Hot cum in Presleys mouth

Hot cum in Presleys mouth
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The ideas for this story were given to me by a sweet young slut who asked me to make it into a story. It gets kind of gross in spots and is not what I normally write but I hope some of you like it. She said she did. ______________________________________________________________ It was a very pleasant late spring evening in northern New Mexico in the mid 1960's.

The sun had set long enough ago that it had gotten dark. That Friday evening two late fifties pick-up trucks sat in front of 'Hank's Honky Tonk' and an old '51 Chevy four door sat behind the bar.

The bar was located between two small ranching towns and was never very busy. It was an old wooden building and the name sign was hand painted and hung crooked over the front door, lighted by three fixtures, one of which had a burned out bulb. Inside was a bar with six stools and three tables with four chairs each. There was a jukebox and a pool table. Inside, sitting at the bar, were three young ranch hands from a couple of the nearby cattle ranches.

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They were each tall and thin and about twenty. They had on their weekend cowboy clothes consisting of new looking, tight fitting jeans with large belt buckles, plaid cowboy shirts, boots and cowboy hats. One of them had a bolo tie and one a neckerchief tied around his neck.

At first look, if it were not for the different color shirts and hats, you might think you were looking at the same person in a couple of mirrors. Next to the one with the bolo tie sat his eighteen-year-old girlfriend, Donna. One of the other guys was her older brother. She was dressed much like the guys.

She was also tall and slim but not as tall as the guys. Her medium length blond hair hung below her hat. Behind the bar stood Hank, the forty five-year-old bar owner. They talked and listened to western music as they sipped their beers. About a half hour later, six loud motorcycles pulled into the parking lot and were lined up side by side before they were shut down.

All six were driven by men, in their late twenties who were wearing black leather jackets that, on the back, said 'Road Raptors'. They all looked the stereotype of biker gang members.

On the backs of three of the bikes were three women dressed much like their men. The leader of the group opened the bar door with a slam and the nine entered.


They sat around two tables and called for the bar keeper to bring them a round of beers. When he brought them, he said that the cost was fourteen fifty.

Duke, the leader of the bikers stuck the point of his switch bland into the top of the table, looked at the bar tender and smiled. "I understand that the first one is on the house. Right?" Hank thought for a couple seconds and then not wanting trouble, quietly said that he was correct. It only took a couple minutes for the first rounds of beers to be gone. "Another round!" When it arrived, the biker said, "This one is on our cowboy friends at the bar.

Right guys?" One of them started to get up but his friend held him down on the stool. "Ya, Hank, this one is on us." Hank took the round of beers to the tables. The song on the jukebox ended and there were no more scheduled to play. One of the bikers walked over to it and put in his quarter, selected three of the few rock songs that were on it and pushed play. He then walked over to the bar, took the young girl by the arm and pulled her off of her stool. "Come dance with me, pretty lady." Her boyfriend got off of his stool and said, "She does not want to dance with you.

Leave her alone." He was promptly punched in the face and knocked to the floor. The three cowboys and the six bikers then came to blows.

The barroom brawl was somewhat lopsided as the ranch hands were out numbered two to one. The bar owner stepped out from behind the bar. In his hand he had what appeared to be a baseball bat with the large half cut off.

One of the biker babes stepped in front of him and when he hesitated, she promptly gave him a hard kick between the legs. He fell to the floor like a sack of flour being dropped.

The fight only lasted a couple of minutes. When it was over, one of the bikers had gone out and gotten some zip ties from the bags on his bike and the three cowboys and the bartender were all tied to the chairs at their hands and feet. One had a bloody nose and Donna's brother had a cut over his right eye. One of the bikers had a bloody lip.

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Duke stood, holding the cowgirl's arms behind her as they stood in front of her boyfriend. He turned her around and forced a big kiss with her. "Well, little lady, it's time for a little live entertainment around here. Get up on the pool table and dance for all of us." She didn't react till Duke took his switchblade in his hand and showed it to her. "Would you like your boyfriend to be a steer rather than a bull?" Donna unenthusiastically got up onto the pool table as one of the bikers put more money into the jukebox and played more rock music.

She swayed and moved as the music played. Before the first song had ended, Duke stopped her and told her that when he said dance, he meant for her to do a strip dance not to just swing her hips a little.

He punched her boyfriend in the face. Then Donna reached for the snaps on her shirt and started dancing again. By the time the next song had finished, she was nude, dancing in the middle of the pool table as the bikers urged her on.

Donna was 5'6" with a small waist and small tight hips. Her tits were probably a loose fit in a C-cup bra. Her skin had a pretty good tan and you could clearly see where her bathing suit bottoms fit, but there were no lighter areas where a top would have covered her boobs.

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Her pussy was cleanly shaved which got the attention and approval of all of the bikers. They watched for a while, as did the four that were bound to the chairs. Then Duke spoke to Jess, a large woman who was one of the biker's old ladies. She probably weighed fifty pounds more than Donna. "Jess, you like girls.

Would you like to get up there and join our pretty friend?" Jess promptly jumped up on the table, grabbed Donna on both sides of her jaw and forced her mouth open.

This was followed by a long deep kiss with Jess's tongue deeply probing Donna's mouth. Donna had never been kissed by another woman but there was nothing she could do about it. Her boyfriend struggled but could not get loose. Jess unzipped and removed her leather jacket.

She was wearing a black bustier that held her D-cup tits up but was cut so the tops of her breasts were exposed all the way down so that her large nipples were exposed.

Then she kicked off her shoes and dropped her slacks. She was not wearing panties. Her pussy mound pushed out and was covered by a thick mat of black pubic hair. All she had on now was her bustier. Jess put her hands behind Donna's head and wrapped her fingers into Donna's hair and pulled the younger girl to her chest. "Suck my tits, Bitch. Make them feel good." Donna followed orders.

Jess held her so tight to her tits that Donna was having trouble breathing. Jess looked at everyone else, "She's one good tit sucker." Duke looked at her. "See if she is just as good sucking somewhere else." Jess pushed Donna down onto her back, straddled her and lowered her cunt onto Donna's face.

"Lick my cunt, slut." She wiggled her ass all over Donna's face. "You can do fucking better than that. Get your tongue out. Lick my clit and stick it deep up in my pussy. Fuck me with your tongue or I'll never let you up." You could see the four tied men trying to get loose but there was no way they were going to be able to. No one could see a close up of what was happening but it was obvious from Jess's reaction that she got what she wanted. She started moaning and soon she screamed out thru orgasm as she rubbed herself up and down on Donna's face.

When she got up, you could see Donna swallow and her face was all wet slick, covered with Jess's girl cum. She bent down and kissed Donna again. Donna did not respond but she didn't resist either. "OK Jess. It's our turn." As Duke and another of the bikers stripped off their pants you could see the tied men, including her brother continue to struggle but at the same tome keep a close watch on what was happening.

There were big bulges in all of their pants. The bikers climbed onto the pool table with their cocks waving in front of them.

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Donna tried to jump off the table but was grabbed and stopped. Jess reached into the pocket of her jacket and pulled out a stun gun. She pressed it to Donna's right breast and it went off.

Donna screamed in pain and fell flat on the table.


The men forced her to her hands and knees. Donna was crying, "No. Please don't, please. Don't make me do this. Please." Paying no attention to her pleadings, Duke got behind her and the other biker got on his knees at her face. Duke was first. He plunged his thick seven inches into Donna's still pretty dry cunt with one thrust, causing her to cry out. As her mouth opened to scream, it was filled with another cock about the same size. Donna had never done deepthroat before and the first time his cock pushed its way into her throat, it caused her to vomit.

She threw up around his prick and onto the table. Her mouth was so plugged that some of it came out her nose. He grabbed her by the hair and rubbed her face in the puddle of puke. Lifting her head back up he ran his erection back into her throat. This time she did not puke again. Her throat adjusted to the onslaught and she accepted the fact that her mouth was going to be treated the same way as her cunt. Meanwhile, Duke kept up his hard pounding of her from the back, holding her hips and thrusting as hard and as fast as he could.

Her mouth was filled with cum first. She wanted to spit it out but she was told to swallow it or there would be even more trouble for her. She swallowed. Duke was not far behind. "Damn this girl has a tight cunt. She must not have fucked very many times." Duke looked at her boyfriend.

He had stopped struggling, as had the others. Now they were just watching intently. "Don't you fuck this tight little bitch every day? You should, she's one great piece of ass." He did not reply.

Duke blew his load deep in her womb, then pulled out and went to her face to get sucked clean. Donna did not protest when Duke put his cock, covered with his cum and her fluids, into her mouth to be cleaned.

Before Duke and the other were even off the table, the next two were ready to take their places. Again her pussy and mouth were roughly used for the men's pleasure. This time, Donna's body gave her up and several minutes into this next rape, she moaned and shook as she experienced a strong orgasm. All the bikers, men and women, laughed and commented about how the little slut was really enjoying what was happening to her.

Donna was shocked that she had reacted like that to being raped but she had to admit to herself that her body liked being treated like it was. They pumped her cunt and throat full of another load of cum and were replaced by the last two. She looked back to see what size cock was going to be next to invade her insides.

It was like the others. She thought to herself that seven inches is a nice size. This time the man at her rear, slid his cock into her. After a few stroke in her cunt, he proclaimed that after being fucked for ten minutes or more and being filed with two loads of spunk, her cunt was too sloppy and that he needed a tighter hole to fuck.

Donna knew what he was thinking and she was panicked. "No. I've never been fucked there. Please fuck my pussy. I'll squeeze my muscles as hard as I can. Or fuck my throat. It's tight and I'll make you cum real good. I promise. Please don't fuck me in the ass." He paid no attention. He reached between her legs and scooped up some cum. After rubbing it on her ass hole he roughly inserted one finger.

Donna cried again. Then a second finger joined the first and he started pushing them in and out of her little puckered brown hole. After pulling his fingers out he shoved his prick into her cunt one more time to get it nicely cum covered. Then he placed it at Donna's ass hole and started to push. Donna tried as much as she could to relax her anal muscles so there would not be as much pain. That helped him get in easier but there was still a lot of pain. She was so intent on what was happening to her ass that she hardly paid mind to the cock that was face fucking her.

She yowled around the cock in her mouth as the cock she feared forced its way into her bowels. It was just before he blew his wad that the pain ended and she found herself actually pushing back to match his thrusts. When he pulled his empty prick out of her shitter, she wasn't ready.

Donna could actually feel another orgasm building. She pushed on the hips of the biker in her mouth, looked up at him and to her own shock actually said, "Finish in my ass, please." The two men swapped places.

Without thinking, she opened her mouth and sucked the cock that had just been pounding deep in her shitter. The final cock soon put a second load deep in her shit tube and she had a small orgasm in time with his. Then there was just one more cock to clean. When she was done, it was spotless.

One of them asked if they were each going to take a second shot at her to use the hole that they had not used the first time. Donna's heart skipped a beat when she heard the question.

Her pussy and jaw were so abused that she didn't think she could take another round. Duke said no. He said that it was getting late and that they had to make some miles. Jess went to Duke. "Duke, can I use the little cunt one more time please?" "OK", Replied Duke. Jess got back onto the table and laid on her back in all the puddles of cum that had dripped form Donna's holes. "Sit on my face. Slut." Donna did as she was told and Jess licked and sucked all the cum that she could get out of Donna's cunt and ass hole.

Donna could feel herself about to cum again when Jess stopped and got up. "Get on your knees Darlin' and put your hands under me like a quarterback does to a center. Donna didn't know what was happening but she did as she was told. Jess grunted and pushed a big soft shit turd into Donna's outstretched hands. It was warm and smelly. Donna almost threw it away from her but she didn't dare.

Jess stood and faced her. "OK, now rub it all over your tits." Donna didn't move.

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"Do I have to get the stun gun again?" Remembering the intense pain of the shock, Donna proceeded to rub the feces over her chest. After it was all spread around, Jess had one more order.

"Now lift your tits up and lick my shit." Donna hesitated and Jess took the stun gun out of her jacket pocket. Donna lifted her boobs up and started licking shit from them.

She almost puked again. Jess got off the table. All six bikers stood around the table. Duke looked at the tied men. "You have one really wild slut here. I hope we have shown you how she likes to be treated." He turned back around and joined the others who had already started pissing on every part of Donna's body. "OK guys, little lady is now going to go and get help for you.

She will be back with someone to help you pretty soon. And, Oh ya, thanks for the beers." They put their pants back on and led Donna, still naked and still covered with piss, shit and cum, outdoors.

"The closest town is three miles this way. You can get help there.

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I'd give you a ride but you're such a fucking mess that I don't want you on my bike. We will ride beside you but we can't go real slow so you had better walk fast." Donna walked down the road and the bikes stayed with her for about a mile then they sped off figuring that even if she turned around and went back to untie the men, that they had a plenty big head start.

Donna didn't think about going back. She continued her walk into town. Many people watched her as she walked past, after entering the town. Donna walked in to the sheriff's office, naked and all covered with piss, shit and cum. 0112