Lokales erwachsenes Kino

Lokales erwachsenes Kino
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The last year if my life has been a disaster. Within twelve months I lost my girlfriend of three years, gotten fired from my job, gotten kicked out of the local community college due to failure to pay the tuition, and now in a bold attempt to take control of my seemingly dramatic life I moved almost a thousand miles away from my family in Chicago and settled in Dallas Texas.

You could say it was a very dramatic, arguably impulsive decision on my behalf, but in my defense I thought moving to a part of the country where I knew absolutely no one was the best way to start over. But I digress, I made a choice to do this and I'm far to stubborn to admit toy folks that this was a mistake, and that I desperately wanted to crawl back to the safe haven that was their home. I took the $3000 I had to my name, got myself as motel room to stay in until I could find a job that would pay for rent and food, and toiletries, all that good stuff.

After about a week if rigorous Internet searching I was a able to secure a job interview with an advertising company. It was a low end office assistant position but it would keep food on the table so I figured what the hell. Besides if I stick around long enough long enough maybe I The could turn into a great opportunity for me. The interview was set for This upcoming Friday, giving me three days to polish up my resume and find suitable office work attire. Finding other that fit me properly has always been a pain in the ass.

I'm not very tall standing at only 5'6 on a good day, but I was very muscular. There just aren't many shirts off the rack that fit around my large chest and arms, while simultaneously not looking like a dress. I passed the next couple of days by taking tours around my new neighborhood, one of which bought me pass a gym.

I had been looking for a gym that was close by and figured I'd go check it out. It was a very nice looking building, very modern in its design.

It wasn't terribly big but it was by no means small. After talking to the cute receptionist for a few minutes I learned they offering trail memberships. She didn't have to say much after that. I ran back to the motel room, grabbed the first pair of shorts I could find and hustled back to the weights. I was thirty minutes into my workout when I looked to my left and saw a gorgeous young lady two benches over in her own little zone.

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She was about 5'0 tall, nice perky C cup breast, which could've been her sports bra, but those legs, and beautiful ass was all her. And the compression pants she was wearing showed them off marvelously.

I may have stared a bit to long to however. She caught me staring as I tried to play it off, but to no avail. She gave a sly smirk as she continued on to her next set. I stayed for another hour or so keeping her in my sight at all times. She didn't know this but she was motivating me to workout more intensely then I have in a while. I know what you're thinking.

Yes I am being a creep, but in my defense I haven't touched a woman since my ex and I split up so my hormones were out of control to say the least. I toweled off, got dressed and started heading back to my motel room. Once I got outside a soft voice came from behind me. "New in town?" I turned around to a beautiful sight. Her face even more beautiful up close. Her caramel brown skin glistening, it took me a second to gather myself.

"something like that." "My name is Adrienne, and yours is…" "Roger" I replied shyly. She made me nervous I can't explain why.

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"Well Roger, I can't help but notice that you seem to know what you're doing in the gym. I don't see many people at this gym that do." "I guess you can say that." "You're not much of a talker are you Roger?" " You seem like a conversationalist. I'll let you lead the way." I responded slyly.

"Well since I'm leading the way apparently, let me show you around town later today. Meet me back here in an hour?" "See you soon." I tried to keep my cool as I we went our separate ways. I was geeked. I damn near sprinted to the motel and leapt into the shower.

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An hour seemed to drag. I put on my tightest fitting henly, some fitting slacks and nice pair of Oxfords. I got back to the gym ten minutes before an hour was up. I used the extra time to get a game plan together. She showed up about five minutes later looking better than she did an hour ago. Wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans, that accentuated her the magnificence of her lower body.

The tight fitting v neck t-shirt that showed her cleavage very well. It was going to be hard to keep my eyes off of her. I get the strange feeling she didn't mind me looking. We walked around for about an hour or so, making small talk, getting to know each other, but mainly sneaking looks at each other. I offered to walk her back to her place, hoping the night didn't end so soon. She asked me where I was staying.

I told her about the motel I had been at since I arrived in Texas. " Well just so you know the complex I stay in has a few apartments open if you're interested." "wouldn't hurt to look." " Then it's settled, you'll come back to my place and I'll show you the complex and introduce you to the leasing manager." "Sounds like a plan." I responded trying to make it not seem like a big deal. She stayed about ten minutes away from the gym, twenty or so away from the motel. The complex was very nice.

It had a pool, several outdoor BBQ areas, a park for kids, different sports equipment. It looked very expensive. " Do you live alone?" I asked cautiously. " Yes sir I do." "Doesn't it get lonely?" I asked even more cautiously than before.

"It can sometimes.

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I keep myself occupied enough to not think about it to much though." She opened the door to get one bedroom apartment. It was nicely decorated. Everything was very neat and…girly. I removed my shoes at the door and plopped down on her couch. "Sure make yourself at home" She said jokingly "Don't mind if I do." I joked back We spoke late into the night. Enjoying each other's company. Laughing getting closer to one another, both mentally and physically.

After a while though the conversation seemed to fade, and I started to contemplating leaving to not spoil the great day we had together. Out of no where she says, "So you wanna watch Netflix and chill until you're ready to leave me?" "We'll run out of stuff to watch before that happens." " Aww aren't you sweet." She picked some show, grabbed a blanket and some wine and settled next to me on her couch. It took everything in me not caress her thigh.

Her scent was alluring, her skin still radiating even amidst the glow the of the TV. She'd changed into some more comfortable clothing so every time she got up to head to the kitchen or her bedroom I got a nice look at her perfect ass.

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It took her three time times to notice, but she went to grab some snacks out the kitchen and I noticed she wasn't wearing any panties. I stared as she walked away. Her hips swaying rhythmically. I was in a daze. I felt my dick start to rise. I quickly adjusted myself the best I could. When she returned she sat right next to me and layer her head on my shoulder.

The next fifteen minutes consisted of me awkwardly fidgeting to avoid her noticing my growing election. She got up to head to the kitchen when she slipped and fell into my lap, her hand fell onto my dick, which caused it to spring up again. There was an awkward silence between us before she walked into her room. She returned a few minutes wearing a snuggie like blanket and sat back down on the couch, but this time she say further away.

The minutes continued to go by. We snuck glances at each other, occasionally giggling when we caught each other. Somehow we ended up right next to each other, my hand on her thigh. Her hand caressing the back of my neck. My hand slowly began to inch closer to her lady bits.

She turned to me and we stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like forever.


Her beautiful brown eyes peering into mine. Without another word we started passionately making out. Or tongues exploring the insides of each other's mouths, dancing with one another, getting accustomed to each other's taste. She pushed me down onto my back and climbed on top of me. We continued to kiss more and more deeply, using our hands to discover each other's bodies.

She used her hands to massage my chest. I use mine to caress that gorgeous ass I'd been staring at all day. Her breathing is getting heavy. She's beginning to get antsy. She is bawling my shirt in her hands to avoid ripping it off. I lift her shirt over her head. She reciprocated my efforts, and removed her bra.


Her breast rubbing against my skin. She begins rubbing my cock through my pants, as I cupped her breast and begin massaging her nipple. After minutes of this she tossed my belt aside and slipped her hands down my pants. She gasped once she hold of it. She gave me this sexy look, biting her lip and quietly moaning. She kissed me deeply again before beginning to trail down my body. She started at my neck. Kicking and nibbling before kissing down my stomach.

My nerves started to get to me, I begin to fidget as she got closer to my groin. She put a finger a lips and told me to relax.

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She crawls back down to my groin and starts to slowly lick my cock, from the base of my shaft to the tip. The feeling sent shivers down my spine. She cupped my balls, and caressed my balls before engulfing my cock in its entirety. She bobbed her head slowly at first, picking up the pace as she went along. At this rate I was going to cum soon. She is sucking and stroking my cock. I tried to get her to stop to avoid cumming so soon.

She pushed me back down and began sucking faster, stroking with both hands. She had me right where she wanted. It was only a matter of moments before I was shooting rope after rope of my manhood into her mouth. She sat up smiling, wiped the excess cum from the corner of her mouth before sucking it off her finger; staring at me the entire time.

She swallowed, giggled and asked me " How was that?" I couldn't answer. Instead I grabbed her by the waste. Kissed her again before proceeding to rip of her pants. I layer down on my back. " I can show you better than I can tell you." I said in my best sexy voice. She straddled my face, already dripping wet I begin to lick all around her lips.

Biting her inner thigh, teasing her pussy until she couldn't take it anymore. Her moans were getting louder, her hips began to sway. I can tell she was eager for me to taste her. " what…are.you wai… Before she could finish her sentence I shoved my tongue into her love tunnel, letting my lips graze her clit. She let out a deep moan as I continued tongue fucking her pussy.

She tasted so sweet. Her hips began to pick up the pace. She grabbed the sides of my head and began to rapidly grind her pussy against my tongue. Her hips moving at incredible speed. I wanted her cum in my mouth so bad. I gave her a smack on the ass to encourage her to keep going. Her moans turned into gasp for air as her hands migrated from my head to my chest.

She dug her nails into my skin as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She was close to climax, and I was growing impatient. I fiend for her juices.

Another smack on the ass and her body began to buckle. Her nails becoming one with my pectoral.

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" Oh my God I'm cummimg baby." She said as her juices filled my mouth. Wave after wave of her sweetness. I was in heaven. Her or orgasm subsided and she collapsed on top of me.

"I hope you have more in you." I said arrogantly.

She looked up at me with an exhausted look on her face. "oh I'm just getting started."