Shantee verwendet und schwer missbraucht

Shantee verwendet und schwer missbraucht
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Anne knew it wasn't a good idea to go out at night, what with all the recent reports of missing women. But she needed to get home, she had stayed out too late at a friend's party and had forgotten to do her homework for class tomorrow. Her long brown hair bounced along behind her as she ran down the sidewalk, keeping a watchful eye for potential malefactors. Her green eyes shimmered in the light of a lamppost as she passed, reflecting the glimmer of hope she still had for her grades.

She was careful, but not careful enough. She misjudged the position of the curb on an alleyway entrance, tripped, and fell flat in her face. "Ow! I've got to pay attention to where I'm going more." Then, out of the darkness, a voice. "You ain't going anywhere, little girl." "Who.who are you calling little?

And who are you." This time, there was a different voice. "Aw, she's a cute one, ain't she. I bet she's tight." A pair of massive hands grabbed her arms and lifted her off the ground.

"Hey! Stop! Put me down! What are doing! Let go of me! Help! Help! Hemmmph!" The other shadowy figure had shoved two of his fingers into her mouth.

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She could see better now, with it standing in the light. It's head was narrow and triangular, and at the back of it's skull, there were three horns, which were covered with it's dark red skin. It had a massive body, humanoid with the addition of a long reptilian tail. It's hands had three clawed fingers, and it's feet had three similar toes. The most unsettling thing, however, was the creature's massive cock, sized like a thoroughbred stallion's, except reptilian in form.

"Shut up, you little bitch. You wanna wake the entire city?" She gagged in his fingers, but he didn't remove them. "Maybe we should just kill her, you know?" "No, her resistance is half the fun." Their voices were deep and intimidating, even bone-chilling. What's more is that they had vicious looking fangs, which were visible every time they opened their mouths. "Plffffph dumnt kulh meh." "She trying to say something.

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Speak up, bitch. We can't understand you." "Take your fingers out of her mouth first, idiot." "Oh, right." The red one (the other one was dark green) pulled out his fingers. "Please don't kill me." "We won't, at least, not in purpose. Strip her down." "No, wait, please-" The red one reached for her shirt, but was met with a kick to the face. "You little bitch! Now I'm gonna kill you!" "Relax. You can have your revenge later, Ga'gel." "But she kicked me in the eye, Si'gel." Ga'gel grabbed her shirt with his powerful hand and ripped it clean off.

He grabbed her bra with his other hand and ripped that off as well. "Stop! Please!" "Nah.


This is too much fun. Besides, now I owe you for what you did to my eye." He grabbed her skirt and pulled it right off. Next he pulled her panties up as far as he could. They tugged on her clit a little, and she felt a bolt of excitement pierce through her fear.

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"Ahh! Stop it!" He continued tugging on them. Her breath was beginning to quicken, partly from the fear she was feeling, and partly from the pleasure. Ga'gel stopped, and let go of her panties.

He then slid the bottom over, revealing her moistening pussy. He began to rub his giant finger along her slit. His coarse, scaly skin rubbed against her clit, exciting her even more.

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She was beginning to moan softly. "Please.(ngh).let me.(ahh).go!" Ga'gel stopped and licked his finger, savouring her juices. "Mmm. Si'gel, this one tastes ripe." Ga'gel repositioned his finger beneath her pussy and slowly pushed up, his finger sliding easily inside her warm, moist pussy.

She writhed and tried to pull away, but he was already inside her. He slid his finger in all the way to the knuckle, then pulled it out. "She's a tight one, Si'gel." "Perfect. I can already tell she's warming up to us." Ga'gel went to put his wet finger inside her mouth, but she turned her head.

He grabbed her head and turned it towards him, stuffing his finger inside her mouth. She gagged little. "That's right. Taste yourself, you little cunt. You're so excited, your body betrays you even now." He pulled his finger out of her mouth, and gave her a quick slap to the face. It left her cheek red, redder than it already was at least. "Si'gel, I want to be the first to fuck the little bitch." "Very well, brother." He handed her over to Ga'gel, who tossed her down on the hood of a nearby car, breaking the windshield and denting the hood.

"I didn't say to kill her," Si'gel exclaimed, bumping his brother on the shoulder. Ga'gel pinned her down, his hands crushing her arms against the hood of the car.

She used her legs to try to push him back, but in vain. "Don't make me break them, you little bitch. Now, open wide." He let go of her arms and pulled her legs apart, spreading them wide and exposing her warm, tight pussy. He used one hand to position his hardening cock so that its narrow head was resting against her lips. "No, wait! Please, don't, it's too big!" With a powerful thrust, he forced his cock deep inside her, savouring her tightness while it lasted. She screamed in surprise and pleasure.

"She likes it, Ga'gel." "Good, because there's a lot more to come." He began thrusting, slowly at first, and then harder. With each powerful thrust her body shook, and she got closer to an orgasm. His rough skin was tearing at her soft pussy walls, and there was just the slightest hint of blood on his cock.

She was half moaning, half screaming with every push, clutching at the sides of the car like crazy. Si'gel took his hardening cock in hand and began to pleasure himself at the sight of his brother tearing up the girl's tight hole. It wasn't long before Anne was climaxing, powerful waves of pleasure blasting across her body. She moaned one last time. Her contractions set Ga'gel off, who began to increase his pace to break-neck speed. "No.wait.not.inside." She said between breaths.

But it was too late. Ga'gel released his first load of seed deep inside Anne's twitching pussy. It filled her womb, and began to leak out onto the hood of the car. This sent her into another, even more violent set of convulsions. She screamed this time, surprised of the vast volume of seed that filled her. As Ga'gel pulled out his cock, her body began to go limp as she succumbed to the pleasure that filled her. "That's right, you little slut.

You're mine now, so you better do as I fucking say." Seed leaked out from her pussy as she struggled to regain her composure.

"It's my turn, Ga'gel. The little slut is mine." Ga'gel back off and Si'gel took his place. He grabbed both of Anne's ankles and forced her feet up by her head, her ankles and her hands being pushed together. This lifted her tight little ass off the hood of the car. With an evil look in his eyes, Si'gel reached down and used his fingers to spread her tight little asshole wide enough to fit the tip of his erect cock inside. "No, wait! Not there! That's not where it goes!" "I say where it goes and where it doesn't, bitch!" And with that, he buried the head of his cock inside her tight pucker.

She clenched her teeth as he whole body shuddered. She had never had anything so big shoved up her ass.


He pushed the rest of his massive cock inside her, all the way up to his ballsack. "I can feel myself pushing aside your organs in order to fit inside your tight body. Ha ha ha." Anne felt violated to the core. She could feel him inside her, and how he stretched her out so. He began thrusting slowly, but powerfully. He slowly quickened his pace, pushing his cock all the way in, so his testicles touched her skin.

Her body rocked with every thrust. She was moaning loudly, and breathing heavily. Si'gel could feel the pressure rising inside him, and quickened his pace. With a roar, he unloaded himself inside her, filling her ass with his hot, gooey seed. A little bit leaked out, running down her skin, but most of it disappeared inside her. He pulled out his dick and splashed the last of the load all over her pussy, breasts, and face.

Anne was breathing heavily, and her hands were still clutched to the car. Ga'gel picked her up and threw her to the ground. "Come on, you little cunt. Wrap your whore mouth around my thick cock." Anne turned her head in a weak attempt to resist. "Little slut!" He slapped her, and grabbed her head, forcing his cock inside her mouth. He pulled her head back and forth along his dick, shoving it's entirety down her throat.

She gagged, but he didn't stop. "That's right, bitch. Take it all in." Meanwhile, Si'gel was watching, and pleasuring himself again. Ga'gel grabbed a hold of her hair and pulled her head back, unloading a load of semen all over her face.

Before she knew it, Si'gel was jamming his meaty cock inside her mouth too. He face-fucked her for a while before he let go of his second load, blasting it down her throat and out her nose.

Anne gagged and coughed, a trickle of seed dripping from her mouth. "You ready to cooperate now, little slut-whore?" "Never." He kicked her, knocking her over. "Listen, bitch! We are going to fuck you till we're satisfied. We will fuck you raw, whether you like it or not. So I suggest you start liking it." Ga'gel grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up, forcing her against the side of one if the buildings.

He used one hand to shove her face into the brick, while the other spread her legs apart. He positioned his dick outside of her pussy and unceremoniously shoved it in. She moaned loudly, still recovering from her previous orgasms.

He fucked her furiously, his weight crushing her against the building. She moaned louder and louder. Ga'gel finally cane to his climax, and filled her womb once again with his gooey seed. It spilt out onto the ground, making a large puddle when he pulled his cock out. "You're turn." He said, throwing her to Si'gel's feet.

He positioned her on all fours and got down behind her. Spreading her asshole once again, he penetrated her. A few furious thrusts, however, and he pulled his rock-hard cock out. He went around to her head, and opened Anne's mouth for her. He shoved his dick inside, thrusting it deep down her throat.

Meanwhile, Ga'gel had come in behind her, and was fingering her asshole. As his brother fucked her face, Ga'gel began to make love to her other end.

He spread her asshole and shoved his dick inside. They alternated thrusting, one thrusting her forward into the other, who thrusted her back. She was moaning throughout it all, and almost crying. "Brother, I feel as if we can almost touch inside her, our dicks reach so far in." They synchronised thrusts now, thrusting with greater force than before.

Then, they came, simultaneously this time. Seed blew everywhere. It leaked out her ass, out her mouth, and even out her nose. She swallowed plenty, and a good deal more disappeared up into her ass. Si'gel removed his cock, and Ga'gel positioned her so that her body was upright, suspeneded by his rock-solid cock. His seed was still leaking out of her ass. Si'gel penetrated her pussy, and they began thrusting, synchronised again. Semen was dribbling from the corner of her mouth, and she was too beaten to even resist.

She simply moaned, closed her eyes, and let the pleasure wash over her. Ga'gel was beginning to get tired of taking up the rear. "Brother, move over. Her cunt has enough room for both of us now." He pulled his dick out if her asshole, and used his finger to stretch her pussy much farther than intended. He forced his dick inside, along with his brother's, and they thrusted alternately.

As they drew closer to coming, they began to thrust together, adding power with every stroke. They came at the same time again, releasing their hot seed into Anne's stuffed womb, filling it even more and causing her stomach to bulge a little. They pulled her off, and a vast amount of cum spilt out onto the ground, creating a massive puddle.

They pushed her down into the puddle, face up. Ga'gel straddled her, placing his dick in between her breasts. Meanwhile, Si'gel was preparing to enter her gaping, dripping pussy again.

They took her again, Ga'gel tit-fucking her face while Si'gel thrusted his way into her pussy again. This time, they didn't come inside her. They got off a few seconds before they blew their loads, and blasted them all over her body instead. It got into her hair, covered her face, her breasts, and her abdomen. She laid there in the puddle, her mouth dripping semen, her gaping ass and pussy overflowing with seed. She was breathing heavily, and looked away from their piercing vision, defeated.

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"Shall we keep her?" "Nah, she's all used up. She's broken. Throw her away, with all the other trash." They picked her up and tossed her into the nearest dumpster.


"Well, I guess it's time to find our next victim then. I must admit that was satisfying." They walked away, leaving the poor girl in the dumpster, her clothes torn and her body ruined, to be found early that next morning.

The brothers remain at large and have yet to be apprehended.

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