Shy Blonde Milf Gets a Photoshoot

Shy Blonde Milf Gets a Photoshoot
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Tricking My Sexy Brother __*Ken and younger sister Connie have written this story together. Now, Ken knows what cunning little thoughts went on in Connie's head, and Connie knows what Ken's thoughts were taking place as they both lived the events. They claim this is a true story&hellip. Connie&hellip. __Over time I had developed a huge crush on my older brother Ken.

He was a handsome stud and he knew it. He got all the attention from our parents, sports stuff, and I got pretty much ignored.

He loved to tease me walking around the house in just a towel when our parents weren't home. He did this just to get me nervous and glance at him.

He would cop quick feels on me and then just laugh at me when I got all embarrassed. He delighted in grabbing my hand and putting it on his cock over his clothes. I could feel his big cock and gasp to his delight. I was shy&hellip. and he knew just how to make my face red.

I secretly loved his attention. As I got bigger tits and a shapely body, I noticed I was getting his attention. Now when he grabbed me to cop a feel, he did it longer and felt more of me. He also was making me hotter for him by the day. Some how being held tight and him forcing his hands on me was an exciting turn on. I started fantasizing about him coming in my room at night and forcing me to make out with him, kissing me and then forcing me to have glorious sex with him.

My fantasy came out in a few hot dreams I had about it now. I could just feel his warm body on mine and him forcefully pulling my clothes off.

It made me so hot as I would pretend to struggle. He would make me hold still as he licked my pussy&hellip.then I could just hear him saying quietly in my ear: "Hold still Connie!, I've wanted to have you for a long time, now be quiet and kiss me." Then he would force his kisses on me and make me tongue kiss him. ----- One afternoon he came in my room and held me down on my bed on top of me. He said: "Have you been in my computer!" I just smiled.

"Keep out of there!" I could feel he was getting an erection as he huffed and puffed with is anger. I got tingles in my pussy. I wanted to keep him on top of me and said: "What is it you don't want me to see in there.…naked girls?" "None of your business Connie!" he said. He held me by my wrists as his erection grew bigger between our legs.


I got super turned on by being forcedly held by him. I got a hot flash in my pussy that took my breath away…I said, out of breath,: "Mom and dad wouldn't like it if they saw what I saw, we better talk about this. I 'might' have made a copy of what I saw," I managed to say while catching my breath… "What did you see Connie?" he demanded. "How come Ken… I found&hellip. a picture of me sleeping, with the covers pulled back… showing me half naked?" I panted out.

His attitude changed completely. Well, it seems little Connie had the advantage now. Let's see…what do I want from Ken. There was no deciding needed. What excited me more than anything was my fantasy. To be taken and held down, and Ken forcing me to have a wonderful climax. I wanted him to come in my room and pretend to take me by force. That sounds weird, but it really was 'not' by force. I would just be pretending to resist. Every time I even thought about that, I got a hot flash in my pussy.

Picturing a handsome guy holding me down because he just had to have sex with me, got me off sexually. When I found that secret picture of me naked that he took, that told me Ken had a sexual interest in me. That's just what I wanted. He smiled as his cock was now real stiff between my legs. He said quietly…"Don't even joke about that, I&hellip.a&hellip.took that secret picture of you for a friend&hellip.a&hellip.who&hellip.has a crush on you…ok?" "Who?", I asked.

"If I tell you, will you promise not to tell on me&hellip.and to give me the stuff you copied out of my computer?" He was also out of breath and his erection was huge between my legs&hellip.I knew now I was really turning him on…again,&hellip. just what I wanted&hellip. Now was the time to 'get' what I wanted. "Ok Ken, here's what I want and nothing will ever be said to mom and dad. I have a disk with your 'stuff' on it, and I'll give it to you, Ok?" He smiled big and ask: "What do you want?" "Here's what you 'will' do.

You will sneak in my room some night very quietly while mom and dad are asleep. I want you to hold me down and make out with me. I want hot tongue kisses, I want to be felt up, I want my pussy licked and then&hellip. I want to have&hellip." …(my heart was pounding )… I blurted it out&hellip. "… sex with you as I pretend to resist." He had this smiling shock on his face I'll never forget&hellip. He took a big breath, swallowed hard and said: "You want me to take you by pretending to use force…right?, He whispered: (Oh my Connie,&hellip.

that sounds exciting, that 'is' what you want, right?") I wiggled my pussy on his erection and nodded my head. He said: ("It would be my pleasure to do that.") He laid fully down on top of me and said: ("…how about tonight?") My heart was jumping and my pussy was getting soaking wet with just the thought of it. His body felt so good on top of me as we rubbed ourselves together.

I said: (".anytime you want, but I sure would like to practice a little.") I figured we both were very turned on, why waste it. He said: ("…you want to 'practice' right now?") I nodded my head and said: (".yes… let's practice a little&hellip., Now… "Get off me Ken or I'm tell'in mom and dad!") He held my wrists tighter and began trying to kiss me.

I resisted and turned my head away. This was making us both very turned on. He kept trying to kiss me as he thrust his fat cock up against my pussy. I was in heaven with turned on excitement. He started kissing my face and neck as I tried not to pass out from lack of breath. He finally forced his lips on mine.

I pulled away and whispered: ("…stop it Ken!, let me up!, we can't&hellip.") then his lips stopped me from saying anything more. I whimpered like I was resisting but I was so hot and enjoying my brother having such a real sex desire for me I felt like I was melting. His tongue was so sexy running slowly across my lips. He sure knew how to kiss a girl&hellip. We heard mom's car pull up outside.

This time I copped a feel of his cock as he gave me a quick feel of my pussy. ---- Ken&hellip. I started having second thoughts about all this. I had secret thoughts about Connie for long time.

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I had watched her body get sexier and sexier. I tried not to think about the thrill I got by groping her a little. Nobody knew how I got a real thrill out of that. To feel her little tits was a real turn on. I had sports scholarship dreams and If anybody ever found out I was fucking around with my own sister, I would be screwed.

Now she has got me so hot, &hellip.but&hellip. that disk would mean big trouble.

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I figured I would break it to her easy, that this was 'not' a good idea…but &hellip.damn she is so sexy, this won't be easy. I waited until after school before mom and dad came home to tell her. I went to her room.

She was laying on her bed, all cute and sexy looking.

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I started to get a hardon. I sat on her bed staring at her beautiful tits. She just smiled so sexy. "Practice?" she said. She would have to say that. I just froze and looked at her pretty face and sexy body. Tonight I could be fucking her. I tried to shake off her distracting me and&hellip.I failed. She reached out and simply rubbed my arm.

I tented my shorts. I tried again. "Connie, I've been thinking&hellip." Damn if she didn't just lean over and kiss the top of my tent. I jumped a little and gasp.


I tried again…"I've been thinking, well&hellip.maybe this is not such a good idea." There! I said it. She just smiled sweetly at me and said: "Let's see…I …a 'hope' I can remember where I put that disk. Maybe after 'tonight' I can remember." I was being pleasantly 'blackmailed' by own younger sister.

I wanted to fuck her bad, but I had to weigh the risk. Looking at her cute tits and hot little body, the 'risk' was going away fast. She wanted me to come to her room late, with& and dad home! That risk actually excited me to sneak a fuck with her.

I felt a tightness in my gut, and a throbbing hardon just thinking about it. I had fixed my computer so she couldn't get in, …and now to do anything to get that disk back she made, I then could stop messing with her…unless of course…I wanted to…maybe a little&hellip.

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I decided to stall her. Tonight I would just go to bed&hellip.and well…try to go to sleep. I tossed and turned&hellip. &hellip.this isn't working.

I kept thinking of her waiting for me and so ready to fuck. What if she got pissed, and didn't hold up her end of the deal?…I better go and do something with her. I saw her night light still on by looking at the bottom of her door.

I got up. I tiptoed and quietly opened her door. No Connie. Shit, where was she?&hellip.I looked down the stairs and saw the kitchen light on. I quietly eased down the stairs. There she was, she had been eating something.

I surprised her. She gasp quietly. I grabbed her and put my hand over her mouth. Her eyes were wide open with the look of fear. I whispered. ("…your coming with me Connie!…don't make a sound or try to get away, got it!.") I felt her heart beating strong. I picked her up and carried her up stairs quietly. She was breathing hard and felt very warm in my arms. I laid her on her bed and closed the door. We had to be very quiet as mom an dad were sleeping right down the hall.

I pounced on top of her and held her arms down at the wrists. She tried to whisper something and I immediately kissed her and jammed my tongue in her mouth.

She whimpered and struggled with me. I pulled off her mouth as we both panted for air. ("…don't you say a word Connie!, I getting you naked!.") I lifted her long night gown off. She had no bra or panties on. She squirmed and twisted to try and get away.

I held her tight. She whispered: ("…I'm calling the cops Ken, stop laying on top of me!, and don't try anything.") I started kissing her neck and kissing my way down on her. She made a tiny moans and squirmed, holding my head. ("… Ken.your making me crazy…") she moaned. I'd never seen her this hot&hellip.ever. Connie&hellip. &hellip.finally my fantasy was happening for real.

My whole body trembled it was such a turn on. My beautiful brother was going to have sex with me&hellip.I kept expecting to 'wake up' from a wonderful dream. * Ken and Connie sat together at their computer writing this rough draft. They explained what it was like to now get ready to write about this peak event.

They said it took a while to write this as they stopped many times to 'practice', they called it. When they were alone, Ken would all of a sudden take Connie to the floor and hold her down.

They say they both giggled as hot passion overtook them. Connie would resist and struggle as Ken would pretend to force his intentions on her. Sometimes Connie would escape and run out of the room.

Ken would always catch her and no matter where they ended up, they complete their wonderful 'practice'. Hallway, living room, garage or kitchen. Connie would breathlessly whisper: ("Help!")…and struggle and squirm, as Ken pulled on her clothes to expose her wet pussy&hellip. Connie tells her thoughts of their first sex&hellip.

…I was over the top with excitement. Now Ken was releasing his desire to have sex with me. I loved the feeling of his strong arms holding me down. The passion he let out, joined with mine. I was his now, as he took what he wanted.

He had fire in his body and it was on top of me. His hands felt warm as he felt my whole body and his warm lips kissed everything. While he was distracted moving his hardon up and down to put it in my pussy, I jerked my arms free and wrapped them around his neck. I held him tight. I gasp as I felt his big hardon start to enter me. It made me dizzy with all the wonderful feelings. Slowly he inched in deeper. He held my tits firm as he began to fuck me.

His breath in my ear was making me crazy. I held on tight as we got a natural rhythm going. This was what I had dreamed of. I moaned.

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He put his hand over my mouth quickly and fucked me faster. I felt the one thing I wanted to feel, a rising climax I had only dreamed about&hellip.then…as it peaked …I felt a explosion of hot cum in my pussy along with my muffled moan. He put his face in my pillow and moaned. We both squirmed and shook as we kept fucking and fought for air to breathe.

We held each other tight and let the spasms just keep going and going&hellip. * Ken and Connie had picked me out to send their story to. They said they were not writers but thought my writing style would fit their story. They ask me to take the story and assemble it correctly into a readable story, The story was scattered thoughts, it had no explanation for some parts and was kind of a mess.

It took me a while, and I sent some questions for them to answer. Finally I straightened every thing out and sent them the completed copy of the story. I checked and double checked to make sure I hadn't put anything in their story that might make them think…'…now, how would he know that?'& see they had sent 'their story' to me not knowing&hellip. I was their very own Dad.