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Divine nymph Tara Lynn Holmes enjoys hardcore
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"Move that fat, pale ass down there, she-devil!" The words rang out from behind Margo, filled with irony, as it seemed as if she was descending into hell.

She stood at the top of the basement staircase, glancing fearfully into a dark abyss. The angry suited thug stood just behind her out of sight, shoes drenched in vomit and a heart drenched with hate. "Listen. I am so sorry about your dress shoes" she whimpered meekly. "I will buy new ones. I will clean them. I'll lick them clean if you want!" Margo couldn't believe what she just offered, but she truly was terrified of the abyss. She didn't know what waited below, but she knew it could only be worse than what she had endured before.

If fiction had taught her anything, basements were cold and poorly lit, and buried far enough below ground to bury every scream and shriek from earshot.

"Yeah, you will lick them clean, honkey," the livid assailant sneered. "As soon as you get your cave bitch ass downstairs." Behind her Mar could hear one of the other thugs laughs at these comments. The other four had all remained seating, returning to the television and weed on the table.

If the suited man was going to kill her, none of them seemed too bothered by it. The lack of humanity offered by her captors truly horrified Margo. "Don't take out too much anger just yet," D'Marcus lectured like a nosey teacher. "None of us has even had a chance to try her ass out yet. Leave her breathing enough for that." Those words alone were enough reason to faint, but instead Mar started the slow death march down stairs and her heart pounded wildly.

The throbbing was only matched by the one in her pussy at the moment. D'Marcus had ridden her roughly and all the thugs utilized her ass as a punching bag. The little blue, present bow g-string was on, but pulled completely to the side from the rape, leaving Mar's entire ass visible. With nearly each trembling footstep she felt some semen slide around or drip to the stairs below. Something as simple as traveling down a flight of stairs had now been turned into a grueling, slow process.

Each awful detail stood out. She had only taken three uncoordinated steps when the squeaky, old door closed at the top and trapped her in the hell below. She was only six steps down when the awful odors of urine and wet dog hair reached her nose. And Mar was only half way down the staircase when her tormentor, tired of her slow speed or just enjoying her torture, decide to shove her. With a mouse-like squeak, Margo flipped forward and began to tumble down the staircase at full speed.

Her exposed, pale skin slid and cut against the rough wood stairs. The young coed tried desperately to grab onto the half-broken railing or even the wall to slow her descent, but couldn't find a grip. After the third full flip she finally reached the ground below, but it wasn't a graceful landing in the slightest.

The back of her head, and already abused ass, slammed into the unforgiving concrete wall as her right ankle filled with a burning sensation. The weak, wooden dam inside her shattered once more and Mar began to scream and sob at the bottom of the stairs. "Quit lying around and get that fat ass up," the suited man barked as he straddled over her, his hand reaching out to slap her face and ass. "I can't,"she shrieked up at him.

"I think I broke my ankle." The suited man shook his head in disbelief, a small smile forming from something very comical beyond on the assaulted girl's understanding at the moment. "Then crawl like the white bitch you are," he ordered without compassion or understanding. She struggled to pull her body up,more tired than at the end of any swim meet or volleyball game.


Even to rise on all fours, which she was sure was a pleasing sight to the brute, took all the remaining energy she had stored up.

Her scraped knees and bleeding elbows ached against the filthy dirt floor. Completely robbed of her dignity, Margo crawled like a dog towards the main area of the basement. Her eyes quickly darted around, desperate to remove her fear of the unknown with a full understanding of the new predicaments she had descended into.

Very quickly it had become evident where the smells were coming from; in eight undersized pet carriers sat some of the meanest, malnourished, lunatic dogs she had ever seen.

Their furs were a mess, covered with bite marks and dried blood, and each snarled at the new girl. Mar would have felt great pity for these abused creatures if her mind was not preoccupied with fear that her fate waited in one of their jaws. Further in the basement was a long wooden table set up with all kinds of powders and chemicals.

Clearly where the gang made their supply of drugs. Parallel to it was another work table decorated with a sea of different guns and ammunition.


Margo's heart raced faster again, the fear of the single handgun up stairs having been multiplied. On the opposite side of the room sat a solitary chair under a low hanging light bulb, an image that instantly conjured up memories of spy films and dime novels.

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Adjacent to it was a large, uneven pit dug into the basement ground. Margo desperately tried to convince herself that this was where they fought the dogs and not where they buried people when a strong, ebony hand grabbed the top of her head. "Stand up you spoiled, cock-sucking, white princess" the man coldly instructed as he yanked on her auburn hair. She staggered to her feet with a hand raised to her head, desperate to relieve the pain of his hair-pulling and to shield her face from any blows.

They had only made it as far. His pants were already pressed against her full behind, sandwiching her between the edge of the work table. Margo knew she had to speak now, desperate to please the gangbanger.

"Sir, I swear to god I am so sorry about-" Without the slightest warning he slammed her head down on the table. The fall from the stairs had already given her a nasty headache and this unexpected violence only amplified it. Mar was now bent over the table, her bruised arms awkwardly spread across it and her bountiful breasts bunched up beneath her face.

"Jiggle those fat, sun-deprived, honkey ass cheeks for me," he commanded in that remorseless voice that terrified her. Instantly, Margo did as commanded and began to shimmy her behind. The thug's cock quickly hardening within his pants, the bulging python pressing against the softness of her flesh. He took a step back for a second and with a head tilt just seemed to inspect her movement.

Margo didn't know what he was after, if this was another twisted little game he was making her play. She didn't dare stop though. His form of punishment had already proven to be too harsh, so she continued to wiggle and clap her ass cheeks for him. She wouldn't dare turn around, but through the corner of her eyes she tried to study the man.

His stance and facial expressions had softened somewhat, but the difference was between that of steel and silver. No real softness there. The co-ed didn't expect any mercy after all that she endured earlier.

"I can't believe I'm gonna say this," the man lowly murmured.

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"But your ass is the god damn nicest one I've ever seen. I could watch that thing jiggle all day." Margo began to worry whether all the attention to her backside was getting her out of or into more trouble, but she wasn't about to stop the one thing that was even remotely calming the street-hardened killer out of view.

The shaking and bouncing only began to cease when she heard his foot steps walk away towards the table with the guns. It completely halted when she heard his hands fiddling and fumbling with a weapon, and it picked up full steam again as he loaded a clip and started to approach her again. "Bet your white ass ain't never even seen a gun before today," the man taunted as he shoved his crotch back up against her. "You wanna get a real nice look at it?" Margo would have tossed up her lunch at the line if she hadn't already.

Through tightly closed eyes she slammed her ass back into his pants and grinned wildly. "The only gun I need is your thick, black cock," she lied in the most seductive voice one can muster up in a life threatening situation. The thug almost purred as she brushed against his cock, but he didn't remove the pistol.

He still held it in his gloved left hand. "Gurl, I think there is room for both in your life," he commented while tracing lines up her back with the edge of the pistol. Every spot the pistol head touched felt like a hundred ice cubes.

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The cold, steel weapon sent shivers down Margo's spine. This did not go unnoticed by the thug who, smiling, slid the gun down to Margo's right ass cheek. Her legs began to buckle and shake with fear. "Look at you move now. That is one way to get white bitches to dance," he remarked while observing her trembling ass. "Please put the gun down sir," escaped from Margo's lips, her words trembling as much as her body. "I will do anything you say." "Yeah right.

You look like one of those stuck-up, rich white bitches who won't even take it up the ass," he scoffed. The cruel man was partially right. She flat out refused to do it before and was frankly appalled that she even had to inform every single one of her boyfriends that. Every one of them pleaded and tried to buy into her favor thinking flowers or perfume could make it negotiable. It never was negotiable then and, ironically, it wasn't negotiable now either. "Of course I would. I love it," she blabbered while moving both hands back to spread her ass cheeks for the thug.

Even her gentle finger's touch hurt her now sensitive and red pussy. Margo could only imagine how beat up and ravaged it looked, but unfortunately her untouched asshole sat above invitingly for her rapist. "Do you have lube or should I spit-" Margo never got out another word before her tormentor's black spear rammed into her ass. No warning or preparation. The man just stabbed at it, like a knife going into a rival gang member.

That was the only basic, but true, word for it. He might as well have stabbed her insides with a knife. The sentence she was speaking quickly broke down into a shriek followed by a series of short sobs. "OH GAWD! PLEASE NO! WAIT.

JUST WAIT," she screamed as the man's cock thrust in and out. It was not even close to fully inside her, perhaps taking just a little of the shaft beyond the head, but the thug was trying to get more in with each, thoughtless shove.

"Bitch, shut the fuck up," he barked with a firm ass slap. "Your voice is so fuckin' annoying." Margo bit her lip to try and keep quiet, but it wasn't working, each thrust of his cock caused a gasp or sob to escape.

Her back was stiff as a board from the assault and her hips writhed in agony, trying to escape the burning sensation. Her breasts were also being scraped and pulled across the dirty wooden table, causing pain not unlike that of a bad sunburn.

The thug, on the other hand, was having the time of his life. He breathed heavily and Margo could see him grin over her shoulder. She could also see the gun in his left hand swaying with each thrust. "Cracker. Honkey. Stuck-up slut," spat the rapist. "You deserved a good ass-fuck. Put your chubby behind in its proper place." Margo just stood there bent over and sobbing as he assaulted her. The attack had forced her up on her toes with each jab, causing more pain for her wounded ankle.

It burned with each movement, but not as badly as her orifice. She felt like her insides were being pricked with needles, but it wasn't just the tip of the cock as she would have imagined.

Rather, she could feel every inch of the shaft. Every little bump and imperfection could be felt as it pumped in and out. She began to understand this man's shaft more than he did and it was a terrible comprehension she'd never understand. The sound of his balls slapping against her legs rang out in the dark basement along with her sobs and shrieks.

This continuous sick symphony was only occasionally interrupted by the bark of one of the caged animals. "You hear them dogs growling"? the rapist whispered as his free hand yanked her fiery hair back. "I'm going to let them fuck you with their sharp little pricks after I finish up." "Please, don't leave me with the dogs," Margo pleaded.

"I'm scared of them, sir." The man laughed and slide his hands down to grope her tits some more. "Liar. I bet you'd rather fuck them than me you little racist cumdumpster." "No. I swear, I love your cock," she wailed in agony as her ass got pounded roughly. The man scoffed at her latest lie and then Margo felt something cold and metallic against the back of her head. The gun. Suddenly every inch of her body tensed up in a type of fatalistic fear she had never felt before. The tightening of her sphincter was extremely pleasurable, for the thug at least, who let out a huge moan of pleasure.

"God damn, that feels so fucking good," the man growled as he pushed the gun against her skull. "Is this what I have to do to get a good fuck out of you"? She wanted to answer no, but was too frozen with fear to make any sound but a low, pathetic whimpering. Until she heard the hammer click back on the gun at least. When that terrifying sound echoed through the dirty cellar the only thing moving faster than her mouth was her ass.

"Fuck this giant white ass," she shrieked while driving her back into his crotch as hard as she could. "Put this worthless, ginger, cave bitch, fuck toy in her proper place." The thug gave her a approving slap on the right side and squeezed the cheek afterwards. He didn't remove the gun from her head however. "I'm starting to like your lingo," he mockingly complimented as his free hand rose to slide down the suit jacket, giving him a better view of the expensive gold watch."Tell you what bitch, you got one minute for me to either bust a nut or a cap, what's it gon' be"?

Margo's whole body shifted into focus and the adrenaline flowing through her towered over anything she had experienced before.

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Her individualism disappeared. Her interests, goals, and feelings were all moot. Even more physical attributes such as her fiery hair, pretty doe eyes, or button nose were now obsolete in the grand scheme of things. For all intents and purposes she was just a round, pale ass at this point.

A big, thick ass that had saved itself so far and needed to do better than ever to stay alive. "Yes sir," she shrieked while continuing to assault his crotch with slam after slam. "Give me that big black cock! My worthless, snooty, pale asshole deserves to be punished." She rocked her body back and forth with all the strength she could muster. No workout had ever even come close to punishing her like this. Every gesture became over-animated and filled with emotion.

Every inch of Margo's curvaceous, ravished young body was now drenched in sweat and her heart was beating so fast she thought she could hear it thudding against the table. Still, the coed only noticed these things under the surface. She was locked in on a goal and nothing was going to stop that.

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Soon the suited assailant was no longer even the aggressor in the situation, sitting back and allowing his captive to do all the work. Only moments earlier Margo pleaded and screamed for the anal assault to end and now, thanks to the gun, she willingly leapt towards it. The desire to stay alive making her repeatedly impale her innards on a long, black shaft. "I love watching the fat in those cheeks jiggle as you fuck for your life," the rapist nonchalantly commented while grinding the barrel of the gun against her skull.

"Forty five seconds." The speed of her fucking nearly doubled with the small comment from the time keeper. Margo's sweat-soaked ass cheeks clapped and jiggled and the moist sound of his balls brushing against her filled the tiny basement. "Do you like how this fat, white ass jiggles," she asked in the most seductive voice one can make with possibly only 45 seconds of life remaining. "You haven't seen anything yet." Mar squeezed as hard as she could, wrapping her orifice around his phallus, and began to hop around.

The cellulite of her cheeks and thighs bounced pleasurably around his member. She couldn't help, but see the irony. The very flaws in her figure, the ones she toiled hours in the gym to remove, where now her only tools towards survival. The thug soon let out a long and pleasurable moan, leaning back so gravity would pull her further down on him. "Shit, could it really be that a white bitch is the best fuck I ever had," he pondered as the free hand went to wipe sweat from his brow.

This temporarily filled Margo with a sense of hope, but the hand quickly smacked her abused, glowing red orbs.

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"Hurry up honkey, you got 25 seconds," he remarked through a pant. Margo never believed the old cliché of one's life flashing before their eyes, but she now experienced it. Only, it wasn't linear or sensible as the movies would make you believe.

Rather, various images, smells, and memories from her past all came exploding out at once. Not necessarily important memories, but memories all the same. She remembered goofing around on the bus, getting mad at her sister for taking her clothes, and dreading math tests. She remembered first dates and breakups, graduating high school and joining her sorority. Even the scents from the former houses she lived in and games played on the school yard, ancient memories thought gone forever, were suddenly real again.

A lifetime exploded around her as Mar's once-virginal ass was split in two. "Ten seconds. Now or never," barked the man and she was suddenly awoken from this fantasy. She was more awake than ever before in her life. Her body shook and writhed like never before, not so much by her own doing, but rather by the fear that now rushed through her. Any emotion or courage Margo had previously built up had been shattered. Pitiful sobbing escaped her lungs as tears poured down her face.

Still, she never even dared to stop fucking back on her tormentor's cock. "DON'T KILL ME! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! I WANT TO LIVE! I WANT MY DADDY," she let out in blood-curdling shrieks as she pushed her whole body back and forth, writhing on the large black cock. One hand even desperately swung around, blindly reaching for testicles to massage.

By some miracle, she felt the cock vibrate and soon a disgusting, creamy load was shot up through her intestines. It was absolutely disgusting, mortifying, and soul-crushing. It was also the most wonderful feeling in the world. The gun against her head slipped away and the weight of the world lifted off her shoulders. Through the corner of her eyes she could see a look of approval on the thug's face as he struggled to catch his breath. "Damn, that was a good fuck," he commented between big gasps of air.

"I'm thinking we might be able to keep you around after all." He slowly pulled his softening cock out of her and a second relief, much more physical than emotional, was felt. "Suck me clean, snow bunny," he ordered. Despite absolute exhaustion and an injured ankle, Mar somehow made it to her knees. Staring up at his penis, covered in sweat and filth, she slowly began to lick the tip.

The taste was horrific, but nothing in this house hadn't been so far. The violent animal patted her on the head. "Clean my dick off nice and good and then I'll show you your new home." Mar took a long lick down the side of the shaft, her mind filled with fear, wondering if she would ever escape from this hell.