Young gay emo porn Colin slicked up his ass running his thumbs along

Young gay emo porn Colin slicked up his ass  running his thumbs along
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Drafted Part 2 I was in Mom's room using her sewing machine when she came in and asked me what I was doing. "I'm just altering a t-shirt. I'm almost finished." "Do I want to see it?" I giggled, "Probably not." "Oh well shit! Now you have to show me." When I finished the last two inches of hem, I stood up, doffed the t-shirt I was wearing and put on the one I'd just altered.

I'd shortened it in the same fashion I'd done with the tank top the day before. "Oh my!" Mom said when she saw it on me. "I hope you're not going out in public wearing that." I shrugged, "Probably just to the drive in with Zeke for lunch." She shook her head, "I would have never. . but I guess the results were the same regardless of what I wore." She put her hands under her large boobs and lifted them, "There's no way I could hide these." "Did you really want to—hide them, I mean?" My question caused my mother to laugh, "Not really.

I enjoyed the attention. That's what got me in so much trouble." "I'm just now learning to enjoy it." I confessed. "Well, have fun with it. Just be careful." "I will, Mom. I promise." "It's nice of Zeke to let you hang out with him while April is gone, but I'm not sure you should wear something like that around him." "He just thinks of me as April's 'twerp' sister." "Is that the reason for the alterations—to prove to him you're not a little 'twerp'?" "His friends.

. yesterday at the drive in, one of them teased him about being a babysitter. He busted the guy's nose." "Oh wow!" And then she asked me, "So, the reason for the new look is for his friends benefit?" "Maybe." Mom shook her head, "Well, if that look doesn't show them you're not a little kid, nothing will." * * * "Anything in particular you'd like to do today?" Zeke asked me while we were eating our burgers.

I didn't have to think about it, "Hell yeah! I want you to do down on me again. That was incredible." After laughing for a long while, he looked at me and said in a serious tone, "Lou, I love how bold you are. . in and out of the sack." His statement took me back a little. I didn't consider my actions to that point to be all that bold. "Oh? What have I done that you consider bold—out of the sack, I mean?" He tilted his head in thought, and then he said, "The first time we were alone and you were on the hood of my car.

. ." "Letting you put your hands under my jersey?" He shook his head slightly, "Not only letting me, but it was your idea." I didn't tell him I'd done that for my benefit more than his. I'd really wanted to feel a boy's hands on my boobs.

"What else?" "The top you wore yesterday and the one you're wearing now. That's kinda bold." "Gotcha" I said, understanding that he enjoyed me flaunting what Mother Nature gave me. "Zeke, I'm doing it for you. It's not that big of a deal to me, so if you have any requests, just let me know." He showed me a wide grin, "For me, huh?" "Yes." He shrugged, "Like I said, I like bold and daring. How far you take that is up to you." When we were finished eating, I asked him if we could stop by the mall before heading to his house.

He agreed, but when we got there, I wouldn't let him go inside with me. "I won't be long." I told him. * * * All during two blowjobs, one quick, one very long, and him going down on me in between, he kept pestering me to tell him what I'd bought at the mall. I'd just giggle, but I wouldn't give him the slightest hint. This time, instead of him crawling between my legs to go down on me, he had me straddle his face and lower my pussy to his mouth. I love that because I could be in more control.

When I came and rolled off of him, he looked like he'd just been sprayed with a fire hose. His hair, face, chest, and the sheet on either side of his head were soaked. To my surprise, he LOVED IT! When he dropped me off at my house later, he told me he and some of his teammates were going to get together at the practice field behind the high school the next morning to run through some drills. And then he asked me if I'd like to tag along.

I had to stifle a giggle while accepting his invitation. * * * My parents had already left for work long before Zeke was to pick me up the next morning, so I didn't have to worry about covering up my new purchase. I did, however, take a t-shirt with me, just in case one or both of them were home when Zeke dropped me off. After my shower, drying my hair, and putting on a little makeup, I pulled on a pair of pink short-shorts. And then I stepped in front of my dressing mirror with my new purchase in hand.

There wasn't much to it, which was the whole point. I'd seen an actress wear one in a movie, but I couldn't remember which one. It was simply a six inch wide white silk scarf. Not being contortionist enough to tie a bow behind my back, I had to do that first.

And then I crisscrossed it over my chest before ducking my head and pulling it behind my neck. I found it easiest to tie it, crisscross it, and pull it over my head before tucking my tits into the two loops it formed. It took me the best part of an hour to get the length just right. There needed to be enough tension around my tits to hold it in place. Too little tension and my tits would simply fall out.

Too much tension and the silk fabric would pull free of my tits with the slightest movement. When I had it right, I tested it by sitting, bending, turning, and raising my arms to various heights. The end result was more or less a halter which left almost half of my tits exposed in a tantalizing cleavage, and was sheer enough for one to easily discern my nipples and areolas.

I grinned at my reflection in the mirror, "Well, Mr. Zeke, you said you liked bold and daring. Is this bold and daring enough for you?" * * * When I walked out of the front door, Zeke was waiting for me with the passenger door of his Mustang open. By the time I got to him, his eyes were as big as saucers.

I giggled and held my arms out from my sides, "Daring enough for you?" "Holy shit!" He said in a low reverent tone. "Are you sure they're not going to fall out?" "Would that be a problem?" He chuckled, "No, Ma'am." * * * We got to the practice field before most of his teammates, so Zeke parked close to fence right next to the open gate.

After helping me out of the car, he asked me if I wanted to sit on the bench on one side of the field. I'd brought a book, so I told him "Nah, I think I'll just sit on the hood of your car and read." "I have a blanket in the trunk. Hang on, I'll get it." I teased him, "Are you worried about my ass or your car?" He let out a half laugh, "My car, of course." * * * Every time another car pulled into the parking lot, the occupants had to walk right past me to get into the practice field.

I made a point of looking up from my book to greet each one. It was all I could do to keep from giggling when their eyes bugged out when they saw me. After about an hour of practice, Zeke and his teammates gathered their things and headed my way. He made sure to introduce each one to me. "She's April's sister." It pleased me greatly that he didn't introduce me as "April's little sister" or "April's baby sister." Of course, I would have killed him if he'd said, "April's twerp sister." During the drive to Sonic, Zeke kept looking over at me with a huge grin on his face.

"I take it you like my new scarf." He chuckled, "Is that what you bought at the mall yesterday?" "Yes. You said you like bold and daring, so I figured I'd give you a little sample of how bold and daring I can be." It frustrated me a little when he just cocked his head and grinned instead of letting me know if I'd gone too far. . or not far enough. I was half way finished with my chili fries when I couldn't stand it anymore, "Zeke, goddamnit, the way I'm dressed.

. too daring, not daring enough. . what? I need some feedback from you." He turned and looked right at me with a serious look. His tone matched that look when he said, "I love it.

It's awesome. . you're awesome." "Then what's the problem?" I ask in an almost begging voice. He shrugged, "This whole thing. . it's just putting me in a difficult position." "What position?" He hesitated for a long while before telling me, "All the guys. . they want to know if I'm fucking you.


So far, I've been able to tell them the truth—that I'm not fucking you. Fortunately, they haven't asked if we're fooling around. And too, I hope it's not going to be long before we are fucking. What will I tell them then?" "Hrm, give me a minute to think about that." I told him. And then, after what seemed like a very long time, I had it straight in my mind. "About the fucking thing, I'm ready for that.

I'd prefer to wait until my period is over. It's going to start any day now. I know how you and April did it when she had her period, but I'd rather not do that right out of the gate. As far as what you tell your friends, I think we should leave that up to April. We're going to call her tonight.

If I get to talk to her without my parents hearing, I'll ask her. Okay?" He nodded, "Sounds like a plan. I'm enjoying what we're doing now, so I can wait for the fucking part until you're ready." That made me feel really good. * * * "Are they gone?" April asked me when she was finished talking to our parents and they'd handed me the phone. I peeked out into the living room, "Yeah, they're watching TV." "So, how are things going with Zeke?" "Surprisingly well.

I'm having fun." "So, you're still okay with. . things?" "Yes, but the bigger question is: are you still okay with it?" "Lou, I really appreciate you doing that for me. Have you had sex with him yet?" After peeking out into the living room again, I told her, "We haven't fucked yet, but pretty much everything else.

We agreed to wait for that until after my upcoming period." "As long as he's okay with waiting." "He is. I've been taking really good care of him." "Oh, anything specific?" Mom called out, "Better start wrapping it up.

It's long distance, you know." "Yes, Ma'am" I called back to her and then told April, "Just blowjobs, but I'm getting really good at it. Oh, and I've been wearing some really sexy tops for him." April giggled, "I'll bet he loves that." "He does. There is something else.

. he's getting hammered a lot by his friends. They want to know if he's banging me. He can say no for now, but he's worried about later." There was a short pause, and then my sister told me, "He has a reputation to live up to. He should tell them the truth. It will be a little awkward when I get back, but we'll work through it." "I love you, sis." "I love you too, Lou." * * * "April said you can tell your friends anything you want." He let my words soak in for a few seconds and then said, "I guess that means we can start acting like a couple then.

We don't have to hide. . things." "Zeke, look at what I'm wearing." I was wearing a very small leather vest with white leather tassels. I'd found it in the attic. It was part of the cowgirl outfit I wore on Halloween when I was ten. The flaps didn't come even close to meeting in the middle, and the arm holes were large enough to provide a tantalizing view from almost any angle. When he looked down at my vest, I said in the sexiest voice I could muster, "Does it look like I'm trying to hide.

. things?" I emphasized my point by untying two strings which connected the flaps. They opened even more. He was grinning from ear to ear, "Too bad I have bucket seats." We were at Sonic, and our food hadn't arrived yet. I scooted up and sat on his console. "Better?" When we pulled into the Sonic, we'd spotted three of Zeke's friends in another car. He had honked at them and we both had waved. From my elevated vantage point, I saw one of them get out of their car and start our way.

Zeke was facing me, so he didn't see his friend coming. "One of your friends is coming. Kiss me and grab my boob. Don't let go until I tell you to." Zeke's eyes shot open, but he did as I requested. He tilted his face up so that I could lean down and kiss him. When he put his hand inside the flap of my vest and grabbed my tit, I put my hand on his wrist to insure he didn't withdraw it. "Hey Zeke." His friend called out when he was a few steps away.

Zeke broke our passionate kiss and turned his face toward his friend, "Hey Rob." I could feel Zeke slightly try to withdraw his hand, but I held it firm. Rob's face went bright red when he saw where Zeke's hand was. "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. . just wanted to say hey." "No problem." Zeke managed as his friend turned to leave. When Rob was out of earshot, Zeke turned back to me, "I can't believe you did that." "Did I embarrass you?" "Oh hell no! It was hot as fuck." I giggled, "I guess they won't be asking you if you're banging me now." He chuckled, "I guess not." Our food arrived, so I slid back down into my seat.

I was still laughing. * * * The next week and a half were fairly mundane. I lost track of how many blowjobs I'd given Zeke. He always came a lot more on the first one, so I fell into a routine of jerking him off on his body on that one.

Most often, after he watched me lick it up, he wouldn't even get soft, so I could go right into a second blowjob. Sometimes, I'd get in a third blowjob before he'd take me home. When he dropped me off at home long enough before my parents were to get home, I'd work on my tan. Our backyard had a nice privacy fence, so I lay out there totally naked. I did fall asleep once.

When Mom got home and found me sunbathing nude, she woke me up and told me I'd better get dressed before Dad got home. Fortunately, she didn't make a big deal about it. She simply warned me that falling asleep out there was dangerous because I might get too much sun. I was really starting to struggle finding new daring tops to wear for Zeke.

When I confessed that to him, he took me to the mall. This time though, I made him come inside with me. Over an hour later, we walked back to his Mustang with three new purchases in a bag. He liked them so much, he even paid for them. The first was a fairly sheer pink halter that fit me weird.

It was tighter on the bottom, but drooped very loosely over my tits. I only had to lean forward slightly to provide an observer with an almost unobstructed view of my tits, including my nipples. The second article was a tiny light blue bikini top. It was a couple of sizes too small, so my tits bulged out in all directions. The last one was the one that excited Zeke the most.

When I walked out of the dressing room wearing it, and after his eyes bugged out, he said, "I dare you to wear that to practice in the morning." I teased him all the way to his car, "At this rate, you're going to have me going completely topless before long." He chuckled, "I'm sure the guys wouldn't mind that." * * * When I walked out of my front door the next morning with a t-shirt and my book in hand, Zeke was waiting dutifully with the passenger door open for me.

He let out a wolf whistle and then said, "I can't believe you're really going to do it." I giggled, "Do you want me to go change?" "Hell no!" He said as he closed my door. My outfit was simple. I was wearing my pink short-shorts with a black woven belt.

My top was actually a white beach cover up. It was loosely woven and almost totally see through. It left NOTHING to the imagination.

An observer could not only see my nipples and areolas, but also their color. I had trimmed off the bottom enough to allow me to tuck it in. Of course, I only zipped it up half way. I'm not sure why I felt so comfortable showing myself off like that.

All I knew was that I really enjoyed how it made Zeke's friends get all tongue-tied when they were around me. I'm sure they probably thought I was a slut, especially for fucking my sister's boyfriend, but I really didn't care.

I was having the time of my young life. I had to laugh on the drive to the practice field. Zeke kept looking over at me. Finally, I had to tell him, "You'd better watch where you're going." When he parked, he helped me out of the car, got the blanket from the trunk, and helped me onto the hood of his car. Before leaving me, he gave me a passionate kiss and shocked me by pulling my zipper all the way down to my belt.

Four of his teammates showed up in one car. They stopped on their way by me to say "Hey". Rob said, "Hey, Lou, you're looking sexy as ever." The rest of the group agreed. * * * When their practice was over, each of Zeke's teammates made sure to stop by to say goodbye to me. It was all I could do to suppress a giggle.

None of them ever looked me in the eyes. One of them told Zeke, "We're going to the Dairy Maid for dogs and shakes. You guys wanna come?" Zeke looked at me, and after I showed him a slight nod, he told them we'd be there. Before we got out of the parking lot though, one of them yelled to Zeke, "The goddamn car won't start.

Do you have jumper cables?" "Yes, but they're in my garage. You guys can ride with me. We'll stop by and get them after we eat." The next thing I knew, there were three of his teammates crowded into the small backseat.

I was sitting on the console with Rob in the passenger seat. I stretched one arm along the back of Zeke's seat, and the other along Rob's. That made my top gap open enough to give Rob a nice view.

It didn't escape his notice. In fact, he never once took his eyes off my tits. Half way to the Dairy Maid, Marc asked Rob a question from the back. When he didn't answer, Marc repeated his question.

Still Rob didn't answer, so I looked around to the back and told Marc, "Rob's brain isn't working right now. He's too busy staring at my tits." That caused everyone to laugh, except Rob. And then Marc said "I call shotgun on the way back." A lively round of hoots and laughs ensued. * * * We stopped by Zeke's for his jumper cables, and then took the guys back to their car. When we were alone, I asked him, "Well, did I go too far by making that comment about Rob staring at my tits?" Zeke laughed, "Not at all.

I loved it, and I'm sure the guys did too. They're not used to hearing a girl talk like that." "I'll keep that in mind." * * * Two days after my period ended, Zeke and I were sitting on the sofa in his motor home. I'd already given him a blowjob, and we were having a glass of Vodka. "It's time." I told him. "Time for what?" "Time for you to go down on me and then fuck me." Zeke got a big grin and raised his eyebrows, "Are you sure?" I showed him a serious look, "Zeke, I've never been more sure of anything in my life." We both gulped down the rest of our drinks, and then he immediately scooped me up and carried me to the bedroom.

The minute he put his mouth on my pussy, I moaned, "God, I've missed that." After only five minutes or so, I begged him, "Please fuck me now. I'm ready." He looked up at me, "Do I need to get a condom?" I shook my head, "No, the pill, it's all good." When Zeke moved up over me, he kissed me passionately, and then he told me, "Don't worry.

I'll go slow. You tell me if you need me to stop or go slower. Okay?" I nodded, "Yes." I was very nervous, but I wasn't scared. I'd been mentally preparing myself for this for a long time. I was excited to finally be doing it. It didn't take long for Zeke to work the large head of his cock into my pussy.

When it was in me, he stopped and asked me, "Are you okay?" I looked into his eyes and nodded, "Yes. Please just do it. I want to feel you inside me. .

all of you." "It's going to hurt when I hit your barrier. I'll have to push through it." "No, I've taken care of that. Please just go in me now." Hearing that, he began pushing. I could feel inch after inch of his big cock entering me. . stretching me. . filling me. It was a little uncomfortable, but it didn't really hurt until he bottomed out. My fingers dug into his shoulders, "No more. That's far enough." Obediently, he stopped pushing and just stayed there. I knew he was just letting me get used to the feeling, letting my pussy adjust to the intrusion.

After about a minute, I told him, "Okay." Hearing that, he pulled slowly out of me, hesitated a few seconds, and then pushed his cock back inside me. After three times of him doing that, I told him, "Okay, I'm ready.

You can fuck me now." Zeke gave me a long passionate kiss while his cock was fully inside of me—at least as much of it as I could take. And then he raised up and supported himself on his outstretched arms. He then began moving in and out of me a little faster, and then a little faster still.

God! The feeling was incredible. He surprised me when he stopped and looked down at me, "Are you ready for me to get serious?" I almost giggled, "I thought you already were." He chuckled, "Oh hell no!

Not even close." "Then go for it." I told him, even though I couldn't imagine what was coming. Zeke slid his hands under my thighs and lifted me so that only my shoulders and head were on the bed. And then he began slamming his cock into me. After only a few seconds, I felt like I was in a mysterious altered state, only semi conscious. I could hear his body slapping against me, and I could hear myself grunting and moaning loudly, but I couldn't control any of it.

I felt totally helpless. I know I came, but the other sensations were so powerful, my orgasm paled in comparison. He just kept going and going and going.

I felt like I was being ripped apart, but it was an incredible feeling. I could feel myself involuntarily bucking my hips up to meet his thrusts and pulling on his shoulders to pull him harder into me.

I didn't want him to ever stop. I lost all track of time, so I don't know how long he kept slamming into me. I could hear myself gasping for air, and I could hear Zeke panting. Finally, he let out a loud grunt and I could feel his hot cum splashing against my insides.

His thrusting slowed to a gentle in and out, and then he stopped altogether. He released my thighs and collapsed down onto me. "Can't breathe" I finally managed to mutter through my gasping. Hearing that, he rolled off of me onto his back. He was panting as loudly as I was gasping for air. After several minutes, I managed to say, "Oh my God! That was intense." He chuckled, "You're telling me." I could feel his cum oozing out of my pussy and running down across my ass, so I told him, "I need to clean up." But when I started to get up, he stopped me, "I'll get you a towel." * * * Later, while sitting on his sofa again and sipping on Vodka, he told me, "I can't believe that was your first time.

You were a maniac." "I told you I was ready." "Yeah, but you didn't tell me you'd take to it like a fish to water. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to keep up with you." I giggled, "You started it, so I expect you to keep up or die trying. I think three or four times a day should do it." "You're crazy, but I love the way you think." * * * I wasn't able to get with Zeke over the weekend, so when he picked me up at eleven the following Monday morning, he asked me, "Where would you like to eat?" I was wearing a simple halter, so I untied the string around my neck and let it fall to my waist.

"I'm not hungry. I want to fuck." He almost ran off the road when he looked over and saw me in his passenger seat with my tits totally exposed. "You don't have to ask me twice." In his motor home, I gave him a quick blowjob, and then we sat on his sofa and sipped on Vodka. A few minutes later, we were naked on his bed, his arms under my thighs and him slamming his cock into me as hard and fast as he could. Thirty minutes after he finished, I ask him, "Are you ready to go again?" "God girl, you're going to kill me." I giggled, "Then I'll just have to find someone to take your place." Having cum twice already, there was no way he was going to cum again anytime soon.

After he fucked me hard and fast for a very long time, his back finally gave out, so I had him get on his back. I straddled him and rode his wonderful cock as hard and fast as I could until I couldn't continue. Finally, he had me get on my knees on the side of the bed. He stepped up and fucked me from behind while standing up. I felt like a rag doll in his grasp as he thrust forward and pulled me back at the same time. I came twice while he was doing that. I thought he'd never cum, and I was enjoying every second of it, but he eventually did.

* * * When Zeke parked at the practice field the next day, I got a bit of a shock. I'd only been on the hood of his car for a couple of minutes when a girl I didn't know approached me.

She was wearing loose fitting khaki shorts, a t-shirt, and she was obviously wearing a bra. "Hey." I said as she approached.

"You must be Lou." She said when she got to the fender of the Mustang. "I am. Do I know you?" "No" She said in a somewhat snooty tone, "I'm Lisa, Marc's girlfriend, Rob's sister.

They've both told me a lot about you." "It's good to meet you, Lisa." "So, you're doing Zeke now. .

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. your sister's boyfriend." "That's right." I said with some degree of defiance in my voice. "How does April feel about that?" "I'm sure that's none of your business." "Just the same, I don't appreciate you flaunting your goods around my boyfriend." "Maybe if you took better care of him, he wouldn't be gawking at me all the time.

Furthermore, you should ask him if he'd prefer it if you were a little more like me and a little less like a hoitey-toitey holier than thou bitch with a big ole stick up her butt. Go ahead, ask him. I dare you." She stormed off in a huff. * * * After their practice, some of the guys invited us over to cook hot dogs and burgers on their grill.

I was wearing the little leather vest again, this time without tying the connecting strings at all. All of the guys were gathered around Zeke's car. . or more accurately, around me. I beat Zeke to the answer, "Maybe another time, guys. I'm really horny today, so I want Zeke all to myself for a few hours." Of course, that caused quite a reaction from the group. They were all slapping Zeke on the back and giving him high fives.

"You enjoyed that, didn't you?" Zeke asked me when we were in his car alone. I decided to get serious with him, "Zeke, whether or not I enjoyed it isn't the point. The bigger question is: do you enjoy it when I do things like that—say things like that?" "So it's all for my benefit?" "Yep." "Then I love it.

I love all of it. I love how bold you are. . especially with the guys." "I thought so, but I just needed to hear you say it." * * * The following week, I was faced with a dilemma: I felt like I needed to keep coming up with new ways to keep Zeke's interest but I was out of ideas. I was recycling the sexy tops I knew he liked, and the sex was awesome, but I just felt like I needed to introduce something new into our relationship.

I didn't want it to ever get stale or routine for him. Finally, I had an idea. When he picked me up Thursday morning, I was wearing a fairly conservative halter top. I told him I'd like to go to IHop for breakfast. He gave me a quizzical look, but he agreed.


During breakfast, I told him I had a surprise for him when we got to his motor home. I had to giggle when he kept pestering me for hints. Two hours later, and after a quick blowjob, I had him pour me a glass of Vodka. When he handed it to me and settled onto the sofa beside me, I told him, "I know what you're going to want when I get my next period, so I think we should start getting my ass used to it.

What do you think?" His eyes shot open, "Are you serious?" "Very serious." I said while looking him right in the eyes. "I would love that. When do you want to start?" I laughed, "I'd like to finish my Vodka first, but then my ass is all yours." * * * "Ouch!

Ouch! Ouch!" kept echoing in my brain, but I didn't say it out loud. He hadn't even got the head of his cock inside my ass yet. I was on my knees on the side of the bed with him standing behind me. He had a jar of Vaseline, and he'd used a generous amount on his cock and on my ass, but it wasn't helping so far. "You need to relax." He told me in an understanding voice. "That's easy for you to say." A couple of minutes later, I gave up. "Lay down on your back." I told him.

"Maybe I can relax if I'm in control." When he was on his back, I straddled him with my face toward his feet. "You do the aiming and let me do the rest." When I felt the head of his cock touch my asshole, I wiggled my butt back and forth a few times and then began pushing myself backward.

Sure enough, it didn't take long before the head of his cock plopped inside me. When it did, I froze. It hurt some, but not enough to be a deal-breaker.

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I stayed frozen for almost a full minute, getting used to the feeling, letting my ass adjust. And then I began pushing backward. I knew from April that it would stop hurting and start feeling better once he was all the way inside me, so I pressed on.

It took me close to ten minutes, but I was finally fully impaled on his hard cock. After letting myself get used to the feeling, I began moving forward, but only an inch or two, then back down.

Sure enough, it did start feeling nice, so I moved forward more and then more before moving back down. "Okay, I think I'm ready for you to fuck me now." I crawled off Zeke and resumed my position on my knees on the side of the bed. He got behind me and began pushing his cock against my asshole. It still hurt a bit at first, but soon he was pushing his cock deep inside me. He went very slowly until I told him, "Okay, do it. Fuck me now." Zeke didn't have to be told twice.

He grabbed my hips and began fucking me faster, and then faster. Soon, he was slamming into me for all he was worth. I managed to reach my clit and began rubbing it. It only took me a few minutes to have a mind-blowing orgasm, screaming out, "God yes!

Fuck my ass hard." "Well?" Zeke ask me when we were lying side by side recovering from our orgasms. I told him honestly, "I loved it. When you're ready, we should do it again." * * * After that, Zeke and I fell into a routine of sorts.

I'd give him a quick blowjob, and then he'd go down on me until I came. Then he'd fuck my pussy. After recovering enough, he'd fuck my ass. Of course, when I got my next period, he'd fuck my ass at least a couple of times almost every day. * * * Three weeks before school started, I had to initiate the most difficult conversation of my life.

Zeke and I were sitting on his sofa. I'd had him pour me a large glass of Vodka and I'd finished half of it. I could tell he was wondering why I hadn't already given him a first blowjob, which I usually did shortly after arriving at his motor home.

I decided to just jump right in, "April's coming home tomorrow." He sat there staring at me with a blank look on his face. After what seemed like an eternity, he mumbled, "Does that mean.

. ." "Yes, it means this is our last day together." He got up and poured himself a large glass of Vodka. Then he sat back down and gulped down a large portion of it. "Zeke, we both knew this day was coming." "I know, but. . ." I used a scolding tone when I told him, "You need to snap out of it.

You two love each other. I don't want to burst your bubble, but I don't love you, Zeke. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed every second of our time together.

I wouldn't trade a minute of it for the world, but it's over and we both need to move on, you with April, and me with whomever." I watched as he gulped down the rest of his drink. And then he seemed to steel himself. He stood up and offered me his hand, "C'mon, I'll take you home." His reaction surprised me.

I looked up at him and asked, "You don't want to. . ." He shook his head, "No." I shrugged and swallowed the rest of my Vodka. Then I took his hand and let him help me to my feet. He didn't speak at all on the drive to my house, and he didn't even look at me when I got out of his car and headed for my front door.

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That was the very first time he hadn't opened my car door for me. * * * "Sis, I told him yesterday, but he didn't react the way I expected." April had a concerned look, "Oh, how did he react?" When I told her, she said, "That doesn't sound like him at all. I can't believe he passed on the chance to fuck you one last time. This isn't good." "I know." I said. I started crying. She hugged me and told me it would be okay. Things got even worse when she called him. He said he couldn't pick her up the following day because he "had plans".

And then he said he'd see her the day after that. * * * Two days later, I waited on pins and needles for Zeke to drop April off at our house after their first time together since she'd returned from San Antonio.

I didn't want to ambush her the minute she came through the door, so I went to my room and waited. . and waited. She didn't come into my room until she'd showered and dressed for bed. I could tell she'd been crying. I waited for her to initiate the conversation. When she finally did, she wiped away some tears, sniffed, and then she said, "The good news is that he said he still loves me and wants to be with me." "That's great!" I said putting my arm around her shoulders.

"So what's the problem?" "He was. . he was brutally honest. He said he fell in love with you too. And if that isn't bad enough, he said he wished I could be more like you." "Oh God, sis. I'm so, so sorry. I didn't mean to do--" She put a finger to my lips to hush me, and then she looked at me with tears running down her cheeks, "I know, sis.

I know you'd never do anything like that on purpose. I knew going in there were risks." "Well, he doesn't get to choose. You're his girlfriend. I was just filling in for you. It's over between me and him." "Lou, he didn't even want to have sex with me.

He said he needed some time to sort things out in his mind." "What an asshole!" * * * April slept in my bed that night. We finally fell asleep hugging each other tightly. When I woke up the next morning, April was propped up on one elbow looking at me. "Good morning." She said with a smile. When I had cleared the sleep from my eyes and was able to focus, I immediately noticed a change in her expression.

She looked more relaxed. "I've been thinking." She told me. "Okay." She took a deep breath, "You enjoyed your time with Zeke, right?" "Yes, very much." I answered honestly. "And you know he has a huge ego, right?" I chuckled, "Tell me about it. I spent the last two months stroking it." "Okay, I may be grasping at straws here, but what do you think it would do for his ego to have one of us on each arm?" I thought about that for a few seconds, "They'd have to widen every door in the city to get his head through." She grinned, "Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

So. . ." "Hell no!" I almost shouted. "He's an asshole. I can't believe you're even thinking about it." April lay her hand on my cheek, "Sis, I know you didn't intend to, but somehow, you made him fall in love with you." My brain was whirling, "I. . I just gave him what he said he liked. I never thought. . ." "What?

What did he tell you he liked?" I shrugged, "He said he liked daring and bold, so I. . I gave it to him." "Daring and bold." She repeated.

And then she said, "The sexy tops. .

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I need to see them." "Okay. Just let me go pee and I'll show them to you." * * * When I got back from the bathroom, I went to my closet and began pulling out the tops I'd worn for Zeke.

When I put on the t-shirt I'd altered, April said, "That's not so bad." I lowered my eyes to the floor between us, "They get worse. . a lot worse." "Well, let's see them." I modeled the leather vest, the scarf and the bikini for her. She didn't comment until I put on the beach cover up. "You didn't. . not out in public!" I lowered my gaze again, "I did. His teammates loved this one.

. all of them really, but especially this one." "I'll bet they did. Now, take that thing off and let's talk." We were sitting side by side on the bed when she said, "I can't believe you wearing those things made him fall in love with you.

It couldn't have been that simple. You must have done something else. I need to know all of it." I told her about the sexy comments I made to his teammates and about his kneading my boob inside the vest while he was talking to Rob. And then I told her, "At first, I was giving him two or three blowjobs a day." "God! He cums buckets full." "Yeah, he said I was the first one who could swallow it all." "Wow! I couldn't come close. What else?" "There was one thing.

. one day while I was giving him a blowjob, he told me not to swallow it. He wanted me to jerk him off onto his body so he could watch me lick it all up." "Gross! You did that?" I nodded, "Sure. I didn't mind it at all. I even kinda liked doing that. Anyway, after my period, we started fucking. I'd give him a quick blowjob so he could fuck longer when he got hard again. That's how it went for a couple of weeks." "And after that?" "I remembered you telling me he'd fuck you in the ass during your period, so I thought I'd better get ready for that.

So a couple of weeks before my period, I told him I wanted to get used to doing that. After that, I'd give him a blowjob, he'd go down on me, then he'd fuck my pussy and then my ass. That's how things went up until I told him you were coming back." April threw her hand to her chest, "Oh my God! No wonder he fell in love with you.

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You became his perfect sex partner. You did everything he wanted, and what's more. .


. you enjoyed it, didn't you?" I couldn't help myself. I started bawling while nodding my head." * * * When my sister finally managed to get me calmed down, she ushered me to the bathroom for a shower. After that, we went downstairs for some breakfast. Toward the end of our breakfast, April reached across the table and held one of my hands in both of hers, "Lou, I can never be that for him.

I just don't have it in me. I could never wear that cover up out in public. I might be able to do most of the sex things, but I wouldn't enjoy doing them. If he can't have you, and I can't be you, he'll probably go looking for another you.

I'm afraid you've unintentionally spoiled him." "God, sis, I'm so, so sorry." And I started bawling again. April got up and walked around the table.

She hugged me and then said, "What's done is done. I know you didn't mean to do it, but it's already done. Now I need your help." "You can't be serious. He doesn't deserve you." "Sis, oh sis, my naïve little sister, I hate to break it to you, but Zeke is no different than any other boy out there. They all think with their dicks. Having said that though, I can't help but love him, and I'll do anything I have to do to keep him.

I know you love me, and I'm asking for your help. The only other choice I have is to fake it. I'll force myself to show my body off to his friends and flirt with them. I'll pretend to enjoy anal sex and let him fuck me there anytime he wants. I'll get better at swallowing his cum, and I'll jerk him off and then lick it up. I'll pretend to love doing all of those things." "He's not worth you putting yourself through all of that." "He's worth it to me." I had to force myself not to start bawling again.

I loved my sister more than anything. I couldn't stand the thought of her going through all of that. Besides, I knew I was a maniac in bed. I loved doing all of those things.

That's what Zeke picked up on and fell in love with. Despite all that, I hated him more than ever for putting my sister in this situation. He knew the rules going in. Even though there was absolute bile I felt for him, part of me was longing to fuck him again. I was very conflicted about it. My sister loved this asshole with all her heart. Yet he says he fell for me because I became his perfect sex partner. There's no way she could ever fake that. It was all my fault she was in this predicament in the first place, so how could I not help her?

Finally, I couldn't hold back the tears any longer. I hugged her tightly and told her through my tears, "I'll do whatever you need me to do." * * * End of Part 2