Petite Blonde piped deep by BBC

Petite Blonde piped deep by BBC
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Sue is recently separated from her husband who offered little sensual pleasure, she met Chris sometime ago and a friendship grew into a realisation that they needed each other. Chris is over 10 years older than Sue and has been showing her the more sensual, arousal side of love making. Reading the erotic stories off the net has been a eye-opener for Sue, the realisation that others have similar desires was a comfort and an encouragement to her to be somewhat more daring.

'Jeeez' thinks Sue 'how come I'm doing this when we haven't even made love yet.'She's walking slightly ahead of Chris, they've walked for half a mile down the forestry track on this cloudless hot day. The walk would have been quite ordinary except for one thing! She's wearing trainers,a loose Victorian lace top that ties just below her small bust and lastly, and most importantly, the leather cuffs keeping her hands behind her back is the the only other thing she is wearing!

Chris playfully slaps her ass 'Come on we've a bit further to go yet!" The sting on Sues flesh reminds her of fantasy she asked Chris to act out. They take the next track to the right and then cut through some long grasses, each step causes the grasses caress her most sensitive parts.

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Being so vulnerably exposed for the last 20 minutes is exciting enough without the added attention of the grasses. They enter the clearing,which is about 40 feet square and has rudimentary fire fighting brushes and beaters leaning against a short hand rail. Sue takes in the surroundings and now wonders if offering to do what ever Chris likes as a thank you for introducing her to the sensual, erotic side of loving that had been missing from her life for so long was such a wise thing!

Her hardened nipples and feelings between her legs suggested it was!With out warning Chris ties a blindfold across her eyes. Her vulnerability is now complete, Sues breathing gets deeper and slower, her mind racing into thoughts of pleasure and arousal. 'I hope this is going to be as good as I expect?' she wondered.

The log in the middle of the clearing is still there, Chris looks at the new frame in the corner and takes Sue over to it, he's thinking of her laid face down the length of the beam, her head would be just over the end and the over end of the beam would support her pubic bone, her body would be at crutch height, how tempting it would be to stake her there like that. He runs his finger from the top of her bum crack downwards a few time as if it would help him make up his mind, it would be so risky setting her up like that as most of her naked body would be exposed to anyone walking down the two tracks that are only 40ft away, The density of the bushes would hide any passers-by until Sue was in clear view, the temptation is lurking very strongly, Chris turns Sue towards him, inspects her terribly gorgeous vulnerability ' it would be even riskier if Sue was on her back and her arms and legs tied to the frame.' Chris soon sees sense, realising it was far too risky.

It set him up ready for action, which was a pity as this isn't to be rushed, The lady needs to be constrained more discreetly so passers-by won't disrupt Sues exquisite pleasures.

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Chris lays Sue forwards over the travelling rug laid on the log, the sound of the mallet striking the stakes echo through the forest. Chris soon has her staked out spread eagled, Sue listens to his feet walking around her defenceless body as he spends time admiring her. Sues thinking of the different ways he can arouse her. Chris stands at her spread feet and looks at her sex, he notices the way the light forms highlights amongst her damp folds, pity he promised not to bring the camera, he thinks.

He carefully selects a strand of grass and droops the point of it on the back of her left calf, Sue twitches in surprise, and feels the tickle of the grass as it slides up the back of her knee, then back of her thigh to her buns where he spend a while tantalizing her bum crack, eventually sliding the grass down to the other calf. Sue then felt the blade of grass touch her sex, she shivers in anticipation.

Chris is pleased Sue had shaved herself completely there to allow him to be very, very gentle with the grass, Sue gyrates her hips.


A single sharp crack of a riding crop across her ass changes Sues sensations. "Ow! you sod." she exclaims with a smile. "Sue, you've broken our agreement, we agreed no ball gag as long as you didn't talk!" "But I didn't knoo." was cut short by the ball-gag holding her lips apart. Chris fondles her ass with one hand as he slips his middle finger up and down her bum crack occasional going that bit further to start entering her sex just enough for Sue to feel just the finger tip enter her.

When Sue starts squirming in time with his finger end entering her, he gently slides in up to the knuckle, he then times his movements with Sues' gyrations. Soon Sue's mewing behind the ball gag, so Chris stops, there is a disappointed "Huh,mmmmmmm" from Sue.

"I don't know about you Sue but I'm in no rush." Chris replies. He notices how the top is sticking to her body, then smells his middle finger, and likes the musty smell."Right Sue, I'm going to take out the ball gag for a short while, remember! no talking."She nods in agreement. Chris takes out the gag, and kneels in front of Sues blindfolded face. Her hair is stuck in the sweat so he wipes Sue's face dry.

He holds her chin and says "Open your mouth." Sue does what was asked and Chris put his middle finger in her mouth, Sue smiles and closes her lips around that erotically pungent finger. Chris slides his finger in and out between her lips as if he was playing with her elsewhere.

Sue smiles around his finger. He is feeling relay uncomfortable in his pants now! After removing his finger he quickly replaces the gag. "Hum,ffff" was all Sue could say. Chris stands up and inspected the half naked excited form stretched out in front of him. He smiles as another devilish idea springs to mind. He stands legs either side of Sue's hips and very, very softly places his finger tips on the sides of her hips and slooowly runs his fingers up the side of her waist to her cotton top, his fingers meet at her spine and make their way down to her ass.

Sue feels that there is only one hand there now, his first two fingers are about 2 inches apart and making their way over her bum cheeks, either side of her ass crack.


She feels the fingers reach the gap between her legs, and involuntarily shudders. Chris notices the twitch as she tensions up again, his fingers continue their journey between her legs and so slowly reach the other side, it's so nice to do this when there's no hair to get in the way, he thinks to himself. The next feeling Sue has is of Chris's fingers gradually closing towards each other,she thinks they will meet on her clit, she starts making noises behind the gag that obviously weren't words, Chris plays with her there and Sue mirrors the movement but at a speed that intensifies the touch.

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Chris bridges that wonderful gap with the fingers of the other hand and plays with her lips sometimes parting them gently with a couple of fingers deep inside her, his other hand still tantalizing her clit, the fingers deep inside are then removed and a finger and thumb is used to grip the lips firmly but gently roll them together.

The Humfffffffing from the other end is getting louder and louder, she's pulling on the ropes and arching her back, sweat in that strong sunlight glistens like honey all over her aroused body.

Suddenly Chris stops entertaining Sue and steps away, she goes limp for a short time. The new words trapped by the gag couldn't be made out but they were definitely not happy ones Although still blindfolded she faces him.

Chris stands against her face and pulls the bows of her shoulder straps, soon followed by the buttons down the back of her top, which falls away exposing the last part of her body.

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He lightly grips her waist and slides his hands up to her arms lightly skimming the sides of her freshly naked breasts, His hands go back to her breasts and gently explore just the sides but ending with his finger tips barely touching her nipples. He thinks Sues aroused enough now, and ready for the next part, reluctantly he stops caressing her. "Right Sweetheart, time to take the gag off, remember no talking or I'll have to punish you," Chris says. " and I'm sure I could think of something very frustrating for you." He removes the gag and kisses Sue passionately.

"Love you my Sweetheart," Sue smiles and before she could reply he put his finger to her lips "no,no, my love, I'd hate to frustrate you much more than I have to." Sue smiled back. He stands up and looks at what he has before him, Sue, naked except for the blindfold,her skin shows the red flush of excitement and a glistening of sweat, she's laid face down across a tree trunk a stake for each limb keeps her tightly spread-eagled.

Which ever part of her body that one would like to enter is easily available for the taking. "Sweetheart, I'm off back to the car," she frantically shakes her head, she knows better than to talk, " I'll be 20 to 30 minutes, it maybe better if you kept quiet" He smacks her ass cheeks a couple of times, and resumes playing with her between her legs,nearly doing enough to make her climax, and holds her there for a while, and without saying anything walks away.  The darkness of the blindfold and the sensual state Chris has left Sue has spoilt her sense of time, has she been left for 5 minutes?

15? 30? has he sprained his ankle and can't get back, has it only been 5 minutes so she could be left like this for 5 times longer,Are the forestry men about? all these thoughts are scaring her but also strangely exciting as well, the feeling of helplessness and being at the mercy of the next person in the clearing, whether it's Chris or not,gives her a tingling feeling in her crutch.

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But a chill runs down her body as she hears the sound of rustling as someone enters the clearing. Is it Chris? the foot steps are getting closer, there is no other sound, is it one person?

is it two? or more? Screaming will do no good, if it's someone else they could soon quieten her, would be not good to anger them, if it's Chris there is no need.

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She knows that whoever is there will soon be with her. Sue puts her head down to to hide her face. The footsteps stop in front of her head, she hears him kneel in front of her, Sue's expecting the sound of a zip, but a hand grabs a knot of hair and lifts her head so the person can see who's at their mercy.

The other hand grabs her breasts with no feeling, as if the person doing it did it because they could and not for pleasure. After a final hard squeezing of her breasts her tormentor stands up. Sue hears more rustling and the zip on the sports bag open. She's aware of someone kneel much closer this time, Shit she thinks I know what's coming now, the sound of the fly zip is unmistakable, she hears clothing being openedA fist of hair was grabbed at the back of her head and her face pulled back.

She knows what the damp warm thing that was rubbed sideways across her lips was and what the person wanted to do with it, adrenaline was still pumping through her from the first session so it was not difficult to think that if it is Chris she wants him in her mouth, and if it isn't she ought to do a good job to gain time for Chris to come back and save her.

As soon as she parted her teeth her mouth was filled, it slowly pumped in and out of her mouth, gradually gaining speed and size, Sue applies a bit of pressure on the shaft which almost instantaneously grew some more, a hand gropes her breasts and finds her nipples hard. The feel of her breasts released the pressure and Sue's mouth was filled with the salty,sticky liquid. The thrusting carries on until the a mixture of saliva and cum was forced from her mouth. He pulls himself from her, the ball of the gag is put in her mouth and the band fitted around her head.

Sue is pleased it was over so fast and he seems so easily pleased whoever he is. She lays there feeling very hot now with the direct sunlight and embarrassed as he groped and inspected her spread eagled naked body for sometime, the feel of the hand although insensitive was nearly pleasant 'Good,' she thinks 'if he's happy to grope me a bit,I can live with that.' Sue relaxed, but then a hand cups her mound with his hand and rubs it sensually, she starts feeling new sensations as the pressure gets more and more.

The hand changes position it gripped her pubic bone, the fingers on the outside and the thumb inside finding her g-spot, the other hand is used to pleasure the rest of the area, Sue gently moans, as the tempo kicks in she starts getting loader and loader, she starts breathing faster and faster, noises and distorted words are shouted in that muffled way climaxing women do.Sue tenses up and and her legs quiver violently.the quietness of the forest is disturbed by the sounds of "Ohhhhh, Fthh, Fthh, Oh Fthh, Fthh Fthh.

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"Sue breathing deep and fast relaxes and shudders spasmodicly. The hand stops exciting her, as the man stands. She is being watched admiringly.

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He prowls around her enjoying the image of Sue before him, he turns from her and disappears into the forest. To be continued. Not sure about which way to take this, interested with your thoughts.