Thick Shaft Destroying Teen Pussy Stretching it to Maximum

Thick Shaft Destroying Teen Pussy Stretching it to Maximum
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We returned home and Kat was almost done with making dinner. We ate dinner, then played with the kids until it was time for them to go to bed. Once they were all in bed, The three of us crashed on the couch to watch TV. As there was nothing interesting on, We just had some program on that none of us were really watching. I was sitting in the middle and reached my arms back to hold both ladies. In return they both snuggled up next to me.

Kat started to rub her hand on top of my cock on my pants. Nichole was rubbing my chest and lightly twisting my nipple. Then Kat unzipped my pants pulled my hard cock out, and leaned down and started to suck on my cock.

Nichole moved my head over to hers and started to kiss me. Our tongues were dancing to the rhythm of Kat going up and down on my cock. Nichole reached over and took my shirt off. She made her way down my chest with kisses until she stopped at my pants. The two girls pulled my pants off and one continued sucking on me, while the other was kissing my thighs and balls.

They seemed to switch who was sucking me and who was kissing me. I did not care as I was in heaven with the feeling and the idea of two ladies going down on me. Then, just before I climaxed, they stopped.

"I think we should all get a shower and find our bedroom.", Kat said. The three of us ran upstairs like little kids.


I locked the bedroom door, as the girls stripped and headed to the bathroom. They were already in the shower by the time I got in the bathroom. Kat was busy soaping up Nichole's back and slowly down her legs. Nichole turned and they both were soaping each others boobs and stomach. I got an instant hard on.

They both saw it and giggled. They started to kiss each other on the lips, and soon they were fingering each others pussy. I was so thankful we had an oversized custom shower. I got in the shower as well and started to wash which ever one was closest. Soon we were all suds up and kissing each other in turn.

Finally we rinsed off and got out to dry up.

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We made it to the bed without falling, as the three of us were fondling and kisses the whole way there. We got on the bed and Kat pushed me to the edge of the bed. She then preceded to french Nichole. They were kneeling on the bed and their hands slowly going up and down their bodies as their tongues were locked together. All I could do was watch and enjoy. I was slowly masterbating, as I did not want to explode just yet.

Kat put her hands on Nichole's shoulders and forced her to lie on the bed.


She then started to suck on Nichole's tits. "Ohhh Kat that feels soooo good. Yes." Switching from one to the other, and sucking harder as Nichole started to moan. Then Kat moved down and started to lick her sisters pussy. She made sure that I had a clear view of her tongue going up and down and in her pussy. "Yes that is fucking awesome. OOOhh Kat I want to cum in your mouth." Nichole's body was squirming around with pleasure as Kat quickened the pace I could not just watch anymore, and grabbed a pillow, separated Kat's legs and positioned my head right under her pussy.

I could see it was already wet. I wasted no time in tongue fucking her pussy. She soon was rocking back and forth while her moans muffled in Nichole's pussy. Soon both girls bodies started to shake and Nichole shouted out, "I'm cumming. I'm cumming. OOh Sis you are great." And with that, Nichole screamed in delight and squirted into Kat's awaiting mouth.

Kat only a few seconds behind, arched forward and as she orgasmed, she stuck her cum covered tongue in Nichole's mouth and as she moaned, they kissed hard. Then they both turned at me and they took turns sucking my balls and sucking my cock. Occassionally, one of them would make their way up to kiss me. Soon it was too much for me.

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"I am cumminmg!!!!", Before I could finish the sentence I was shooting out load after load. The girls took turns catching it and then Kat sucked my cock dry. We only took a few seconds rest before we started taking turns kissing and fondling each of us. Soon my cock was at full attention once more.

We positioned ourselves on the bed so I was eating Nichole's pussy, Nichole was eating Kat's, and Kat was sucking on my cock.

it was 69 to the max. We continued until the girls exploded with another orgasm. As their bodies started to recover, I made Nichole get on all fours, then rammed my cock into her pussy. She yelped a little with the entry, but soon her ass was fucking me back. Kat leaned over and was kissing Nichole.

After a few minutes, Nichole looked back at me. "I want you to fill up my ass. Please put your cock in my ass." I spread her ass cheeks with my hands, lubed up her ass, and slid my cock in her.

I started getting a rhythm going, and Kat's eyes widened. "Sis, I can not believe you are letting him do that." "OOOhh Kat it feels so good.

Kat suck on my tits. OOOOHHH my …&hellip.Please Kat suck on my tits. I feel like i am going to cum again." Kat slid under Nichole and started sucking on her tits.

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Nichole's breath got shallow and the moans louder. "OOOHHHH I can't believe this. OOOHHH I am going to explode." Nichole's body started to shake violently. As she did, it triggered me. I exploded in her fine ass and filled it up. I exited her and dropped on the bed.

Kat was still in amazement. "Here you are, up to two days ago, never had an orgasm. Never sucked a cock, never mind shallowing cum. Then learning how to eat a pussy, and now you take it up the ass. I can not believe this." Nichole smiled and said, "I guess I am a late bloomer. Kat you have to do it." "Do what?" "Let Jack fuck your ass.

Kat it is so good." Kat froze. Her face almost looked like she was watching a horror flick.


"I.I…I can't. Nichole it is too much for me." "Nonsense. If I can do what I have done in the last few days, you can try this." "OK. But we need to go real slow." I could not believe my ears.

For years I have wanted this, but have not been able to.

And here her sister comes along and with in days gets her to try. They both came over to me. Nichole started to kiss me, as Kat started to give me a hand job. Nichole moved to my ear and whispered, "This is a thank you for the best sex I have every had." Then she moved over and positioned Kat on all fours.

I got behind her, as Nichole grabbed the lube and practically squirted the whole bottle in Kat's ass. Then I slowly inserted the head of my cock into her ass. She squealed a little, but held her ground. I went inch by inch until my balls were hitting her ass. Nichole was kissing her, to help Kat on the way. I slowly started to move back and forth. I could feel Kat's resistance, but she was trying. Nichole slid under her, put her head on a pillow, and started to lick Kat's pussy.

That seemed to relieve Kat a little and I started to quicken the pace. Soon Kat was not resisting me, but I could feel her ass banging me back a little.

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Kat then buried her head into Nichole's pussy as it was right there in front of her unattended. Kat started to moan with pleasure and Nichole and I went faster.

Soon Nichole started moaning, and it did not take long before they both were shaking and screaming.

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That sent me over, and I released my load into Kat's ass. I must have been extra excited about ass fucking Kat, as cum was seeping out her ass before I pulled out. The three of us fell limp on the bed.

We just lied there for a while in silence. Nichole sighed,"Well I sure am thankful I have three more days here." We all started to laugh. Soon Nichole kissed us both and made it back to her room. That week was a week to remember. Each night we experimented with different things. I thought this week would drag on and on, but it went too fast. We were at the airport Saying good bye to Nichole and her girls. Nichole said,"I am going to encourage John to go on more trips with his buddies.

That way I can get down here more." Those words a week ago would have felt like someone driving a stake in me. But now, I found myself excited for the next trip.

One of the best things was Kat started to enjoy anal sex and we were enjoying it more.