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Hot babe gets down and jerks off a hard rod then sucks it
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REGANS STORY: She felt the pain inside her begin to subside with each step the demon took up the spiral stone staircase. Her crying slowed to soft sobs and she began to forget about the tears falling to the floor below her. She had never felt this way before. Confused and angry, yet soothed and calm. She didn't think to struggle, she knew what was below her, and was too afraid of what might be ahead. They climbed the staircase for so long she actually began to fall asleep.

He shook her awake as he adjusted her against his shoulder. They had finally reached a platform.


She strained against him, trying to see what was in front of them, but his frame was too large and her long curling blonde hair was hanging in front of her face. She could hear voices ahead, deep and whispering, and the sound of running water.

The demon slowed his pace and turned toward the other voices. Three more of them stood against a wall at the entrance to some sort of bath.Without a word the demon dropped her roughly on the ground next to the other men.

"Cail has chosen this one for Ardat Lili. See her attended to." He said as he walked back down the hallway towards the staircase.

She shuddered and pulled her knees up to her chest, feeling a cold draft swirl around her feet. One of the demons resting against the wall stepped towards her and nudged her with is feet towards the bath.

"In the" He commanded, pushing her now with his leg. She crawled and stumbled towards the water, not sure what to do except fall into it.

It was warm and comforting and her fear quickly quieted. The demons watched her from the archway, snickering and whispering in words she'd never heard before. She bathed, the water washing away the dirt from the dungeon below. Her hair lengthened with the weight of water, and she was glad that it came to cover her breasts from the greedy eyes of the demons watching above.One of them came and knelt beside the edge of the bath and reached for her arm.

Startled, she pulled back and huddled her arms against herself. "Do not make me come in there to get you little one!" He screamed at her as he lunged forward and grabbed her shoulder and neck. He hoisted her out of the water in one swift movement and stood her up in front of him. She shrieked and closed her eyes, afraid he would hit her next. Instead he wrapped a long white cloth around her and put his hand on her back, pushing her to walk forward with him. He escorted her down a long lightless hallway, coming to an end in a circular room with a large four poster wooden bed in the middle.

He took her arm and pushed her into the middle of the room. "Wait here. Don't try to run away, if you know whats good for you little one." he smiled sickeningly at her as he turned and walked back into the hallway, shutting a large steel door behind him. She stood in the middle of the room, shivering a bit from the water cooling against the linen around her. She looked around at the walls of the peculiar room. lined with tapestries and weapons, unlike anything she had seen before.

Words were carved into the stone above each object, none of which were in any language she knew. Suddenly another door in the back of the room blew open, making her jump up and gasp. What came through the door was certainly not what she had expected. a woman, dressed in flowing red robes, tall and thin and swaying as she walked into the room. Her black hair pulled up on top of her head, two thin gray curling horns coming through above and behind her ears, a few wisps of hair dangling around her exposed collarbones.

Her eyes lit up green, like an animals reflecting in the dark. She was alone, but that didnt make the girl feel any less threatened as she backed herself against the cold stone wall, as far away from the woman as possible. "What is your name little girl?" She asked as she came to a halt in the middle of the room, her long thin fingers playing with the red silk of her robes. It was if she had forgotten to speak. She trembled and pressed herself harder against the wall, averting her eyes and staring at the floor.

"Oh child, no need to be afraid. Not just, tell me your name." "Re.Regan." She half whispered. "Regan.well, what a fitting name for you. I am the Demoness Ardat Lili. Hopefully you will come to call me Lili." She smiled, almost inviting, it made Regan look up from the floor to meet her eyes. "Now, forget about all the horrors you may have witnessed from below, you are quite lucky little one, to be chosen for my company." Regan stayed quiet, not even sure what to do with herself, scared of how comforted she was begining to feel.

The more she looked into Lili's eyes, the more her mind began to feel at ease. Lili moved closer to Regan, her arm outstretched towards the cloth around her. She pulled at the cloth clutched in Regans fingers, and Regan almost ignored it as it fell to the ground. She was naked now, and should have been frightened, but looking into Lili's eyes somehow made her tranced and unafraid. Lili smiled and pulled Regan away from the wall, running her fingers and nails across her shoulder and walked around her back, looking her up and down, as if judging auctioned livestock.

Regan, now looking away from Lili, began to tense, her heart beating fast in her chest, she didnt dare move. "You are very beautiful Regan, they were right in choosing you. Come with me." She led her to the bed in the middle of the room, and softly guided her to sit down.

Her hair was begining to dry and curl around her shoulders as Lili ran her fingers through it. Soon all her hair was dry and beautifully set, like Lili had made it so. Regan began to feel very tired, her eyes fluttering and her body falling backwards. The last thing she heard was Lili's quiet laughter, and the sound of iron chains.She woke abruptly.

Naked and chained to the four poster bed by her writs and ankles. She immediatly strained against them, her writs giving only about a foot before the chains were taught. The fear was in her throat, whatever trance the Demoness Ardat Lili had her in was washed away. She screamed, and instantly was met with a rough slap against the face, a demon standing behind the bed to her right hovered over her, threatening to do it again. She closed her mouth and shut her eyes tight. The demon left the room, and she opened her eyes and looked around.

The thick iron cuffs on her writs and ankles were certainly not meant to come off. The chains attached to them dissapeared underneath the bed, and when she pulled on them, they felt as if they were coming up from the floor. Realizing escape was not an option, she sank into the bed, her eyes roaming around the walls of the circular stone room. The elaborate tapestries depicted battle scenes of demons and villagers mostly, and then there were a few where only words were embroidered.

Thick flowing letters that seemed to make a snake-like noise in her head as she tried to read them. She shook her head and tried to bury her face in the blankets she lied on. Lili came through the door, this time in black robes, her hair the same as before, pulled back and set perfectly like a dolls. Her horns seemed more visible now, and they made Regan uneasy.

She wondered what this Demoness could possibly want with her. She sat down on the bed next to her and put her hand on Regans belly.

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She flinched and almost screamed, but remembered what had become of that last time she tried. Lili didnt say a word, only stared down at her body, trailing her fingers and nails down to the V between Regans legs.

Her heart pounded in her chest, reminding her of what the demon Cail had done to her down in the dungeon. She wasnt sure wether to be afraid or excited.Lili snaked her fingers down in between Regans thighs, slowly up pulling the folds of skin away from her soft little slit. Regan tensed up, pushing her legs together and straining against the iron cuffs. Lili smacked her thigh with her hand, causing a small yelp to come through Regans tightly clenched mouth.

She gave up and relaxed her legs, allowing Lili to begin running her hand against her again.Regan breathed deeply as she playfully curled one finger against her now swelling sex. She circled over and over her little clit, bringing a steady heavy breathing from Regan.

Regan didnt know why her body was betraying her this way. She didnt know when she went from being frightened to feeling.whatever it was she was feeling. Lili smiled and looked up at Regans face, her eyes closed tightly, her head turning back and forth as if she was fighting with herself. She needed her lost in herself, lost enough to ignore everything else. She began rubbing against her faster, her other hand starting to caress her waist and hips in rythym.

Regan was getting wet, and a warm pressure was building up low in her belly, she knew she was close to that feeling Cail had brought her to before. She was going to come very soon. Lili grinned as Regans body swayed and her back arched.

She reached down below the bed with her other hand and pulled a thin sharp pointed piece of silver up towards the young girls chest.

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Regan was fully engulfed in herself, eyes closed, concentrating on only one thing. Lili continued harder still, almost rougher, pushing Regan to come. She breathed hard and moaned loudly as she pulled herself away from the bed.Lili felt her come, and immediatly ran the silver across the soft white skin below Regans breast.

cutting into her ever so slightly. Regan was ripped from her orgasm with a frightening feeling of stinging pain. A trickle of blood ran down her ribs onto the bed and she gasped for breath like it had been stolen straight from her lungs.

She felt paraylzed, and this is exactly how Lili needed her to feel. She flung herself on top of Regan and wretched her head to the side, her mouth coming down on top of the trailing blood. The taste of it made her strain and shudder. Regan was trying to flail below her, but not a sound escaped her mouth. Lili's hand was grasped around her throat, choking the very sound of her voice. She sucked slowly at the cut for another moment before restraining herself and pulling away.

Her hand was still at Regans throat, but she relaxed enough to let Regan begin to breathe again. Lili brought her other hand to her mouth, licking a bit of blood from her thumb. The taste of her blood was incredible. Filled with fear and anger, but also lust and yearning.

Regan was silently crying, her throat still held in Lili's hand, but she made no move to escape from it.

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Her mouth slightly open, her eyes looking as far away towards the wall as possible. "Dont worry my dear, you will learn to love it, maybe as much as I do." She chuckled as she released Regan from her grip, and sat back down on the bed. "Now that my tastes for your blood are satisfied, I will see to it that my eyes and ears and tastes for your fears are as well.

"Cail! Bring yourself to my purpose. I wish to see you take whatever is left of this girls will and innocence." Regan whimpered and sank into the bed as if she was trying to hide. The demon that ripped her virginity away from her, coming back to torment her even more so than Lili!


She wanted to fall asleep, to have it all be just a horrid nightmare. No matter how tightly she closed her eyes, It wasnt going away, and she could hear Cails heavy footsteps down the hallway. "As you wish, Ardat Lili. What would you have me do with the girl?" Cail asked slyly, although he already knew what she would wish of him. "Take her, fuck her as you wish, tear her flesh, make her scream and cry, make her come as well, as many times as you can.

Make her insane with pleasure and pain.

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I will watch as you do your best work my dear." Regan pleaded no, begining to cry and sob as he approched her on the bed. He removed his kilt and began stroking himself. He reached his hand up to her breast and grabbed roughly. She yelped and tried to move away from him. He took his hand away from his hardening cock and grasped it around her throat. He painfully twisted the soft white skin of her breast in his calloused hand, grinning as he watched her face turn red from choking her.

He moved his hand to her left breast and pulled her nipple down roughly. He let go of her throat and she screamed for a second before he hit her across the face with the back of his hand. She whimpered again but then fell silent.

His cock was now pulsing and hard against her stomach, as he was now leaning over her. She looked down at him and her eyes grew wide at the thought of something so large being forced inside her. He laughed softly and began stroking himself again, pushing himself hard against her belly with his stiffening cock.

She turned her head away from him as he moved slowly down towards her pussy, still wet from coming just moments before. He wretched her legs apart with little effort and rested his fully erect member against her little pink slit.

She jerked and tried to move up the bed away from him but he grasped her knees firmly and pulled her towards him, His cock slipping in between the folds of skin, almost penetrating her. He moved himself up and down slowly against her clit and opening, teasing her, the anticipation driving her mad, she just wanted him to get it over with, hoping she would just black out and be able to sleep through it.

Cail finally began to push himself into her. He was far to large for her tiny little hole and it was obvious he would have to force her body to accomodate him. She grunted and strained her legs against his hands as he pushed further. He then began to pull on her legs, to make her body press against his cock.

The head slid just a few inches in, and Regan softly screamed into the bedding, her tight slit stretching wider than it should. He breathed deep and tilted his head back. "I will never get tired of this feeling" he said turning to Lili, who was laying back in a sunbed watching intently with lust in her eyes. He pushed harder and farther into her until he stretched her cavity to fit about half of his dick inside her.

She was thrashing her head and moaning, but kept her legs very still. He pulled back and began fucking her slowly, ripping her inch by inch, a small trickle of blood dripping down her ass and into the bed. Regan couldn't breath, The pain of him inside her made her feel like she was going to explode. Somehow the pain was still arousing her, and she could feel herself getting wet even as he fucked deeper into her.

Cail picked up his pace and her sobs quieted. Her eyes still closed, but her breath returning, short and shallow. He let go of her legs and reached his hands up to her breasts. He sprouted claws from his fingertips and suddenly raked them down her chest.

She bucked against him, arching her back and crying out. He hit her again, and again, across the face, a scratch or two coming from his claws against her skin. She stayed quiet. He pushed into her violently, over and over smashing himself against her. She began to get a feeling like she had before, like she was going to come, even though he was tearing into her and the pain was still unbearable.

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Her head seemed clouded, like there was nothing she could do except try to ignore the pain and let herself come. Cail felt the pressure in her body building up inside her. He quickened his pace, forcing her to come faster and harder. Immediatly as he felt her spasm beneath him, he raked his claws against her swollen breasts once again. To her own surprise she kept from screaming this time, only grunting into the bedding as she pressed her face into it as much as she could.

Cail did not give her any time to calm herself from her orgasm, but instead picked up his pace, and his force. He began thrusting in long and violent strokes,jerking her body towards the head of the bed, her breats smacking up and down against herself. He smashed himself up against the tight ring of her cervix over and over again, wearing away at the muscle thrust by thrust.

He dug his claws into the skin around her waist and clenched his teeth together. Lili watched intently, waiting for him to break into her, to fill her and rip away the last part of the girl she was. He furiously raped her, more and more of his huge cock dissapearing inside her. She began to scream as the head of him started to rip through her torn cervix.

This time he did not hit her, He only continued harder and faster. Far past a humans strength and pace. He smashed himself into her again and again the head of his cock forcing itself inch by inch into her small virgin womb. Finally he threw his head back and lunged into her furiously, ripping the full length of his cock all the way inside her.

Tearing his way through to her womb, her cervix gave way and he was burried to the hilt inside her. He did not stop. Her eyes rolled back in her head as he continued fucking her just as roughly as before, his claws still digging into her flesh above her belly button,where you could now see her stomach bulging with his enormous cock. He quickened his pace, pushing her body to the absolute limit, forcing her insides around to allow him to fit. He pushed himself hard inside her again, his balls resting against the crack of her ass as he came inside her.

Gushing sperm pulsing through his cock and pushed straight into her waiting womb. She moaned and grunted over and over as he steadily pumped more and more hot sticky cum into her. Regan felt the muscles inside her belly cramp and begin to expand with the sheer force of his sperm being pumped into her. Her belly rose inch by inch as he began slowly fucking himself into her again. He thrusted deep one last time and spewed one last pint of white hot semen into her already full womb.

She thought He was done. She was praying for the relief of him removing himself finally from her poor sore little pussy. But instead he stayed inside her, pushed as far as her full little tummy would allow.

Regan opened her eyes to see Lili at her side, staring at her bulging stomach with blackened puplils, her hands coming to rest on her taught skin. Cail smiling and breathing deeply, still forcing himself inside her. Lili rubbed her hands along her belly, making Regan feel oddly good. She began to push down on her stomach, the cum forcing Cails still hard cock slightly out of her little slit. Cum started leaking out and pouring down her legs and onto the bed.

Cail threw his head back and begain thrusting into the poor girl again. Regan felt an unknown sensation of pleasure, and she could not contain herself as she started coming again.

Lili pushed down harder on her stomach and Cail continued to pound into her. Regan arched her back, coming over and over, as her eyes locked onto Lili's wide black pupils.

Cail finally pulled himself from her. As he did, her body felt so empty, so voided, she moaned softly as she began to slip into sleep, almost elegantly.

"What a perfect choice Cail.your service is greatly appreciated." Ardat Lili said to Cail as he prepared himself to leave the two of them.