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Juwelen Ballbusting  Trampeln  Cbt Probe
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~Papa's "lil" Girl~ I will never forget the first time my papa touched me. It was very cold outside that night. Not long after my twelfth birthday.

My mother was away for the weekend. On a trip to a spa with my aunt. Papa took me to the movie rental store. And let me pick out a bunch of movies. The night she left and ordered pizza. I remembered when we were at the movie store. That he went by himself in a room in the back. Telling me that it was just for adults.


And that he would not be long. I did not think much of it. But would later on. Later we dined on pizza and sat together watching a movie. Afterwords Papa went to take his shower. While I finished yet another princess flick. When he came back down the movie had ended. And it was getting late. Papa told me to get my bath and get ready for bed. So I went up stairs and ran a hot tub.

All the while looking at my self in the full length mirror. Admiring the way my body was starting to mature. I did not quite have pubic hair yet. But I did have a layer of soft fuzz.

That was just starting to turn a deep shade of golden red. And my backside was beginning to curve out. Making my white panties start to cling to me.

My tits were still barely a mouthful. But my nipples were perky and pink. Very sensitive to the touch. And I liked to touch them. The summer before when I was only eleven. My cousin Ashley came to stay the summer with us. She was thirteen at the time. And shared my bedroom. She taught me many things. She showed me how to slide my fingers across my private place.

And make it feel really good. It would tickle and get very wet. And if you put your finger in it a little. It felt even better and made your body kinda jerk around. When I did this she would lick and suck on my tiny nipples. And it felt so good. One time she put her mouth and tongue down there.

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And licked and kissed me. Then she put her finger in my backside. So much wetness came out of me and it tickled so bad. I just remembering holding onto her and crying out. Later she said that I had cummed. And soon I would do her. Which I did many times that summer. And I have been playing with my tiny pussy ever since.

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But I am getting off track.about my papa and our first time together. I took my bath thinking of Papa. Something I had been doing since I saw him touching him self one night, very late. While looking at his computer and pulling his dick back and forth faster and faster.

On the screen there were pictures of girls not much older than me. Some even looked younger than me. My tiny pussy became so hot and swollen. I started to think of papa putting his hands on me. Pulled my panties to the side and came with him that night. Pushing my finger in deeper than I ever had.

And had been thinking of him ever since. Making my lil button feel so good. All of this was on my mind as I went back downstairs. All that I had on that night was a long t-shirt and a pair of pink panties. Papa was sitting on the couch and I begged, him to let me stay up.

It was Saturday and no school tomorrow I pleaded. He finally agreed and I sat down beside him.

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He was watching some biker movie and a hot sex scene came on. Before long this women was taking two men at once. One in the front and one in the back.

Papa looked funny and his breathing was weird. He said I was to young to watch it and turned it off. My lil lips were so puffy and my lil hole was hot and dripping. So I said please papa I liked it. I am a big girl now. I want to watch. He looked at me funny and said you do? I told him yes it made me feel funny and really good. He told me if we watch this together. It has to be our secret. No one could know. I happily agreed wanting to only feel that wonderful tickle down there. Then he asked me if I wanted to feel.

What watching that movie was doing to him. I told him yes papa please. So he told me to come sit on his lap. I walked over to him and he turned me around.

Where my back was to him. He slid me up against him. Where I could lay right against his chest.


And my tight lil ass checks. Cradled his hard, bulging dick. At first it scared me a lil. I didn't expect it to be so big. But then my sweet papa started to whisper in my ear. While he ran his fingers up and down my arms. Telling me how good I was making him feel. And that he wanted to make me feel good to. That he would never hurt his baby girl. Then he kissed and ran his tongue, up and down my neck. While he slowly ran his hands over my tiny titties.

Making my nipples get hard and feel so good. At the same time. He was pushing his dick harder against me. And started to slide it back and forth a little.

It felt like my lil ass was on fire. And my tiny pussy was getting so wet and swollen. I cried out in pleasure. And I heard papa moan afterwords. He began to whisper to me again. Asking me if I liked the way big papa felt. I told him yes papa. It feels all hot and creamy down there.

He told me loved playing with my tiny nipples. And feeling my tight little ass rubbing against his hard dick. That he would like to make me feel even better. Would I want him to do that? Please papa I whimpered. Its starting to hurt its so hot. He told me then, that I needed to cum. And that he was going to take care of me. Then he slid his hand between my legs.

And ran it back and forth across my little pussy slowly. Stopping at my button and rubbing it harder. Makeing me cry out and jerk all over.

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Then he said he wanted to feel how wet his lil girl was. And told to me stand up. He pulled my panties down slowly. And I glanced at the t.v and saw, that the woman was now surrounded by men.

All of them naked with hard dicks. Two were putting them in her. She was moaning loudly. One was putting it her mouth. And another one had it in her hand. And she was jerking it back and forth. All the while my papa was running his tongue.

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Up and down my tight lil ass. My legs began to quiver. I felt so hot and good. That I began to moan to papa. He pulled me back down on to him. I then realized he had no underwear on either. His rock hard dick was right between my cheeks. It felt so big that I got scared again. Papa must have sensed this. Because he told me not to worry.

That he would not put it in me. That I was still to little. That he just wanted to feel it wet from my tiny pussy. Because he was going to make his lil girl, cum all over papas big dick Then he was kissing me again.

Told me to lift my arms. And slipped my shirt off. Playing with my rock hard nipples. Running one hand down my flat tummy. And putting his fingers against my hot, seeping hole. I heard him moan again. And he asked me if I liked the way he touched me. I cried out yes.

And he put his hands on my hips. And pulled me back even harder on him. Now his hard dick was sliding through my juices. From back to front. His big dick felt so good.

Pushed between my tiny, pink, swollen pussy lips. Running all the way up to my button. Making me shake all over. That I started grinding against him. And we kept going faster and faster. All of a sudden my body started jerking even harder.

I screamed out to papa. He then slipped the head of his dick just inside my tiny hole. And started playing with my button. With his fingers again. He told me yes baby girl, cum for me, cum for me. I cried out again and my whole body slammed against him. His dick going even farther in me. And I squirted all over him. He then pulled me away and pushed me against the couch. Licking and sucking all of my juices.

Telling me how sweet I tasted. How much he loved his lil girl. And I cam again. Him burying his tongue in my tiny hole. He gave me a moment to get over it. Then told me it was my turn to taste papa. He sat back up and told me to get on my knees, between his legs. First he took his hard dick and rubbed it all over my titties. Flicking my hard nipples back and forth with his big head. Something sticky and hot was coming out of his hole. And I loved the way it felt.

Then he told me to put it in my mouth. To lick and suck on it like candy. I took it in my hand and started to rub my lil tongue all over his big cock. Then I slid the head between my lips. And sucked the hot, salty juices from it. Papa moaned and told me how good his lil girl was making him feel. And started to pump it harder and deeper into my tiny mouth. I gagged some, but I wanted it. All of it, even though I was to young to take it all. All of a sudden papa screamed "yes baby girl, suck papas big dick." And he shoved it deep into my mouth.

I gagged even harder and felt hot, sticky, goo run down the back of my throat. Papas whole body shuddered. When he was done, he pulled me back into his arms. Cradling me and telling me how good I made him feel.

How much he loved me. He asked me if papa made his baby girl feel good? I told him yes, very good. He said as long as it was our secret. And I did not tell anyone, even my best friends. That he would keep making me feel good. And turn me into his big girl. That I would really like that. I promised and papa did make me his big girl.

But that is another story.