Free raw black gay movie Poor Cristian Made To Cum

Free raw black gay movie Poor Cristian Made To Cum
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Tiffany was fast asleep in her own bed, dreaming about someone else. Not just about someone else, she was dreaming that she was someone else. She did not know her name or her gender or even what she looked like. She simply walked through the halls of an unfamiliar house and met unfamiliar siblings with blurry faces and unfamiliar parents that smiled at her sweetly and spoke in indiscernible voice. Tiffany could not help but be happy. A dream about being anybody other than herself was definitely a good dream.


Her blissful sleep was suddenly and violently interrupted when she felt a stabbing pain in her lower body, right between her legs. She opened her eyes while gasping only to have her gaze meet her brother's as he lay on top of her.

Looking down she could barely make out in the dark what he was doing but she could feel it. His cock had already entered her. When he realized that she was already awake, he began thrusting harder, forcing the air out her lungs in her panic.

After catching her breath, she brought her feet up from beneath him and tried to force them between herself and her brother. She was trying to kick him off but he simply moved them so they went over his shoulders. It added a dimension to the angle he was pushing through to get to her cunt, making it harder for him to go as deep but making her tighter at the same time.

The result was more pleasure for him and a little less for her. "What the hell are you doing?" she finally found her voice. "What does it look like, Tiff?" Jon responded sarcastically. He made sure to keep his voice low though. "Why do you always rape me? Why can't we just meet in one of our rooms and strip down before having sex consensually?" she complained. "Because you're never in the mood and I'm horny in the morning," Jon's response was blunt and selfish.

"Oh wow, what a surprise. News flash, local girl is never in the mood to let her own brother shove his cock in her." "Oh, so we're doing that, are we?" Jon smirked at her. "News flash, boys love sex. Boys love sex with girls. Boys love sex with girls they find attractive. Local boy loves shoving his dick inside the prettiest and most attractive girl he knows." Although it was not visible in the dark, Tiffany was blushing.

She quickly regained control of herself though. "You're only fucking me because I was convenient," she accused him. "If I weren't your sister then you would have never had the chance to do this to me." "I would have tried," he admitted. "If I were your next door neighbor…" "I would have climbed through your window at night," he cut her off.

"And raped me in my bed?" she tried to make his advances sound more criminal. "Don't pretend you don't like it." He thrust into her harder to elicit another moan. "What about a girl from school.

Would you have followed me home and broken into my house?" "You really like the idea of us not being related, don't you?" Jon touched the side of her face. "Is that how much you wish we were a real high school couple?" "That's how much I wish we had never met," she corrected him.

"If we weren't related I would do everything I could to get you to go out with me," he assured her. "However, I'm glad we are related." "Because you're sick and you like fucking your own sister?" she once again tried to remind him that what he was doing was wrong. "Because it made getting close to you easier.

You didn't tell on me because I'm your brother and you can't simply move away or ignore me at school. We live in the same home so it's convenient." "I feel like a kidnap victim you didn't even have to kidnap," she sighed. "One with Stockholm syndrome," he whispered in her ear. "Um, no. If this weren't my house, I'd do everything I could to get out. I can deal with my brother fucking me every day, that's the easy part.

It's this family I can't stand. If I had a chance to leave this place, I definitely would." Jon fell silent. He had been unaware of how much Tiffany actually hated living with him and their parents. There was no way he was unaware of her unequal treatment but years of being ignored by her parents had made her docile.

She never voiced her complaints. He simply thought she was okay with the situation. At the very least, he did not think she despised her own family. "Aren't you going to keep fucking me?" Tiffany asked while moving her hips, grinding her crotch against his pelvis. He could see that her eyes were closed.

She was actually enjoying it slightly. "Yeah, that's what I'll do." He slammed into her without warning.

"This kind of sex can be fun too." "Angry sex?" Tiffany asked before her head suddenly hit the wall at the top of her bed. "Ow, what the hell," she shouted.

"Quiet," he hissed at her while covering her mouth. She bit his hand. "Ouch, why?" He pulled slapped her on instinct.


"This is hate fucking, right?" she asked while locking her ankles together behind his head and pulling him down toward her. When he was close enough, she cracked her head against his. "This is more like beating each other up while naked," Jon corrected her. "So?" She lowered her legs and kicked him in the stomach, pushing him completely off of her.

"Fine, if that's how you want to play it." He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off the bed. She landed face down on the floor. She was still disoriented when he pulled her up into a prone position by her butt and stuck his fingers into her cunt.

She wiggled her ass in enjoyment while trying to ignore the pain in her head. As if to punish the fact that she was liking this at all, Jon placed his hand on the back of her head and shoved her face into the floor. He kept hold of one of her wrists though so her back twisted slightly, causing her to groan. "You kept saying I was raping you. Now I really am." Jon pulled his hand out of her cunt and replaced it with the head of his cock. Tiffany mumbled something into the floor but he ignored her.

He slammed all the way in easily. She was incredibly wet from everything he did while she was asleep.

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Her back arched slightly like she was trying to do a pushup with her chin instead of her hands. Jon grabbed the hem of her nightgown and pulled it up, exposing her bare back to the cold morning air.

He ran his hands over her smooth skin and her bony shoulder blades. She sighed into the floor as she felt the tickle of his fingers on his spine. Something went off in his mind and he decided he was definitely going to cum on her back today. He leaned down and kissed the center, causing her to writhe and squirm. He ran his tongue all the way to the small of her back before finally lifting his head. He gave her ass a light smack that caused it to bounce and ripple. "Why are you being gentle," he heard his sister groan beneath him.

"Aren't you hate fucking me? Aren't you raping me?" "You want it that badly?" he asked with a slightly confused expression. She turned her head so he could see her face. There were tears in her eyes. "Yes," she whispered in-between grunts from him thrusting into her. "I hate you. I'd never let you do this if you didn't own me.

Don't treat me like your girlfriend. I'm your property," she reminded him. Jon held a solemn expression as he watched his beloved sister writhe beneath him in discomfort. While he absolutely ignored her wishes in order to establish the current situation, he always hoped she would grow to accept it and him.

It seemed as if she had been fighting against the idea though. If she even had the slightest feelings for him, she was determined to ignore them. Slightly angry at Tiffany for refusing to accept him, he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back, straining and arching her back.

She tried to reach back to free his grip but he seized her hand and pulled on it too, twisting the joint painfully. Water filled her eyes as he pulled her back into him as far as he could.

She moaned as she felt his cock filling her. Watching her squirm in discomfort was turning him on. She could feel his cock entering her even further. He wound his fingers in her hair and pulled it up from the back of her neck. He kissed her exposed skin gently, in contrast to how hard he was fucking her.

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She gasped and squeaked but tried not to make enough sound to raise suspicion. She felt odd knowing he was in complete control of her body. More and more of herself was being exposed and it was the last thing she wanted in the early morning.

She would rather stay warmly tucked under her sheets.

Tiffany tried to reach up to her bed with her free hand, putting all of her weight on Jon to hold her up by her hair and her other wrist. When she grabbed the edge of her sheet, he jerked her away. "I'm cold," she whined miserably. "I'll give you something warm" He pulled her closer to him. Without hesitation she leaned backward into him until her back was touching his bare chest.

His skin was cold on contact but it began to warm up immediately. She moaned as she closed her eyes and tried to fidget in his lap. Jon let go of her hair and wrist and instead wrapped his arms around her waist.

His hands found the triangle of her crotch and traveled down until they touched the lips of her cunt, particularly her clit. She gasped and jerked in response, trying to stand up to escape but failing to find her footing. Instead she plopped back down on his cock with a guttural groan as she swore the tip must have punctured her cervix.

Seeing an opportunity, Jon brushed against her clit again, causing her to suck in a large breath. When she did not move, he pinched it. Once again she leapt from his lap only to fall down once more a moment later. She covered her mouth to keep from screaming while rolling her eyes back in pain. Jon continued to pinch, roll and flick her clit, making her bounce jolt and flinch.

Pretty soon she was writhing and thrashing about, trying not to make too much noise as she unintentionally fucked herself on his pole. Jon could feel his orgasm approaching.

Tiffany's movements stimulated him in an unfamiliar way that was harder on him to resist. He grabbed her by the waist and prepared to lift her off of him. He was still looking forward to cumming on her creamy smooth back. "Don't," she groaned while grabbing his hands with hers. Instinctively he dropped her again, causing her to groan as his cock slid all the way back inside her. It pressed hard against her pelvic bone the whole way down. "Cum inside me," Tiffany whispered hoarsely.

"I'm cold. Warm me up, please," she begged him. Just those words from his sexy naked writhing sister were enough to push Jon over the edge. His first spurt of cum exploded right into her pelvic bone.

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He lifted her up so that it sprayed and coated the inside of her cunt all the way down. Then he slammed her back down on his cock, pushing the tip against her closed cervix. She screamed in pain but it quickly subsided as warm cum splashed against the raw opening. Tiffany's body reacted appropriately, gushing clear liquid to slick the path for his cum to slide inside her womb more easily.

Her body wanted to be impregnated by her brother's cum. Jon continued to pinch and roll her clit as they came together. She bounced and spasmed and thrashed, driving his cock into her and making her scream. She bit her own wrist to keep the noise down.

Her newfound wetness allowed his cock to slip around inside her and touch all of her walls. Although she was now warm inside, the liquid running down her legs only brought Tiffany more discomforting cold. She was shivering and her nipples had grown stiff. She covered them with her hands in an attempt to heat them up. This sent a sharp jolt through her body that caused her to hop up and down on her brother's cock again.

Jon gave one last spurt of cum into his sister's warm slick cunt before collapsing against her back. She could feel his breath in her ear as he panted in exhaustion. "Don't stop," she whispered to him. "Keep fucking your slutty sister's wet cunt. Make me scream and cry." Jon chuckled at the idea but he was definitely done. All she could do was give him empty demands. "Come on, Jon, fuck me," Tiffany raised her voice unexpectedly.

It was at that moment that both of them heard the sound of footsteps outside their door.

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One of their parents had been right outside and had definitely heard her. The thumping suggested they were checking Jon's room, presumably to see if he was still asleep and if Tiffany was just moaning his name in her sleep. When they had their answer, they returned to the room.

The door swung open to reveal Lauren Taylor in her morning bathrobe. Her hair was tied up atop her head as she often did when she wanted to take a shower without getting it wet.

Her face was beat red and she was glaring straight at her children. "What the hell are you doing to him?" Lauren demanded while pointing at Tiffany accusingly. She did not answer. She instead tried to stand up. Jon's flaccid cock slipped out of her easily but her legs were weak.

She managed to stumble only a few feet ahead before collapsing against her bed. "What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?" Lauren demanded. "What in god's name possessed you to do this to your brother?" Tiffany felt a seething rage boiling inside her.

"He did this to me!" she shouted at her mother. "Why do I have to take the blame when Jon's the one who snuck into my room and raped me?" "Don't you dare say that about my sweet Jonas!" Lauren spat at her. "Look at what you've done to this family. I'm calling my sister right now. You're going to live with her in the country until you turn eighteen and then I never want to see you again." "Mom, wait!" Jon interrupted her. "Don't you say a word, Jonas," she scolded him.

"Mommy will take care of this slut." "She's not a slut, she's my sister and I love her!" Jon shouted. "Don't be ridiculous. There are plenty of proper girls out there. You could have anyone you wanted," Lauren tried to convince her son.

"I want Tiffany. I'm in love with her. I want to keep having sex with her and no one else. Won't you let me, Mom? You always let me do whatever I want," Jon reminded her. "I…" Lauren was at a loss. "What's going on here then?" Randy heard the yelling from downstairs and came to investigate. The first thing he noticed was his naked daughter, covered in sweat with two types of cum dripping from between her legs.

She wore a look of embarrassment and shame that shown more clearly than any expression Randal had seen her make before. He was, after all, not at home all that often. "Um, what's going on?" he repeated his question. "What does it look like?" Lauren screeched at him. "Your kids have been fucking behind our backs. How could you let this happen?" "You're the one who's with them all day," Randy tried to shift the blame.

"You're never home, you bastard!" Lauren returned it right back. "Now hold on here, you're reacting poorly. I know this looks bad but there are a lot worse things that could've happened. This is fairly solvable," Randy tried to maintain a level head. "We just need to keep them separate and get them into therapy." "Therapy!" Lauren raised her voice again.

"This slut attacked our precious son and…" "I was the one." Jon raised his hand. "I was the one who attacked Tiffany. She really did not want to but… but I always get what I want." Jon wore an incredibly guilty expression. Tiffany was slightly moved by his willingness to accept responsibility but the fact that she would not have been sitting in a room completely naked in front of her parents and freshly fucked if it were not for him kept her from feeling grateful.

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"Okay, son, I believe you." Randy nodded. "Do you regret your actions?" "No." Jon shook his head. "Look at your poor sister.

I've never seen her so miserable. You must have fucked her pretty hard." Randy chuckled.

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"I guess this isn't the right time for it but, congratulations; my son is now a man." "Um, thanks, dad…" Jon responded in confusion. "You're unbelievable!" Lauren gasped. "Really though, what's the problem?" Randy shrugged.

"Our son got laid and he's happy about it. At least our useless daughter can contribute to this family somehow." "Are you suggesting…" Lauren's eyes bulged. "Just let the boy keep fucking her. She's not going to tell anyone, are you sweetie?" Randy smiled at Tiffany.

She stared at him blankly, her hands still in front of her cunt in a poor attempt to hide her shame. The liquid running out of her was all Randy needed to envision what had just happened to her though. Finally she nodded, not knowing what else to say. "That settles it then." Randy clapped his hands as if sealing a deal. "Your hole is now exclusively Jon's. No going out and getting it from the boys at your school. I won't have you bringing home any STDs." "Are you serious?" Lauren was still in shock.

She seemed to have calmed down somewhat, or have gotten tired of screaming. "What's the problem? They've already been doing it behind our backs. If we forbid them, they'll just find a way around it. We may as well let them do it in a way we can keep an eye on them. I'm not having a scandal get out." "But she'll ruin him. She'll control his mind with that slutty hole of hers." Randy took a long look at his shivering naked daughter.

"If she can do that, then she deserves everything she can get from him. Just look at the poor girl. If you let me fuck you half that hard I'd come home more often." "How dare you?" Lauren's face was seething. "Face it, you're a prude and your daughter is every man's dream; a hole that says no but lets you in anyway with just a little prodding. It's more fun that way.

You may as well be fucking a doll if they just lay there." Lauren covered her ears and stormed out of the room. It appeared that she finally gave up arguing. Randy smirked as he glanced back at his daughter one more time. "Go take a shower, why don't you?" he suggested.

"You can join her if you like." He pointed at Jon. The two of them scurried out of the room. Jon had to support Tiffany as her legs were still wobbly. Randy sighed when he heard the bathroom door slam. He closed his eyes and tried to picture his daughter's naked form again, including what must have been hiding behind her hands. The idea that it was wrong had left his mind the moment he gave Jon permission to keep fucking his own sister.

This was better than any porn he ever watched. This was an actual teenaged girl in the flesh that he had seen in her post ravished bliss. He wished he had taken a picture. Perhaps he would try figuring out a way to convince her to let him next time; if he could find a time when Lauren was not home.