Free video big dick young gay porn Mark got his clothes on and hopped

Free video big dick young gay porn Mark got his clothes on and hopped
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 51 THE TURNING POINT I felt relieved on informing my husband about my lesbian relationship with our neighboring teen aged girl Melina.

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I also informed my husband about my sexual session with Melina's 15 year old boyfriend Christopher. As expected by me, my husband's reaction was very normal. I am proud to have such a loving and understanding husband with an open mind. The secret behind our love and bonding is that both of us are very open to each other and we do not hide anything from each other whether it is good or bad. Everything becomes good when we share everything openly with each other. My husband told me lovingly that it is quite natural and he feels happy and proud that I enjoyed it.

He was very happy that I shared everything with him. He told me that I did nothing wrong. He fucked another girl, (Remember, Anu, my husband's ex-girlfriend and Neeta, my lesbian partner.

My husband fucked both of them many times with me on my insistence), I can also fuck another male. He repeated our common philosophy that love is not only fucking. One can fuck any one and get fucked by any one. But one cannot love every one. I love my husband and my husband loved me and our love cannot be compared and shared by any one.

Our body can be shared anyone and it does not make any negative impact on our love. Cheating is different thing. But what we do was not a cheating; it was love, confidence and not hiding anything with each other. We talked a lot about this and there was no guilty feeling in our mind and heart about sharing our bodies for fuck with anyone. It was quite clear once again.

While discussing this, we reviewed our past love and fuck life. Suddenly, my husband told me: "Julee! We both are very lucky. First you get fucked by uncle and after that you have been fucked by both of us, your uncle and me. Now you enjoyed with a teen aged boy. You also enjoyed lesbian sex with Angelina, Neeta and now with Melina.

We both enjoyed three some with Anu and Neeta. I think, it is not a full stop to our sex and fuck life. I can say that many more to come and will welcome all the pleasure and enjoyment in our life." I smiled and nodded. I agreed with him. I could understand that, this understanding between us has opened more doors for us in future.

"Be frank Julee, as you have been. You are free to do anything which you wish to be. I know, you will not hide any of your wish from me. I will be happy to help you in fulfilling your wish. As far as my wish is concern, I say openly that I wish to fuck Melina along with you, but I want her to become an adult before that. I wish that all of three, you, me and Melina enjoy together when Melina's pussy is fully developed enough to enjoy and to take my cock." I felt very happy to know my husband's wish.

I told him that it is already in my mind and I am waiting for this wonderful opportunity when Melina's pussy is ready to accommodate his long and thick cock. "What about a Big Black Cock Julee! Have you ever wished or do you wish now to enjoy Big Black Cock?" He asked suddenly.

I could not answer immediately. I knew that what we were discussing are with open mind. Things in India were different where we give so much important to the body over the love. Here in Switzerland and we also believe that love exists in hearts and the body does not have much important in love.

Body is for enjoyment and the heart is for love. Body can enjoy with many but the love cannot be with many. We have a good married life. My husband is a wonderful, good, loving and caring husband, a good father and a very exciting man. We have a great deal of understanding and love within us.

He is a strong and muscular man, having a long, thick and powerful male organ, thrusting his erect penis violently into my vagina.

And I always enjoy is hard, powerful and long fucking. "I can think about it if you wish me to do so." Finally I replied. It was my fantasy to have a Big Black Cock in to my pussy. I have seen the Bid Black Cock fucking a white female's pussy.

I am an Indian, having quite fair complexion with a nice sexy body. My husband is too strong in love, sex and fucking. He takes an unusual longer time to cum. I heard that the black men are also very strong in sex with a big fucking organ. I wanted that experience at least once in my life to have a Big Black Cock in to my pussy.

But I always thought about it and wanted to have a threesome certainly along with my husband and with any black man with a big fucking tool. I knew that my husband will also have a fun to watch his sexy wife taking other male's cock to her pussy and I also knew that he will love to fuck me along with one more fucking partner. "Yes dear! I know that every sex lover lady will not miss any opportunity to have a new experience in her life. And it will be a fun full new experience when you are in bed two fuckers including me." He said.

"OK! I am ready. But you have to arrange the Big Black Cock." I replied. "Sure. You will be surprised to know that I was already thinking about this since quite a sometime. A young black man, Anglo is working in our office. He is quite a young and single man of about 25/26 years.

According to my information, he is having a quite big cock and he joined in various threesome fucking games and have fucked wives of many of our office colleges. I was told this by one of my friend in the office. He took Anglo at his home various times to get his wife fucked by him and they all three enjoyed every time.

Anglo is a good man, capable to keep all the secrets within his heart. I am thinking to invite him on this week end, if you agree." My husband informed me.

I was thrilled to know that my husband has already planned to have a threesome fuck by including an owner of Big Black Cock. "OK. I am ready." I said. He was very happy to hear my reply and this sexy talking took us in to world of hard and wild fuck within no time. And on the Friday evening, my husband informed me that he had invited Anglo into our house on next day, on Saturday morning. Luckily, incidentally and fortunately, Melina was going for an outing with her parents and she took Raju along with her.

I knew that Melina and her parents will look after Raju well, like me. So, I allowed her to take Raju along them without any hesitation. Now we were ready to welcome Anglo at our home and were ready to play the first ever three some of two men and one woman. Anglo was at our villa on the next day morning as scheduled. My husband introduced me to him. Anglo was a tall and well-built black African man but was looking very handsome with a nice smile on his face and with a good, muscular body.

He had worn an open necked T-shirt and jeans. We politely shook hands. Anglo was at our home on the pre-fixed time, but we were little behind the schedule. We, I and my husband were playing the fucking games till late last night and we were sleeping till late morning. We just had our morning tea and I was preparing the breakfast, and Anglo was at our home right on the schedule.

We were yet to take the bath. We told Anglo to just wait for a while and we will have a quick bath within no time.

My husband also told him that if he wishes to take a bath with us, he can join us. He nodded and as usual, I and my husband went to the bathroom to have a shower together.

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Mostly, we take the shower together. The doors could be latched from inside the bathroom, to prevent anyone from the next room. But purposely, we did not lock the bathroom door because we wanted Anglo to join us or at least watch us taking shower together. My husband undressed me, himself and turned on the hot shower. It felt heavenly. He stood behind me and rubbed his naked body on me.

He began fondling my breasts and his erect penis, kept poking me between my buttocks. I was getting excited with his cock moving around my ass. Suddenly the bath room door opened and we saw Anglo on the bathroom door.

He was already fully naked. Anglo saw us naked and stopped for a while. He stared at my naked and sexy body and I looked at his huge cock. Although it was not erected, was in semi erected position, it was really a massive, a real Big Black Cock! I knew that black men have large organs.

But never in my dreams imagined that their organs would be so gigantic! It was really huge, beyond my imaginations and expectations. I was, first time in my life, seeing a real Big Black Cock. Though Anglo stood in front of us, my husband kept fondling my boobs.

As Anglo kept looking at my husband fondling my boobs, his huge organ started becoming erect. My husband looked at me, staring at Anglo's Huge Black Cock and said to Anglo: "Come in Anglo and join us for a bath." He walked in, and joined us under the shower.

To make space for him under the shower, we now turned in such a way, that I was in the center. My husband was in front of me and Anglo was behind me. My husband looked at me smiling. I was feeling little nervous because it was my first experience with another male along with my husband.

I did not enjoyed two cocks together before. I was standing naked, first time in my life, in front of a strange black man, who himself was naked and was almost touching his body to my body. My husband whispered in my ear, in Hindi language: "Julee Darling, hope you are OK?" I whispered back in Hindi: "Yes! But I am little nervous." He replied, "Just relax and let him do what he wants. Enjoy yourself." Anglo did not understand what we were talking.

I said, again in Hindi "Do you see how strong and muscular he is and how large his penis is? It is gigantic.

I am frightened. He will kill me with his massive organ." He simply assured me, saying, "Don't you worry Julee. You can certainly take that gigantic organ of his, without any problem. It is not so long which we see in porn movies.

Yes! It is slightly longer than mine. I am sure that you will enjoy it with little difficulty in starting." By that time, Anglo snuggled up very close to me; his body was touching my body. A sort of an electric current passed in my body, when his body touched mine. But, he was not balanced or comfortable.

That is because his huge erected black cock was poking into my back. I had kept my thighs tightly closed. I was sure that the length of his erected black cock must be not less than 10/11" and it was very thick too like my husband's cock. So, to make him comfortable, I slightly parted my thighs, so that he could slip down his cock in-between my thighs and balance himself. Now I could see his cock in my front between my legs, touching lower part of my pussy. His long cock was fully erected and was pointing down because he was taller than me and was slipped his long gun forcefully down between my legs.

Now Anglo slipped his muscular left arm around my belly and put his right arm on my hips, to balance him. My husband was in front of me and he too hugged me. I clearly saw Anglo's cock touching my husband's body. My husband's erected cock was knocking on my belly. I saw Anglo touching my husband's cock many a times standing behind me when he was moving his hands on my naked bally.

Anglo was enjoying me from behind and my husband was enjoying me from my front. And I was enjoying the erotic bath with two naked men with big cocks. After some time, my husband turned me towards him. Now he was facing me and his barrel chested body was crushing my boobs. His long erected cock was reaching up to and above my boobs and base of his cock and his balls were at my belly button.

I felt his big black balls knocking on my belly button. I could kiss his long cock head just by moving my head down. My husband was rubbing his hot cock on my back and I could feel that Anglo must have touched my husband's cock because his hands were behind me as he was standing under the shower hugging me. It was very sure to me that both, my husband and Anglo were not having any gay feelings within them.

I smiled thinking this because I equally enjoy male and female and I did so many a times in my life. I started to feel little comfortable by that time. I applied soap on Anglo's muscular body. After applying the soap all over his body, I touched his magnificent organ, gently soaped it and washed off the soap. His big, black, extra ordinarily long and thick cock was raging like a tiger.

After giving washing pleasure to his black cock, I took charge of my husband's comparatively fair cock and washed it as I am doing it regularly at the time of taking bath together. Now both the men, my husband and Angelo, started cleaning and bathing me. I was feeling so good. I simply shut my eyes. I was enjoying feeling two pairs of male hands all over my body, two cocks touching my naked and sexy body. They were rubbing, fondling, kneading, crushing, and pinching each and every part and every crevice of my body.

My vagina was completely wet inside too with my own juices and it was already wet on outside with water. I was holding both of theme's cock while they were giving me bathing pleasure. I could feel clearly that although Anglo's cock was longer by about two inches in compare to my husband's cock, but thickness of both of theme's cock was the same. I felt relaxed that it may not be much difficult for me to take Anglo's cock in to my pussy.

We finished our bathing. It was time for the real action now. Anglo was handling me very gently, like a precious jewel. He gently massaged each part of my body, very slowly and relaxingly with the towel and dried my sexy and naked body.

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He then, wiped my hair. He tied the towel around my boobs. The towel just managed to fall over and cover my pussy. He then bent down and gently lifted me in his arms. He carried me very gently, like some fragile doll to the living room, where he put me on a sofa. My husband followed him. What followed was like some dream scene. My husband and Anglo, fussed over me like a queen. May be more like a lamb, before slaughter! My husband served some beer all including him and he made me relaxed on the sofa.

While I relaxed on the sofa sipping the beer, they were sipping their beer sitting naked on the chairs nearby. I saw both of theme's cock was moving up and down, side by side, whenever they move a little bit. Two wonderful cocks were like dancing before me to make me pleased and happy.

Two wonderful fucker men were taking care of me, so well. This went on for a long time, until all of us got quite drunk. Anglo lifted me again in his arms from the sofa and he sat on a chair and placed me gently on his lap. Now in this position, his long cock was poking out from between my legs touching my pussy. The weather was cool and I was thoroughly refreshed after bath and the beer.

I put my head on the strong shoulder of Anglo and relaxed. My husband sat next to us and watched me, relaxing on Anglo's lap. The short towel was still around my breasts but lower portion of my body; my pussy and my ass were completely out of the towel because of my sitting position on Anglo's lap!

The men, my husband and Anglo were still completely naked. Anglo kept gently rubbing my face with his palm in a soothing manner. He kissed my cheeks gently, as if I was a little girl! My husband asked me, "Julee, are you comfortable and enjoying yourself?" I replied, "Yes.

Both of you have taken care of me, very well. I am feeling like a queen now, between two kings." Anglo kissed me again on my cheeks and told to my husband, "She is a love goddess! You are very lucky. I too feel very happy and consider myself lucky to be a part of your love life." After sitting there for some time, Anglo again lifted me delicately and carried me to the bedroom for the real action. My husband followed us. I was not nervous now. I knew that now, my body would belong to the two men.

He took me straight to the bed and made me sit down. He poured another glass of beer for all of us. Anglo told to my husband: "Friend! Are you absolutely sure, that you want to watch your young, beautiful and delicate wife, being taken by me?

You know that my cock is gigantic. I know she is mother of a child and you too have a large organ. But your wife's pussy seems to be a tight one. My cock will open up your wife's little pussy, like she has never been opened before. Your cock is also big and long, but mine is even longer.

She may feel some pain when my giant cock goes in to her small pussy. I am your friend and I do not wish to hurt your wife, or your marriage. " My husband said, "No problems Anglo. I want both of you to enjoy each other. I will sit there quietly and watch both of you making love. It will be a great fun and first experience for me and my wife." I understood by their talking that both of them are not going to fuck me together.

Initially, I thought that I will be fucked by both of them together. I anticipated that Anglo will fuck my pussy with his big black cock and my husband will fuck my ass at the same time. I did not have that experience before and I was thinking how they will do this and I was not sure how to enjoy fucking by two males together in my both the fuck holes.

I was feeling little relaxed and felt proud on knowing that my husband is taking so much care of me. He did not want me in to pain with two cocks together fucking me. Anglo moved onto the bed. He took me into his arms and began to passionately kiss me. His strong hands roamed all over my body sending thrills to my every core. I could feel myself getting moist again, in anticipation. My husband walked over and pulled off the towel from my body leaving me naked in Anglo's arms.

Anglo began fondling my boobs and took one of my nipples into his mouth. It was a different feeling. It felt so good, to feel another man make love to my boobs, as my husband held me up from behind. Now Anglo made me lie down on the bed. He pushed my thighs apart and ran his hands all over and felt my naked body. He moved his face towards my wet pussy. As he gently brushed his tongue across my pussy lips, he could taste the moisture of my juices.

I gave an involuntary moan and my body shivered. He gently moved his tongue in a continuous circular motion, teasing and stimulating my clitoris. My face was flushed. I tried to control my moans of mounting pleasure, but couldn't. My breath became shorter and faster. My moaning became louder. He continued to fuck my pussy with his rough tongue. My pent up sexual tension was fully released, as he continually worked on my pussy with his long and rough tongue, bringing me soon to my first screaming climax.

My body shook and spammed, as he continued to lick, suck and probe the wetness of my pussy. Anglo pushed my thighs further apart. He positioned himself on top of me. My erect nipples were pushed into his chest. I could feel his muscular and strong body, rubbing against me.

His rock hard long cock pushed against my leg. He kissed me. I was in total sexual abandonment. I looked into his eyes with lust and longing.

When his cock about to enter in to my waiting and wet pussy, I glanced at my husband. My husband was holding his own erected organ in his hands and was staring at me sitting nearby on the sofa. I got an idea. I stopped Anglo from penetrating his giant manhood in to my pussy. He looked at me in surprise. I whispered to Anglo, "It is the first time for me and my husband playing threesome with another male.

I knew that my husband is enjoying this scene. But I wish my husband to hold your cock and guide it in to my pussy, as I have guided my husband's cock many a times in another female's pussy in threesome enjoyment. I want him to have this pleasure." My husband and Anglo both smiled knowing my wish!

My husband reached forward and grasped Anglo's rock hard big cock and positioned it, exactly at the opening of my moist pussy. This erotic feeling of my own husband positioning another man's cock, on to my pussy opening, almost sent me over the edge!

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My husband reacted in a very sexy voice: "You know, this is really the most exciting moment for me in my life. I took hold of other man's cock first time in my life. I saw other's cock accidently in public loos, but before this, I did not touch other man's cock.

Holding the cock that is going to fuck my own wife, it is new and exciting." I could only respond, by kissing my husband and moaning in his mouth. Anglo now began pushing his gigantic cock into my tight pussy slowly and slowly.

His throbbing cock's head entered in to my wet pussy slowly. He slid in a little of his cock length at a time, before easing back and then pushing forward again and again. It began little paining me now. My moans were becoming louder.

I could feel it clearly that Anglo's massive organ stretched my pussy and my pussy was completely stretched, and yet, he was still pushing more of his gigantic cock into my pussy. I felt as if a huge and long, hot steel pipe was being thrust slowly into my pussy. I was really in pain now. He kept pushing more and more of his monstrous cock in to my pussy.

I was sweating and panting with pain. My husband was sitting near me, kissing me which helped me to bear that pain. I saw Anglo signaling the thumps - up sign which means his extra ordinary long and thick big black cock was completely in to my body through my pussy. He appeared to withdraw his raging cock and after appearing to have withdrawn around 4 - 5 inches from my body, he gathered up all his strength and slammed his whole, big cock in to my pussy again.

This time, he kept full length of his cock pressed completely in my pussy for a long time. He gave the time to my pussy to adjust itself around his massive cock, to accommodate it. Gradually my pain lessened. After around a minute, my pain went away. Now he started slowly pumping his big fucking gun into my pussy. Real fucking started with his big black cock was moving in and out of my pussy in a systematic way.

My husband was still sitting completely naked near my head. I wanted to take my husband's cock in to my hands or in to my mouth while getting fucked by another mam's cock first time in my life in presence of my husband, but my sleeping and fucking position was not allowing me to do so.

My husband was watching his wife being fucked first time by a black African man with his Big Black Cock. And I was being fucked by a black man with his black, long fucking gun in presence of my husband. His black cock was so long and big that I felt it like it was touching to my heart inside of my body.

Now I started enjoying the fuck without any pain and it was a nice and sexy experience for me. My pussy has accommodated entire length of his long, big and thick cock. Thanks to my open minded, big hearted husband to provide me this new and wonderful experience of having a big black cock in to my tight pussy.

Now Anglo and I started to rock together. I was lifting my ass from the bed and he was pumping his long fucking gun from over me. His long cock was going full in to my pussy and coming out in that wonderful fucking game. I saw that now it was difficult for my husband to control himself. He took hold of his throbbing large cock in to his own hand and has started jerking it speedily.


I knew that it was not easy for my husband to cum. He takes extra ordinary longer time to cum in fucking my pussy. And I knew that it will take even longer when masturbating. I was enjoying a wild fucking by a black man's big black cock, in presence of my husband. My husband was enjoying his wife's fucking by a black man and Anglo was enjoying fucking a tight pussy of an Indian woman in her husband's presence.

You can imagine what the sexy scene that was. Anglo was moaning and enjoying the pleasurable, sexual sensations of thrusting his cock fully into tight pussy of a young Indian female.

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My moans and gasps were now louder than ever. As he pumped forward into my pussy, I ran my hands over his shoulders and screamed with pure sexual fulfillment. I placed my hands on his buttocks and pushed hard thus impaling on the full length of his cock for several seconds. I was sweating heavily. I had never been fucked by a cock as large as Anglo's, before. However I am a lucky lady to have my uncle's big cock for opening of my pussy door at very young age of 14.

My husband too has a massive cock of around 8" long and too thick. But Anglo's Big Black Cock was not less than 10" and as thick as my husband's cock. I could feel my climax approaching. Anglo could see that, so he started slamming his cock violently into my pussy fucking me hard.

My whole body was being flung up and down, as my pussy receiving lightening thrusts, from his powerful fucking gun. My husband was jerking his cock with a great speed and there was no sign on his face about reaching up to his climax.

I was nearing and closer to a shattering climax. So I focused on thrusting back at Anglo's black gun. My husband held me more tightly and encouraged me to have my orgasm in a good way. He was now ramming his cock into my pussy, with full force, like a lightning rod! I inched closer and closer to my orgasm. Suddenly, I screamed with a massive and earth shattering orgasm and started spamming.

All my vaginal juices were now flowing out of my pussy.


As I was climaxing, my husband held me comfortingly. I noticed that now it was Anglo's turn to climax. It surprised me a little. He slammed his shot gun deep into me and began ejaculating his hot semen deep into my pussy. He kept pouring an enormous amount of cum into my pussy. I heard him moaning uncontrollably as he climaxed.

He continued jolting his body forward each time ejaculating more and more of his cum into my pussy. After pouring the last drop of his cum into my pussy, Anglo collapsed on me. After some time, he withdrew his cock from my pussy. Although, Anglo was having a massive, 10/11" long and thick black cock and was surely capable to satisfy any female with his wonderful fucking tool, but he was not having the long lasting strength which my husband has.

My husband does not reach to his climax so soon. He takes much more time to cum than Anglo. My husband is so strong and long lasting in fucking that he always gives me more than two orgasms in his one fuck. I do not mean that Anglo was not strong in fucking.

He was strong enough to satisfy any woman in fucking, but I must say that my husband is even stronger than him. I wish to tell you that Anglo ejaculated about half a glass of cum in to my pussy. And that was amazing. I did not see anyone, releasing so much of cum in fucking. I wanted to feel Anglo's black cock again. Before his long cock goes completely soft, I took hold of his cock to feel and caress his length and thickness. It was still stiff and hot, as I felt it throbbing in my hand.

I saw my husband was still self-masturbating hard with a great speed holding his cock tightly in his palm. I got up, bent and took Anglo's black cock to my mouth, licking and rolling my tongue over his cock's tip. I tasted his cum while sucking his long cock. It was nice, the taste was little different than my husband's cum.

I felt Anglo's cum, fired and shot in to my pussy in a big quantity, was started coming out of my pussy. I eventually released my grip over his soft going cock and he slowly moved off the bed and stood up. He said, "Wow! That was simply amazing! I feel very happy." I turned towards my husband and took charge of his cock which needed my services to reach up to his station of satisfaction. I took his cock straight away in to my mouth and started it moving in and out of my mouth. At the same time, I was holding lower part of his cock in my palm and was moving my hand up and down to help him reaching soon.

After some time, I saw positive signs on my husband's face and I understood that he was near and about to reach his climax. Anglo, still sitting naked, next to me, was watching my mouth and hand services on my husband's cock. I saw from corner of my eyes while sucking my husband's cock that Anglo's cock was now completely soft and was hanging and resting on his big balls.

My husband started moving his ass up and down in excitement and seeing this, I increased my speed of sucking and jerking on his cock. He moved his ass in to the air and fired his cum gun in to my mouth. He always fires his cum in such a speed that it is always difficult for me to sallow it. I tried my best to drink his cum as much as possible. But I could not drink it. His cum was coming out of corner of my lips and was falling on my husband's lap.

I was happy that I could take my husband and Anglo up to their climax and I too had two climaxes. I saw the bed sheet on the bed was completely messed up, mainly with Anglo's cum came out of my pussy. Once again, we went to bathroom together and cleaned ourselves. As we did before, both the men cleaned me and I cleaned both of them one by one.

We were sitting on the dining table and were having the morning breakfast at 12.00 o'clock. I was happy to hear from Anglo's mouth that he felt very happy and satisfied to be a part of our fucking game. He too admitted that my husband seems to be stronger than him in fucking. It was a turning point in my life, opening so many doors for me and my husband to enjoy our sex life in a fantastic way with open mind.

I do not know what will happen in future, but I must say that I am proud of my husband. He is really a big hearted and open minded husband. I consider myself very lucky to be wife of such a wonderful loving husband. At the same time, my husband also feels happy that I am his wife who takes everything in a positive way.