Ebony Domina Straponfucks Her Slave

Ebony Domina Straponfucks Her Slave
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It all started on a Friday night after getting home from work. I had just graduated college, and was working at a local restaurant delivering food. It was around 10:30 PM. I went upstairs to change into some sweatpants since I was tired from a long shift and was ready to throw on some sweatpants and a hoodie and watch some television downstairs.

I noticed my mom was already a sleep which wasn't too out of the ordinary since she works early every day. I threw on some clothes and headed downstairs where I saw my dad sitting on the couch watching some re-runs. He was drinking a beer, and eating some left overs. He worked late the past few days so he was tired, and was ready for the weekend.

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It all started out normal with us just talking about how our day was and at this point I was eating some food that I had brought back from the restaurant. We were talking about how he was planning on going skiing with my mother and some friends in Vermont in a few weeks and asked if I could take off.

I told him no because that was going to be the weekend of Valentine's Day and that me and my girlfriend had some things planned already, nevermind the fact that she would be REAL mad if I ditched her on Valentine's Day.

He started making fun of me about how I was locked into a relationship at such a young age, and I just laughed it off. This is where it all started to change. I noticed that he started getting drunk, and at this point we were both drinking beer, and even I was getting a bit tipsy.

He started to get a little loud and joke about how the people on tv always have such wild sex scenes since the couple on tv had just had rough sex session and he told me that I shouldn't get that excited since that would never happen.

I was getting horny from the show since the woman was gorgeous and I started getting hard. I noticed he was also getting hard. I had always fantasized about incest and how it was sexy that a family could become closer by the acts of incest.

I wasn't gay and had never been with another guy but if I were to get with a guy, my father would be the perfect and the only man I would get with. I decided to jokingly flick his dick and he gave me a look of "what did you just do?" Then I noticed his dick growing in his pants which were also sweatpants.

I looked at him and he looked at my growing hard on.

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I then started to rub it even though it was blowing my mind that I was doing this. Especially since if he turned me down, that would possibly be the most embarrassing situation. Luckily he didn't, and I was still nervous but I started to feel his dick which was still in his pants. I had seen his cock before, when he would get out the shower. It was a 5 inch dick soft that was uncut. I decided to slowly slip my hands down his pants and to slowly rub it up and down, and finally had enough guts to pull it out, and look at it in the flesh.

I started to play with the head of his hard uncut dick and to play with the foreskin.


I started to pull the foreskin down and to rub the head, and that's when he started to move me into position so that he could touch my dick. He pulled my dick out and studied it for a second. I was hard at that point, standing erect at about 7 inches with my uncut dick. I couldn't get my eyes of his gorgeous erect 8 inch uncut cock, and almost started to drool. I looked at it and finally decided to do what my girlfriend had done for me so many times. I got down on my knees in between his legs and started to bob back and forth.

He told me to slow down because I began to choke and gag a bit. I started to lick his shaft and work my way down to his soft balls.

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I couldn't help but play with his foreskin that was so soft and tasted so good. I loved the way his dick smelled and the way his balls would rub on my chin while I sucked on his shaft.


I started to suck him as hard as I could and I was so turned on. I could taste his pre-cum and wondered if my mother did this to him sometimes while I was in the house. He slowly picked me up by arm pits and placed me back on the couch and leaned over and kissed the head of my dick and started to nibble on my foreskin. I was in heaven, I loved how he was sucking on my dick so tenderly and knew where to touch.

He made me lick his finger and began to probe my asshole. This was the first time someone had played with my asshole before and I was loving it. Be was licking my shaft and spitting on my dick to make it wet. He then looked at me in the face and kissed me passionately on the mouth. My dick was throbbing and all that was going through my mind was how I wanted to BE FUCKED BY MY DAD!

Never have I thought things like this before, and he knew what I was thinking. He told me to be quite and to wait here for him. He went upstairs and came downstairs with a bottle of lube. He told me that he was going to fuck me and that I was going to take all of his dick. I told him I wanted to be his little boy and wanted to be used. I wanted to be fucked and that I wanted to feel like I was a piece of shit. I had never felt like this before, all I wanted was to be used. I slowly got down on my arms and knees and got into the doggy position.

He began to put lube on my asshole and slowly work it in with his fingers. It hurt at first but I had such a hard throbbing cock and the idea that my dad was about to fuck me had me near ecstasy. He slowly worked 2 fingers into my tight virgin asshole. That's when I turned around and shoved his dick back into my mouth and spit on his dick and told him to stick his fat cock in my asshole.

He looked at me and smiled, and flipped me over on my back. He then slowly began to stick the head in my asshole, and I started to whimper. The pain of his dick entering my asshole was unbearable.

He asked me if he should use a condom a few seconds later and I looked at him and told him, hell no. I wanted to be raw dogged by my dad and I wanted to feel every inch of his dick. He still had the head of his dick in my ass and even though it was painful I had never been turned on more. He slowly inched in and out with his dick till finally he had it all the way in.

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At this point my asshole had loosened up and he was going in and out slowly. I was in heaven. I was sucking on my fingers and his fingers in between make out sessions with my dad. He flipped me over and told me he wanted to bang me doggy style so I quickly flipped over where he stuck his dick quickly back in my asshole which was gaping.

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He started to slam his dick in and out of my asshole and I could feel his balls smacking my balls. I reached back and began to rub his hairy balls, they were driving me nuts. After a few more minutes of hard panting, ball slapping sex he told me he was going to cum and that he wanted to cum on my chest.

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I begged for his cum, but I didn't want it on my chest. I wanted it in my mouth. I got down on my knees and took the dick that had just been in my ass into my mouth. I didn't care that it had just been in me, I fucking wanted his dick back in mouth and I wanted his salty cum to drip down my throat.

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I was now his cum dumpster and I fucking loved it. I was fingering my asshole while sucking his dick and I wanted ever drop of his cum.

I licked his balls and dick clean of all my ass juices and all the cum. He squirted cum down my throat and I felt like I had never been alive, but I was still so horny so he told me to get back on the couch, where he finished me off with a good solid blowjob with rim jobs in between. Since the first night that we had sex, we've had sex on and off randomly. I love swallowing his fat loads every time, and licking his dick clean making sure not to leave a drop of cum behind.