Usa college boy gets his big dick sucked

Usa college boy gets his big dick sucked
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Melanie by Diomedes050465 For nearly twenty years James Sinclair had worked in any number of companies, "learning the business world" as his father had put it. Overall he had enjoyed it and he had to agree that his father was right, he had certainly gained a mass of experience of business that he would never have had if he had simply come straight into the Family Company when he had left University.

James walked across the Hotel Lobby towards the elevators and the Suite on the top floor that was booked in his name. This evening, at the Company Annual Staff Ball, his father intended to hand the Company over to James - lock, stock and barrel. James had to admit that he was more than a little nervous that on Monday he would be CEO, Managing Director and Majority shareholder. He mused that actually he already was all of these since the legal documents had been signed this afternoon.

He was so lost in his thoughts that he almost didn't see the woman just entering the lift ahead of him. "Melanie ?" The woman turned and looked straight at him "James ?" James looked at the stunning woman beside him. She must be twenty-nine now he thought and if anything she is even more beautiful, and so elegant.

Her very short, almost manly, black hair the only thing that stopped her appearance being that of a model but he had to admit that it had always suited her.

He had first met Melanie about two years ago now and their affair had lasted nearly a year. He had loved her, No, he admitted to himself, he still loved her. He had asked her to marry him and her reaction, even though she had said that she loved him too, had been so unpredictable. She had wept and told him that there were "so many things he didn't know" and she had ended the whole relationship there and then, not taking his calls or answering his letters or e-mails.

The reaction had always confused and perplexed him. The elevator doors closed and Melanie pushed the same floor button that James wanted and then simply turned put her arms around him.


The kiss was long and passionate. As if they had never been apart James felt himself almost instantly erect as his hands explored her through her evening dress. They were still in a clinch when the doors opened for their floor and James felt himself pulled by the hand towards the door of one of the three large Suites on the floor. "Melanie ?" She put her fingers to his lips as she closed the door and unzipped her dress.

She was naked beneath it. Her ample breasts flowed free and James saw that she was still shaven around her lower lips but kept all of her other hair there merely neatly trimmed. She dropped to her knees and opened his zip, engulfing him into her willing and eager mouth. "Gods, she's even better than I remember" James thought, and he knew this would not take long as he felt her mouth swallowing.

Indeed it did not.

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She had her tongue pierced now and James could feel the metal running along the underside of his sex. It took very little time for James to feel himself rising towards a climax and he felt no need to delay it, looking forward to spilling himself into her mouth. He grunted as he first spurt shot into her warm mouth and he kept cumming in what seemed, to both of them, an almost endless flow.

Remembering his likes she looked up at him and opened her mouth to show him his white sticky seed filling her mouth, before she swallowed it all down in one go.

"I thought tonight was only for Company employees ? But it has to be one hell of a co-incidence that I make one trip back to my room to collect something and bump into you.

Mmmmm, I liked that though". If she had been a cat she would have been purring. James remembered that she didn't know who his father was and that he owned the Company, but then again he had never known where she worked or what she did precisely except that she was a "Special PA", whatever that meant. She snatched up her bag and rushed off to what James saw was the bathroom, he admired her shapely ass, one of the best he had ever seen in his life, he thought.

Melanie returned moments later, stepped back into her dress and opened the door again "James. I'm sorry I have to dash. I am expected back downstairs. I do hope we can, err, renew our acquaintance again sometime." She smiled at him in the wicked, suggestive way she always had as she dashed towards the elevator, leaving James bemused but rather happy, in the corridor.

But as the elevator doors began to close he thought he saw tears in her eyes as she quietly said "James, I always loved you. I still do." The doors closed at the last word as though on cue and James stood puzzled for a moment and then simply shrugged. He loved her but he had come to accept losing her still he had to admit that was one hell of a blowjob.

He turned and opened the door to his Suite but as he put down his small bag and suit carrier he suddenly realised that A. She had to be an employee of his father's, now his employee of course, but also that B it was very odd that she had one of only three Suites on this floor. The other two were his and his father's&hellip.

Odd… James checked his watch. 8:45. Dinner had been at 7:00 and his Father's speech making the announcement was due at 9:15.

They had prepared the speech together and also his timing of an entrance just as his father made the announcement. Very theatrical he had thought, perhaps too much so. --oOo-- His entrance was perfectly timed, just as planned, and as he walked across the floor towards the Head Table everyone seemed to rush forward to congratulate him, even those he had never met or seen before. Melanie was amongst the first and James had noticed that she was not seated at the top table despite her Suite.

"You sly Bastard" she whispered in his ear. But James was certain that there was another emotion there, fear, trepidation, he couldn't tell, but he watched her walk away, noting her high black heels and almost backless dress. From earlier he knew she wore no underwear, not that there was any 'room' under that dress, and as he watched he lusted after her body again.

James sat next to his father as the tables were cleared away and the music started. Men walked to the bar while women talked. James watched Melanie walk to the bar with a small group of five or six men.

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The floor began to fill up as people mingled and James downed another whisky and lost track of Melanie through the throng. Despite looking around occasionally during the subsequent conversations with the Company "great and good" it was probably an hour before James saw Melanie re-enter the room between two of the Main Board members.

"I see that you have already noticed our Melanie". The voice in James' ear was his father. "Paul" he called to one of the men, who promptly detached him and came over.

The next few words were whispered between them and the man promptly left James and his Father alone again. "Paul, is 100% trustworthy James, all of the board are but there is something else that comes with position of Executive here." James looked at his father, puzzled.

"Paul will explain everything when he comes back. I'm sure that you will approve from what I know of you". He smiled and changed the subject back to turnover, profits, markets, etc. James idly talked to his Father and to other Executives who came and went from the little Group. Amongst the Board, at least, it appeared that James' appointment came as no surprise.

James' mind however was only half on what was being said, he was scanning to room for Melanie and eventually he saw that she was near the door in deep conversation with Paul. A hand touched James' shoulder.

It was a woman in her mid forties, although still very attractive, who James recognised as Rachel, his Father's PA. "James, can I ask you to come with me. I have something to show you." The tone was almost obsequious and very respectful. Without a word he took Rachel's arm as she led the way across the room. Melanie had gone out into the lobby with Paul but was nowhere to be seen as James and Rachel crossed it towards the elevators.

Rachel pressed the button for James' floor. His mind raced. "Was this woman about to try to bed him simply because he was now the Boss ? Some sort of power trip ?" There were, after all, only three suites on that floor. He looked at her and would quite happily have had some very basic, not to say base, sex with her, if only because he was still thinking of Melanie and he could use her body as a substitute, but for now he simply said nothing and awaited the opening of the doors as the elevator reached the chosen floor.

The doors opened and Rachel stood back to let James out. She didn't accompany him but Paul stood ready to greet him and led the way to the Suite that James had been in with Melanie earlier. He indicated that James should make himself comfortable on one of the sofas, and handed him a scotch. "James, there are certain perks that the executives at the company enjoy which are rather unique and which explain why we, as a Company, have such a high level of staff retention, staff loyalty and staff motivation.

All of which, of course, is what makes is by far the most successful company in our profession. One of the foremost perks is our Office Slut." "I have heard something of it from my Father, although no details of course." "Slut !" Paul's voice called, loud but without shouting.

James turned to look over his shoulder as he saw Melanie emerging from what he guessed must be the bedroom. She looked shamefaced and wouldn't look at him.

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He said nothing, and was unsure of the feelings that went through him although he knew well what the twinge in his prick indicated. Paul held out his hand to Melanie and pulled her onto the other sofa next to him and opposite James with the small coffee table between them. "Melanie, I wanted you to meet our new CEO and Chairman.

James took control of the Company as of six hours ago and, of course, with that comes all staff and executive perks." Melanie still wouldn't look up and was visibly embarrassed as well as totally humiliated that James now knew the truth about her and she knew that he was undoubtedly very relieved that she hadn't accepted his proposal. Paul's hand moved to the back of Melanie's dress and pulled down the zip.

"Show the boss what he is getting Melanie." She stood and let the dress fall away from her. James view was drawn to her cunt which was now fully shaven and then noticed that she had the tell glistening of white seeping out of her and beginning to trickle onto her inner thighs.

"James, Melanie here is what one might term the top office perk and she has been helping out a number of our clients for some time now. It seems as though a number of the Board have already sampled her delights earlier." He laughed a little "no matter. That is, after all what she is employed for. James ? Do you want to take advantage of her ?" James looked at her with lust in his eyes but shook his head "Not at the moment Paul.

I think, if no-one minds, I'll just watch." "You're the boss. Turn and show the boss that nice ass of yours Melanie." The young woman turned, with no reluctance at all now, and spread her ass cheeks.

She was totally smooth and hairless and her small brown hole gaped a little but also glistened with obvious lubrication. "Her job description includes keeping her ass clean and lubricated at all times", Paul indicated for her to kneel and with no further instructions she unzipped his fly and released his already hardening prick.

With no hesitation she took him deep into her mouth and pushed deeper until her nose hit his pubic hair. James adjusted his position and moved onto the other sofa so that he could watch the woman's actions close up.

She looked up at Paul as she pulled back and allowed him to fall from her mouth. "Gods I love blowing you Paul. Do you know that you have the nicest tasting cum ever." She instantly took him back into her mouth and continued her actions. Paul wrapped Melanie's hair in his hand as he began to actually fuck her mouth deep and hard.

Her head was moving back and forth on his cock as it went down her throat then almost out of her lips on each stroke. James thought that she had glanced at him quickly but without interrupting her flow at all but he was fascinated to watch her and remembered how good it felt. Paul reached down and began to play with her breasts as his cock rammed in and out of her mouth.

He pinched her nipples causing her to moan gently through her full mouth. She pulled back for a second and while her mouth was briefly free of him she moaned loudly. "Paul. Give me your cum. I want to taste you. I so love the taste of you. Please cum down my throat." James watched as Paul closed his eyes and came deep in Melanie's throat and he watched as she swallowed straight down. She held him briefly in her mouth and then gently released him and licked slowly over his head to take up the last remaining traces of cum.

Paul opened his eyes and looked at the naked woman kneeling between his legs, "Wow" She looked back at him "Yup, very Wow !" and beamed. "Paul, I so need to be fucked. James ?" She looked at James with pure lust, not for him but for his sex. Paul turned her face back to look at him "I thought that you might… Go and open the door little slut." She looked quizzical but stood and walked to the Suite door and opened it.

She stood back as James saw a three of the Company's senior executives enter followed by Rachel. Melanie threw her arms around the first man and just blatantly almost shouted.

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"Dick, fuck me now." He smiled at her and just replied "Sole purpose of visit" and laughed. The small group went straight through to the bedroom with Melanie looking ashamed as she saw James as she passed him, suddenly remembering he was there.

"Do you want to watch ? I never had you down as a voyeur" Paul had stood and was talking to James only. "Careful Paul, Remember I'm no longer the son of the MD. But Yes, let's go watch her." James had to admit, if only to himself, that there was some of the voyeur in his feelings and he was looking forward to seeing this woman used.

He called Paul quietly as the latter walked towards the bedroom "One minute Paul. Do we have some hold over her ? Blackmail ? What ?" "No. Absolutely nothing like that. I don't know why, or how, your father found her but she is a fully salaried member of staff, highest paid outside of the Board in fact.

She just is a true and complete slut. She will take any man in any hole whenever they want to. She's good with women to, as Rachel will assure you." The two men walked through into the bedroom Melanie was kneeling on the bed on her knees she had each hand on a cock and the third in her mouth. Hands were on her tits, roughly grabbing and pulling at her nipples, as Rachel, still fully clothed, was busy playing with Melanie's pussy and ass.

James watched in fascination as the girl's fingers pushed into Melanie's two nether holes with ease, at first one and then two and then three in each hole. Melanie moaned with pleasure as she was stretched on Rachel's fingers. One of the men detached himself and lay back on the bed, with no further encouragement needed Melanie ceased all other movements and moved to straddle his erect cock.

Slipping a hand between her legs she slowly lowered herself down onto him. As soon as she was settled she returned her attention to the others and she took one prick back into her mouth and the other back into her left hand.

Rachel detached herself from the group and stood behind James quietly watching the action Melanie was in a personal heaven with two cocks inside her and she was moaning and groaning as both fucked her hard and fast.

The prick in her mouth spurted and James watched as the man pulled out and shot the last few spurts onto her face. Without hesitation Melanie instantly transferred the third man into her now empty mouth, moaning in anticipation and enjoyment, barely allowing herself the time to swallow the cum in her mouth. As Dick, the man in her cunt, approached his climax Melanie was approaching her own and she released the man from her mouth as she groaned a climax and rapidly fucked the man below her to his.

The moans ran together but Melanie continued without a pause and grabbed the abandoned prick in front of her and returned it deep back into her throat. Beneath her, Dick pulled out and wriggled away as James watched a trickle of white cum ooze from her empty cunt as he withdrew.

He had been so enthralled watching the action that he had failed to note that Rachel had left the room and had now returned with two more men. With no preparation one now walked up to the bed, unzipped himself and fucked straight into Melanie's open cunt The group rearranged themselves as if by rehearsal and Melanie moved to all fours with one man in her mouth and throat and the other in her cunt. James moved his chair to get a closer, a more intimate view. Melanie was fucking with abandon, pushing back onto the man behind her and then forward to take the man in front right down her throat, she was fast approaching another climax which she rode through without a pause as both men 'spit-roasted' her.

The man in her mouth came first, filling her mouth with hot cum with the evidence trickling from the corner of her mouth as she failed to swallow fast enough.

He pulled from her and James could stand it no longer as he took his place in her mouth. Melanie gave no indication she had even noticed the change and she certainly wasn't aware of whose prick was in her mouth. Moments later the man in her cunt groaned his climax and slammed hard into her, pushing her mouth and throat onto James's hardness.

James looked across at the other two men in the room, one of whom had now divested himself of trousers and underwear, the other was naked. "Do you mind if we&hellip. ?" There was no answer needed as the naked man lay alongside Melanie and guided her across to enter her cunt. She didn't even pause in her oral ministrations of James but he felt her gasp as she was entered.

The third man knelt behind her and spread her ass cheeks, pushing into her tight back hole without any preparation other than what she had prepared herself with earlier. Melanie opened her mouth and released James as she screamed in pleasure "Oh Gods Yes. Fuck my ass and cunt together !

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It has been so long since you bastards did that to me !" The woman was in a total world of sex and pleasure and her mouth was driving James to the edge of orgasm himself. He grabbed her hair and pulled her deep onto him as he shot himself into her mouth and throat. He pulled out and wiped himself on her hair as he stepped away and watched the woman taking the two men to their climax as they fucked and pounded her two lower holes.

"James, you must try her ass hole sometime. It is just so damned tight. Especially when someone else is fucking her cunt". "Shut up Terry and just fuck me. Just fuck me." Melanie had barely come down from her last climax and seemed to already be moving towards another. The two men had their timings perfect, as one pulled out the other pushed in and the friction created between the thin membrane separating her holes was rushing them to a simultaneous climax.

It came at almost the same time for all three and both men pushed forward into her as far as they could go as they climaxed, they filled her completely and stretched her beyond her normal limits, forcing her own climax as she felt their hot cum spurt almost simultaneously into her cunt and ass holes.

They breathed and relaxed and James watched in fascination as their withdrawal from her dragged cum with it. He realised that someone had used her ass earlier as well and now cum leaked from both holes. She collapsed onto her side as the men stood and dressed. James could see the cum on her face and she looked happy and exhausted. "See you downstairs later sir" Terry was speaking to James. "Yes, Terry. Get me a large scotch and I'll join you in a moment.

He walked over to the bed and felt the hardness of his own erection ready again.

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Melanie moved "Stay exactly where you are little office slut". He masturbated wildly and shot his cum over her face and hair. "When you are rested clean up your face and dress but don't shower or clean away any evidence of your sluttiness from your hair or cunt or ass. Do you understand ?" She muttered "yes" as she felt, rather than saw him leave the room.

In the Bar, nearly an hour later, she had never felt such a slut, she usually cleaned herself carefully after a fuck session but now she couldn't prevent the evidence of earlier running down her legs, and she knew that the dried stickiness was visible in her hair. Luckily by now there were only a few people left, James, Terry, Paul and maybe five or six others, three of whom left as they saw her enter.

She walked to the Bar and took the proffered drink. Everyone talked in the usual office small talk for the next while but then James decided it was time for bed and the others took their lead and decided to follow.

James gripped Melanie's ass and looked straight at her "Melanie, you are a complete slut, take off your dress, let everyone see all of the evidence, and then you can come with me." She looked at him with a total defiance in her eyes and without breaking their gaze unzipped her dress and stepped out of it.

She stood, naked except for her shoes and the others of the group stepped back to admire her tits, ass and cunt. She felt two hands pull her ass cheeks apart and as her dark hole gaped another drop of cum escaped and ran down towards her sopping cunt, causing the men some coarse comments and laughter. James turned and left and she followed with her dress over her arm, but also knowing the effect the movement of her body was having on the men watching her and following.

Knowing as well that they had all already used her tonight and would probably do so again before the night was finally over. James accompanied her to her room but had said nothing since they left.

As she closed the door she turned "James." "Not a word. Just on your hands and knees and pull your ass cheeks apart." She knew what was coming and followed his order.

He fucked her ass hard and long using the remains of the other men's cum for lubrication until he eventually slammed deep into her, forcing her head into the floor and shot his own cum deep in her bowels. "Terry was right, even after having been fucked up your ass earlier you are still damned tight".

He stood and let himself out without a word. There was a tap on the door shortly after and then another and then another. All of the men who had watched her leave the Bar naked came up to her room during the remainder of the night and used her. She so loved fucking these men but spent a good part of the next day with a "Do Not Disturb" notice on the door and recovering from her exhaustion.

--oOo-- She arrived at the office on Monday at her usual time of 10:00am, this had always been her time to arrive, there was, after all little point in arriving earlier since, aside from being the office slut and "entertaining" clients as the need arose, her duties were few. This morning however, she had barely walked through the door when Rachel, who had obviously been waiting for her, told her she was wanted in the Managing Director's Office James's office.

It was not really a surprise and, expecting to be fired, Melanie took little notice of the man sitting outside James office as Rachel ushered her into James' office and closed the door behind her. James was sitting at his desk, Melanie stood and was not asked to sit.

"I asked you to marry me once Melanie, but then I didn't really know what you did for a living, or that you would probably do the same sort of thing even if it wasn't your job." Melanie looked straight at him unashamed "yes, that's is true. I enjoyed Saturday and I have enjoyed doing what I do here.


I love it." "Melanie I love you, I always have, and after Saturday I love you more. I love the fact that you are a slut, it is everything I ever wanted. Will you marry me ?" She was shocked, happy, surprised, everything all at once.

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She looked him straight in the face "Yes, Oh most definitely Yes". Her face beamed. "I want you to keep your job and position here Melanie, the thought of the staff fucking you works for me." He beamed a smile at her and the happiness in her eyes answered him.

"I also intend that you be tattooed if you are agreeable ?" "Anything James. Just anything you want." James used the old fashioned intercom to call Rachel into the Office and asked her to bring the waiting man in with her. "Mr Gladman you are one of the City's, indeed the Country's, most talented tattooists I am told ?" The man nodded his assent as James continued. "I would like you to take this woman with you now and bring her back this afternoon. You are to Tattoo the word "SLUT" here, just above her cunt".

He motioned for Melanie to raise her skirt, knowing she would be wearing no underwear "…here." He added a small mark with a felt tip pen "in letters about an inch high. And then here…" he indicated for Melanie to turn to show her ass "…add 'SLUT' Property of … and then add the Company Logo." He handed the tattooist a copy of the logo. "All letters are to be bold but suitably decorated but please use mainly the blue-black ink. The Slut will herself give you any guidance that you need and my PA here will settle your bill and arrange transportation each way.

Oh and if tattooing her turns you on, you can fuck her any way that you wish. Thankyou Mr Gladman." The man looked at the woman standing submissively a gasped in surprise at both the commission and the offer.

One her certainly intended to take up. "Melanie turned to James and wrapped her arms around him "Thankyou" was all she said. Rachel indicated to Gladman and Melanie that the meeting was over but before they reached the door James, barely lifting his head from the work on his desk added "And Rachel, I will consider whether we should have the woman ringed in her nipples and clit, although there is something in the idea that appeals." --oOo-- Melanie received nipple rings and a ring in her clitoris hood as a wedding present from the Board, as it was part of their wedding present to her they, of course, arranged to have it done while they watched.

During the wedding reception James arranged for Melanie to be fucked by eleven different men, none of whom she knew, while he watched and joined in as he chose, usually after someone had shot their cum deep into her.

After the wedding he told her she was to stop using any method of birth control and she continued to be used by the Executives, except that now she was never allowed to fuck less than four men at one time and by the time she was pregnant, eight months later, she had no idea who the father was.

She continued as the Slut up to seven months and even then took only a three-month break. When she returned she was busier than ever for weeks, as though everyone had saved their cum for her. The same routine held true of the second pregnancy and child, but after that she returned for only one special event, which lasted for seven hours and included a large number of the men in the building who had never enjoyed her 'charms' before.

James watched and filmed every minute and had hired no less than three professional film crews. After that day Melanie retired as the Office Slut, she was now thirty-seven, but was instrumental in finding and interviewing her own replacement.

Although she may no longer have been the Company Slut she continued to be loaned out to clients to ease along some deals and to used in more discreet gangbangs for both her and James' pleasure. Even at other times she rarely refused access to her body to any man that desired it and had the courage to ask, she and James always agreed that if a man hadn't the courage to make a pass then he didn't deserve the rewards.

The Company continued its growth and success and secured contracts, which its competitors could never find out why they had lost. They say that behind every Great Man is a Great Woman and behind James was Melanie, the perfect slut wife.