You fuck me and then i fuck you captain willy

You fuck me and then i fuck you captain willy
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It happened after we had got off the bus.


Normally there were about 6 people who got off my stop, but today there was only me and a kid called Oliver who was two years younger than me. I was 15, about 6"1 with dark hair, and a rather good-looking boy, attracting many admiring glances from females, although I was still a virgin.

Oliver was 13 (nearly 14), with short spiky hair, and was about 5"5. We had just walked round the corner of our road when he broke into a run and ran down the path. I thought it was a bit strange, but carried on listening to my MP3, not caring much. But when I got to the bit of the road where I had to cross, Oliver called out to me. "Come and have a look at this for me please". I felt that I might as well so I could prolong the coursework that was waiting for me.

I went over to him and he said just in here. I stepped into the hall way of his house. As soon as I had done so, the door slammed shut and Oliver had grabbed me from behind.

He put his arm round my neck and to my terror, I realised that he had a knife in his other. He held it up to the back of my neck and whispered in my ear, "You call out, you scream, you do anything I say not to, this will go into you, understand?" I nodded in terror.

Then he stepped forward pushing me, until we reached the living room. Once there he pulled my blazer off and threw it onto a chair. He then kicked my shoes off and threw then somewhere. I was now only in my shirt and trousers. However, my shirt soon came off when he reached round the front and pulled my shirt so the buttons ripped off. I was shitting myself about what he was doing but I was even more terrified of having that piece of cold metal sliding into me.

Whilst I was worrying about that, I felt my trousers reach my ankles so I was standing there in the cold living room in just my boxers. I turned round to look at Oliver, who was stripping fully. I had turned round just as he was taking his boxers off.

He revealed a very thick 6 inch dick. I looked at it dumbstruck for two reasons. Mine was about 7 inches, but a lot thinner. The other reason was that I hope he wasn't going to do what I thought he was going to go. My thoughts were confirmed when he pointed the knife at me and beckoned me to him.

He said "Suck my cock bitch or you'll be missing yours". I was quite certain I didn't want to lose my manhood, so I dropped to my knees. He forced it in, which went straight to the back of my throat. I tried to resist but he laid the knife on my shoulder. I let him put it all in which was very hard for me to do. He then got me to suck on it like a lollypop. After a couple of minutes, He drew a deep breath and without me knowing, pulled out halfway, so the tip was on my lips, and he released his load.

I felt sick. A load of hot white sticky cum had just been emptied over me. I kept my mouth closed, but he looked at me, so I let some in. It tasted salty but I had to do it.


I felt like a whore with cum plastered over my face, and being forced to clean him up. I did. It got even worse from there. After he'd sat slumped down in an armchair, I thought that was it.

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I started to get up, but Oliver had other ideas. As soon as he saw me getting up, he jumped up from the armchair, delivering a kick to my stomach. I doubled over in pain, gasping for air. He put his hands on my back, pushing me down so I was leaning on my elbows, then using the knife, slashed my boxers off, so I was presenting my arse hole to him, my cock flapping around helplessly.

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I was gulping in mouthfuls of air, feeling the cum that was still present around my lips. My worst fear suddenly came true when; with one hand still on the small of my back, Oliver slid two of his fingers into my ass hole at once. I yelled at him to stop, but he took no notice.

As tears of pain started to form in my eyes, I told him that I'd suck him off again, as many times as he wanted, but he wasn't listening.

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He continued to thrust his fingers in and out of my arse, until he finally stopped. I breathed a sigh of relief as he left the room and went upstairs. However, he came back down a minute later holding a bottle of sun-tan lotion. He squirted some at my ass hole then to my horror, put his cock at the entrance to my arse.

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I started to whimper as I felt his pulsating cock head at my now loosened entrance. With a sudden jolt, Oliver pushed his dick in, causing me to howl out in pain.

It was unbearable. My arse allowed about 3 inches in then he stopped. It was the thickness of his cock which was hurting me.

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Suddenly he pulled out, giving me a strange feeling as air suddenly rushed up my ass. Without warning, Oliver pushed his cock back in, further than it was before, until his whole cock was enveloped in by warm arse. At this point, I was sobbing into the carpet, my face wet with cum and tears, my arse wet with blood and lotion. Every time I felt his cock go in as far as it could, I felt a little bit of cum ooze out of my erect cock. Oliver was laughing at this, saying I was obviously enjoying it.

Oliver started to thrust in and out, in and out, continually for the next 5 minutes, before I felt a rising tension in his ball sack as they continually slapped against me. Oliver let out a long, load groan; his finger nails digging into my sides, as he cock erupted for the second time that afternoon. I could feel his hot cum, even though it was only a small amount, painting my anal passage.

He let out a long exhalation slowly slipping out of me, with a 'plop'. He sat down, picked up his phone and started to take pictures of me curled up on the floor, crying, with cum on my face and leaking out my arse. He then picked up my phone, taking my number and putting it in his phone, telling me that whenever he text or called me, I was to go straight to him. I was to do whatever he wanted, whenever, wherever, or he'd tell my family, everyone else in my village and school, and post the photos he took of my on Facebook and every other imaginable site on the internet.

I stared up at him, but he just looked at me like I was dirt. He picked all my clothes and carried them upstairs. He came down with a bundle of his 11 year old sister's clothes, telling me they were the only clothes I was going to get and to get out of his house now.

If I wanted my school uniform back, I was going to have to turn up at his house early next morning. Dressed in tight purple knickers, a pink top which was several sizes too small, and a tiny green skirt, which may as well have been a belt, I ran across the road, to home.