Naked beauty gives BJ and titjob in the bus

Naked beauty gives BJ and titjob in the bus
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Im sitting with you on your couch watching Fifty Shades of Grey with you. We are cuddled together feeling each others warmth I lean my head on your shoulder getting cozy up against your warm body. You look down at me and smile. I rub up against you, while your arm wraps tight around me. I let my hand crawl across your leg inching towards your peaking erection.

My fingers brush up against it, your arm squeezing me tightly.

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I crawl on top of you, in my short shorts and tank top. I straddle you putting your massive erection right under my moistening pussy.

I rotate my hips grinding down on you hard. Your hands reach behind my ass and squeeze tightly rubbing it I put my hands on your shoulders and lean in to brush your lips with mine.

Still grinding on you, I gently bite your top lip sucking slightly on it, gazing into your eyes I kiss you lightly on the lips, a chaste kiss, then I put in more effort leaving into you, letting my tongue start exploring Suddenly you kiss back hard, your arms wrapped around my body pulling me close, you push me back onto the couch on my back, you lean over me looking straight into ny face and wink.

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You pull off your shirt and leave me staring at how sexy you are. My fingers explore hesitently all your muscles in awe. Your erection is nearly bursting through your pants I grasp you're zipper and slowly pull it down revealing your massive sexy cock. You smile down at me and start taking off my clothes.


You toss the clothes onto the floor. We are fully naked, it's dead silent you look at my tits, meanwhile moans can be heard coming from the TV. Youre hands wrap around my tits stroking them, fingering them twisting, they lengthen under your touch I squirm under you but you hold me down not letting me move, My pussy is so wet I can feel it tingling.

Your cock looks So perfect i take it in my hands and push you into a sitting position, I lean over you kissing you while my hand rubs your cock from bottom to the tip. Its so soft, I lean down and kiss the tip, so soft on my lips, I open ny mouth pulling my lips tight over my teeth I bring your cock deep into my mouth my tongue swirling on the top as if sucking on a cherry Popsicle. But you taste better than candy so sweet.

I suck hard for all Its worth tasting you, my hand still rubbing you, your cock hits the back of my throat i leave it there appreciating how big it is, you start moving and panting playing with my hair, you cum in my mouth i taste it and slowly swallow savoring it Your cock throbs in my mouth you tightly grip me making me moan on your cock, I blow hot air on it licking the sides.

You pull me back after another ten minutes and put me on my back, legs pushed wide open showing a wet pussy begging for some attention.


You glance up at me I squirm under you but you hold down my legs I start wimpering as you kiss along my legs going higher and higher advancing upon my pussy.

Your tongue strokes the outside like an electric shock i jump.

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You chuckle deviously, letting your hand come up and start rubbing my clit then slowly you stick you long middle finger deep and fast into me. Stop i whisper.a wanting look in my eyes. I suddenly growl "I can't take it anymore fuck me." I grab you and pull you tight against me, chest against chest. You push against me. You stop and reach down to help guide your cock to my wet hole, once you insert the tip you lay back on top of me and thrust upward, your cock feels warm and soft against me, it struggles to get in then suddenly all resistence is gone and you're almost all in me you moan and kiss me hard thrusting out You shove hard back into me making me moan your name loudly.

I close my eyes and pull you close feeling you fuck me hearing you moan, every nerve in my body is alert, your hands on my shoulders, your soft lips on mine, your breath going on my face, your hips meeting mine, skin against skin, your dick in my pussy, wet against wet, moans matching moans You speed up the sound of your balls slapping into me and your cock sliding so fast and deep into me, you panting my name, make my pussy a mini faucet, mmm fuck me I scream i slip into black whimpering uncontrollably shaking meeting you thrusts halfway I arch my back, screaming your name, never stop please don't stop.

Im begging you. You make feel so good. We stop only long enough for you to lay on your back and me to get on top and straddle facing you.

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I start rocking back and forth i use my pussy to squeeze your cock, you close your eyes and lean back, your arms wrapped around my ass guiding it I speed up grinding hard down on you. I love hearing you moan. You whisper things in my ear, causing my pussy to explode around your massive cock.

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I lean my head on your shoulder panting deeply. You stop and move around, "Doggy style," you whisper.

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You line cock up and then push in slowly at first then as you slide in and pull back a few times you start speeding up. The sound of you cock slipping in and your balls slapping into my ass make me so wet.

"Please," I start begging, "Please don't stop, mmmm you make me so wet. " You respond by speeding up to impossibly fast, I start quivering putting my head on my arms breathing rapidly.

As you slow down you pull me onto my back and continue fucking me, your body right up against me.

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You grind your pelvis into me, kissing me deeply. "I love you baby girl," you whisper stroking my hair.


You pull off me, and let me curl up against you, my head buried in your chest, your arms wrapped around my back, keeping me warm as we fall into a deep relaxed sleep side by side.