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Merlin Gwendydd - sister Morgenau - brother Morial - brother Morien - brother Mordaf - brother - Naci's father ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally we exited the portal landing a lot softer than we had in all the previous landings.

Smiling at Naci when we landed she kissed me then went to set up the camp. Waving a hand a chair appeared before me as I stretched out my hands projecting the bubble to hide us. I then took a deep calming breath as I made several false camps around us. Then I added a bit of magic to each for further confusion. Let the ass come after us now. For a few moments I watched as Naci set about making our camp.

Again I waved my hand making the remedy book appear again. Remembering what Naci had told me I started slowly making each ingredient before I moved on. Within a half hour I had enough for another three remedies though the third I was really in no hurry to partake of. I saw that Naci had been watching me nodding as I took a deep breath before I moved on. "You are starting to use your breath more effectively now.

I am glad Toman, husband." I nodded as I checked the first remedy before I downed it. At first I felt a lot better then it hit my stomach as my eyes went wide.

Grabbing my stomach I had to hold it in as long as possible. Then again I thought this was as bad as the second one I had tried, although I had all the right ingredients for this one. I watched Naci as her face held a look of horror on her face. It was then I noticed that the skin on my hand was a pale green color. 'Damn,' I thought, 'had I forgotten something?' Going through everything in my head I saw that everything was there.

Naci finally ventured to where the book was as I heard her gasp. "Why did you use this one Husband? You'll be sick a day from this, it's almost as bad as that which it helps." Gasping I told her, "I had to Naci; the tear I have it is the only one that can help." "I'll make you a counter to the rolling stomach it will give you." She said as she moved off to start what she was making.

I knew I had to hold this as long as possible. I could feel it racing toward the tear even as I fought to hold it in. Crap I thought, this was bad there was no way I could hold it as long as I needed to. Laying down I felt a little better 'til the whole world started to spin. This of course made me feel far worse. A moment later Naci appeared beside me with a foul looking concoction.

"Husband, take this you'll feel better soon." She told me. I nodded as I took it from her turning it as I started to drain it. It was as I had swallowed half of it that I saw the look of horror that was pasted to Naci's face. Oh shit, I thought as I stopped, this wasn't going to end well. Sure enough I felt it, at first, the gentle rolling through my stomach.


Then just as suddenly I felt as if I had been punched in the stomach by a giant fist. Again I chanced a glance at Naci as she was rapidly making something else that looked many times more foul than the first she'd handed me. "Slow husband or you will be sick far longer than either of us have time for." She told me as she held the foul brew to my lips. By all that was holy! I almost retched just from the smell alone, though as I thought, it was nothing compared to the absolute horrid taste.

It took everything I had to not completely loose the full contents of my stomach. Then strangely enough I felt the pain start to ease. Laying down I knew I was far from out of the woods. Barely able to reach in I nodded as I felt that ninety percent of the tear was sealed.

Shaking my head slowly I knew I need the last one if I was going to be whole in two days. "Husband," Naci started as she finally breathed a sigh of relief. "I will make the rest of the ingredients." Looking over the third potion she then shook her head. "Well, all but this last ingredient. Even with the increases you have done, I don't have quite enough for that." I tried to look at the page though moving was not a good thing at the moment.

Finally a few moments later I saw what she'd been talking about. I tried to nod, what she had indicated even I had a problem with. It was exclusive to the magic dimension so I'd have to do this carefully. Ugh! I fell back breathing hard; well as soon as I felt a hell of a lot better. It was perhaps two or three hours later when I was finally able to raise off the cot without the world turning rapidly counter-clock wise.

I was barely able to make my feet as I made my way outside. As I thought, the fresh air was doing wonders for me. Then I was reeling as I fell into a chair that appeared behind me.

Naci appeared a moment later, "Here husband eat this it should help." My eyes narrowed as I passed a hand over it, then again a second time. Satisfied she'd not put any major spells on it I started in on it.

Several bowls later I was feeling amazing almost normal. "It is good husband. You hadn't eaten in almost two days. I was afraid you were going to waste away!" I turned to stare at here astonished it had been that long.

"I need that last ingredient," I said as I concentrated. It wasn't the easiest thing I had done recently though by no means was it easy. Finally almost an hour later it appeared.

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Almost exhausted I handed it to Naci to mix. Follow the instructions to the word." I told her as she nodded. "Husband?" Naci stated as she looked at me with an extremely worried look. "This is one of the most dangerous healing potions. I have only seen it used once. That did not end well at all. Please husband, I fear for you using this as they say the pain is unparalleled.

I don't feel I could go on if something happened to you." I turned to stare at Naci, what was she on about? Couldn't go on?

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I reached out to her though I was weak as could be. Was it possible I thought? Trying harder I didn't feel a deep bond, though as I said I was weak at the moment. "I'm sorry for worrying you Naci. I need this last potion; it is the only one strong enough to finish what the others started." I told her though it did nothing to ally the look of fear on her face.

"I will watch you, that way there will be no mistakes. Does that make you feel better?" The look of concern lessened a bit though no where as much as I hoped from what I suggested. She brought everything next to me as I lay back watching her slowly and carefully mix the powerful potion.

"According to the instructions it has to sit for an hour before you take it." She suddenly turned toward me the look of worry having returned to her face. "There is no counter that I can give you husband. As strong as this is it could easily kill you. Especially as weak as you are." Then the tears started to fall from her eyes. "I hope that you can husband, I need you as bad if not more than the magic dimension." I stared at Naci then I did something I hadn't expected myself to do.

I reached out drawing Naci to my chest holding her tight. I felt her sigh then relax in my arms. I also could swear that I heard her whisper that she loved me. That shocked me the most; we'd been out of time hiding, almost a year though it only felt like a few weeks. Naci released me then watched me with quivering lips as I looked at the book then slowly started to drink the potion.

I knew that this was going to be bad the moment I felt the powerful potion hit my lips. The smell and taste were by far the worse that I had ever used. I had to steel myself up as I felt it start to slide down my throat. Here I thought the last few were putrid. They all paled to the taste of this. Even though I was drinking it slow I could feel it as it rushed through my body rapidly attacking the tear in my magic. Finally I thought I can feel the last of the tear mending. I think I had four percent left when I finally managed to down the last of the rancid tasting brew.

Now I thought I just had to hold out 'til it finished. I had to as there was no other potion left strong enough. I needed everything I had if I was going to defeat the last nine council members plus Ukobach. His half son Rigal I wasn't as worried about, though now that I thought about it he was half demon.

It was another hour as I was suffering through a hell of a lot of pain fighting to stay conscious. I was at ninety nine percent now, though that was nothing if I reached hard. I could easily rip my magic again if I didn't completely heal the tear.

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The pain was far beyond anything I had felt before. Even the severe beating that Merlin and I had administered to each other wasn't this bad and THAT had been bad. Finally I felt the tear close though I felt it was still weak. Shaking my head I tried to hold on longer as I felt where the tear was starting to shore up far more.

'Almost.' I thought, 'come on!' My magic was back as I nodded to Naci. [Going to sleep a bit Naci. Watch like I showed you, I just hope I have enough up to help you.] I saw her nod still a worried look on her face as I felt the darkness flow around me then drag me down. I looked around as I entered the dreamscape; damn I was hoping that ass Rigal was dead.

I reached out expecting Rigal to appear, and then I was shocked when I felt two presences.

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Ukobach and Rigal both appeared a moment later. "Hello bastard seed." Ukobach said pointing a slender red finger at me. "I see that my worthless excuse of a son failed to get you. It is of no matter you'll soon be dead then I will take that sweet virgin wife of yours." I smiled I knew what Ukobach was doing I wasn't about to fall for it.

Laughing at him I pointed a finger at him. "You are a funny one. In case you haven't looked I am at FULL power, go ahead try something." Here I narrowed my eyes at him. "I am far more powerful than you think I am. Even Merlin was surprised I had as much power as him." "You lie boy! There was no other stronger than him." Here Ukobach smiled an evil happy smile.

"Was being the definitive word. With him gone I will soon crush you." I smiled back full of confidence. "Oh you are welcome to try, especially since you have lost complete power with the council. You lose any more? I'd say your power will be seriously hampered." Laughing a deep evil laugh Ukobach shook his head, "I won't lose any more. You will never get close enough to them to even try." "You are over confident, here." I told him as I reached out ripping the image to pieces. "I'm not even using any power and yet I rendered you a worthless piece of trash.

Go away you're bothering me." I said as I swept my arm toward him knocking the both of them out of the dreamscape. Taking a deep breath I nodded as I felt my power drop again shit I thought I'm going to die if I keep this up.

I sighed as I relaxed, feeling the drain stop, 'better,' I thought. Relaxing more I felt my power increase a bit good then the darkness took me again.

It had been several days since Merlin's body had been discovered. Still no family had stepped forward to claim the body. Many knew it might be a few more days before any of his family appeared. This was considering they were all in different dimensions and times. Ukobach was passing the building where the body was kept hardly able to contain his glee. There was a sudden rush of power a big power then a mage that looked like a younger version of Merlin appeared.

Walking to the opening of the building several of the enforcers tried to bar his way. Snarling he flung his hand, then the guards in several directions. Again snarling the mage stated, "I am Morial Wyllt! The second brother of Merlin!

Try to stop me again your reward will be a never ending hellish death!" Several of the guards had advanced again only to be tossed against walls with dull crunches. Grunting Morial rapidly advanced into the building. Ukobach hid a smile so the betrayer was back. I might have need of him later if his other. At that thought there was a tremendous rush of power along with a couple of booming cracks of thunder. Ukobach pulled back these two; no three powers were beyond his own combined.

So they had also increased like their brother had. Two males and a beautiful female appeared heading toward the building.

Looking around they saw the guards against the walls. The female snapped her fingers as the guards dropped to the ground. Looking at the two males she simply said, "Morial!" Then a growl rose from her lips as she advanced into the building. Ukobach crept closer to find out what he could.

If they were all here than he might find out what was going on possibly who had killed Merlin. A smile crossed his lips yes, find out and reward them. Inside he was greeted by shouting raised voices. "Why in the hell are you here Morial? It has been well known that you hated our brother." The female was shouting. "Yeah, nice to see you again too Gwendydd you bitch!" Morial was shouting back a look of disgust on his face.

The oldest of the males with her had raised his hand when Gwendydd stopped him. Staring hard at Morial a look of anger on her face she waited. "So still playing the big sist." Morial started then stopped unable to open his mouth. "You forget, LITTLE brother I am far more powerful than you.

I always have been even after Merlin taught you what he had. I suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself if you wish to talk at all!" Gwendydd hissed at her younger brother. "Morgenau," she said to the tallest there. "If he tries anything I want you and Morien to freeze him. I have to grieve before I can make peace. I contacted Mordaf; he cannot appear as there is still a small charge against him." Both males nodded to her as she waved her hand at Morial releasing his speech.

"So now she is." Morial started in a low voice. "I would keep my traitorous mouth shut!" The youngest of the males said. "It is taking all I have to not destroy you. After you tried to have all of us killed.

No matter what the reason, you are lucky Merlin didn't banish you! So be a good BOY and shut the hell up." Morial started to open his mouth then clamped it shut. They had a lot more power than him so they could very well carry out their threats. Further in they could hear the heart wrenching sobs of Gwendydd. They could also hear her blaming herself for the loss of Morgana and the death of Merlin. It was suddenly quiet then she was flying out of the building up to Ukobach.

Grabbing him around the throat Gwendydd lifted him off the ground. Ukobach was struggling at the incredible amount of power that Gwendydd was displaying the grief having pushed her power higher than he'd ever felt. "IF," Gwendydd hissed into his face. "I find out that you had even an inkling into this. Any way, shape or form? I will extract a vengeance that will have you begging me to kill you!

Stay away from my family! I am no longer the sweet female I was, I can deal death just as well as my brothers!" With that Gwendydd threw Ukobach across the road as his body made a hideous crunching noise as it hit several walls. Slumping down Ukobach cursed as he felt one arm wrenched in several places. Damn that female had actually hurt him!

Picking himself up he thought of calling the guards but thought better of it. With the anger they all had they might decimate the entire guard corps. Looking at Gwendydd he saw that her eyes were glowing red, yeah, better to hold off.

Gwendydd turned with one last flash of anger toward Ukobach. Gwendydd's red hair flaring as did her eyes then she made her way back inside. Ukobach was about to creep back to the doorway when he received an urgent message. His eyes got wide then a sinister smile crossed his lips.


Vanishing he appeared before the council chambers. All around there were a great many injured guards. Then he started to curse as he saw in the middle of everything two more council members lay dead. Looking closer he saw that they both had their heads removed one of which was missing.

__________________________________________________________________ Toman and Naci appeared not far from the council chambers. Toman had finally healed a day before had also raised Naci's power somewhat more.

Toman looked at the amount of guards nodding to Naci. They separated going to opposite ends of the building. Toman stepped out as the two that he had targeted were walking out of the building. Shouting Toman watched as the guards flew into action.

Smiling Toman released a wave of energy that knocked well over three fourths of the guards down. The rest were still heading toward Toman when one of the two council members screamed. The guards now confused turned back as Toman smiled releasing an even stronger wave knocking the rest down. Now both of the male council members were screaming as Toman advanced raising a hand toward them.

Satisfied with the memory drain Toman was about to leave with Naci when she made a slashing motion. The heads of both members flew off; the stronger member's rolling toward the both of them.

"I think we should take this one husband. He appears to know far more than any before." Naci told Toman. Toman stopped looking at the head of the council member.

The biggest thing he noticed was that the head was still alive and conscious.

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"So you made a pact with Ukobach a bad move. You know that this was outlawed long ago nothing Ukobach does can ever have this allowed. I am within the rights of all magic users to execute you as painfully as I can." The head tried to speak though Toman silenced it quickly. Looking at Naci she growled, "We have a duty even if we are on the run husband." Toman was contemplating everything when a huge smile lit up his face. "Yes, we have a duty Naci, though this one is evidence we can use against Ukobach." When the head held a shocked look starting, "How." "We know far more than you think." Naci spit at the head.

"You are both abominations it is sad that I." The head started again.


"We are? You, who are still alive as a bodiless head, can call us abominations? You made a pact with a demon I'd say you are more of an abomination than we will ever be." Toman snarled at the head then smiled as he extended his hand making the head scream. Nodding to Naci they both stepped into the portal a moment before Ukobach appeared. Cursing Ukobach's mind was going through all that had happened.

The one with the missing head was one of those that had made a pact with him. If that came out then he'd have a lot of damage control to do. Shaking his head he had to obtain two more members before anything could be done. When had he started to lose control?