Natürliche Schönheit 1095

Natürliche Schönheit 1095
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My Sexy New Spaceship It had taken me years, but I finally had my own space pod. I bought it free and clear, complete with an android crew, and I never had to go back to Earth again if I didn't want to. It was brand new and unused. The gravitational systems, navigation, communications, light engines, and even a few things I had yet to check out were all tested and guaranteed to work or I get my credits back.

At less than 2 million credits, this mansion of a starship was a steal. It was looking like 3257 was really going to be my year. "It's good doing business with you, Mr. Jackson.

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Enjoy your ship. Take as much time as you need to get her out of the shipyard." As I walked across the landing that connected my cargo hold to this salesman's office, I was nearly brought to tears.

It was finally mine. All that work wasn't for nothing.

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I could retire in peace and comfort. It was strange seeing how many ships were not just larger than mine, but could easily dwarf my little mansion without noticing.

The bridge was surrounded by a glass cylinder that protected me from the vacuum of space as I walked the length of two football fields to reach my new baby. "Finally, you're all mine my darling. And what shall I call you?" I said to myself as I stepped off the landing and into my very shiny and clean but very empty cargo hold.

My words echoed off walls so distant I could barely see what color they were from where I stood. The light above my head didn't extend that far. "Actually, she's known as the Buena Vista if you ask the ship company." I turned so quickly I almost hurt my neck.

Right there before me was a man of about 5'8" and maybe 160 lbs. wearing a butler's uniform.

On my new ship. "What? Who are you?

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How did you get on my ship?" "Oh, my deepest apologies, Master. I am the Alfred b761 model butler droid. Like the ship, I can very easily be renamed according to your specifications." "Y-you're an. android? You do NOT look like an android." "Well, thank you, sir. Neither does the rest of the crew. Only state of the art equipment aboard the Buena Vista. or whatever you choose to call her. Shall I escort you to the turbocar sir?

I presume you're anxious to see your new bridge." "I am anxious to see the bridge, but what's a turbocar?" "Please Master, allow me to show you." I followed him in a straight line toward a yellow encasement built into the wall. As we got closer I could see it was a pair of sliding doors. Alfred pressed a button on the side of the doors to reveal what looked to me like a roller coaster car, except that it was enclosed in a railway system.

The bucket seats were in two rows of three with large, uncomfortable looking harnesses. "If you please, sir," he said, waving me in. "Okay, but uh. What is it?" "Why it's the turbocar, sir. It's sort of like an elevator except it has seats, it's faster, and it does a lot more than just go up and down.

I've set it to take you directly to the bridge." I got in and sat down. "How do I work the seatbelt?" "Oh, don't worry about that, sir.

Just keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times. The turbocar will do the rest." With that he pressed the button on the side of the doors, and they slid closed. A computer voice said, "Please stay in your seat while the safety harness is lowering into position." I looked up and saw the harness coming down and my heart skipped a beat.

It only took a few seconds but I was eager with anticipation. As soon as it made a sound like it had locked into place, the car began to move. The acceleration was a complete shock because it happened so quickly. Before I knew it I felt like I was flying and the car was humming louder and louder as it transported me through a long cylinder of white lights.

After only a moment of travel the lights began to slow down, and I could feel the car coming to a stop. Fortunately the landing was much smoother than the take off. The car slowed to a stop and the doors opened right on cue. I stepped out of the turbocar and into a room the size of an apartment building.

I was on the uppermost of three floors, all of which surrounded a gigantic monitor at the center of the room's half circle shape. Most mysterious of all was the fact that I was surrounded by androids. Very busy androids. Not one of them actually looked like an android.

If I didn't know better, I would have thought they were all Human. All the androids were slender and they all wore the same black and white uniforms, but that was about all they had in common. They came in many different skin tones and hair colors, and different heights and weights. Some of them were made with machines protruding from their bodies, as if they were built to perform different functions.

Suddenly one of them yelled, "Captain on the bridge!" and all of them stood at attention simultaneously. I liked that! "All right. Let's see what this baby can do. Where's the captain's chair?" "Primary level, central position directly across from the monitor.

If you step to the edge of this level, you can look down on your chair from here." After thanking this android for his help, I looked over and noticed it was the butler! "Alfred. How'd you get here so fast?" "I am another copy of the same model, in direct contact with the other two on the ship." "There are three of you?" "Yes sir," he said bowing before me with a smile. I remember being a bit mystified by this smile.

His programming was more Human than any android I'd ever seen. He looked, sounded and acted so Human that I felt the need to constantly remind myself that he was built in a factory. I saw a lift nearby and, though I was certain it would take me to the "primary" bridge level, I chose to descend the staircase that circled around to the second level, and the corresponding staircase that led to the lower level.

The captain's chair was on a raised dais, flanked on either side by two smaller chairs for other personnel. There were androids at stations behind and in front of these five central chairs, but the chairs themselves remained empty. I stepped up the dais and took my place in "the chair." It was very comfortable.

All the controls were easy to read and worked by systems I already understood. Though I'd never flown a spacepod, I instantaneously understood what needed to be done to take control of it. With a broad smile across my face, I made a ship wide announcement. "Attention, crew. This is your captain speaking." I stopped to relish that moment. I'd always wanted to say that. "I need to know what more is needed to leave the shipyard.

All departments report." One by one, all the department heads chimed in. "Propulsion here. All systems are go. Standing by for orders." "Medical bay reporting on standby." "Life support systems ready." "Astrometrics ready, sir." "Gravity and inertial dampening systems showing ready." "Weapons and shields are go, sir. Standing by." "Weapons and shields?" I asked, looking incredulously at the butler. "This ship is supposed to be the equivalent of a mobile home in space.

Exactly what kind of weapons do we have here?" "Port and starboard arrays of fifty caliber rifles, four along each side sir," came my answer over the personal intercom next to my chair, "as well as port and starboard cannons, one on each side, and a 12 gigawatt offensive laser system." "Well," I said, trying to contain my shock.

"Let's hope we never have to use them.

Auf dem gynäkologenstuhl

Since all systems are ready, notify the sales office that we're ready to go, and release the docking clamps. Engage tertiary thrusters at 10% and adjust speed accordingly. Helm?" "Captain?" "Take us out. It'll be nice to see the stars again." The entire ship buckled slightly as the docking clamps were removed, and the ship was essentially floating in space. I could hear in the background a young woman's voice saying, "Yes, sir. The captain says he's ready to go.

The docking clamps have just been released. Permission to leave the shipyard." I couldn't hear the response, but it must have been positive because the helmsman turned the ship toward the exit doors. Despite the immense size of my spacepod, coming out of the shipyard doors was still similar to watching a marble go through a basketball hoop.

The light cast on us from within the shipyard shined on the back of our ship as we moved into the relative darkness of space. "Captain," called a female android from behind me.

"Would you like to use the monitor?" "Brilliant. Yes. No magnification. I want it to remind me of an ordinary windshield." "Yes, sir." Two seconds later I could see the enormous doors opening as we slowly moved into the darkness. The monitor, easily the height of three average men, had all sorts of information that I didn't fully understand displayed on the screen over the image of where we were going. The intercom became very chatty, with people sharing information across the ship.

I listened closely for a moment. "Docking clamps retracting." "Tertiary thrusters holding at 10.3%" "Approaching position 71." "Clearing shipyard structure in 21 seconds. Holding steady." I had no idea what they were talking about for the most part, but that was the beauty of this system. According to the salesman, I didn't have to.

"The ship just about runs itself," he declared. From where I sat, those words rang true. We cleared the shipyard without a hitch. The butler asked, "So.

Where would you like to go first, captain?" "Right now I just want to find a nice quiet place to rest so I can take a tour of my ship. Any recommendations?" "Yes, sir.

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I would recommend taking up an orbit around Mars. With the light engines we can be there in about nine minutes. There are less than a thousand ships in orbit around Mars right now, and the colony there has no laws against simply sitting in orbit. You could take hours or even days to tour the ship, and no one would mind." "To Mars, then!

I've always wondered what it looked like up close. Helmsman?" "Already plotting a course, captain." "Who controls the monitor screen?" "I do," answered the same female voice who offered the monitor in the first place. "The monitor is considered a part of the weapons and shielding systems." "What is your name?" I asked, forgetting for a moment how that worked.

"You have yet to name me, sir. I am an Arianna android model 21X 3.7. I hope you won't be calling me Arianna. I hate that name." I turned slowly to look at her. "You can. hate things?" "My visage and personality are based on a real Human female from Earth's history named Arianna." I looked at her and shook my head with a smile. "I thought the biggest drawback to having a ship this size to myself would be the loneliness, but I have yet to experience even that!" "Your spacepod has many wonders, Master.

Will you be exploring the ship yourself, or would you like a guided tour?" "I'll take the guided tour as soon as we get to Mars if you can promise not to leave out too many details." There were 20 "decks" on the ship, and each deck had varying numbers of "floors." Such terms were changing definitions in my mind as I learned more about the operations of the ship.

I asked for details, and that's precisely what Alfred gave me. After touring the ship for nearly four hours, I just had to stop. Alfred had no need to eat but I was famished, not to mention tired from all that walking. It turns out the turbocar was great for getting from one part of the ship to another, but horrible for touring. I ate, rested a bit, changed into a different pair of sneakers, and resumed the tour.

By midnight that night I was just too tired to continue. When the butler said "hours or even days to tour the ship," apparently he wasn't exaggerating. I told him it was the end of my day and that I required eight hours rest. "Understood, Master." "We'll continue this tour in the morning. Take me to my quarters, please." "Of course." All that walking was finally over, at least for the time being. He led me to the nearest turbocar and I got inside. I didn't ask how it knew where to take me.

I just got inside and seconds later I was stepping off of it and into a dark, narrow hallway. At the end of the hall I could see light escaping from behind a set of sliding doors. I reached the door quickly and waited anxiously for the computer to open it. "State your name," said a relatively sexy computer voice. "Rodney Jackson." "This computer will need time to set up protocols. Because it is your first time using this room, you must now set up authorization so that no others on the ship, not even other Humans, may have access to this room, unless you specifically provide it." Because it was so dark it was difficult to notice that there was a computer screen directly to my left built into the wall near the door.

On it were the exact words the computer had just spoken. "How do I-" "Hold your right hand up to the screen, please." I pressed my right hand against the screen and it scanned my hand.

"Now your left hand, please." Of course, it then scanned my left hand. "Please look directly into the screen." I put my face near the screen. It scanned me for about 10 seconds straight. The words on the screen read, "Retinal and facial scans complete." "Please read the following statement," it said aloud.

I read "The pussycats in the canyon have dozens of makeshift channelisms." It took a couple of tries to get it right. On the screen it said, "Loading." and I just stood and waited.

As if to mitigate my anticipation, the voice spoke again. "You are about to enter your master bedroom. It is considered to be among the finest in luxury. This self cleaning, fully automatic bedroom will satisfy your every need for rest and relaxation. If you ever have a problem with this bedroom, on any room on this ship, simply contact the Spacepod Spaceship company directly at

Our service is almost instantaneous anywhere within the solar system, and 24 within a thousand light years." And finally, the door opened. I could hardly see a thing as I stepped in, but I could tell the room was immense as soon as I heard the echo of my foot hitting floor. "There are step pads to your right. Step on one to travel as quickly as 5 miles per hour." On the floor to my right as soon as I entered the room were four plastic pads, each about four feet wide, which were lit up and stood out from the rest of the floor.

I stepped onto one of them and it lifted from the floor. "Could you turn the lights up? I can't see." "Of course." And finally, I could see it. The room was about half the size of the bridge, but shaped basically the same way. All the walls were perfectly flush with glass compartment doors and touch pads built into them. There were hundreds of compartments, large and small. Above my head were two more levels of the same size that I could only see as the step pad brought me closer to the center.

Apparently there were no stairs, only step pads and three sets of ladders, each of which was visible from the center of the room. Seeing that there were so many interesting little compartments on the first floor, I decided to save it for last. I decided I'd start with the third floor which I could hardly see. "How do I get to the third floor?" I asked as I approached the bed in the center of the room.

The computer responded by raising an energy field eight inches wide and about waist high above the perimeter of the pad. By the time I got to the third floor, I estimate I was about thirty feet in the air, so I felt the need to maintain my balance carefully.

The pad lifted me straight over the railing and onto the floor. There was nothing there. Just empty compartments and closets. The second floor was much less of a disappointment. There was exercise equipment in the left corner near the ladder.

Right next to that was a library with thousands of books. Surrounding the central ladder were pool tables, video games and other electronic forms of entertainment. To the right of the that was a basketball court with a cabinet full of basketballs in the corner. And finally, to the right of that, near the far right ladder, was a shooting range. I felt a new surge of energy as I spent more than an hour on the second floor.

Still having much that I wanted to explore on the second floor, I decided I was just too tired. I wasn't even sure I wanted to explore the first floor. I'd take a quick look, and if I didn't find anything terribly urgent, the remainder of my exploration would wait until morning. As I took the step pad down to the first floor, I was already scanning the walls for anything interesting. I was tempted to skip the whole thing and float my tired ass over to the bed.

As I looked around I saw just one thing: a glass compartment in the wall near my bed where the things inside seemed to sparkle. I checked the touchpad next to it. It glowed as I got close. The button at the very top said "light." I pressed it and saw jewels on display behind the door. Using an ordinary open sequence on the touchpad I opened the door, and more lights turned on, exposing another area behind the jewels. There was a handle on the front of the display case that said "pull." I pulled the handle, and the entire case moved forward.

I could see that it was about eight feet tall and four feet wide, but only only about a foot and a half into the wall. When I pulled it all the way out I saw a case of books, the same size as the jewel display case. The titles bore strange names like, "How to get the Most out of Your Breed," "A Brief History of the Breed Species," and "Your Breed, Your World." "What the hell is a Breed?" I asked myself.

"You're about to find out," said the sexy computer voice. Despite the grand size of the bookcase, there were only about two dozen books on it. In its center was a handle very similar to that on the display case. I pulled it until the book case came all the way out.

Behind it, in stasis, was a beautiful woman. Like the display case and the book case, the stasis module had a firm handle in the front that said "pull." I did so until the entire module was free from the closet. I couldn't stop staring at her. She was short and very slender. Maybe five foot three, 96 pounds by my estimate.

Her hair came just past her shoulders, gently accentuating her small, supple breasts. Other than her brows and lashes, she had no visible body hair to speak of.

Her chin was held high and her hands were at her sides, as if she not only knew she was going into stasis, but had every intention of going into it with pride.

The module had four transparent sides, so I walked around it and stared at her from every angle. The control panel was near the center of the the front side. I punched in an open sequence, and the control panel floated to the lower left corner of its side as all the sides seemed to disappear right before my eyes.

She looked at me and smiled, then stepped down to the floor. "You are definitely NOT an android!" I said as she stepped down. "No, Master. I'm not. However, I do come with this bedroom. My name is Cleopatra, and I am Breed." "What precisely is that? I mean, what are you? What is a Breed?" "That will take some explaining.

I suppose you're wondering how you got this ship for such a steal.

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There's nothing wrong with it, so why would the price be so low? I am your answer. I am an experiment. Two hundred years in the making, but an experiment nonetheless, I suppose. "I was bred to satisfy Human needs. We have found that no android, no matter how sophisticated, can really satisfy all Human needs on a journey through space.

You see, I exist on the postulate that love is healthy. It's not entirely unreasonable. People who are in love can do more work under the right circumstances, or stand more pain. Whatever it takes to get home to your loved one. Well, I am Humankind's attempt to simulate love in a laboratory. Perhaps you won't love me the same way you would a Human female, but the simulation could be close enough to keep you sane on long journeys." I didn't mean to be rude, but I just stood there and stared at her with my mouth hanging open.

"Uuuuhhh." "It won't be without drawbacks, but I feel if you know about those drawbacks ahead of time, you can make better decisions regarding them. First of all, your fluid will become extremely important to me. I haven't tasted it yet, but I know how Human fluid affect the Breed. I will become addicted to it like a drug.

That is what the stasis chamber is for. When you don't feel like dealing with me, order me into stasis. I don't mind. When I come out again, it'll be because you want to see me." I hesitated for a moment while she stared into my eyes. I didn't know what to ask. She seemed to sense that and continued talking. "I also eat fruit and vegetables, but as long as I'm getting your fluid, I won't need much. If not, if you're not giving me fluid that day, I'll need more sustenance.

I understand I can be a shock, but please answer me, Master." "Okay. This really is a shock. You're not an android, but you're not Human either. Are you somewhere in between?" "My DNA is much more complex than that of a Human.

It's been manipulated over the centuries to make me the perfect companion, or at least as close to perfect as modern science can achieve. In a way, you could say I'm somewhere in between, since there are computers in my head. They're to enhance my memory and calculation skills, as well as to give me direct access to your computer database, if you should wish it." I walked over to the bed and had a seat.

She asked, "Are you all right?" as she came closer, but she was afraid to touch me. That was appropriate because at that point I was afraid for her to touch me!

"Should I assume you won't be needing my services?" she asked in reaction to my lack of acceptance. "The most humane thing I can request of you is to put me back into stasis." She began to cry. "I am a laboratory creation. If you wish you can put me in there and simply pretend I don't exist. I'll be fine." Sobbing openly by this point, she began walking toward the stasis module.

"No," I said. "You don't have to do that. Do you experience time in there?" "No, but my last Master said didn't want me either! You Humans don't understand! We need you to survive!" ". What?" "It was your laboratories that created us, and yet you neglect us so easily. I'll stay as clean as possible. I'm just a person. What are you so afraid of?" "Too-good-to-be-true syndrome," I said honestly.

I just didn't know what to think anymore. Were my fellow Humans really capable of creating something like this? She already exists now, so her "feelings" had to be respected on one level or another. Human or not, if she had feelings, I couldn't just throw her away like some piece of trash.

"Too good to be true? No master. Please. Just give me a chance." She wiped away her tears and said, "Let me show you something." We had to get down on our knees on that hard floor to see into this floor level compartment.

She apparently knew at least some of the sequences because she did an open sequence that I barely recognized. The compartment slid open and she pulled out a flat pad and closed the compartment back. I watched to see if she used a locking sequence, but she didn't. "Vloggis on," she said aloud to the pad. It turned on and within seconds a welcome screen displayed. "Master will you take a look at this database with me, please?" "Yes, yes.

Angela, I'll look at it with you!" "I have access to a database of billions of videos made by all kinds of Humans around the world. Have you ever heard of XNXX?" "No. What's it stand for?" "I don't think that's how it works. It' s just the name of this incredible database of videos. No matter what you like, they've got it. This is one of my favorites." Two girls were on the screen kissing, and one quickly found her tongue in the other's snatch.

It didn't take long to get an erection. Something just didn't feel right about it, though. I needed time to think. "This is wonderful, Angela. It really is. But I have to put you back into stasis now." "What?" "Not forever.

I'll pull you out in the morning when I've had a chance to mull this over. Give me a chance to let this sink in. Would you please?" "You promise? For me that'll be less than 5 seconds. I could care less about a few days. You'll come back for me in the morning? "Yeah, just let me get some sleep." With no tears whatsoever, I walked her over to the stasis module.

She got in and I turned it back on. With hardly any energy left, all I could do was stumble drowsily over to the bed, and slam my self onto it. Everything became dark as I fell into a deep sleep.

for about ten seconds. Then I tossed and turned for an hour, unable to get Angela off my mind. Those supple little breasts, that gorgeous smile, a complete willingness to do whatever I say, and never tell anyone in the Universe what happens between us?

What the fuck was I thinking? What was I worried about? Diseases? Pregnancy? Making her leave in the morning? "What the hell's wrong with me?

Let me go fuck this bitch and get some sleep." I walked over to the stasis module with an erection sticking out of my pants. "Are you sure it's morning?" she asked as she stepped down from the module.


"It's not." As I answered I grabbed her hand and helped her down. She may have looked a little skinny, but she was heavier than she looked. Suddenly her chest began to heave up and down very heavily. She seemed like she might be having some trouble breathing.

"Are you all right?" I asked. "I'm fine," she answered in a shaky voice. "It's just been a very long time since I've touched a Human.

I can feel your fluid coursing through my veins." She seemed to be getting dizzy, but she was gripping my hand firmly, as if she didn't want me to let go. "What should I do?" "I beg your patience, Master. Oh, my god you have such powerful fluid!" She fell to her knees. "Please don't let go!" "If I'm making you dizzy, isn't letting go the best thing to do?" "If you knew how good this feels, you wouldn't be saying that." "Oooooooh," I said smiling.

It feels gooooood. You're saying my fluid is addictive, right?" "Holy shit! Mercy, Master! Please!" No matter where I put my hands on her body she would respond with anything from goosebumps to loud moaning.

I began to nibble on her breasts, and she lost her breath again. Apparently saliva has a different effect than the mild perspiration on Human skin. She could hardly move. I looked at her to see her face, and I saw something I was not prepared for. Her eyes had turned red much the same way Human eyes turn red sometimes.

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After a while she began to calm down. By this time her eyes were bloodshot and could barely stay open. With a voice that sounded like a drunk woman, she grabbed my face with one hand, pulling my lips toward hers and said, "I want to do something really freaky with you, Master.

I want to do something I've never done before. Is it all right to take the time to see what you like, or would you prefer to take me now?" I was just too curious to get it over with that quickly. "What exactly do you mean by 'see what I like?'" "My Vloggis pad." She held out her hand and it floated from where it was on the floor to her hand. "How did you do that?" "It's simple.

The Vloggis has a connection to your ship's electromagnetic shielding." "Oh," I said, as if I had a clue what the flying fuck she was talking about. "This time watch the whole video and let me hold your hand." The video was about four minutes long and had all sorts of sexual images, from missionary style to gang bangs to BDSM, even naked sports and sex wrestling.

When it was over I actually wasn't as turned on as I had been before. Angela looked me right in the eyes and said, "I know exactly what I want to do. Are you willing to trust me?" "How far will I have to trust you?" "Not far. You just have to be very open minded, Master. Say you'll be willing to trust me for just thirty minutes, let me do what I want, and do as I say. That's a lot of trust, I know. And I can't even make any promises. I just want to try something.

If it doesn't work, I can beg your forgiveness." "What do you want to try?" "Master, I'm afraid it won't work if I tell you.

You'll just have to trust me enough to do as I say. Please?" I hesitated for a moment, but I did give in. "Fine. I'll trust you. What do I have to do?" She slapped me in the face. "Get on the fucking bed! Now!" Shocked once again, I got on the bed. "What the fuck's that about?" I mumbled to myself as she walked over to her floor compartment.

She came back with what looked like a tube of lubricant. She walked back over to the bed, threw the tube onto the bed and looked at me through angry eyes. "You promised to trust me. Grab my wrists. Grab them right now." She pulled her wrists away when I tried to grab them. "Stop playing with me and grab my fucking wrists, Master!" She slapped me again. "You're fast." "You're playing. Do what it takes to grab my wrists!" When I reached down to try she slapped me again. These slaps were getting me angry.

I grabbed her body and pulled her close, holding her arms until I could get her wrists. "Goood. Gooooood. Now we're getting somewhere, Master." She relaxed her arms. Then she yanked them away unexpectedly and slapped me yet again. "Don't let go, damn it!" I tried to grab her wrists again, and (of course) ended up grabbing her torso until I could get control of her wrists. "Don't fucking let go. Now turn me around." It quickly became a wrestling match.

This little Breed female was stronger than she looked. "I know what you like, Master. You may think I'm doing this wrong, but I'm not.

I'm trying to get that testosterone flowing! Now turn me the fuck around!" It finally occurred to me to hold both her wrists with the same hand and pull her body around. "Now pull me over the side of the bed and fuck me in the ass!" "What?" I was breathing heavily. She was quite a handful! "Are you sure?" "Oh, shut the fuck up you stupid bastard!

Either grow some balls or put me back into stasis!" "Fine!" I yelled as I slammed her face first onto the bed. "But you know. It's difficult to maintain an erection when you're wrestling." "And what are you going to do about that?" "Uuuuhhh.

Put you back into stasis?" "Grab a handful of hair and make me suck your cock!" "How do I know you won't bite it or something?" She actually stopped resisting just to look at me like I was as dumb as a box of rocks. I got the message before she could speak and grabbed a handful of hair. She didn't close her mouth.

She opened it. I lost control of her wrists, but rather than resist she grabbed my sides and sucked my manpole until it was nice and hard. "All right. Get on the bed." She grabbed the lubricant and liberally splashed it all over my cock, then slathered her cheeks with it. I didn't even ask permission. I grabbed her and threw her body over the side of the bed and pressed my cock against her rectum.


"No, wait Master!" she yelled as the head of my cock was starting to open her sphincter just a little bit. "I changed my mind. I don't want you to do this. Please stop!" She had fooled me several times, and I felt like if I let her go she might slap me again.

Still, I hesitated. She gritted her teeth and talked through them in a low voice. "Don't you dare turn pussy on me right now. I can beg you to stop all I want. I can kick and scream. It doesn't matter. Just fucking do it!" I pushed a little deeper and the head popped inside.

She screamed like a banshee. "Please master! Please! I can't take anymore!" It took a few moments, but I eventually squeezed my entire erection into her tight, throbbing rectum. She was crying. When I saw her face it looked like tears were in her eyes.

I put away any feelings of guilt and clapped my hand over her mouth as I reamed her tight, well lubricated asshole. I saw the tears falling, but I still didn't stop. Some part of me felt like a monster. Another part of me was so turned on that I lost control. In just a few minutes I popped my load into her rectum. The orgasm blew my fucking mind. I came so hard I could barely control myself as I pulled out and collapsed onto the bed with cum still emerging from my cock.

Angela wiped her tears away and went to suck the last of it from the source. "Yuck! That's disgusting! How can you do that knowing where it just was?" "That's not an asshole your cock was just in, Master.

It was nothing more than a laboratory creation. Oh, and thanks for the fluid!" With that, she turned over and went to sleep. So did I.