Hot czech girl gapes her soft cunt to the peculiar

Hot czech girl gapes her soft cunt to the peculiar
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The evening of Amy's party had arrived and with it the realisation for Matthew Ryder that the adventure was nearing its end.


The following day the flight would take him back to Manila and away from the sisters and the mother he'd grown to love in so many different ways. Heading off in search of Jo to borrow some gel to spike his hair, the pursuit led Matthew to the downstairs bathroom where the blast of a hairdryer filled the air.

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The door ajar, he craned around, espying Jo squatting on the floor, her bare back to him. He was about to reach over to tap her on the shoulder when he caught Amy's reflection in the mirror opposite. Sat between her elder sister's outstretched legs, the party girl was having her damp blonde locks blown by the dryer and teased with a stiff hairbrush. Both girls were naked.

Matthew's eyes remained on Amy's reflection in the mirror, appraising her girlish frame. Just turned fourteen, her body was still developing, tits yet to swell. The nipples were puffy, proudly pierced defiantly, in contradiction to their youthfulness. From what he'd witnessed earlier, Amy, it seemed, was desperate to become a woman. Her legs were closed, toes flexing as Jo worked the brush firmly through the blonde tangles.

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His glance returned momentarily to eighteen-year old Jo who also sported two nipple rings, in a pair of fully developed breasts of peach-shaped pertness. In readiness for the party she also had a shiny stud in her navel. From observing the two girls together at close quarters, it was evident Amy looked up to her older sister in awe and in many ways wanted to be like her.

Tugging at the mass of blonde curls, Jo forced Amy's head back, damp hair brushing the older girl's shoulder, a rivulet of water snaking its way down to her breast. Gathering up the stray droplet with a finger, Jo placed the wet digit to her lips and sucked lovingly.

Unwittingly, the youngster shifted position,pressing against Jo's breasts, her neck cushioned by their springiness. "I wish I had tits like yours, Jo," Amy sighed wistfully. "Oh yours will grow soon enough," assured Jo. "And besides, they're lovely as they are." "You think so?" "Mmm, yeah I think so." With that, Jo's spare hand slid around Amy's body, cupping the underside of her sister's lemon shaped right breast.

Amy's eyes expanded and her breath started to race though clearly she was confused. "Jo, what are you doing?" The older girl hesitated, carefully measuring her words. "Checking for growth, Amy honey" she replied with a nonchalance that belied a deep-rooted craving.

"And you know what, I think you could outgrow us all yet." "You think so?" Amy enquired. "Yeah, I wouldn't mind betting you'll have tits like mum's in a year from now." "Really?


Oh gosh." Amy's beautiful blue eyes illuminated. So overjoyed was she to hear her's sister's reassuring words that it went almost unnoticed that Jo still had hold of her right breast, massaging it gently, compressing the firm flesh and causing the nipple to sprout obscenely.

Seizing control of the situation, Jo's thumb and forefinger found their way forward to the aroused teat, rolling it purposefully. In the wings, Matthew watched mesmerised as Jo fondled her little sister with glee. The mirror meant he had two different angles from which to view the hot seduction. "Jo." "Yes, Amy honey?" Jo stopped, a look of concern in her eyes. Amy took a deep breath.

"Jo." "Yes sweetie?" "Don't forget the other one." Jo grinned lustfully and relieved, the hand that had been manipulating Amy's nipple finding its way between her own legs. Abandoning the dryer, the newly freed left hand moved to Amy's corresponding breast. A deft squeeze elicited another moan from the younger girl's lips as she eased back to become almost fully absorbed in Jo's body, head snug between her older sister's accommodating breasts. Neglecting her own pussy momentarily, Jo reached over to take hold of some hairpins, working feverishly to pile up her Amy's unruly locks on top of her head.

Amy's young neck was soft and warm from her bath and Jo leaned in to kiss it gently. The virgin schoolgirl purred contentedly, legs parting ever so slightly to reveal the first hint of downy pubic hair to Matthew's onlooking eyes. "Jo." she mouthed hesitantly, gazing up with big doe eyes, "I'm, um, I'm not sure this is right." Jo pursed her lips, an understanding look forming. "Does it feel right?" "It does," Amy conceded almost immediately.

"But all the same." "Why don't you just imagine it's Matthew doing this to you?" As Amy sighed with wanton desire. "Oh yes. Do you think Matthew likes me?" "Matthew loves you, honey, we all do." "You don't think he sees me as a little girl?" "You're not a little girl," assured Jo, using all of her feminine wiles to keep the incestuous seduction on track.

Matthew felt his cheeks glow at the namecheck and his cock rise, forcing him to take a precautionary step backwards. Just as well, for at that moment Jo rose and turned, brushing straight past him as he ducked back into the shadows. Thankfully it appeared that she'd not spotted him. Hastening to return less than a minute later, she kissed one of Amy's earlobes before settling down again behind the younger girl on the bathroom floor.

Submissively Amy slotted back into position between her sister's legs and breasts. The reason for Jo's brief disappearance soon became apparent: she'd been to fetch Amy's birthday present, the slim black dildo. Amy's eyes widened as it came into view, accompanied by a little moan of desire. After offering another gentle reassuring kiss, Jo circled the tip around each pierced nipple, prompting Amy to clamp shut her eyes, a look of contentment forming on her pretty face. Having brought each nipple back to a peak, Jo ran the slender length of plastic down Amy's tummy, teasing her navel playfully.

Almost subconsciously, Amy's thighs parted to fully unveil the beautiful pink pussy Matthew had seen so very briefly that morning.

Already the lips were glistening with the first spots of dewy arousal.

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Jo deliberately avoided the slender opening, tickling Amy's inner thighs in sensual circles. The younger girl whimpered gently, craving release. Having stroked her sister's inner thighs for what seemed an eternity, finally Jo tilted the dildo and caressed the length of the younger girl's slick crack.

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As she repeated the action, Amy's head rested dreamily against her sibling tutor's heaving breasts and her breath raced. Jo too was aroused beyond relief, busily thrumming her own damp sex. In his time back in England, Matthew had yet to witness the older girl as turned on as this. And that was despite having enjoyed a delicious lesbian tryst with the shopgirl and a mindblowing threesome with their mother. This must surely have been the culmination of years of longing and of watching the lovely little Amy blossom to the verge of womanhood.

As Matthew looked on in awe at Amy's seduction, the temptation to stroke his cock became overwhelming. Yet he was as equally determined to save himself for the party, an agonising dilemma arising. Arms folded tightly across his chest he resolved to record this wondrous episode in his brain for later use in Manila when he was alone and lonely.

"Imagine this is Matthew's cock," Jo growled. "Oh yesssssss," Amy purred. With the youngster's resistance vanquished, Matthew watched in the mirror as Jo eased the tapered head of the sextoy into her sister's tight young cunt, eliciting a moan. Eyes pressed shut, Amy's head moved from side to side. All too much for the voyeur in the wings, with an overexcited cock pressing the boxers into a tent of marquee proportions, Matthew could take no more.

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Reaching down inside the front, he gave the shaft a gentle squeeze. Soon his treacherous hand was working the foreskin back and forth against his boxers and his better judgement. On the bathroom floor, Amy's thighs spread wider as her cunt began to respond to Jo's urgings, the dildo disappearing in by inch. The older girl was careful not to go too far too fast, easing up when she met resistance from the virgin pussy and ensuring to kiss Amy's neck at regular intervals.

In between she watched intently over Amy's shoulder, gazing into the mirror to view the results of her handiwork, a huge smile on her face at having succeeded in working the younger girl into liquidity. Eventually, after a good deal of to-ing and fro-ing, moaning and groaning, licking and kissing, all but the last inch of the plastic penis was inside the tight cunt, prevented from further exploration only by Amy's maidenhead.

As Jo let go and Amy exhaled heavily, the toy eased its way back out and into Jo's waiting hand. Lifting it to her lips, she licked and sucked the surface dry like she was feasting on a buttered corncob. Marvelling at the taste of the dreamy, slightly salient produce of that young virgin cunt, she came on her fingers. Unselfishly lowering the tip once more, Jo concentrated entirely on Amy's clit, teasing it mercilessly.

The younger girl swooned and squirmed, the swollen button aching so much she cried out.

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Tirelessly Jo administered a series of strokes and probes that felt like tiny electric shocks imploding in Amy's vagina. She was panting with desire, head tossed back. "Cum for Matthew, Amy," the older girl encouraged.

They were the words that finally pushed the little minx over the edge. Gasping, she orgasmed hard, young body going into uncontrollable spasms and receding into her sister as if all the air had been forced out of her lungs. Jo held the juice-laden dildo in the air in triumph, taking Matthew by surprise when she leant back to pass the prize his way with a grin. His elder sister, it seemed, had been aware of his presence all along. Somewhat embarrassedly Matthew took the dildo and lifted it to his mouth, sucking gratefully and savouring its salty palate.

Other hand working the thick foreskin back and forth, he was soon to join Amy in the throes of ecstasy, letting out a muted groan before firing three huge loads of cum in quick succession at the bathroom tiles. The fourth he squeezed out into his hand like he was icing a cake, offering it to Jo as Amy lay flat out and lifeless.

Jo licked the palm with vigour, savouring the cocktail borne of her siblings'loins. The show over, Matthew beat a somewhat hasty retreat before the first guests arrived and caught him in his underwear.

However, the pre-party thrills were far from over for, as man of the house, it was Matthew's duty to approve each girl's outfit before she joined the party. Amy, having moved from the downstairs bathroom with lightning dexterity, was first to arrive to gauge his opinion.

Still flushed from her liaison with Jo, she was blissfully unaware Matthew had witnessed the whole seduction. "Oh wow," he gasped in genuine admiration and not a little lust at the incredible transformation from bookish schoolgirl to prom queen.

The curled locks piled on top of her head were fronted by a shiny silver tiara, a few corkscrew strands allowed to overhang strategically. The oval spectacles the young girl habitually sported had been substituted by contact lenses, allowing her piercing eyes to sparkle like sapphires.

No longer did she look like the little girl Matthew had first encountered. In fact, she'd seemed to have blossomed in the last half hour, and Matthew had a fair idea what was behind that. Yet it was the dress that grabbed his attention: aquamarine to match those beautiful irises, with a crepe effect and feel, splitting just below the breasts to expose a triangular area of stomach, thus displaying the piercing at her navel. A little black lacy bra underneath held her modest assets in place and concealed the other two new piercings.

The skirt was of similar design, stopping alluringly just above the knee. Bare legged, her footwear was flat yet elegant, a pair of white strappy sandals that were ideal for dancing.

The birthday girl did a twirl, the skirt tight to a bum that was pleasantly curvaceous. Unable to help himself, Matthew eased up against his youngest sister's back, kissing behind her ear, hands caressing each hip and simulating a swaying dance.

Looking over the top, he was overjoyed to see his necklace plunging down into a cleavage that somehow she'd managed to sculpt. Amy sighed and relaxed in his arms like she had her sister's. They were moving to the bed almost unknowingly when the doorbell downstairs sounded. Easing away grudgingly, Amy blew a kiss and skipped off to greet her first guest, promising to see him later.


Matthew exhaled so hard he almost fainted. Amy was quickly replaced by Meg who needed a hand before she could join the party. Her one-piece gown was light and diaphanous in a creamy shade, ending in flouncy skirt-tails. Unlike Amy, she'd opted for heels, a good four inches worth, to compliment the elegant outfit suitably. Tottering over and tilting forward, she lifted the back of her brunette hair off her neck, indicating that the fiddly catch of the gown needing coupling together.

Before doing so, Matthew took a moment to kiss the exposed area of shoulder tenderly, sending a shiver down her spine.

"Matthew, don't," she groaned, before adding teasingly: "Not now." Having secured the catch with a pair of shaky old man's fingers, Matthew gave her arse a playful slap. "You look absolutely stunning, Meg honey. Now go and enjoy yourself." Meg reached to wrap her arms around his neck and, despite the elevation gained from the heels she still needed to push up on tiptoes to reach her brother's cheek, imparting a soft loving kiss.

Her body as she tottered away was to die for. Immediately she left, Beth arrived at the door as the ideal replacement.

Though Amy and Meg had stunned him with their transformations, Beth's was perhaps the most dazzling yet. Trading on her Afro-Caribbean heritage, she'd braided her usually unruly hair into colourful tracks that ran across her head and down to the neck.

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"Wow!" Matthew exclaimed, dumbstruck. Though he'd already seen the outfit briefly in the shop, it looked ten times better now that his sexy sixteen-year old sister was made-up to match, lips painted a glossy crimson. The red halter top exhibited her lovely little breasts perfectly and, without a bra, the excited nipples stood firmly to attention.

Matthew couldn't resist slipping his hand inside the cup to squeeze a pert boob. Beth issued a seductive smile before easing away, pirouetting and showing off her peachy butt in the matching red hotpants. So tight they were sucked in by her arse crack, it was money well spent. As Beth turned and warned him not to be too long, Jo arrived, the last of the girls to seek an audience, the sickly sweet smell of drying nail polish following her in.

Showing off the black skirt and maroon vest top that had also been purchased for her by her brother the previous day, she was sporting a hairstyle that suited her so well: punky and spunky, spiky and brash. Sporting a huge smug smile, doubtless the seduction of Amy had a lot to do with her vivacity.

"Thank you for these wonderful clothes," she whispered, issuing a curtsey. "No problem, they look absolutely wonderful on you," Matthew replied earnestly.

She moved forward, careful to shield her drying fingernails and toenails, co-ordinated in maroon to match the top. "I think you wanted this," she said with a cheeky smile, handing over the pot of gel. "Mmm, I did, and I'm glad I chose that moment." "I made sure to clean the tiles," she said with a wicked grin, tongue wagging, before heading off with a giggle. Alone, Matthew peered into the mirror, scraping the gel through his hair to sculpt a Mohawk down the centre, picking and flicking at the fringe.

"You look gorgeous," came the words from the door, preceding his mother's entrance. She took a moment to admire her handsome son, a six-foot tall Adonis in a fashionable designer shirt and coal black jeans.

"So do you," he replied, eyes almost popping from their sockets as he turned. Clearly intent upon competing with her younger, sexier - though that was a matter of opinion - daughters, Hannah had opted for what could only be described as the MILF look.

A cross between Courtney Love and Marie Antoinette, her lips were full, red and pouty, eyes generously black ringed, tits pushed up in a bustier like two plum puddings. Her hair had been teased by heating tongs into a mass of cascading curls that looked as light as air.

Matthew stood mouth agape. "Take those filthy thoughts out of your mind, young man," she quipped, before adding: "For now." With all the promises he was on, Matthew would barely be able to keep up.

He was almost tempted to lock himself in the room for the night. "See you shortly," cooed Hannah as she ambled off to join the others. "Bye mum, love you." Matthew decided to give it ten more minutes before descending, the music getting up downstairs and the front door constantly opened and closed. Stuck to the mirror, he checked and rechecked his hair several times before deciding he was ready. If the party lived up to half his expectations it was going to be something else.

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