Venezolano se masturbo solo en casa

Venezolano se masturbo solo en casa
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4 Curious College Girls By John Morrison Creator of "The Adventures of John and Holly" Chapter 1: Wild Tongues October, Freshman Year "Did you see Cynthia today?" Alex asked Taylor, as they sat watching TV in the middle of the night. "Yeah why," Taylor said, laughing at the TV. She sat on an arm chair, wearing a white T-shirt, and blue jeans. "She acted strange when I saw her earlier," Alex said, sitting in her nightgown. "I just wondered if there was something going on," Alex said.

"I'm sure she was fine. You know Cynthia, she is always worried about something," Taylor smiled, looking over to Alex. "I don't know…and I thought I saw Julie go into the bathroom when Cynthia was in there…" Alex said. "You think they're lesbians?" Taylor asked, laughing. "I think I'm going to bed, it's pretty late," Alex said, slowly standing up. "I'll go soon, I wanna finish this movie." She smiled, looking at Alex, then back to the TV.

Alex quickly walked into her room, quietly shutting the door. She opened her drawer, picking up several layers of items, and grabbed a vibrator from the back of the drawer. She hopped up to the top bunk, quickly getting under her covers. In the dark, Alex settled into bed, her long hair laid out on her pillows, her short skinny frame taking up very little of the bed. She closed her eyes, pushing the small vibrator under the covers and under her nightgown.

The mechanical buzzing seemed dangerously loud, worrying Alex, not wanting to get caught pink handed. She pictured her favorite dream guy, going through positions and different acts quickly, the small toy pressing against her clit. Her other hand was massaging her lips below the toy, trying to cum as quickly as possible. She was moaning softly and rhythmically, her back arching steadily.

Taylor yawed on the couch, very tired from a tough day in the gym. She stood up, and turned the TV off. She headed to her bedroom door, eyes half shut. When she reached the door, she thought she heard a buzzing sound. Not wanting to wake Alex up, she opened the door slowly and quietly.


Alex heard the door open. She turned the vibrator off, and played dead, hoping she hadn't been caught. "Alex, are you awake?" Taylor asked, looking at the top bunk in the dark room. "Yeah," Alex replied softly, her hands and toy still in her crotch, not wanting to move an inch. Then Taylor turned the lights on. Taylor saw Alex in a weird position. Taylor smirked, knowing what was going on, "What are you doing? What was that buzzing?" "What buzzing?" Alex said, trying to play it off.

Taylor looked at her, still smirking. "Fine! I was masturbating," Alex said bluntly. Taylor giggled, looking at her. "Don't be embarrassed, it's ok. I hear you almost every night anyways." Taylor smiled, walking closer to her. "You knew all this time?" Alex asked, sitting up now. "Yeah," Taylor said, making it sound obvious.

"Then why did you make me sneak around all this time?" Alex asked. "Well, would me saying 'I heard you masturbate last night' sound like a normal thing to say?" she laughed a bit.

"Since when are you normal?" Alex quipped. "Hey, don't get pissy at me cause I caught you," Taylor said, looking in her eyes. "I'm not being pissy, I just mean that I kept doing it quietly, and you knew the whole time," Alex said, now gesturing with her hands, which brought her little toy into plain sight. "Well, I guess I just…hey!

Is that my vibrator!?" Taylor asked, furiously, walking forward and grabbing the toy from Alex's hand.

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"No," Alex said, the wet toy now in Taylor's possession. Taylor blushed now, realizing the difference now. "Oh, sorry!" "If you lick that, I swear to god," Alex said, knowing the bi-curious tendencies of Taylor.

Taylor grinned, "Oh, and what if I do?" she looked at Alex, raising the vibrator to her lips. "I don't lick your vibrator," Alex said in a disgusted voice. Taylor laughed, "But this one is coated in something sweet," She looked back at her. Alex jumped out of bed, going to take her slippery vibrator back. "Give me that," Alex said, holding her hand out. Taylor giggled, as she saw Alex run at her.

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Her long dark brown hair flew behind her, as her beautiful brown eyes were filled with anger. Her nice B cup breasts bounced slightly as she ran to her, and her nightgown was wet down there. Taylor smiled, and backed up, licking the vibrator's shaft. Alex kept moving toward Taylor until she was backed up against the dresser, still smirking. She tried to grab the vibrator but couldn't get a hold of the slippery plastic, and Taylor moved aside and around the attacking Alex.

Alex walked towards Taylor again, Taylor backed up all the way back to her bed. Taylor giggled, as she tripped, and fell on her bed, still licking the vibrator. "Mmmm, it tastes SOOO good Alex." She watched her come at her, as she knew now she was trapped on her bed.

Alex was ready to pounce, and jump onto Taylor's bed, but Taylor did something unexpected. Taylor held the vibrator in her mouth with her teeth, her hands going down to pull up her shirt. Taylor tossed her shirt at Alex, laughing as she did it. Taylor is around 5 foot 7, with large C cup breasts, that were constrained by her white bra.

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She had blonde hair that was just less than shoulder length, and these piercing blue eyes that showed she was quite happy with herself at the moment. The shirt flew into Alex's face. "You can't just attack me, it would be too lesbian for you," Taylor smirked. Alex stood there, her face covered with a light sweat. It radiated a soft red. "You little bitch…just give it back." She frowned at her. "Make me," Taylor said, pushing the vibrator just inside the top of her jeans, slowly descending toward her special area, provoking Alex.

Alex lunged at Taylor, pushing her down on her bed. Taylor laughed as Alex angrily grabbed for the vibrator, ending up with her hand in Taylor's crotch.

Taylor smiled at her. "Hmm, what do you think you are doing?" she giggled, pulling the vibrator out, licking the head. Alex noticed that the quick wrestling match had popped Taylor's breasts out of her bra. Alex started laughing out loud, laying back on the bed giggling. Taylor did too, her bra laying under her breasts, unclasped. She smiled, and threw it to the side. Taylor watched her laughing. She looked under her night gown, and noticed that she had no panties on, revealing her hairy pussy.

This got her a little wet.

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"I'm not the only one flapping in the breeze," Taylor said laughing as hard as Alex. Alex heard the comment, and quickly understood that she was exposing herself to Taylor. Alex laughed even harder, rolling onto her side on the bed, laughing uncontrollably. Taylor's face was bright red from all this laughing. She dropped the vibrator to the side, and closed her eyes, holding her stomach, laughing so hard.

"Oh god girl, I haven't laughed this hard in a long time." She smiled, laughing still.

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Alex was laying on her side, laughing and looking into Taylor's eyes. The laughing slowly went away, leaving silence and two exposed girls.

Taylor was just left with a big smile. Soon, that went away also. "Hey, Alex…what were you thinking of, when you were masturbating?" Taylor asked, looking into her eyes still. "This guy in my Psych class," Alex said quietly. She smiled, "What does he look like?" "I don't know, he's not spectacular or anything…what do you think about?" Alex asked.

She smiled, "Eh, nothing really, I kinda just do it." She lied, not wanting to say. "Oh come on, there has to be something," Alex persisted. Taylor blushed wildly, as she looked away from her. "You&hellip." She mumbled, very softly. "Really?" Alex asked, sounding interested. "I have tried thinking about girls, but it's never as good as when I imagine a guy." Taylor looked back at her, confused, "You aren't grossed out or anything?" she asked.

"Do you just think about me, or do you imagine other girls too?" Alex asked, sitting up, very interested in the topic.

"I uh…have thought about you, Cynthia, and Julie…but mostly, just you…" she blushed still. "God, that must be frustrating. You have all that sexual energy when you are masturbating, and the object of lust is two feet away, but off limits…" Alex said, trailing off. "I thought about you once." Taylor's eyes opened wide, "Really?!" she let out, happy, "tell me about it." She said more forcefully than asking. "Well…I was fantasizing about this guy, but it just wasn't doing it for me, so I imagined that you walked in on us.

So then, while he was still fucking me, you undressed, and came over, and you sat down on my face, and I was licking your pussy. After a while, the guy just kind of disappeared and it was just you and I in a sixty-nine," Alex said, blushing. Taylor smiled brightly at this, blushing a bit. Her pussy was on fire now. "Oh god Alex, that is so hot." She smiled, looking at her exposed pussy. Her hand crept slowly to her own crotch.

Alex watched Taylor intently, seeing the arousal and desire in her. "Have you ever been with a girl?" Alex asked. Taylor grinned, "Yes, I have. A couple actually, when I was younger. And I even kissed Julie the other day." She smiled, looking at Alex, fire in her eyes and pants.

Alex trembled. "Do…do you want to kiss me?" She asked, knowing the answer. Instead of answering, Taylor leaned into her face, kissing her lips lightly. Their lips opened, and they very slowly started to explore each other's lips and tongue. The kiss ended quickly, Alex sitting back.

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Alex blushed, breathing faster, staring at Taylor for a minute, in a completely different way than before. Taylor smiled at her best friend, and licked her lips slowly.

"Was that your first lesbian kiss?" Alex was smoldering, her mind on another level, her body completely awakened. The question lingered in the air for a while. Alex lunged forward, pushing Taylor back until she was on top of her. Alex immediately started kissing her passionately, her hands quickly moving all over Taylor. Taylor smiled, kissing back with the same passion, if anything more. She rubbed her hands all over Alex's back.

She lowered them, finding her ass.


She squeezed this lovingly, as she thrusted her tongue into her friend's mouth. Alex rubbed her hands on Taylor's large breasts, making out with her. She felt Taylor's hands move from her ass up to grab the bottom of her night gown and lifting it up. Alex raised her arms, letting Taylor take the night gown off. Soon Alex's naked body was visible to the world around her.

Her body glistened in a light sweat. She continued rubbing Taylor's breasts, pinching her nipples. Taylor sucked on her tongue lightly, as Alex unbuttoned Taylor's pants, pulling them down to her knees.

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Taylor reached around Alex's firm ass, and pushed her index finger into Alex's dripping pussy. She slowly pushed her finger in and out, as Alex continued to feel her up. Taylor used her legs to push her jeans the rest of the way off. Alex soon felt a second finger penetrate her pussy lips, "Oh god Taylor, I love you so much!" Alex moaned out, breaking away from Taylor's lips.

Taylor didn't respond, as she went back to kissing her. Alex put one hand down into Taylor's panties, forcing her way down. Their lip lock continued, as Alex pushed a finger against Taylor's engorged clit, rubbing her roughly. Taylor showed the effects immediately. Taylor's hips humped against her finger, as she moaned out loud. Alex smiled at her, shutting her up with a kiss.

After a minute of kissing, Alex slipped her panties off.

Alex removed her mouth from Taylor's, kissing slowly down her neck, lingering on her breasts, and heading further south. Taylor could no longer reach Alex's pussy, and she brought her two wet fingers up to her mouth, sucking Alex's juices off of them, as she stared into Alex's eyes.

Alex slinked further down, as she reached her trimmed pussy. Alex smiled at it, and kissed it slowly and softly. A low moan escaped Taylor's Lips.

"Oh god Alex, don't tease me!" she said loudly. Alex grinned, and rubbed her clit with her index finger. "I've always wanted to do this," Alex said, grinning at Taylor. Then she looked back down at the wet slit before her. Alex's tongue descended slowly until it reached Taylor's lips.

Alex slowly licked Taylor's lips until she reached her clit. Taylor grabbed her own tits, squeezing them hard. "Oh god Alex, please fuck me with your tongue!" Alex smiled, and then began to suck on her clit, nibbling it softly. Taylor's hips humped into Alex's face. Alex moved down, her lips engaging Taylor's lips, as she pressed her tongue between them and inside her.

Alex felt Taylor's hands on the back of her head, not pushing, but as if she didn't want to let her go. Alex pushed her index finger inside of Taylor as she continued to eat her. Taylor wrapped her legs around her head, thrusting her hips harder into her face, "Oh god Alex, yes oh god!!" she screamed out, as she reached her climax, cumming all over her face. Alex giggled, her mouth still pressed against Taylor's pussy, as she climaxed.

She gave her pussy a quick goodbye kiss and sat upright. "That was fun!" Alex said, with a beaming smile.

Taylor was breathing very heavily, her head resting on a pillow, her eyes shut. Once she calmed down, she said, "Now it is your turn."