Very Pretty Love to Cum Herself

Very Pretty Love to Cum Herself
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so I guess, I will give u, My very fist experience (with my uncle) I was about 12 years old, I had waked to my l aunt and uncle's house I had a key so i came in the back door.

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I heard the a tv on in the den, which is located in the far corner of the basement, So i descend the stairs and walk to the den door way the door was open and I could see the TV screen. On the screen were 2 naked young females touching and licking each other, I then noticed that my uncle sat in the chair with his back to the door. I stepped in to the room and glanced over his shoulder he had his pants around his ankles and his 7 1/2 inch cock in his hands he was stroking it and panting a little, I watched feeling a little tingly, I had seen a cock before but only my cousins and he was 13 so it wasn't very big, seeing my uncles cock made me think of sucking my cousins penis and tasting his salty cum.


I took another step forward and my uncle looked up into my face, he stopped masturbating, leaving his cock out with no attempt to hide it and said "What are you doing here?" I swallowed and thought I was in trouble "Well my parents left for their cruise today and I thought I was suppose to come here after school." I felt my eyes being drawn back to his hard cock.We sat in silence for a few moments me staring at his cock and him staring at me.Finally I looked up and blushed when i realized i had been caught looking.

He smiled "Silver, do u like what you see?" I swallowed and looked down at the floor, "I haven't seen one so big before." then realizing I could get my cousins in trouble, I stopped and let my eyes move back up watching him starting to rub his cock.

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"Why don't we play a little game?"I looked in to his face and said "What game?" he smiled and said "Come here ill show u how to play, Just so u know one of the rules is nobody but us can know, you cant tell any one okay?" I nodded "Okay uncle."I came around the chair and stood facing him I could see all of his cock now; He was rubbing the shaft and pre-cum oozed from the tip.He reached out to me and pulled me closer.

"Silver why don't u take off your clothes."I looked up at him "Why?" he smiled "This game requires that we both take our clothes off and you have to do what ever i say.

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Okay" I nod and step closer, he reaches out and begins to undo the buttons on my uniform shirt once he finished he reaches in side and touches my still forming preteen breasts in my training bra, his cock twitches and my insides tingle. he pushes my shirt over mjy shoulders I tug it off he runs his hands down my body to the bottom of my knee length skirt his hand sliding up my leg to my panties he rubs my ass through the fabric the says "Leave on the skirt I kind of like it." I nod and let him touch me; he slides his fingers down my ass cheek to my ass pushing a finger against my tight virgin ass hole.


Then he brings his other hand up and he touches my pussy lips through the fabric, he looks up at me "Silver, baby your pussy is so wet, do u like what I am doing?' I swallow and nod. He presses in deeper fingering my clit then pressing against my pussy hole his other hand still pressing into my ass.

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He pauses and stand pulling his tee shirt over his head and kicking his pants and boxers away, he stood before me naked and hard as a rock, my uncle is military so he is older but still cut, his cock drooled pre from its tip he takes my hand and touches it to the tip, then begins to use my hand to masturbate himself, he sits back down pulling me in to his lap skirt bra and panties still on he spreads my legs wide around his lap with me facing away from him, he undoes my bra and tosses it aside his hand cupping my preteen tits he kneads them softly and then lets one hand drop between my legs his fingers again touching my pussy through my panties.

He whispers "Baby rub my cock like I showed you, please I want to feel you touch me while I touch u." I reach between my legs and touch the tip of his cock rubbing the pre around, he pushes harder on my clit making me moan, he takes his fingers away and the pushes my panties aside from the crouch (so I still had them on but my pussy and ass hole were out) his large fingers parted my lips and then pressed inside touching my clit for the first time, I whimpered in pleasure and confusion, I had never been touched like this before.I look back at him he says "If u keep that up I'll blow my load all over you." The finger buried in my virgin pussy keeps moving in and out building my first orgasm.

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I moan and he stands with me in his arms he pulls his fingers from my pussy and sets me on the chair he kneels between my legs and says "I want to taste you, you're my first virgin." He pushes his face between my thighs his fingers opening my pussy lips wide allowing his tongue to lap at my clit.I mI moan and arch off the chair he sucks on my clit and finger fucks my pussy I cum quickly this way my first orgasm causing my body to stiffen and me to scream in pleasure he pulls his finger free and licks my pussy hole lapping all the cum dripping out.He finishes and then stands pulling my panties off then undoing and pulling down my skirt he then stands above me and begins to masturbate his cock drooling he doesn't last long Cumming hard shooting a crossed my body from my spread legs and open pussy to my face.

Curious I take a little bit of cum from my chest and licking my fingers, it was salty but good, he leans forward and says "lick my cock clean" I lean forward and lick and suck the cum from his rapidly soften cock.

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When I finished he picks me up and takes me in the bathroom, he sets me on the toilet and then turns on the shower.He motions for me to get in so I stand and step into the shower feeling the cool water cleaning the drying cum from my body; I look up to see my uncle smiling. "Kneel down Silver." I do as I am told and he takes a hold of his cock he then begins to pee over me I gag as the warm golden shower covers me. He finishes and says "Now you are mine when ever I want." I nod and then he gets into the shower with my washing my hair and body.

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Neoan arching he slips his finger back into my clinching pussy