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Cuban princess angelina castro fucks amp sucks sara jays man
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While Jimmy laid there feeling sorry for himself, he heard a commotion outside of his hut. A few minutes later the young monkey came racing into the door and huddled behind the boy. Jimmy was scared, as he thought that another animal, or perhaps worse yet, the boys had found them. A few seconds his older friend came poking through the door, looking angry and threatening.

Jimmy got scared, thinking that his friend was angry with him for trying to fuck the youngster. It soon became obvious, however, that his friend was angry with the little guy for running away and not offering his ass as he should have done. After a little more arguing and threatening from the older, the younger came around in the open and lowering himself, presented his buttocks to the older.

The older monkey climbed up on top of the younger's back and thrust himself against the little monkey's ass a few times, but there was no penetration. When the older monkey dismounted and growled at the younger, the little monkey turned to Jimmy and lowering himself into the same position, offered him his buttocks as well. Jimmy imitated his friend and mounted the younger monkey, thrusting himself up against him a few times.

It was difficult to do as Jimmy's erection was rock hard by this time. Jimmy dismounted and pulled the little monkey into his arms and began stroking him. When he lowered his lips, the little monkey wrapped his arms up around Jimmy's neck and eagerly returned the boy's kisses.

The older monkey grunted and then disappeared back out through the opening. Jimmy laughed to himself. His friend was standing guard outside of the hut, perhaps thinking that the younger would try to run away when threatened with being fucked. The younger monkey was well aware now that the older was outside of the hut, and so he decided that he had to make the best of the situation inside.

When Jimmy moved the monkey from his lap, the youngster dived onto his cock and began sucking it. Jimmy laughed as he pulled the little monkey from his cock. The little monkey probably thought that if he sucked the boy off, he would not get fucked. Little did the monkey know that Jimmy had changed his game plan.

He was going to let the little monkey fuck him first. Jimmy realized that the little monkey had probably never fucked before, so he would have to be shown how to do it. That presented a few problems, however, Jimmy realized that he could best demonstrate by fucking himself on the youngster's cock.

Laying the little monkey on his back, Jimmy spread his legs and began sucking his cock. A few minutes later and the youngster had a raging hard on. Jimmy decided that it would be fairly easy now to accomplish his goal. Straddling himself over the monkey's body, he reached under and took hold of the little penis. He lowered himself until he felt the monkey's cock up against his hole.

After a few tries the penis would not go in, and so Jimmy spit into his hand and rubbed it onto his hole and onto the monkey's cock. Trying once again, the monkey's cock slipped easily into the boy's rectum, and Jimmy swallowed the monkey's cock whole. It took no effort to plant himself firmly on the small tool, and once there Jimmy squeezed his buttocks together a few times to heighten the monkey's pleasure.

The little monkey laid wide eyes under the boy, his body shuddering. Jimmy began to move himself up and down on the monkey's small shaft, each time he lowered himself, resting his buttocks against the monkey's groin. After a few minutes it was obvious that the monkey had understood, as he began to thrust back in response. Jimmy got off of him, and lying on his back, he pulled his legs up into the air, exposing his anus for the youngster to see.

The little monkey looked at the offering lustfully, and with erection in hand, moved towards the boy. After a few false starts, where the monkey slipped out of the boy's anus, he found himself planted firmly inside, and he began to fuck the boy with hard and rapid thrusts.

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Almost as soon as it started, it was over. The little monkey tensed up, pushed his little cock in as far as it would go, and came. Jimmy could feel the little penis pulsating, and with the shuddering of the monkey's body, he knew that it was a good orgasm for him. Jimmy squeezed his anal muscles against the monkey's cock, each time feeling the animal shudder, until finally he felt the tiny organ deflate and slip out of his hole.

Jimmy noticed that even though the youngster had a small cock, his asshole as a little sore when he pulled out. Jimmy explained that as the youngster's inexperienced and impassioned fucking. Jimmy was happy now that his fuck was over. From the look on the young monkey's face, it was obvious that he knew what was coming next.

Jimmy smiled seductively at the younger monkey, and then reached over and rolled him onto his stomach. It was time. Jimmy lowered his head and gave the monkey a through ass licking, making sure that plenty of spit was left over in and around the young animal's cock. As he did before when he tried to fuck the young animal, Jimmy positioned his cock so that it entered the youngster's mouth, and after a few minutes of sucking, he pulled out and repositioned himself so that he was at the entrance of the monkey's ass.

Slowly, but surely, Jimmy began to apply pressure. He felt his dick begin to move against the monkey's ass, and he knew that in a matter of moments he would be inside, or at least as far as he could go.

The monkey wiggled around a bit with discomfort as the boy's larger penis tried to penetrate his smaller hole. After a few more minutes of downward pressure Jimmy felt the head of his dick slide into the monkey's ass.

Jimmy held tightly onto the youngster, not wanting to loose him again at the moment of penetration. Although the youngster whimpered under him, he did not try to pull away.

It seemed as if he decided that fair was fair, one fuck for another. Jimmy began to slide down into the monkey's rectum, hardly able to believe the level of tightness and warmth that he was feeling.

Jimmy didn;t ever remember being inside something so tight, however, he realized that his memories were limited. Finally Jimmy felt as if he were entirely inside and reached down to feel around the monkey's ass. He was surprised to find that he was only about halfway there.

With one huge effort, he grabbed tightly onto the monkey and thrust himself deeply inside. The monkey jumped and yelped at the same time, however, he laid there taking all that the boy had to offer. Jimmy felt himself slide in the final few inches, and was in heaven. He knew that if he moved at that point, or if he even breathed, he could cum right then and there. He laid on top of the monkey's body motionless, which the young monkey was grateful for, as it gave him a chance to get use to the giant invader.

Jimmy finally felt assured that he would cum at once anymore, and so he began to withdraw his penis. The monkey looked around hopefully, thinking that the boy might have already cum, but his luck was not so good, for just as Jimmy was almost all the way out of the youngster's ass, he thrust again deeply inside. Jimmy continued this for several moments until the monkey's ass began to stretch and become able to accommodate the large intruder.

Once Jimmy felt the monkey's ass begin to loosen up, he knew that it was time, and so he began to thrust away with a little more speed and force. He was enjoying this fuck immensely, and he wanted it to continue for as long as possible. Just when things began to feel a little too good, Jimmy changed positions, pulling the monkey up to a squatting position, and fucking him much like he would be fucked by another monkey. The two continued their fuck in this position for a little while, until Jimmy was ready to change and he rolled the monkey onto his back.

Raising the youngster's legs into the air, he thrust his penis into the little ass and began to buck away. This position seemed the most uncomfortable for the animal, and so Jimmy changed quickly, grabbing the monkey up in his arms, and getting onto his knees. Supporting the monkey at neck and buttocks, Jimmy pushed his cock into him as he had seen the older boy do on the beach.

This position seemed more comfortable for both, and so Jimmy used this for quite some time, alternating back and forth between thrusting and standing still and moving the youngster's body back and forth over his cock. Eventually Jimmy was tiring and knew that he could not last any longer. He had one more position to try, and he wanted this to be the one that he came in. Lying down on his back, he raised the monkey up and positioned him down over his cock.

Carefully he guided the youngster down so that his cock head speared the now tender behind of the little monkey. Jimmy guided the youngster up and down a few times, and then released him to see if he got the idea.

Eventually, after a few more demonstrations, the young monkey began to understand, and he began to slowly fuck himself up and down on the boy's cock. Jimmy reached up and began masturbating the youngster, and this caused him to thrust himself up and down faster, and thus caused Jimmy to approach climax even faster.

Within a few seconds of each other, the pair reached their climax and shuddered for moments afterwards in orgasm. Totally spent they rested in each other's arms. Throughout the night, until they could finally not stay awake any longer, they alternated back and forth fucking each other, each one taking his time with different positions. By morning, when the pair awoke, their asses were extremely sore.

Jimmy had woke with an urge to fuck his little friend again, but when he felt the soreness in his own ass, he realized that the monkey's ass must feel much like his, and so he forgot about fucking. After a quick breakfast of fruit, Jimmy took the young monkey into his arms and headed off towards his favorite stream and pool to bathe.

He decided that he was going to introduce the youngster to the pleasures of taking a bath.


He figured that the cool water might also help calm the burning sensation in his tender ass hole. When they reached the pool, both froze silently, listening to sounds coming from beyond the bushes. Jimmy stuck his head through just enough to see, and what he saw alarmed him. In his pond were three small boys from the beach.

As the raised and lowered themselves into the water, Jimmy realized that they were not the older boys, they were the little ones. None of the three boys looked older than seven or eight, as a matter of fact, he decided that they were just barely past the toddler stages. Jimmy did not want to expose himself, however, he wanted badly to go into the water and play with these children.

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It would be his first real contact with other human beings in a long time, how long he was not certain. Jimmy decided to play it safe, figuring that where there were little boys, there would be older ones not far behind. Pulling back through the bushes, he quickly headed back for his hut, hoping that none of the boys would discover its secret entrance.

Jimmy decided that it would be safer to stay inside until he was sure that the coast was clear. That signal would probably be delivered by his older friend coming to visit. Jimmy decided that he would pass the time sex playing with his new little friend, and so he pulled the youngster into his arms and wrapped him in a sixty-nine.

Boy and animal leisurely sucked each other's dicks, pausing and playing, neither in a hurry to climax. Some fifteen minutes later they finally shared their orgasms, deeply planted in each other's mouths. About noon, Jimmy was startled by a sound coming through the bushes. At first he was alarmed, because the sound was louder and more careless than he had heard it before. He relaxed, however, when his friend's head appeared through the narrow opening.

Jimmy's mouth hung open in surprise, however, when being drug behind the older monkey, Jimmy saw a young boy, a human boy. The boy was crying when he came into the room, but suddenly stopped when he saw the naked white boy. He couldn't believe his eyes for a moment. The boy seemed confused as he looked the strange white boy over. The little boy's eyes rested on Jimmy's penis and his confusion was clear. Jimmy was circumcised, the only one in the hut to be so cut.

The boy had never seen a white boy before, let alone one with no skin over his penis. The little boy was so shocked, he stopped his crying, and just stood staring at Jimmy. Jimmy got a good chance to look the little boy over.

He didn't look to be much older than five, however, he couldn't be certain. He figured that the boy could be anywhere between five and seven. The boy had a chocolate-brown body, with Caucasian features. He had straight black hair, which hung fairly long down over his neck. He had large brown eyes, and full dark lips. The boy's skin looked baby smooth, and on his chest Jimmy could see two small dots, surrounded with a slightly darker circle, representing the child's breasts. The boy had an inward-type belly button, and his pubes were small and hairless.

Hanging halfway down the pubes was a small uncut penis, complete with a tiny sack which looked to be empty. The boy had long smooth legs, and feet quite big considering his size. Not able to resist, Jimmy reached out and turned the stunned boy around so that he could check out the rest of him. The skin looked as smooth and dark as on his front, and Jimmy noticed a small compact butt on the child.

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The child certainly passed Jimmy's inspection. When the child was turned around once more, his eyes widened as he saw Jimmy's erection sticking up from his groin. The boy backed away a bit, knowing what a bigger boy with an erection meant. Jimmy smiled at the boy and began to talk to him with soft and gentle tones.


It became apparent after a few moments that the boy did not speak English. As the boy began to feel more comfortable, he began to babble in a language which Jimmy had never heard.

Jimmy decided that either the boy was lost and had been found by his friend, or that his friend had went out looking and had kidnapped the little boy for him.

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Either idea was possible, and Jimmy began to wonder. When he looked to his friend, he was met with a smile and saw the friend's hard on plainly. Glancing in the direction of the younger monkey, it was obvious that he shared in everyone's assessment, as he to was standing tall.

The little brown boy looked scared as he looked around and saw everyone in the hut, human and animal, staring at him with erections. The little boy visibly swallowed. He knew what he was in for, and he wasn't sure how he should deal with it.

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Jimmy decided that it was time to see what treasures the little boy possessed. He gently pulled the little boy over to him and guided him as he sat him down. Jimmy pulled on the boy's shoulders and laid his head down onto his lap. Slowly he began to rub and caress the little boy's upper body. The boy had skin of silk, which did nothing to lessen Jimmy's erection which was poking the small boy in his back. Jimmy reached down and cupped the boy's penis and testicles.

It was a soft little velvet tube and bag. Jimmy felt around in the boy's scrotum and when rubbing the skin together, felt two pea size testicles inside.

After a minute or so of rubbing the boy's cock between his fingers, the boy popped an erection to make it unanimous. Jimmy lovingly ran his fingers up and down the length of the little boy's penis. He was pleased to see that the boy was larger than he expected. His penis was about the size of his baby finger, both in length and width.

- End of chapter 8