Well hung uncut stud gets his hard cock sucked on

Well hung uncut stud gets his hard cock sucked on
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Kimiko checked her watch, glanced up and down the corridor of the 17th floor of the Sheraton, and, seeing no one, inserted the card in the door of Room 1715. She was wearing the uniform of a hotel housekeeper, a light blue dress with white trim and buttons down the front. When the green light went on, she turned the handle and entered the room, letting the door close and lock behind her.

Seeing the suitcase sitting on top of the king-size bed, she walked over and opened it, reaching in and pulling out the half-full bottle of Chivas Regal she knew would be there. Finding a tumbler on the nearby dresser, she opened the bottle and poured two fingers of the scotch into it, then walked back to the bed and sat down. Untying her shoes, she slipped them off and wriggled her toes inside her white socks, then took a sip of the whiskey, making a face as it burned on the way down her throat.

The second sip was easier, and she began to feel a warm glow as she relaxed and waited, going over the forthcoming scene in her mind. A few minutes later, after she had refilled her glass, she heard a card being inserted in the door, and saw it burst open. A well-dressed, well-built man in his late thirties entered the room, saw Kimi sitting on the bed, and said "What the fuck?!

What are you doing in my room?" Kimi's eyes widened with fright, and she stammered. "Oh god!

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I'm sorry&hellip.I…I was cleaning the room…I…just needed to sit down and rest for a minute." "And have a snort of my scotch while you were at it!" said the man angrily, walking over to the phone. "I think your supervisor may like to hear about this." "No! Please! I'll be fired!" cried Kimi, her eyes tearing up.

"I need this job!" "You should have thought of that before you decided to steal from me," said the man. "Please!" wailed Kimi. "I know it was wrong…I'm sorry! Please don't turn me in…I'll do anything you want. Just don't tell my boss!" Jeff Farnsworth paused and looked closely at Kimi for the first time since he had entered the room. She was young and slim, very attractive, in a slightly exotic way, with firm breasts evident beneath the tight-fitting dress.

Her nipples showed through the material, suggesting that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her Asian facial features were almost like those of a doll. She couldn't be more than 20 or 21. His information on her had been accurate. He relaxed, put the phone down, and faced her.

"Perhaps we can come to an understanding and make this little problem go away", he said. "An understanding?" said Kimi, fear still in her moist eyes. "What do you mean?" "I mean I might be willing to forget this if you.&hellip.cooperate." "What do you want me to do?" asked Kimi, seeming almost afraid of his answer. "Well, for starters…" said Jeff, his hands moving to his belt and unfastening it, "you can put those pretty Asian lips of yours around my hard dick".

Kimi looked shocked. "You&hellip.you mean&hellip.you won't report me if I&hellip.if I suck on your cock?" "Well, we'll start with that, anyway", said Jeff, continuing to disrobe as she watched. "Maybe I'll want you to cooperate in other ways, too.

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You look like you'd be a great little fuck." "No&hellip.I can't", pleaded Kimi. "Please don't make me do that." "It's really very simple," said Jeff calmly. "Suck it, or that cute little ass of yours is as good as fired." Kimi stared at him as he finished methodically undressing, seeming to think it over. His body was tanned and muscular, like an athlete, or someone who spent a lot of time outdoors. Her gaze lingered on his cock, which was large and thick.

Finally, she appeared to lose the battle with herself, to resign herself to her fate. "All right&hellip.you win. I'll do what you want." "Good girl", said Jeff, sitting down on the bed and lying back on his elbows. "I knew you'd see things my way. Let's see you hit your knees." Kimi moved between his legs and descended quickly to her knees. Spreading his legs further with her tiny hands, she rested her arms on his upper thighs and leaned forward. Her fingers raised his penis toward her lips, holding it as it lengthened and thickened.

Tentatively, she extended her tongue and slowly encircled the flared, circumcized head, her eyes uplifted and watching Jeff's face as she did. Her fingertips caressed the shaft as she touched the tip of his cock with her moist lips…then let them part and slide over the sensitive head, engulfing it in the warm wetness of her mouth.


Her eyes locked on his as her head slowly began to bob to and fro, her lips pursed as they slid over the sensitive ridge of flesh. She took care to avoid touching him with her teeth, bathing his cock with her saliva as she engulfed him.

Jeff moaned with pleasure. "What's your name, baby?" he asked. Kimi eased his cock, now fully erect, from between her lips, trailing strands of silvery saliva. "Kimi", she answered, then quickly sucked him back into her mouth, her lips sliding down the thick shaft, engulfing it in warm wetness. "Pretty name. Ohhh, god&hellip.that's it&hellip.suck it good, baby.

You have a boyfriend, Kimi?" His cock still between her lips, Kimi nodded her head 'yes'. "Lucky guy…" said Jeff. Kimi's brow furrowed as her head bobbed, as if to say maybe all was not well between her and her boyfriend. Slowly, he took her deeper into her saliva-filled mouth, until the head of his penis nudged the back of her throat. She forced her head lower, almost swallowing the head of his cock, her lips moving down the shaft still further, struggling to take him all the way into her mouth.

Then she eased back, letting his cock escape from between her lips, and gasped for breath for a moment. She reached out and pushed his dripping-wet cock against his flat stomach, while her head moved lower. Her tongue eased forward and slowly, gently encircled one of his heavy balls, tracing all around it with her tongue-tip, getting it wet with her saliva. Finished with one, she moved to the other one, patiently exploring them both, her tongue teasing them lovingly.

Jeff groaned as she made love to his sperm-bloated balls. This girl might be doing this because she had to, but she was obviously no beginner.

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She was good at it and seemed to be almost enjoying herself, now that she had surrendered herself to him. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere, stimulating all of his nerve endings as her tongue caressed his flesh. Finally, she moved back up and took his penis deep into her mouth again, her head bobbing in the same slow, sensuous cadence.

He reached down and grabbed the base of her ponytail, gripping it in his hand, guiding her head up and down as she hungrily nursed on his throbbing dick. "Damn, baby, you're one elegant little cocksucker", he murmured as wet slurping sounds filled the quiet room. Kimi gazed up at him, obviously pleased by the compliment. Her long fingernails lightly caressed his balls as she sucked on him lovingly, her tongue wetly teasing the sensitive underside of his cock.

He held her hair tightly and slowly began to thrust his hips, sawing his cock in and out of her mouth. Jeff felt his climax approaching, too fast.

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As much as he was dying to let go and flood her eager mouth with hot, thick spurts of his pent-up sperm, he wanted this to last longer, and get the most he could from this gorgeous little slut. Abruptly, he gripped Kimi's hair, and pulled her mouth from his penis, ropes of her saliva mingled with his own pre-cum extending between the glistening head and her lips. She looked up at him questioningly, and in answer, he pulled her to her feet and pushed her back onto the bed.

"Unbutton your uniform, Kimi" he said. "Let's see that gorgeous little body of yours." Kimi complied obediently, her fingers moving to the top buttons and slowly undoing them as he watched, stroking his dripping-wet cock. Kimi finally reached the last button, and slowly, almost teasingly, parted the front of her uniform, revealing firm 34c breasts, tipped by small, taut nipples.

She wore little white cotton panties that clung almost transparently to the bare folds of her pussy, betraying her wetness. Jeff kneeled beside the bed, sliding his hands under her hips and pulling her closer until Kimi ass was perched near the edge of the mattress.

Raising and parting her legs with his hands, he leaned forward and pressed his mouth against her sex, pressing his tongue against her damp panties. Kimi moaned with pleasure as his tongue tried to force its way through the thin material, pressing into her vagina…her hands involuntarily moved to her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples into hardness with her fingertips.

Jeff's saliva added to her own wetness as he sucked on her through the flimsy material, her hips rising against his mouth. At last, he released her, and his hands slid between her legs, reaching for the crotch of her panties and slowly pulling it to the side, revealing her dewy, hairless pussy.

His big tongue extended and he let it slide between her labia, then slither upward along her fluted petals, careful to avoid direct contact with her tiny pink clit. Then he slid his tongue deep into her vagina, tasting her essence as it flowed from her.

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Her pussy smelled and tasted fresh and sweet, like strawberries and cream, he thought, as his tongue fucked in and out of her and she writhed against him, her breath coming in short gasps that caught in her throat. His tongue withdrew, and slid upward now, glancing against her clit, then fluttering over it rapidly and lightly, tormenting Kimi as she squirmed under his onslaught.

Finally, he raised his head. Reaching out, he grasped her panties, and as she raised her hips, he pulled them over her firm ass, slid them up her legs and untangled them from her feet, her white socks still on them. Crawling up between her parted legs, he positioned his stiff cock at the entrance to her vagina, reaching down and moving the head up and down along her cleft, nudging her clit before guiding it back to her opening.

Kimi brought her knees back, exposing herself completely to him, ready for him to bury his fat cock deep in her yearning cunt. He rested on his hands, the head of his cock poised between her labia, pausing that way for a few seconds, savoring the exquisite moment. Kimi looked up into Jeff's face, her lips parted, her eyes narrowed with lust. "Fuck me…" she whispered softly, her voice almost a hiss. Jeff could hold back no longer.

He thrust his hips forward and sank his cock into her welcoming depths in one hard lunge, burying himself in her to the balls. Kimi groaned with pleasure, her hips rising to meet his thrust, wriggling against him as her vaginal muscles clung tightly to the invading shaft of flesh. Slowly, Jeff began to saw his cock in and out of her, marveling at the way her drenched pussy seemed to almost suck on his aching penis.

Jeff began to quicken his pace, his cock pistoning wetly in and out. Kimi felt her own arousal building from someplace deep within her, lost in their slowly accelerating rhythm, her muscles clasping him as he withdrew, then relaxing as he plunged into her again. Her hands clawed at the bedspread as he began to fuck her with a hard, driving fury, sweat glistening on his face from the exertion, until it began to drip down onto her heaving breasts from his nose and chin.

Jeff fought to hold back, to keep from flooding her cunt with his cum. The sound of wet flesh meeting wet flesh filled the room, along with Kimi's rhythmic gasps, punctuating each hard thrust of Jeff's cock, rising in a gradual crescendo. "Oh!&hellip.Oh!&hellip. OH!!……OH!!!&hellip.UNHH!!!!" At last, Kimi's orgasm welled up and seized her body, and her hips jackknifed upward, lifting him up with surprising strength, and she cried out as her wrenching climax engulfed her body.

"OHHHHGOD, I'M CUMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!" Jeff buried his cock deep inside her and held it there as she trembled and convulsed, her cunt spasming around him.

God, she was beautiful at this moment, he thought, her face flushed with the primal force of her orgasm. At last, she collapsed, panting for air, still shuddering in the aftermath of her cum. Jeff could hold back no longer.

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He had to cum, NOW! Quickly, he slid his cock from her vagina, and crawled up to straddle her chest, his fingers closing around the thick shaft of his cock and gripping tightly.

Kimi watched with her lips parted as he pumped on his engorged penis, so huge an inch from her lips. Jeff suddenly threw his head back and groaned, and a thick spurt of cum erupted from the tip, cascading against Kimi's lips, nose and forehead.

Then a second, more voluminous pulse, bathing her lips and chin. Again and again his cum burst forth, his fingers moving rhythmically up and down the shaft, pumping his copious sperm out onto Kimi's lovely face, so much that it oozed down her cheeks and chin in rivulets, while some of it went between her lips into her open mouth.

Finally, he guided his still-pulsing penis into her mouth, and she sucked hungrily as he emptied the last of his cum into her mouth, her tongue caressing the underside of his penis as he gazed down at her sperm-drenched face.

She looked more like a porn starlet than a hotel maid now as she sucked greedily on his flagging cock for every drop. At last his balls were spent, and he eased his cock from between her pearly lips…reaching down and collecting globs of semen from her face and bringing it to her lips, watching as she licked it off.

Her eyes held his captive as she slowly swallowed, his cum sliding down her throat. It was over. After a few moments, Jeff crawled slowly off of her, and picked up his pants from the floor, reaching for his wallet. Opening it, he pulled out ten $100 bills and carefully laid them on the top of the dresser. "Kimi&hellip.you're amazing. You're everything Bertrand said you were." Kimi sat up on the bed, and smiled.

"Thanks, Jeff. I enjoyed it too. You made me cum really hard." Reaching for her panties, she slid them on, and slid her arms into the sleeves of the maid's uniform. "I better get going…one of those housekeepers looked at me kinda funny when I got on the elevator before", she giggled.


"Can't have them calling security on me." She stood up, finished buttoning the buttons, and walked over to the dresser to retrieve her payment. "Can I see you again soon?" asked Jeff. She was walking to the door. "Sure, sweetie. Leave a message on my machine when you're going to be in town. Think of something new and fun, okay? Something sexy." She winked at him and smiled, then looked down the hall in both directions, and finally slipped out the door.