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Hot girl wants cock in that wet pussy during livecam xxx
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Johnny and Catherine had been close ever since they were born. They had never liked being separate even in the hospital. They had to be in the same crib or they would cry endlessly until they were put together again. Once they came home they had the same set up and would sleep and eat at the exact same time as well.

Much to the pleasure of angel.

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It made her incredibly horny having her nipples pinched and pulled and the children suckling on them as they fed did this a lot. She would feed them three or four times a day if not more and by the time she was ready for bed she was dripping wet and needed to be fucked to sleep.

As the kids grew so did how close they liked to be. They sat next to each other on the bus when they started school, had the same teachers, and even had desks next to each other. This kept on all the way through high school. Then they just started driving together and took turns on who was driver and who wasn't. Many people joked the two of them actually seemed like a couple and that was one of the deciding factors in what occurred on their eighteenth birthday. The day they became much closer as brother and sister.

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The day of their eighteenth birthday their parents gave them a hundred dollars each and told them to go enjoy themselves, knowing full well it would keep them out most of the night and give Domenic and Angel some time alone.

They decided they'd go out to the movies and then hit an all you can eat place for dinner before driving home late since they knew full well what their parents would be up to while they were away. The local theater had a full list of genres that night and this was one of the few times the twins would ever disagree on anything. There was a new romance flick playing right then that catherine was desperate to see, but hadn't had the time until today and all her friends had seen it.

Johnny on the other hand wanted to check out a new horror movie that was playing at the same time." Johnny, come ooooon! Everyone i know has already seen this and I'm sooooo jealous. Can't we please see it?" "Cat, I don't wanna sit through two hours of some romance garbage. I wanna see this new slasher flick. It just came out today.

You could be the first of your friends to see this.


Not the last to see that dumb movie." "But I wanna see it!" She whined playfully. She held his arm and pressed herself to his side. This was common for her to do whenever she wanted her way.


Even though she was now eighteen with full breasts that made guys drool, a couple sizes smaller than her moms, and a rounded ass that they loved to stare at, she loved acting like a whiny child with her older brother to get her way." Please, big bwother?" Johnny looked down at the brunette beauty snuggling into his arm and sighed knowing he'd have to see that movie with her." If we see your thing now then we see mine right after. Deal?" She kissed his cheek happily." Absolutely!" And with that Johnny went and bought two tickets for Catherine's movie while she went and got them snacks and drinks.

Johnny watched couple after couple file into the movie theater and figured that was why all her friends had seen it. They had boyfriends and catherine had never had a steady boyfriend. Just like johnny had never had a steady girlfriend.

It wasn't that neither of them were attractive or couldn't get in a relationship. It was that the people they knew weren't interesting to them. They blamed it on how close they were as siblings. They wanted people who would treat them as good as they did each other and no one ever lived up to that expectation. Johnny strode into the theater after giving catherine her ticket in the snack line and sat in the way back where his tickets were set for.

No one else was that far back and he got settled as the lights dimmed and the opening credits rolled. Catherine took a seat next to him moments later and set a bucket of popcorn in his lap with a large soda in his coaster. She sipped on her own soda and chewed on some gummy worms as they just relaxed with each other as they had so many times before.

Soon the actual movie was playing and johnny just looked around and stared at the screen on and off as the film played as he counted down the minutes until they could see his movie. That is until the main characters got into a hot make out scene that was quickly becoming more.

When that happened johnny actually paid some attention to the movie he had paid for and actually realized many of the couples in the theater were now making out heavily or feeling each other up.

This was turning him on and he snuck a glance at catherine to see how she was fairing.

She was focusing intently on the screen and he could see her legs rubbing together as she bit her lip. He knew from past girlfriends she was getting turned on and, admittedly, he was too. His cock was straining his pants as he watched the movie and the multitude of couples around him wasn't helping.

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He heard a quiet moan from catherine and glanced at her again to see she was scratching at her legs near her pussy. She wanted to touch herself. It was at this moment a switch flipped in johnny's mind and instead of seeing catherine as his sister he saw her as a woman and realized just how beautiful she was.

A curvy body, slim figure, gorgeous hair, full lips, wonderful eyes, and the way she acted was icing on the cake. Always wanting to be so close to him. Even now her free hand was teasing his wrist. A little habit of hers he wasn't sure she knew about. Johnny couldn't explain his next action, but decided then and there it was worth the risk. He leaned over and whispered," Cat." She looked at him." Wha-" He planted his lips on her and the only reason she didn't scream was they were in a theater and she didn't wanna draw attention to them.

She tried to pull away, but he held her head and back and even as she beat on his arms he didn't let go. What was worse in her mind was that as his lips moved against hers she wanted so bad to kiss him back. She could feel the heat in her body rising and every punch was weaker than the last as her resolve died. She was lightly smacking him now and as johnny pulled off to catch his breath her eyes were glazed over and she was panting hotly.

Johnny just stared and she stared back and this time when he leaned in and kissed her she did return his affection. Slowly at first, but the longer it lasted the more she wanted until she felt his lips parting, his hot breath on her mouth for a split second, then his tongue wanting access to her nearly drooling mouth.

Despite every part of her brain screaming at her to resist and pull away she slowly accepted him into her and she moaned gladly as his tongue found hers. Their tongues danced, back and forth in each other's mouths, until they once again parted to breathe and see the others expression. Johnny looked like he was full of lust and desire and all of it was aimed at his dear sister. Catherine was a bit more timid and her eyes were scared to show that they had even more of those emotions in them than his.

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This was the last moment they had to end this before it went past their control, but as johnny caressed catherine's back and she shivered and sighed in his arms they both knew they didn't want this to end.

Johnny kissed her passionately and she greedily accepted everything he'd give her with pleasure swelling inside her as she felt more alive with johnny than any of her past boys. She had always loved him as a brother and that love was filling her body as his tongue filled her mouth. Then his fingers slid over her breasts, rubbed her nipples, and she couldn't resist moaning a bit louder than she should have.

She was sure a few people saw them, but in the dark theater and as far back as they were there was no way anyone would know it was them. Catherine was full of joy as her brother rubbed her nipples to their full hardness and was desperate for more.

Then she gasped and bit her lip to suppress her moan as Johnny's hand cupped her sex and he ground the heel of his hand into her. He was being so rough yet so tender at the same time and it was mixing her emotions inside her.

On one hand she wanted him to be gentler with her, the rough treatment of her pussy so new and unusual, but on the other hand it was making her soak her panties knowing it was johnny doing this and that the slight pain was nothing to the overwhelming pleasure this kind of treatment gave her. She eventually gave in and let him do as he pleased as she moved with his hand to increase her pleasure.

She had never felt so alive with anyone before and it made her question why she had never tried this with johnny before. She was so lost she didn't even realize why johnny was moaning with her until she broke away to breathe and saw her own hand massaging his crotch and feeling his hardness below her palm.

God, she thought, he's so big… Unlike his father, Johnny was a bit big with a good eight inches and a good thickness when he was fully hard. Which he was close to now and catherine was actually wishing she could see it, feel it directly, know how hot it would feel in her bare hands.

Then the movie began rolling credits and the two broke fully apart as other couples began leaving their seats. They just sat there as they caught their breath and relaxed. Whatever had just happened was mind blowing for both of them. Johnny stood first and with a playful smile held out his hand." Come on, sis, it's time for my movie." How could he be so casual about this?

She wondered as she took his hand with a smile." We barely saw mine, though." She whined as she always did. He shrugged." That's my fault how?" She slugged him in the arm and he laughed as he rubbed it." You know full well." She said tracing a hand over his arm as they went to get tickets for his movie.

This time they actually did watch the movie and catherine clung to johnny's arm the whole time. Him and their father's obsession with horror movies was something she and their mother never understood. But it made them happy and now that she was clinging to her brothers strong arm for safety she at least understood why their mom bothered to stay in the room with their father.

She felt safe there and was happy to stay right there beside him if it meant being this close. Then when it ended she wouldn't let go even as they walked out and back to their car. They decided to run through a drive through and get burgers and fries with shakes to end their night.

They parked down the street on a back road that would lead them back to their house when they were ready to end their night. It wasn't used often and they could just sit peacefully as they ate. They talked about their movies and laughed and joked like always, but something was significantly different between them and they both knew it. Johnny watched catherine's lips as she ate her fries and sucked on her straw and she was openly looking over his muscles as they flexed under his shirt every time he moved to grab some fries or his burger.

This new dynamic between them was strange, but not unwelcome. They had both always wondered how a relationship would feel if their partner really understood them and that was something they didn't have to want for from each other. Finally, catherine broke their little silent agreement." So.back in the theater.did you like.kissing me?" Johnny looked at her with a blush and nodded." Yeah.sorry if i was kinda pushy.the movie had me really worked up…" He set down his food and looked away from her shyly.

She rubbed her legs nervously as she continued." I, uh.liked it was so much better than any of my past boyfriends…" Johnny smiled and so did catherine. Boys were so easy. A good stroking was enough to get your way with them every time.

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Even if it was just their ego." Well.i loved making out with you a lot more than of my past girls…" Catherine actually felt her body tingle hearing that. Like he was approving of her and it made her feel good he thought so highly of her." So.would you like it again?" she finally asked. Johnny just stared briefly then nodded. They moved to the back seat, a bit slowly since this time they were planning what they were about to do, and both felt their hearts hammering in their chests as they closed the back doors and looked at each other.


Catherine tried to put aside the thought this was her brother she was with, but couldn't shake it even as he rubbed her back and kissed her neck. She sighed happily at the feeling, but every time she looked at him she saw johnny, her brother, and it made her fill with a strange feeling she didn't like.

After only a couple minutes she pushed him away gently and shook her head." I just.It's not the same.I don't know what's wrong…" Johnny looked a bit sad." I guess we were both just worked up.Let's just head home…" He started to open the door, but catherine couldn't bare to see her brother upset.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him into a hug." I'm sorry, brother. I don't know what's wrong. Something just" Johnny looked at her and smiled." It's ok, sis." He was so sweet, she thought as she went to kiss his cheek. But at that moment he tried to do the same and their lips locked like before. Catherine froze as a single thought filled her mind,' I'm kissing my brother!' And that was what sparked the fire in her that made her grab him tight and kiss him desperately.

This sudden change made johnny just freeze and let her mouth play with his until he realized she was suddenly into this again and made sure not to waste the chance. He pulled her against him and didn't waste time with gentle kisses that would build over time.

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He immediately forced his tongue through her lips and she seemed to squeal in delight at the intense lust flowing between them. What had changed?

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He wondered as they kissed then he had an idea. He broke the kiss and pushed catherine down on her back. He could see the fire in her eyes and bent down to whisper in her ear," You like my tongue in your mouth, sis?" That made her gasp and whimper and actually grind against him. He had found the trigger for this sexy side of her. It was the fact he was her brother that made her this way.

As he kissed her and ran his hands over her body he kept calling her sis and making her call him brother as she told him how much she enjoyed his touch. Every time the word brother left her lips there was a noticeable quake in her voice and body and he could see the flames of lust in her eyes growing. He Took a chance and rubbed her pussy again and was surprised to find she was soaked through her jeans.

Her panties must have been drenched for her to be this wet. He could feel her shaking and breathing hard and knew what was coming. He slipped his hand in her pants, she giving no resistance, and smiled at the sound of his finger squishing as they encountered wet fabric. His finger slid into her panties easily and the heat of her soft pussy was overwhelming. She was boiling from the inside out and needed him to quench her. With a single touch she was moaning like she was dying with pleasure and the longer he rubbed the louder and more animated she got.

He kept stopping just before she could climax and after a few times she was looking at him desperate, but loving the teasing. He leaned in and chewed on her ear as he did it again and decided he wanted to give her what she craved. As she grew to another climax he felt her preparing for his sudden stop, but instead his finger wiggled inside her as he said," I love playing with your pussy, sis." That was all she could take and she nearly screamed as her body shook with the best orgasm of her life at the literal hands of her brother.

He kept this up until her body relaxed and he removed his hands.

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They just lied there together happy in each other's arms until catherine saw johnny was straining his pants with his cock." y-you want me to-" He silenced her with a quick kiss." Another time. I know you don't have much experience with that and we need to head home. It's nearly midnight and mom and dad will kill us if we're late." She laughed a bit at how he was still acting like her brother even with her pussy juice on his fingers and lied there in the back seat, enjoying the numb feelings in her body from her orgasm, as johnny drove them home.

Once there they snuck in through the garage door and up to their room. Johnny, however, on the way to their room pointed something out to catherine. Their father's study door was open and his computer on, their mother most likely distracting him and making him forget to close and lock it, and on the screen they saw two tickets to paris scheduled for a few months away on their parents anniversary.

A devilish smile crept onto both their faces as all the new possibilities filled their minds. To be continued.