" feelings. Needless to say I was hard as a rock and she saw my hardon in my jeans and said I should go home a take care of it before I hurt myself.more jacking off that afternoon and I never got completely soft. That night when I got there she was wearing an old cut off tee shirt that just covered her breasts and I could see her nipples standing out!

We started making out again and I slowly slipped my hand under her top and was caressing the curve of her breasts, areolas and nipples. She was panting amd whispering "Oh My" over and over again. I asked if she was OK and she said you wouldn't believe how wet my panties are and I asked if I could feel. She said only on the outside and I slipped my hand down the outside and felt the curve of her pussy lips and a bump in the middle which a buddy had told me was her clit!

Again "Oh My" and she clamped her legs together and had her first orgasm of many to come. I continued to rub her pussy lips and found when I pulled on her clit she got really excited and wet. I could feel the hair around the entrance of her pussy and it was soaked through her panties. Again I wanted more and slipped my hand down the inside of her panties and found the inside of her pussy and it was on fire with heat and soaking wet with her juices.

I was in heaven and she orgasm'd again. She said stop.way to personal and didn't want to get pregnant! Fast forward 48 years and I'm in a hotel headed to a funeral for my 99 year old Aunt and I'm waiting to see E for the first time after all these years! I had no plan of us doing anything other than talking tonight.Hah! She walked in the door, we kissed and hugged. I led her over to the bed and we stretched out and started making out like we left off when she pulled my hand from her panties.

She said she had been hesitant in showing up and almost didn't bring her bag up.I slipped my hand under her blouse and found those perky breasts and nipples and guess what? "Oh My" and she started undressing and lay back on the bed with her legs open.I undressed at light speed and told her I needed to check her "private" feelings. Remember my buddy that told me about a womans clit? he also told me if you want the lady to love you always eat her pussy! I commenced to do that and the "Oh My's" came out one after another.

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After 3 orgasms where she held me into her pussy with her hands and legs she pushed me away and said though she had only sucked a guy a couple times she wanted to suck me.I finally got my dick into her pussy a couple times that night and she was better in bed than I thought!

We continued to meet over a period of time but drifted apart after she started to pressure me into committing to something in the future. My current marriage was winding down due to my wife turning into a closet lesbian alcoholic.short version while I was in South America working she had been at a sports bar, got drunk and started hitting on a friend, V but maybe more about V later.I filed for divorce New Years Eve while she was away with all her drunk friends at the dunes.

I've been riding Harley's for years and continued doing so through two marriages. I had joined a couple biker sites and found more than few ladies looking for companionship.The state of AZ requires a 90 day period before a divorce is final and though the soon to be X was throwing herself at me and being a "closet lesbian" didn't bother me, her drinking had turned into the biggest turn off and I'm not a tee totaler but I digress.

One morning I received a message on one of the biker sites from a lady in CA asking if I wanted to have an affair.she was in an open marriage and sent me some very sexy pictures of her DD breasts and wet pussy! I was in SE CA every week and she looked like she would be an interesting lay with no complications like E.

Over the next couple weeks we texted and talked on the phone while she would be masturbating and me joining in.I arranged a trip to LA and told her to meet me in Palm Springs.Needless to say the drive from SE AZ to Socal was a long one but I finished with company business at light speed and was on the road to the Springs by 2PM.

D called me on the way and said we could meet at the Motel 6 by her place.arrived there about 6 and called her to come over and 10 minutes later she walks in, quick kiss Hi and she starts undressing.wow what a set of tits and trimmed pussy hair.

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I like pussy hair and laid her back on the bed.we were making out and touching all over.well not quite.she said right off no anal and she wasn't into ladies!! I commenced to start eating her and she had a good size clit and chubby pussy that got wetter and I licked.when I clamped down on her clit she came really hard washing over my tongue and down her pussy to the bed.she pushed me away and said her turn.she was very educated in giving head and swallowed me to my balls and was squeezing them like she wanted to take them home.I told her if she didn't want a mouth full she should jack me off.she nodded her head and took it in her mouth and swallowed the load.she said she didn't want to get pregnant and asked if I brought any rubbers??

I just smiled and said I had a vasectomy in 92 and was shooting blanks.we laid around for a bit and I suggested a shower.she was all for that and remember Motel 6 has kinda small showers.I jumped in and started soaping up.she stepped in and took the soap and started washing my cock and I asked if she was getting me ready for round two?? She handed me the soap and continued jacking me and said she wanted to cum many times tonight.

I started to wash her tits and when I started on her nipples that were an inch long and hard as nails she started moaning that it felt really good and her pussy was getting wet again.

I soaped her front up good down to her pussy and started on her back delving down to her ass crack.she continued moaning about how good it felt when I rubbed her clit and I stuck two fingers in her pussy and started rubbing her G spot and my other hand slipped between her ass cheeks and massaging her sphincter lightly.she was swallowing my tongue and rubbing her nipples pulling and pinching them.her legs started to shake and she grunted that everything I was doing was making her cum so hard and she wanted to pee now.I told her I wanted to have my cock in her pussy when she pee'd but to late and she let go a stream so hard it almost blasted my fingers out of her pussy.

She came so hard and clamped down on my fingers and her sphincter was moving in and out so much it felt like she was trying to suck my finger in.I asked if everything I did was OK and she said what I did to her ass was OK but no penetration.we finished up showering after washing each others hair and I also did her feet which she said if I kept that up she might be talked into a bit more anal.

She said she had never cum so hard as to make her pee and said we need rubber sheets to do that in the future. I told her to get dressed and we'd go out to eat.she acted surprised and I told her if we are going to do this later I needed food!

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She said she had a dress in her bag and I said commando so I could keep her entertained while we were out. She also left her bra off and her nipples were still erect which made for a nice view.

We went to Outback and she sat next to me in the booth. I know the waitress got an eyeful of her pussy and smiled when she saw D come on my fingers twice while we were there.

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She brought the bill while D was licking my fingers off and I told her we had a wet spill on the cushion. She said she could smell the pleasure and would gladly clean it up.we headed back to the motel and fucked our brains out until 3 AM and she had to head home to get her kids ready for school.more on D later.BTW D was 42 and I was 66 at that time.

I continued to ply the biker sites and the X asked if she could rent a room after the divorce was final and I said OK but when I wanted to have a lady over she needed to be gone.I told her flat out she was not to try and contact any ladies I was seeing.I know she tried getting into my computer.V had told me. I got another hit from a lady that lived 60 miles north and she said she wanted a ride on my bike.

I told her dinner first and then we'd go for a ride if we clicked. She was S and 58 years old at the time. We met at a truck stop for dinner and chatted quite a while.

I couldn't believe how much she looked like Ann Margret.we were walking out and stopped at my bike and I had parked next to her car. I put my arm around her and kissed her lightly on the lips. wow what a response and she swallowed my tongue and started moaning.I thought what the hell and ran my hand under her blouse to find no bra and maybe B cup titties with prominent nipples. I felt both her tits a while and moved my hand down to her pussy where I found a Mons veneris that was very puffy feeling and warm!

I asked if she wanted to rent a room across the street and she said not on the first date. We kissed a couple more times and I said I needed to go as the ride home on my bike was going to be cold with all the pre cum I made while making out.

I received 4 texts and a long email when I got home and she was apologizing for leaving me with a case of the blue balls and wanted to see me the next day. After a long day at work I headed out on the bike back north. I stopped at a flower shop and bought a rose at a florist next to her work.

I went in and asked the receptionist if I could see S? Boy I never felt like I was being undressed with three sets of eyes walking through the office! and when I got to her desk she grabbed me and put a lip lock on me and pressed her body to mine while the three sets of eyes were still undressing me.she introduced me all around and I felt a bit better as I'd jump on three sets of those eyes given the chance.someday??

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I told her we were leaving on my bike and she whispered in my ear she had not worn any panties that day.she tells me this while pressed full body against me and I could feel her mons through the dress.talk about leaking precum again and I hoped my pants didn't show a wet spot from her mons pressing on my dick!

we parted while she got her stuff together and I glanced down at my crotch and when I looked up fours sets of eyes looked up and smiled. I had a good spot on my jeans and thought oh well. We headed out to the bike and I told her to get on after me which she did and I got an eyefull of red haired pussy as she pulled her dress up to get behind me.

I told her I wanted to feel tits and thighs while riding. She never let go and was nuzzling my ear and rubbing her body as much as was legal.We went to a dimly lit biker bar about 20 miles away. It was hard to concentrate with her moving around and when we got to the bar she was straddling me with her pussy rubbing on my leg and crotch while drinking a couple beers.

We left and headed to her place and I damn near stopped a couple times to fuck her on the side of the road. This area was patrolled heavily by LEO's so I thought better it. when we got to her place she introduced me to her dog and I suggested he stay outside for a while.she just smiled and started to undress in the living room and this was quick as still no panties or bra.

I laid her back on the couch and went to town on her juicy red haired pussy. Her clit was hiding under her large hood and her lips looked like flower petals.It didn't take much licking and sucking for her clit to come out and she orgasm'd quick with a shriek that got the dog barking outside.

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She pushed me away and walked naked over to the door and yelled at the dog.nice view coming and going and I marveled at her mons as it was protruding enough to have it's own little pad which I loved to rub. She grabbed my hand and took me into the bedroom which was a mess.organization didn't seem to be a priority and I just shrugged my shoulders.we laid on the bed necking for a while and I explored her tits, stomach and pussy area extensively with my hands.I asked her if she liked to 69 and she pushed me back and mounted me with her pussy over my face.I swear her mons and pussy lips had grown twice as big!

She commenced to sucking on my cock like she was a pro and I ate her some more. Her pussy was dripping come in my face and I loved it.I licked her from her ass to the her clit which was sticking out from her hood. I was close to cumming and pulled my cock away so I would last and she turned around and grabbed me and stuffed it in her pussy.talk about a hot box and though she wasn't real tight her muscle control was fantastic! She rode me hard and slammed her mons down hard enough to hurt a bit.why she didn't bruise it is beyond me.She started making a humming sound and grunted every down stroke when the tip of my cock hit her cervix.

she started to cum and stopped moving up and down.she just ground her mon's into my pelvic bone and I felt the tip of my cock enter her cervix and she came and came and came while grunting like a animal and I felt a gush of pussy juice run down the crack of my ass onto the bed sheet!

I had never felt a woman's cervix open like that before and I'm not that well hung, 6+ and 2+ but the fit was right.I finally let go and filled her pussy and I'm sure a good amount went in her uterus.good thing I was cut or she would have been pregnant as she said she was in her cycle.

I asked if she hadn't started her pause and she said she thought it would start soon as she hardly had any bleeding or cramps.I rolled over and there was a spot on the sheet at least a foot wide and she headed to the bathroom to pee and clean up. her pussy hair was all matted and cum dripping down her legs. Hopefully you'll like my stories which are mostly true and I might continue the sage with more S and other ladies like another V, C and D again.