Dirty latina babe enjoys doggy style

Dirty latina babe enjoys doggy style
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Again not my story. im writing my own but will take more time As I watched the ground get closer and closer with each passing second, I braced myself for the landing and then got my luggage out of the storage. My flight from California had just landed and I soon left the airport and was on my way home.

As a 22 year old coming home from university for a rare off semester I did not have the big welcome that one might expect. In fact the only reason that I even came home for my off semester was because my Mom Stacy had to go and take care of her sick father leaving my 15 year old sister Cassondra alone for a few weeks.

I called a taxi and arrived home shortly after. The door was unlocked so I walked in. There was a note on the fridge from my Mom saying that she would only be gone for a few weeks and pleading with me to not do too much damage to the house and to take good care of my sister.

I never was the responsible type so I could understand why she would leave me a note like this. "Hey Jake!" I heard from behind me. I turned around and my jaws dropped. It was my sister, at least I think, relatively same facial features same California blonde hair, same cute green eyes, same voice as I remember it, but definitely not the same body.

She grew a few inches (she was probably around 5'7"), she now had full breasts, a slim stomach, a plump ass and long golden tan legs. She was dressed pretty conservatively in a hooded sweater and kapris but I still found myself getting semi hard. I hadn't seen my sister since she was 13 and I guess I missed out on a lot.

She definitely didn't look like the bratty 8th grader I remembered; she looked more like a sexy sorority girl from my university! "Hey Cassondra!" I managed to get out. "long time no see huh You've definitely grown up a lot from the last time I've seen you." "Haha yea." She laughed "you look about the same though, so I guess you'll be here for the summer, that's good because we have a lot of catching up to do." "Do we ever." I said We talked and watched a couple of movies before she decided to get ready for bed.

She went upstairs to take a shower leaving me with very little do or to look at. I couldn't believe how hot my sister was, I also couldn't believe the kinds of thoughts that were coming into my head. I wanted to do all kinds of things to her. However this wasn't the first time I have had incestual urges. When I was younger I was infatuated by my mom. I would sniff her thongs and bra's, try and take pictures of her ass when she bent over, masturbate to her constantly and I even made a peephole from my room into the bathroom to.

That's when a thought hit me. I ran upstairs and to my old room, moved the bookshelf and to my joy my peephole was still there. Cassondra entered the bathroom and I got ready. I positioned the hole perfectly when I made it. There was a large mirror in our bathroom so no matter which way the girl was turned; I could see her front or backside.

Cassondra placed her towel and fresh clothes on the counter and then the show began. She took her sweater off revealing a tight t-shirt outlining her body perfectly. Next she took off her kapris revealing a small black thong that was almost completely enveloped by her juicy ass cheeks. I almost lost it right there. Her ass was perfect! The way her long slim legs transitioned perfectly into her curvy ass was sensational! Next she took off her shirt revealing a silk bra that clearly had its hands full containing her lovely breasts.

She decided to give it a break by taking it off and letting her big round breasts loose. She may have been fifteen but she had the breasts of a porn star! (only hers were natural though) They were golden tan just like the rest of her body; they were probably a C-cup.

They were nice and round and as perky as you would expect a teenager's breasts to be. She had cute little nipples that looked like they were just begging to be played with. And for being so curvy she was remarkably skinny. Her stomach toned to perfection with not a hint of fat. She truly had the golden body of a goddess.

Next she slipped off her thong giving me a glimpse of her 15 year old pussy. It had no hair on it, either because she couldn't grow any yet or because she shaved.

Next she made her way to the door, opened it about half way and threw clothes across the hallway into the hamper. Then she scampered across the bathroom and into the shower.

Our shower has a fuzzy glass door so I could see her but not as clearly as I wanted to. I got up and went to the hamper and fished out her bra and went back to the peephole. I sniffed it; it smelt a bit like the perfume she was wearing and a bit like sweat. It sent me wild. As she got out of the shower and started drying off her wet body with her towel I wrapped her silk bra around my cock and started stroking it. She started to put on her short dancer shorts.

She slid them up her legs and hopped a bit trying to get them over her ass cheeks; making her boobs bounce. Then she put on a small t-shirt that failed to make it down to her waist.

As she put it on I finally exploded spraying cum all over her bra and the wall. I cleaned myself off (mainly with Cassondra's bra) and then put my pants back on. I moved the bookshelf back and walked out of my room. I walked past Cassondra and casually said "Ready for bed" "Yup!" she said before she continued "by the way, we kind of sold your bed.

We only have one now, me and Mom just sleep in it together usually." Premature thoughts of sharing this bed with my hot lil sis came rushing into my head before she said "So do you want to sleep on the couch or should I" This comment snapped me back into reality and I answered "Erm I will, what kind of brother would I be if I made my sister sleep on the couch." She laughed and gave me a goodnight hug; inadvertently pressing her soft breasts against my chest.

Then she turned around and walked down the hallway to the bedroom. I enjoyed the sight of her sweet ass swaying from side to side before I went down stairs and made myself comfy on the couch. I popped in some porn in the DVD player and watched it until I drifted asleep and had some pleasant dreams of banging Cassondra. I woke up the next morning and went up to Cassondra's room. I gave her a little nudge but she was still in a deep sleep.

I remembered that she had always been a very deep sleeper. This used to annoy me as my Mom would give me the impossible task of waking her up for school. But now this trait played in my favor. I took the blanket off of her slowly. She was sleeping on her chest. I stroked up her legs until I reached her juicy ass.

I peeled her small dance shorts up and pushed the fabric into her crack exposing her cheeks further. I started squeezing them. After having some fun with her magnificent ass I moved up to her back. I lifted her shirt up and started rubbing it sensually. Cassondra moaned and turned around in her sleep. This startled me but after making sure she was still sound asleep I went back to work. Slowly I lifted her shirt higher until I lifted it over her chest exposing her round golden tan breasts.

I grabbed a tit with both hands and started rubbing. I circled her little nipple until they stood up. "Mmmm." I heard Cassondra moan before she started to stir. I pulled her shirt down just below her boobs before she woke up. In a panic I did the only thing that could explain why her stomach was exposed. I put my lips on her tummy and blew a raspberry. I tensely waited for her reaction. To my relief she laughed and said "Awe you still remember how to wake your little sis up." "You bet I do.

So what do you want to do today" "Oh I'm glad you asked." She started "I need some new clothes for the summer; I hear it's going to get really hot." "Alright I'm down, let's go shopping." I said "Ok! Just let me get ready." She picked out an outfit and came out of the bathroom about half an hour after. It was definitely worth the wait. This was the first time I had seen her actually trying to look good.

Her makeup was done perfectly, she wore a miniskirt and a tight low cut shirt. She looked absolutely stunning. We drove to the mall. As we were walking in search of a suitable store I noticed every guy we walked by ogling Cassondra. Then I noticed the look of envy in their eyes as they thought I was her boyfriend. I reinforced this image by holding her hand; she didn't really care as she thought it was a brother sister thing. We bought some clothes as the day went on. I made sure to pick out the shortest skirts, tightest TNA pants and lowest cut shirts and to my delight she tried on each outfit for me.

Cassondra mentioned that she needed some new bras and panties so we entered a Victoria Secret store. I looked at some of the skimpy underwear and lingerie in the store and imagined my little sister wearing them and got instantly got hard. I pitched up my boner in my waistband and went to Cassondra with a couple of my selections.

I handed her a transparent black bra which was a full size to small for her c cup breasts and to add to that it was a half cup. I also handed her a small string thong; it was a black one that would look pretty much nonexistent on Cassondra's juicy ass. "A little revealing don't you think" she questioned I laughed "well if anyone could pull this look off its you. Try it on and if you don't like how you look you don't have to get it." "Ok, come into the fitting section with me." We walked to the fitting section and she entered one of the stalls.

After a minute or two she came out and my jaws dropped. Her breasts were practically spilling out of the bra. The top edges of her nipples were visible, and because it was so small and only a half cup it acted as a pushup bra making her boobs look even bigger! It was all see through except for her nipple area. I loved her thong too but the only thing was that I couldn't see it! Her sexy ass cheeks swallowed the skimpy fabric; her pussy though was fully covered.

Somehow Cassondra didn't look cheap in this skimpy outfit. She looked simply irresistible. I had to use all my will power not to mount her right now. She looked at herself in the mirror "Well it doesn't look as bad as I thought, it makes my boobs look bigger!" she laughed "What did I tell you Cass, I knew you could pull this look off." "Yeah, but it is a little too skimpy to wear out, but I could wear it around the house." "You sure could." I answered We walked to the counter, bought the underwear and left the mall.

We got home and hung out until it was time to go to sleep. She went upstairs, changed and came out. To my surprise she was wearing the lingerie we bought today! She saw my look and said "I decided to wear it to bed to you know break it in." "Oh." She looked so amazing I had to try and push my luck "you know Cass I really hate sleeping on the couch, you think I could hop in bed with you tonight" "Sure Jake.

I mean we are brother and sister." She went upstairs and I followed her staring at that hot ass the whole way. She hopped into bed and so did I. "Good night Jake." "Good night Cassondra." She slept on her side with her ass facing me. I waited until I heard her soft snoring until I tried anything.

Once she was sound asleep I reached down and started playing with her ass cheeks. I fished out the piece of fabric out of her ass crack and I untied the thong and cast it aside. I then took the blanket off and turned the lamp on. I wanted to see what I was doing. I turned Cassondra on her stomach and started massaging her ass; stopping every once in a while to make sure she was still snoring.


I then split apart her juicy ass cheeks and started licking the crack until I got to her asshole. I took a big sniff of it and then started licking it.

I reached around with my hand and started touching her pussy which was beginning to get wet. After a while I turned her around and started fingering her pussy. It was ridiculously tight. She must still be a virgin. Then I decided to unleash her sexy breasts.

I slipped her bra down to her stomach; letting loose her nice round boobs. She was still sound asleep. I took her right and left tits with my right and left hands. I squeezed them and played with her nipples until they got hard. Being on top of my naked sis sent me over the edge. I had to fuck her! I took off my shirt and pants and whipped out my 8 inch penis which was fully hard by now. I unsnapped her bra from her stomach and whipped it off the bed.

Now we were both completely naked. I looked at her and admired her beauty; she looked like a sleeping angel. I sank my head down and started kissing her on the lips. To my surprise she started kissing me back! Her sexy green eyes opened and we started French kissing. I started softly kissing her neck and she whispered "Fuck me Jake." I brought the head of my dick to her pussy lips and slowly entered. I went deeper until I found out she was indeed a virgin as I broke her seal.

She winced in pain and I paused. She nodded giving me approval to keep going. One of things I was good at was sex, and I intended to use all of my tools to make sure my sister's first time was an enjoyable one. I went deeper and then started going faster and faster. I then started kissing her neck again as I fucked her and I played with her boobs with my hands.

As I softly pinched her nipples Cassondra moaned "Ohhh Jake this feels so good." "Just relax and sit back Cass I'm going to make this as enjoyable as possible for you." I reassured As I went faster and faster I moved one hand to her ass and searched for her asshole.

I started circling it with my index finger. This made Cassondra purr. Then I moved my mouth down to her right breast and started sucking her sweet tit.

"OHHHHHHHHH JAAKE" she moaned I knew she was close to climax so I decided to hurry things up and went as fast as I could. Her pussy felt so tight and warm. I can't believe that I was a university frat guy and the best pussy I've ever had was my 15 year old sister!

I looked at her eyes as she was moaning; I've never seen her innocent green eyes filled with such ecstasy. I was ready to explode and by the looks of it so was she. I finally cummed in her and she started to moan louder than ever and all kinds of juices oozed out of her. Her body went limp and I rolled off of her and laid down beside her. All of a sudden the phone rang. My sister got up to go get it, I looked at her as she walked in the nude; thoroughly proud of myself for tapping that.

I heard her in the next room talking. "Hey Mom." "Yeah I'm fine." "Yeah Jake is doing a reeaall good job taking care of me." "Oh that's really good!" "Ok I'll tell him." "I Love you too, see you soon." She came back into the room and got on top of me.

"It was Mom, she thanks you for taking care of me and she says that grandpa's getting a lot better and she will be back next week." I answered "Oh that's good I guess, but that means we only have a week of fucking left." "I don't know about that." She answered "We could probably get Mom to join in." "What!" "Well yeah, you don't think Mom and I only slept in this bed did you" She smiled before she kissed me, put her pussy on my cock and started fucking me again chapter 2 I was sitting on the couch watching a movie gently scratching Cassondra's head on my lap.

We were waiting for our Mom to come home. Over the last week whenever we went out we acted like we were boyfriend and girlfriend so we could make out in public and when we were in the house we were almost constantly having sex. This was one of the rare times in the last week that my sister and I weren't fucking like crazy. Even now I found my hand creeping up her shirt; anxious to get some more of those beautiful breasts. Just as I got under her bra she took my hand off her tit.

"Jake cut it out! Mom's going to be home any time now. I don't know about you but I don't want to explain to her why her son and daughter are fucking each other." "I guess you're right." I said as I removed my hand from her shirt. Just as I did we heard a knock on the door and I got up to go answer it.

I opened the door and saw a stunning woman at the door. It took me a few seconds to realize it was my Mom! She looked pretty different then the last time I saw her. She lost some weight (even though she was never really fat to begin with.) She had the same sharp facial features. She changed her hair from her natural curly brunette hair to straight and blonde; in my opinion this look suited her better. Then there was her body which was always bangin'!

She had 38 D cup breasts and at 38 years old they looked as good as ever! They looked even better because now her stomach was super flat. Her ass also looked juicier and her legs looked very sexy. She must have gotten a membership to a gym or something while I was at university. "Hey Jakey!" she said as she gave me a big hug. "Hey Mom." I replied "Wow you look great!" "Thanks honey I've been working out a lot over the last few years." Just then Cassondra walked into the room and my Mom's eyes lit up.

They ran up to each other and embraced in a big hug. The comment that Cassondra said after we first had sex kept popping into my mind as I looked at my hot mom and sis hugging. Do Cass and Mom really have sex Or was she just kidding I intended to find out.

After Mom, Cass and I had dinner and caught up on each other's lives my Mom decided it was time to get ready for bed time. She went up to take a shower and I went up to my room and got my peephole ready; I wanted to see exactly how my Mom's body had changed.

My Mom walked into the bathroom wearing a t-shirt and jeans. She slowly took off her t-shirt; revealing a toned tummy and a conservative red bra that was containing her sexy D cups. Then she quickly unsnapped her bra and released her big tits.

Her breasts were a thing of beauty. They were almost as perky as Cassondra's but a full size bigger! Next she took off her jeans. She struggled a bit getting her tight jeans over her big ass but with a few jumps and wobbles she did it. She bent over to pick up her jeans and t-shirt giving me a good view of her perfect bubble butt. Just like Cassondra my mother had an even golden tan; they must tan nude in the backyard. Next she peeled off her underwear revealing a clean shaved pussy.

Just as she walked into the shower I heard Cassondra come into my room. "There you are. I've been waiting all day to fuck you!" she said "What are you doing" She walked over and looked into the peephole and saw the outline of my Mom washing her naked body in the shower.

Instead of being angry or weirded out she simply stared and said "Wow she is really sexy isn't she" "You got that right Cass." After staring for a bit she turned to me and took my cock out of my pants.

"We probably don't have enough time to have a good fuck but let me give you a blowjob." She said as she stripped down to her bra and thong. She started sucking my shaft as I sat there. I petted her hair as her head bobbed up and down. Then I unhooked her bra, threw it aside and started rubbing her tits. In a short week my sister went from being an innocent virgin to a horny sex vixen. And she was damn good at what she did. I had never experienced a blowjob as good as hers before. I laid back as I felt myself about to cum.

She pounced hard on my dick and deep throated my dick as I exploded in her mouth. "mmmh" she moaned as my hot cum oozed filled up her mouth.

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She swallowed as much as I put out and then she laughed "I gotta stop swallowing so much, I hear cum is fattening." "haha. You know you can't resist it." I replied.

She put on her t-shirt and dancer shorts and put her bra and panties in the hamper. She sat back down and we talked for a bit. My Mom came out of the shower, giving both of us a clear view of her naked body. "Hey Cass." "Yeah Jake" "I was wondering, were you serious when you said you and Mom have hooked up" "Yeah of course, we probably will tonight too." This thought made my dick stand up again.

Cassondra noticed this and said "You know if you want to watch, you can hide in the closet and I'll make sure we put on a good show for you." "Enough said!!!" I replied as I jumped up and practically ran into the closet in my Mom's bedroom. It was one of those closets with bars so I could easily see the entire bed. I heard the bathroom door open and my mom say "Cass honey let's go to bed." "Ok mom." They walked into the room.

"Hey Cass where's Jake" "Oh he went out tonight to catch up with an old friend." "Oh I wish he told me." My mom replied "but oh well I guess that leaves us to ourselves." Cassondra got up, winked at me and turned off all of the lights except the one right above the bed.

Now the bed was well lit but the corners of the room were dark so there was no was way my mom could see me in the closet. Did I mention how much I loved my sister My sister laid down on the bed and my Mom got on top of her and started kissing her neck. "Oh god I missed you pumpkin." "I missed you too mommy." My Mom took off her robe revealing her hot body. Then she took off Cassondra's shirt and started licking her tits.

"Ohhh Mommy." moaned Cassondra. Then My Mom took off Cassondra's shorts and started fingering her pussy as she continued to lick her boobs. Cassondra moaned harder and louder. My Mom didn't want Cassondra to cum just yet so she stopped fingering her and started kissing her passionately. As they were kissing they flipped around so that Cassondra was now on top and she had her tongue buried in my Mom's mouth.

Did I mention how horny I was right now I was sitting here watching my incredibly sexy sister and mom making out naked! I had to resist the extremely strong urge to jump in there and start fucking them both. Next my Cassondra started sucking on mom's nipple. This time my Mom was the one moaning. She sounded so hot as she moaned and screamed Cassondra's name to the sky.

As she did this mom pushed Cassondra's head further down her body and Cassondra started eating her out. Cass lightly started licking Mom's pussy. This sent shivers of pleasure down Mom's spine. As Mom's pussy started oozing Cassondra seemed to get hornier. Now she was going all out. "OHHHH CASSS" I heard my Mom moaning while rubbing her nipples "Let me have some of that sweet pussy." Cassondra rotated her ass over to Mom while never taking her mouth off Mom's pussy.

They were now in the 69 position eating each other out. My Mom reached around grabbed Cassondra's luscious ass cheeks and brought her head up to get deeper into Cass' tight pussy. Cassondra's hands were splitting Mom's legs further apart to get easier access. It seemed that my Mom found a good spot with her tongue as Cassondra started moaning like I've never heard her moan before.

She took her mouth out of my Mom's pussy and looked up at the ceiling and moaned. A few moments later Cass orgasmed and her juices flowed freely over my Mom's face. "OHHH thank you Mommy." Cass said "now let me return the favor." She rotated her body right side up and started sucking my Mom's tits while fingering her pussy. "A little deeper honey." Cass buried her finger deeper "That's the spot!" moaned Mom. With her hand Cass reached deep into Mom's bubble butt and started fingering her anal with her pinky.

My Mom couldn't take much more of this and soon exploded like I've never seen a girl do before. Her juices were oozing out of her pussy as freely as a waterfall. Cass started licking her pussy as the juices were oozing out. "mmm your cum tastes gooood." Finally when it stopped Cassondra laid down on the bed next to Mom.

"Goodnight Cass." "Goodnight Mom." They cuddled close to each other and Cassondra gently sucked one of Mom's nipples. I couldn't believe how hot that scene had just been.

I don't even think that porn stars could put together a better lesbo scene than my very own mom and sister did! I waited for them to drift asleep. When I heard them both softly snoring I crept out of the closet and snuck downstairs to the couch where I would be sleeping. The next day I woke up and went into the kitchen to get something to eat.

My Mom was in there with her robe open exposing a black thong and bra. She smiled and said "Good morning Sleepyhead, I'm making eggs. Just sit down and make yourself." "Sure mom." I sat down. I saw my Mom in a completely different light now.

I always thought she was extremely sexy but I always thought she was pretty innocent. After last night's performance the innocent thing went right out the window. My new image of her as a sex vixen turned me on even more.

Cassondra came downstairs in a low cut tank top and thong and sat down across the table. I gave her a thumbs up as a sign of thanks for the show she put on yesterday. She smiled. As my Mom bent down to put the plate of eggs in front of me I found myself gaping at her big beautiful breasts which looked like they were about to burst out of her bra at any time.

I think she knew I was staring but she didn't say anything. She simply walked back to the sink and started washing the dishes. After breakfast my Mom told Cassondra to go take a shower. After she heard the shower turn on she took a seat beside me. "Jake I saw you looking at my chest earlier." "um mom." But before I could reply she cut me off "Oh Jake I thought this whole phase would have passed by now. I knew you used to sniff my undies and use your little peephole to spy on me in the shower but I thought you would have grown up by now I was so embarrassed.

My Mom knew this whole time that I wanted to fuck her She continued "I don't know what to do Jake. Do I need to send you to a psychiatrist" "No mom, that is definitely not necessary." "Ok well then if you don't want to do that we are just going to have to start talking things over." She continued "have you had sex Jake It's alright if you haven't" "Yes Mom I have." I couldn't believe I was talking about this to my Mom.

"How many times And with how many different girls" "I don't know mom a lot of times with a bunch of girls." In my frustration I almost wanted to say that I've fucked Cassondra about 20 times this week alone. "Well if you have, then why do you still have this obsession with your own mother" I decided to tell her the truth "You're just way hotter than any of the girls at my university Mom." I saw her face soften up so I continued, "I mean you're perfect, you have breasts like pillows, a super fit body and a butt like I've never seen before.

Honestly I think having sex with you would be better than having sex with the entire female student body at my school." My Mom was starting to blush. She took off her robe and said "I think I've found a way for you to get over it. You can fuck me, just this once. And then you'll see that I am no different than any other girl." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My childhood dream was about to come true! "Just wait till Cassondra goes to sleep tonight.

Then I will sneak downstairs and we can do it I guess." She said half ashamed and half excited. After hearing this I decided to come clean about Cass and I. "um Mom, we don't have to shield Cassondra from anything. The truth is that in the week you were away me and Cass fucked almost constantly." She had a stunned look on her face.

Before she could talk I continued "And I saw you and Cassondra fucking yesterday." Her face turned red with embarrassment "You saw that" "Yea Mom but don't worry I loved it.

And don't you realize that since you had sex with Cass, and I had sex with Cass, and we are about to have sex with each other, we could just let go of all of the secrets and have a threesome!" She thought about it for a moment and after a while a naughty smile crept over her face. We went up to the bedroom and I laid down on the bed.


The bathroom door opened. My Mom called out "Cass honey come into the bedroom please." Cassondra came in wearing a bra and thong quite like my mom's. My Mom took off her bra revealing her sexy D cup tits. "Cass, it's come to my attention that you've been fucking your brother and it's come to Jakes attention that you've been fucking me so I've decided to put it all together and have a threesome.

So will you join us" "With Pleasure!" she said as she quickly unsnapped her bra, took off her thong and jumped on to the bed. My Mom then slipped off her thong.

There I was on the bed; my naked Mom on one side and my naked little sister on the other. I couldn't believe what I was going to get to do! "Wait till you see Jake's body mom, he is so hot!" "Can't wait." Said my mom as she licked her lips My Mom took my shirt of and started rubbing my chest. My sister quickly dispatched of my pants and underwear. Cass started licking my balls.

My Mom took notice of my 8 inch cock, but she wanted to take her time before she played with it. She sat on my stomach; I felt her cushiony butt cheeks on my chest. Then she on her knees over me and bent down and started French kissing me.

She was an amazing kisser! I felt up her body as she kissed. After so many years of dreaming my Mom's body did not disappoint. In fact it felt better than any fantasy of mine. Her natural d cup breasts were so bouncy and soft. They cupped into my hands perfectly as I grabbed them. Her ass was simply indescribable. It had more fat on it than Cassondra's whose was more muscly.

But it was in no means flabby. I felt Cassondra's tight pussy on my dick. My Mom raised her ass and told me to split apart her ass cheeks so Cassondra could eat out her ass.

I grabbed each luscious ass cheek hard and split them apart. I felt Cassondra's hair on my hands as she started eating out my Mom's ass. My Mom stopped kissing me and moved her body forward. She dropped one of her big boobs in my mouth and I started sucking her sweet tits.

"OHHHHH" my Mom moaned. Cass and I were too busy to moan but my Mom had her mouth free at the moment. My cock exploded after a good 10 minutes of Cassondra hopping up and down on it. I was still horny as ever. Cassondra got off of my now limp cock and focused solely on my Mom's ass.

I moved my mouth down from her tits to her pussy and I went to work. My Body rubbed with Cassondra's. With my hands I started playing with Cassondra's sexy boobs and every now and then we would kiss each other before going back to our Mom's pussy and ass. After a few more minutes of this oral pleasure my Mom exploded like she did last night.

Cassondra and I licked up as much of our mom's juice as we could. Before I knew it my cock was rock hard again.

My Mom noticed this and said "Let me return the favor honey." I stood up and Cassondra and my Mom got on their knees in front of me; bowing down to my 8 inch cock. Cassondra started licking my balls and my Mom went straight for the cock. I had never experienced double head before. It felt so good! They alternated sometimes but it was mostly my Mom that attended to my cock.

Since I had just cummed a few moments ago it would take a while for me to cum again. My Mom and Cass didn't seem to mind. After a few more minutes I couldn't hold it any long and finally exploded (mostly in my Mom's mouth). Cassondra and Mom both looked up, opened their mouths wide and closed their eyes. I tried evenly dispersing my cum evenly between my Mom and Sis. After they noticed that my cum had stopped dripping they swallowed and opened their eyes.

They started making out with each other on the ground and I took a moment to watch.

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I couldn't believe how hot they were! After this sight my cock stood up again abnormally fast. Cass and Mom stopped making out. I lifted my Mom in my hands and dropped her on the bed. I turned her around and started rubbing her ass. She got up on her knees and stuck it out as far as she could. Her ass looked unbelievable!!! I stood up on the bed and brought my dick close to her pussy. My childhood dream of fucking my Mom was finally about to come true! I started gently stroking my cock in and out of my mom's pussy.

It felt amazing. Her big ass cheeks cushioned my cock as I fucked her, and her pussy was so tight and warm; she must not have sex often (with a guy anyways). I heard her moan as I thrust my cock deep into her pussy. Cassondra slid under my Mom and they once again started making out passionately. "Fuck me harder Jake." my Mom whispered. I started going a bit faster. I reached around her leg and slid my hands down from her waist to her sleek stomach and I started rubbing it. As I fucked her harder I reached down further to her breasts.

Her and Cassondra's breasts were squished together. I jammed my hand in between and grabbed whatever I could. As I started going as hard as I could I grabbed my Mom's big tits and squeezed them tightly.


This made her scream in pain and pleasure. She was screaming uncontrollably, she was about to orgasm again. Soon another scream joined her. It was Cassondra, my Mom had been fingering her pussy and anal the whole time. I went as hard as I could and finally I cummed in my Mom's pussy. She exploded the same time I did and soon Cassondra couldn't take any more either and she orgasmed.

We all went limp and fell on to the bed. I was again in the middle and Cassondra and Mom were on each side of me. There we were lying on a bed which was soaked with our sweat and cum. We didn't speak for a while. It was for the best because no words could have done what we just did justice.

We had a triple orgasm! Finally my Mom said "Wow that was amazing!" Cass and I agreed with her. She got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. I admired my Mom's beautiful body as she walked out the door. Cass and I were left on the bed.

She cuddled close to me and started gently petting my cock; giving it acknowledgement for its outstand performance tonight. I stroked the small or her back; letting her silky blonde hair fall on my hand.

"Cass you know I have to go back to school in a few days right." "Ugh don't remind me." She said in sadness and disgust "Can't you just miss a few weeks, I mean I've never had as much fun as I've had with you." I laughed "It's university Cass, I can't afford to miss many classes at all.

But you still have a couple months off so how bout you come with me?" chapter 3 My Mom was bouncing up and down on my rock hard cock so hard her breasts were almost slapping her in the face.

My little sister Cassondra slid her sexy little body over mine and gave me a lustful kiss. I slid my mouth down her neck gently kissing it as I went along; this made her purr like a kitten. I slid my mouth further down her soft skin until I reached her perfect perky C cup breasts. I wrapped my lips around her erect left nipple and sucked away. I ran my hand over the small of her silky smooth back.

The combination of sucking away at my sister's teat and having my Mom grind her pussy on my cock felt so good. I screamed out "Mom go harder." She did so, making me explode in her pussy. I continued sucking Cassondra's tit as my Mom slowly got off of my increasingly limp penis.

Cassondra soon starting moaning vigorously. However this wasn't from me alone, I peered around her body and found that my Mom had her tongue buried in Cassondra's pussy.

I started sucking more intensively and stroked the small of my sister's back, which over our time together I learned she liked a lot. Her moaning became more intense. Soon I felt her body shaking as it always did when she came. I held her body close to mine as she finished coming, my Mom particularly enjoyed Cassondra's orgasm as her tongue was still buried in her pussy. I rolled over onto Cassondra and passionately kissed my darling sister. We then looked up at our Mom lustfully and crawled over to her with sly smiles on our face.

We wanted to make her cum good. Mom smiled back as she knew what was coming. "Come do me kids." She smiled She lied back on the bed exposing all of her exquisite body to us.

Cassondra slid on top of her and started making out with her passionately. My limp penis gave a twitch as it was starting to rise from its slumber.

The sight of my gorgeous Mom and sister making out always got me going. I slid onto my Mom's body; Cassondra shifted over as they continued making out. I sucked my Mom's breast vigorously. My Mom's breasts were naturally not as perky as Cassondra's but they were by no means saggy, and they were quite bigger than her daughter's. I saw out of the side of my eye that Cassondra had joined me as she started sucking my Mom's other tit.

My Mom moaned to the sky. "Suck my tits harder kids!" We obeyed. I grabbed one of her juicy ass cheeks and squeezed it. Cassondra slid her finger into My Mom's pussy.

I joined Cass and also inserted my finger into my mom's wet pussy. The sensation of getting both of her nipples sucked and having 2 fingers fingering her pussy was too much.

My Mom moaned out loud, gripped onto the mattress and soon came. All three of us just lied there; I rolled in between Cass and Mom. I put my arms around each one of their sexy naked bodies and had a look of ecstasy on my face. Ever since I had to go back to school I was miserable; only thinking about how much I missed having threesomes like this with Cass and Mom.

I was finally back now for 3 weeks and had spent the last week picking up where we had left off. To my dismay I found out Mom had to take a week off to take a business trip for work, so we decided to make this session really count.

After some time Mom got up. She took a shower and came out again. "Well kids. That was really great, I don't know how I'm going to last a week without you guys." She said as she slid on her bra and panties. "Then don't go!" Cassondra whined in a childish manner. My Mom laughed "I wish I didn't have to sweetheart, but its business, I'll be back soon." She buttoned up a white blouse and put on a grey jacket and business skirt.

We seed her off to the door and watched as she pulled a cab and rode off to the airport. "Now I'm depressed." Pouted Cassondra. I put my arm around her still naked body. "Don't worry Cass we still have each other." I reassured She hugged me pushing her bouncy soft tits into my chest.

I found that my dick was once again rock hard. I picked her up and carried her to the living room sofa. I laid her body down on it and got on top of her.

She smiled as I slowly started thrusting my penis into her tight pussy. Once we both came once again we washed up, put on some clothes and watched some television.

Cassondra was watching some corny reality show; I couldn't keep my eyes off her sexy body though. She recently turned 16; she had gotten even sexier in the few months I hadn't seen her. Her breasts had grown a little bit bigger, her stomach was even slimmer than before as she had been playing volleyball for her school team, and she had grown an inch making her assets seem more proportioned.

Her face was still very much the same; sharp model-esque features contrasting with the big beautiful green eyes that I fell in love with. No matter how often I saw her I couldn't believe how beautiful she truly was. And after spending some time away from her I wanted to cherish every second with her. I put my arm around her and brought her close to me. She looked up and smiled at me. After some time of laying there I got up and started on making some hamburgers for dinner.

Cass and I sat at opposite side of the table as we ate. In the middle of the meal the phone rang. Cassondra scampered over to the phone. "Hello?" "Oh hey Bree" "Nothing much." "Yea my Mom left, my brother is here though." She said as she smiled at me. "Um." She appeared to be thinking "Yeah sure, that'd be cool." "Alright bye Bree, see you in a little bit." Oh great I thought to myself, one of Cassondra's stupid friends was coming over.

"Hey Jake my friend Breanne wants to come sleep over." That name caught my ear I questioned "Wait, Breanne Cho?" "Yup why?" I smiled "Wait, how did you become friends with her, isn't she a year older than you?" "Yea I didn't really know her before this year but we play on the same volleyball team now and have grown to be really good friends.

Why all the question?" "Oh well no reason it's just that I remember her as a freshmen in high school when I was a senior. She was hot." I laughed "Oh I know." Cass agreed "She is one of the only girls in school that has a bigger rack than mine!" she laughed All kinds of thoughts were racing through my mind, as a freshman in my school Breanne was one of the hottest Asian girls I had seen, now she must be smoking!

Cassondra read the look on my face. "Whoa don't get too many ideas Jake, she may look like a hot porn star but she is really innocent, she is still a virgin." "What? How come? I bet a girl like that could get any guy at your school." "Yeah she definitely could, it's just that her parents are very strict, they'd kill her if god forbid she got pregnant! So I guess she just doesn't want to risk it." "That's a shame." I said We finished eating Soon there was a knock on the door, Cass hurried to the door and opened it.

I just heard some girlish screaming as they embraced each other. I walked into the living room, Breanne looked at me, my jaws dropped. This girl was straight out of every man's fantasy.

She had silky jet black hair which fell to her mid back. She looked like a beautiful Asian model. She had typical pale skin, sharp features and brown eyes. Her face just screamed out fuck me. Yet she looked so innocent. I scanned her body She was wearing a sweater due to the cold December weather but I could tell this was a busty girl. However her breasts were so high on her chest; so perky looking; this chest was truly a work of art.

She had a slim stomach; probably due to volleyball. She flashed me a smile and said hi, I stammered hi back, I was clearly still in shock! Cassondra led her upstairs. I normally couldn't keep my eyes off Cassondra, but now my eyes were stuck on the new beauty in the house. My eyes followed her up the stairs. She walked with great posture; making her breasts stick out even more.

She was wearing jeans but I could tell she had a cute firm butt; and legs that went on forever, she must have been a couple inches taller than Cassondra. A short while later they came down stairs and started watching tv. They had drinks in their hand and were casually sipping; by the way they drank, slowly and abruptly, I was guessing they hadn't been drinking for too long. Which is a good thing seeing how they're only 16 and 17! Here is where I spotted an opportunity I took out a bottle of vodka which was about half full and fixed up some drinks mixing with cola.

I put a little extra booze in Breanne's. I carried the tray into the living room and announced "Hey Ladies I noticed the fruity drinks you guys are drinking, I mean that's cute and all, but HERE is an adult's drink." They took notice, Cass said "Oh yeah tough guy, bring it on!" Breanne laughed "Yeah WE can handle our liquor." "Well let's see about that." I handed them their drinks.

They sipped slowly at first, but did end up getting it down. They were still fine. I mixed up another round of drinks; putting more vodka in than last time; finishing the bottle up. They drank up. I was feeling fine, they were clearly a little buzzed now, especially Breanne. I didn't want to get her any drunk, this was just right. I looked at Breanne and Cass "well now girls there is only one thing to do." I held up the empty bottle. "Spin the bottle!" They ditzily cheered I went on "Only thing is, we are playing university style, no pecks on the cheek, AND you have a choice, kiss or strip." I smiled The girls looked at each other; they looked at me and gave me the nod.

We sat down in a triangle around the living room floor. I took the bottle and span it, to my delight it landed on Breanne.

"Strip girl." I smiled. She smiled and calmly took off her sweater; revealing a tight button up polo that was being stretched by her amazing breasts. Next Cassondra span it and once again landed on Breanne. Cassondra giggled "Strip" Breanne laughed awkwardly, maybe getting a little uncomfortable.

But she didn't want to ruin the game. She slowly unbuttoned her shirt and took it off; revealing a black bra that just barely could hold her big breasts. She looked so sexy, her breasts were exquisite, She had a freckle on her upper right breast, contrasting with her otherwise flawless pale skin. Aw man her jiggly breasts were just begging to be released; that contrasting with her slim toned stomach was sending me over the edge.

I couldn't help but notice her nipples poking against the thin fabric of her bra. Naturally she was getting aroused displaying herself.

I looked up to her face, her cheeks turned rosy. I got up and fetched some beers from the fridge and handed them out. I hoped it would make her a little more daring. Next she Span, It landed on me. She instructed me to strip, I whipped off my shirt revealing my lean chest and stomach. Next I span and landed on Cassondra. I told her to take off her tank top; she did revealing a small white bra that contrasted beautifully with her golden tan skin. Her bra too was looking like it needed help in restraining her beautiful breasts.

Maybe it was the beer or maybe it was the fact that nobody had a shirt on now but Breanne looked more at ease now. She Span, it landed on me. "Kiss" she said. She clumsily crawled over to me. I couldn't help but be mesmerized by her swaying cleavage as her breasts swayed with each move. She planted her lips on mine. I daringly split her lips apart and entered my tongue into her mouth. She might not have had sex before but she definitely knew how to kiss.

I stroked her silky hair and ran my hand down her shoulder. After about 30 seconds she withdrew; smiled at me and went back to her spot. Cassondra span, it landed on Breanne once again.

"Strip!" Breanne laughed as she stood up clumsily and slipped her jeans off slowly, having trouble getting it off her shapely ass. She wobbled and hopped trying to get her jeans off; giving her breasts a jiggle with every hop. Finally they slipped down revealing matching black panties.

The thin fabric sank into her cute butt making it look even sexier. She reached down her long sexy legs and stepped out of her jeans. She sat down and opened up another beer; she was getting quite tipsy now. I span the bottle, it landed on Breanne. "Strip." "awwwwI don- I don't want to." She slurred "Don't be a poor sport Bree." Cass said "look I'll do it too." She whipped off her bra; letting her perfect round breasts free.

She threw her bra in Breanne's face as a bit of a contest. Breanne took a sip of beer and finally said "FINE!" I looked on intently; eagerly awaiting the treat my eyes were in for.

Breanne looked at her breasts and paused before shaking off some last minute nerves. She reached back and unhooked her bra. The tension on her beautiful breasts was visibly released. She caught her bra in her hand as a last ditch effort to cover up her nipples. Her cheeks were increasingly blushing. She took a deep breath; smiled and let her bra drop to the floor.

My jaws dropped almost as low as her bra! Cassondra let out a woot; I on the other hand was completely speechless.

Her breasts were by far the sexiest pair of tits I had ever seen! They were just as big and round as my Mom's but they add the natural spring of a woman in her sexual peak. Her nipples themselves were mesmerizing; they were dark contrasting pale flesh; they were just begging to be played with.

"What's the problem?" asked Breanne, looking in my direction. I stammered "Well Breanne, tho-those are quite possibly the pair of breasts I have seen in my life, they are just so sexy." She seemed relieved at my approval as she flashed me a smile. Was she sober she might have taken offense to this comment but being as buzzed as she was I guess she was flattered.

She seemed to get used to being topless as her cheek returned to their usual cream complexion. She span the bottle; and flashed a smile when it landed on me. "Get outta those pants!" She exclaimed I hopped out of my pants, my boxers were just barely containing rock hard penis.

I looked around; both Breanne and Cassondra had their eyes on my dick. Next Cassondra span, it landed on Breanne. "Kiss." Breanne was taken aback, she had a shocked look on her face. "Is something wrong Bree." Smiled Cass Breanne, bottomed the rest of her beer. "No Cass, lay one on me." She laughed as she puckered up. I just sat back and watched the show. Cassondra crawled over to Breanne and planted her lips on hers. Cass initiated the mouth kiss as she slipped her tongue into Breanne's mouth.

Breanne started kissing back. Cassondra took one of Breanne's breasts into her hand and gently squeezed. Breanne seemed to love a woman's touch as she lightly started moaning. As their kissing got more intense Cassondra lightly pushed Breanne onto the floor and got on top of her.

Breanne put her hand around Cassondra's back and brought her body closer to hers'. The two goddesses' breasts squished together. Their bodies looked so good together, Cassondra's golden tan body contrasted beautifully with Breanne's naturally pale body. I admired the site, a hot tan blonde and a gorgeous Asian going at it harder than porn stars! Cassondra took her hands off Breanne's body for just a second to slip her thong off and cast it aside.

She finally withdrew her tongue from Breanne's mouth; Breanne had a confused look on her face as she wanted the kiss to last longer. Cassondra had her eyes on another prize as she lightly started suckling Breanne's left nipple while playing with her right nipple with her hand. Breanne started moaning out loud. "Give me that sweet boob Cass!" she moaned Cass rotated her body so that while she was sucking Breanne's breasts so Breanne could suck hers.

All I could hear were slobbery licks and muffled moans from both girls. Slowly Cassondra slid down further. She rubbed Breanne's pussy through her panties. Breanne moaned and clenched onto Cassondra's juicy ass cheeks. As Breanne's panties got wetter and wetter her moans got louder and louder. Once damp Cassondra slowly slipped off Breanne's panties and tossed them aside.

Breanne's pussy was beautiful. Very small and clean shaven.

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Cassondra inserted her finger into Breanne's pussy. "OMG it's so tight!" Cass screamed Breanne was moaning out of control; she was so stimulated. Cass lustily dug her face in Breanne's crotch and started eating her out.

Breanne instinctively did the same as she brought Cassondra's pussy towards her mouth and got in there with her tongue. Breanne couldn't handle it anymore and she had a powerful orgasm.

Cassondra slurped her pussy juice for as long as it kept oozing. Finally like a kid taking too long at the water fountain she came up from them. "Oh my god Breanne you have the sweetest pussy." Breanne didn't respond as she was still trying to catch her breath. I pointed the bottle at Breanne.

"Kiss" I got on top of her. She looked up into my eyes. She matched my look of lust with a look of her own. She wanted me. I leaned into her lips and started frenching her right away. She had the smell of lip gloss, Cassondra's lip gloss and Cassondra's pussy on her lips.

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I immediately squeezed her breast with my right hand. So soft, so big, but so resilient. Such amazing breasts. I squeezed much harder than Cassondra did, she was moaning, half in pain, half in pleasure. I aggressively kissed her, her tongue was so soft I felt like she was mine for the taking. I broke off the kiss. I kissed each one of her nipples. I took off my boxers revealing my cock. Her eyes grew wider. But she didn't protest to anything.

I took her breasts in my hands and massaged them; playing with her nipples with my thumbs. She lay back with her eyes closed and purred. I kissed each sweet nipple one more time I brought my dick to her chest and put it in between her breasts. I sandwiched my dick in her heavenly tits and squished them together.

The feeling of her soft tits on my dick sent jolts throughout my entire body. She opened her eyes and saw what I was doing. She took my hands off her tits and replaced them with her own, pushing her breasts together even more.

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I started thrusting slowly, I wanted to enjoy every last second of this. She cooed as I went on. I stroked her hair gently as I fucked her tits. As I started going faster and faster she smushed her breasts even more. I felt myself ready to come, I went as fast as I could until my whole body got filled with a familiar electric feeling. Deposited a huge load of cum on Breanne's beautiful breasts.

I got off the Asian beauty, Cassondra quickly replaced me as she got on Breanne once again and started making out with her. It was like taking turns riding a horse. Cassondra started licking my cum off Breanne's glorious tits. Breanne was so turned on she didn't even realize how weird it was that Cassondra was licking her brother's cum.

Well either she didn't realize or she just didn't care. After all the cum was gone, they continued with their make out session. Breanne rolled over so her body was over Cassondra. Slowly she brought her mouth down to Cassondra's pussy and started eating her out. It seemed that she wanted to return the favor. I heard Cassondra's familiar sexy moan as it took a while, but eventually she came.

Cassondra laid on her back; breathing heavily Breanne stood up. I admired her naked body, glistening in the light with both sweat and her and Cassondra's juices.

I walked to her. I weaved through her silky black hair. She looked deep into my eyes, I into hers. We both understood what was going to happen now. I carried her up the stairs and entered the master bedroom. I picked her up in my arms and kissed her softly on her lips. She smiled at me; but I could tell she was nervous by the look in her eyes. "Don't worry I'll be gentle." I said "Ok" she mouthed I lied her down on the bed and got on top of her.

I gave her pecks everywhere on her beautiful body, making my way up from her naval to her to her lips; making sure not to miss a spot. As we locked lips and caressed her right breast and played with her nipple.

"Ready?" "Mhm" she gulped I rubbed her pussy to get it a little more wet, than I inserted my penis head into her pussy lips. Her eyes grew wide as I slowly proceeded. I reached her seal and proceeded with caution as I "popped her cherry" She gasped I slowly went on deeper until my entire shaft was immersed in her tight virginal pussy. She moaned with every long slow stroke to her pussy.

With each thrust her breasts would jolt up; this encouraged me to go harder. I asked her if it was okay to go a bit faster and she replied yes. I started fucking her faster, her pussy must have been throbbing but she was having the time of her life. I focused on keeping my strokes long and hard but I started going even faster. She started moaning out loud. Her screams shook through the house.

Her breasts were rocking back and forth vigorously. I felt myself about to cum just as she screamed "I'm cummmming!!!" Her body shook and her vagina muscles squeezed my cock before all of her juices started flowing out. I didn't want to cum in her so I withdrew. "Here let me take it." She said She grabbed my cock, pulling me towards her face.

She put it in her mouth and gave it a vigorous suck, I quickly came from all of the stimulation. She slurped up my cum with a smile. I lied down beside her as we were both temporarily pooped Cassondra came into the room and sat down in the room.

"I thought I would give you some privacy while you had your cherry popped." Laughed Cass "Thanks Cass, it was magical." Said Breanne as she weaved Her fingers through my hair.

"Yup he's good." Cass said as she gently stroked my limp penis. "So you guys um…" Breanne started "Yup, we fuck. A LOT" I said Breanne didn't seem phased "Well normally I would think that's kind of odd but with the way both of you fuck I guess it's kind of hard to resist." We all agreed on that "You've fucked us separately, how bout we go all at once." Said Cassondra "Hmm I like it." Said Breanne Cassondra spread her legs wide, Breanne started feasting on it like it was an open buffet.

She lifted her cute ass up off the bed into the air. This was too enticing for me to resist. I started rubbing her clit from behind and before I knew it my dick was pounding that sweet pussy again.