Mein Freund moslemisches Mädchen Brüste Presse lipock

Mein Freund moslemisches Mädchen Brüste Presse lipock
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Teasing Wars This story is based on true events I observed. I only had to change names and a few details. I've waited years to tell this. I've watched my youngest daughter, Tina, grow up and she was a born prick teaser.

She was pure sexy, and she like to tease me sexually. I always resisted and never touched her&hellip.but it wasn't easy. She used me,… to practice turning a man on. &hellip.I watched Tina and my fake son-in-law lust for each other. I just made mental notes and vowed someday this story had to be told. &hellip.Finally I sat them both down to get all the hidden details from them. I told them not to hold 'anything' back, this would all be top secret between us. Tell me like your writing a story, "Dad!, we can't&hellip.a…" &hellip.Blake said: "Yes we can Tina.

Dad is cool and it is a great story. I'm telling him everything. They both grinned, looked at each other and agreed. &hellip.Tina started telling me her point of view first, like telling a story.

She turned out to be quite a good story teller&hellip. &hellip.My sister Melony's, so called 'husband', Blake here, is now squatting at my feet and holding my ankles down. I was on my back on my bed. I had my arms raised, hands behind my head. (to push up my tits.) I had on a low cut blouse (showing plenty of cleavage) and red full skirt down past my knees.

I had on a red bra and no panties. I gave him that look like&hellip.'what are you going to do now?' 'Blake the Flake', as I teasingly called him, had on his tight jeans with his big boner bulging under them. I could feel it with my feet. We were a little out of breath after he chased me up here to my bedroom. There was nobody home that afternoon. ……I can't say who started it, but we were attracted to each other from when we first met.

I was 14 then, long blond hair and already had some pretty nice tits and ass. The sexual teasing began slowly. I wanted his attention and he wanted mine. &hellip.I liked my sister, but Blake was getting to me.

All is fair in love and war, soon came to my mind. I had found out they weren't married at all. They went to Vegas and came back with a fake paper saying they were.

This was to keep family's happy. &hellip.He had all the things I liked in a man. Let things stay as they were&hellip.but I wanted to have an affair with him…bad. My sister told me how hot he was in bed, over and over.

This just put fuel on my fire for him. He knew nothing of my sex life, which was a big fat 'Zero'…nothing.

&hellip.My mom ran off every guy who came after me. My sex life was one guy kissing me and feeling me up behind the school.

I had got out of school 45 minutes early and we snuck behind the school to be together. I got caught. My mom saw us. I heard the wrath of god for three weeks over that. My dad was so cool, and smiled at me behind mom's back. &hellip.Now I smiled and looked right in Blake's sexy eyes. He smiled back and began to lean forward. He moved his hands slowly up beside me. Closer and closer his lips were headed for mine. It might be our first kiss and my body had the jitters all over.

He took a good look at my tits. I took my arms down and covered my tits, as was my usual way of teasing him. I loved to tease and taunt him. I knew he wanted to have sex with me bad&hellip.but…on the other hand&hellip.I wanted to have sex with him.

I was determined he would break down first, and make a sexual move on me. Was he finally going to make a move on me? &hellip.He liked to tease me too. He slowly lowered his body onto mine, his lips were now just an inch from mine. He whispered: ("…Tina, your a little prick teaser&hellip.but then …I'm a pussy teaser. One of these days, you will break down and attack me. I have all the pussy I want at home.

You don't seem to be doing so good, which means you'll break first. 'When'…that happens, I'm going to fuck you so good, you'll never forget it.") I whispered back: ("Oh really&'ll break first and 'when' that happens, I'll be the best fuck you've ever had.") He smiled.

Now the hardcore teasing game was on full force. &hellip.I reached up and held his face. I almost kissed him&hellip.but instead said: "No no, Blake, mustn't kiss me." He put his hands on my face and stuck out his tongue, almost touching my lips.

He said: "If you want my tongue, you'll have to reach for it, Tina." &hellip.I wanted to feel his tongue in my mouth so bad and kiss him with hot passion.

He moved down like he was licking my tits. I got tingles in my nipples. I still held his face. I rolled him over on his back, I leaned up and took one of my hands and held it about 2 inches above his huge boner, like I was rubbing it.

His hand did the same over my pussy and tits. Leaving about an inch air space we played the 'almost touching' game. Now I had mega tingles in my pussy and he wasn't even touching me. His boner bulged really big now.

&hellip.Next he moved down and started kissing an inch above my skirt, right where my pussy was. He was making me wet with this and he knew it.

I teased back. I slowly raised my skirt. I had no panties on, exposing my pussy. He kept kissing one inch above it. He was now kissing the air one inch above the pubic hair on my pussy.

The tingles in my pussy were massive! ---------------- Blake remembered that day&hellip. &hellip.I could feel the heat on my face as she exposed her pussy right in front of my mouth.

Damn&hellip.this was tough not to take a big lick of her pussy I wanted so bad.


I could smell her sex and the heat from her pussy. That sexy smile of hers was taunting me to the max. She wanted me to make the move to fuck her and we both knew it.

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I had to counter her with something to make her move on me, but what? I decided to get up on my knees, between her knees. I started unzipping my pants. I watched her eyes get wide. I took out my hard cock and started stroking it. Now she was squirming. She didn't know if I was going to fuck her or not. I put my boner two inches above her pussy and stroked it. She put her hand on her pussy and started fingering it.

&hellip.Who would break first and stuff my boner in her pussy. She pulled her knees up and opened her legs and pussy wide. She just smiled at me. I looked at her sweet pussy all wet and ready to fuck. She squirmed and moaned and scooted her pussy a little closer to my boner… &hellip.We heard the noise of someone coming in the front door down stairs. I jumped up and put my dick away as she pulled her skirt down. I quick grabbed the controllers for her game box, and gave her one.

We sat calming ourselves and pretending to play a game. My heart was pounding and so was hers. Tina remembered that afternoon&hellip. &hellip.I got so horny and wet from him teasing me. When is he going to just fuck me? He has to take the first move sooner or later. I've had many dreams and fantasy's about him just letting his passion for me, overwhelm him. I picture him tearing my clothes off, holding me tight, parting my legs and fucking me with all his lust for me&hellip.

&hellip.We heard the downstairs front door close. Who ever it was, left. It must have been my brother picking up his mail. Blake turned to me and 'air' kissed my face. I was already so hot for him, I just closed my eyes and hoped he would kiss me for real.

I could feel the heat from his face, so damn close to my lips. Go for it Blake…go for it, I wished. He started to whisper in my ear. ("…you want me to kiss you, don't you Tina. You'll have to lean forward and get it, girl.

You want to feel my warm kisses and tongue passionately in your mouth. I'm all yours, just for the taking Tina. .Lean girl, lean and get what you want.") he said. I countered: ("…put your lips to mine Blake, take what you want. It's right here and now for you. Feel my warm tits in your hands. Play with my nipples and suck on them. They're right in front of you. They're all yours, just reach out and take them, kiss them, feel them and then just lay me down and keep going…") I opened my eyes…his eyes were right in front of mine, smiling big.

……We both began to giggle. He said: "Damn&hellip. your good Tina, but you'll break and pull me down on top of you. Then you'll get what you've been wanting so bad.

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" Tina eyes and mine remained locked on each other, just inches apart. I began to fantasize about the day when Tina would break… &hellip.It would be so easy to kiss her wet lips and feel her passion for me released. The day will come when I get her naked and fuck her all night long&hellip.I bet she fucks so good, we both may go crazy when it happens. Looking down at her great tits is making my mouth water. I can just taste them&hellip.come on girl&hellip.just take that step and reach out and grab me and get what I know…you want so bad…go for it girl!.

Tina remembers the trembling inside her body as they sat with lips almost touching&hellip. How much more could I take of this&hellip. I accidentally dropped my game controller on the floor&hellip.

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Blake jumped slightly and when he did, our lips touched! &hellip.Our eyes went wide open. Our fingers both started pointing at the other one. "You BROKE!…we both said." "No way!" I said, "You just had to kiss me Blake, admit it.

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You just cheated on your wife. Your guilty and I'm innocent." He said: "Nice try 'Teaser Tina', but you're the one who dropped the controller, using that as a excuse to kiss ME girl!" We continued to say who had broke first…… but did that quick kiss mean the teasing was now into touching?

He started to feel my tits. I grabbed his hand and pulled it to my tits and held it there. I said: "See, your attacking me, you wife cheater." He said he would tell my sister: "Honey, Tina snapped, and just couldn't keep her hands off me.

I tried to 'fight' her off, but I didn't want to hurt your poor little sisters feelings."… I said I'd tell my sister: "Sis, he made a big sex move on me, lusting after me. I wasn't doing a thing to him. Don't give him any pussy for a long time to punish him." We stopped talking and finally,… we kissed.

Finally I felt his warm lips I wanted. Our tongues slowly slipped in. I felt wonderful quivers in my pussy. Our arms went around us as time stopped& let us enjoy this euphoric moment. &hellip.He whispered: ("We just have a few minutes before your parents come home. We have to make this quick. We quick stood up. I unzipped his jeans and reached in and felt his big boner. He had my skirt up in seconds and his hand felt my wet pussy&hellip.

&hellip.I felt faint with all the joy from his fingers going up and down my slit. He had no underpants on as I stroked his warm boner.

We both managed to pull back as the minutes raced by in seconds. My hands were shaking so bad, I had to lean on him a little. I wanted to keep him hidden in my bedroom forever. He held me close. I could feel his heart beating fast. He said: "Quick…go get in my car. I'm hiring you as our new live in maid! & get!" I smiled and nodded my dizzy head as I looked in his smiling eyes. I had a job now and him too& thinking was fuzzy as I grabbed a hand full of tissues and ran out to his car.

I had to stuff some tissues between my legs. My pussy was dripping wet. ------------------ &hellip.My sister was delighted with having me as a 'live in maid'. I told my parents and they too, were happy…well…my dad was sad that I was leaving. That night we all went and got all my stuff. My sister worked the night shift and left at 10:30 pm. Now it was just him and I in the house&hellip. alone. ------------------- &hellip.Our teasing continued, only now it included 'touching'.

We had advanced to some kissing and feeling but we continued to tease and taunt each other. I put on a shear house dress with nothing on under it. I made sure my nipples showed real good. He wore jogging pants with a T shirt. The pants showed his package at all times, which I delighted in seeing&hellip. Blake remember the move… &hellip.Tina was so hot looking, and now I could fondle her when Melony was not there.

Playing with Tina's fine body was great…but…having sex with her…that was a different thing.

I was quiet happy with her sister, but now having an extra sexual plaything around the house was perfect. My sex with Melony had already picked way up as I thought of Tina while fucking Melony. She was delighted in the good sex we were having&hellip.of course not knowing I was fantasizing I was fucking hot Tina. &hellip.That night was the first time Tina and I would be alone, and the fun began. She was my new toy to play with.

She had dressed real sexy and I wanted to get my hands on her body and get us hot. I had plans and ideas that would make her orgasm over and over. She too knew how to make me hot and started in on me.

&hellip.I walked in her bedroom to see how she was getting settled in. That dress&hellip.instant boner for me, it was sexy and she knew it. She said: "Get out of my bedroom pervert, I going to get naked right now and get ready to take a shower." I slowly walked around her checking our her hot body. This was the best view I had seen of her and she had all the right stuff for a hot girl. She smiled and said: "Undress me, and put my robe on me&hellip.please." Oh my, this was going to be fun.

&hellip.I proceeded to slowly lift off her house dress while kissing her neck. I heard her gasp as I ran my hands over her hot body. Up and off went her dress. I for the first time had her naked and I felt her all over. Her hands felt me and we started kissing our necks and faces. We were both breathing heavy and enjoying what we both had fantasized about for a very long time. Her hand went in my pants to fondle my boner.

She whispered: ("…get your filthy hands off me, sicko&hellip.I'm a maid, not your personal sex toy…I hate this job.") I ran my fingers down her bush and in her pussy.

I said: ( ".I hate having you here, I should have never hired you…your so ugly and with a dumpy body…I'll be firing you soon.") &hellip.I lowered her onto the bed and kissed my way down to her wonderful tits. She held her tits up to me to suck on. She said: ("…don't suck on my tits, you know I hate it.") I said: ("…your right, they are so tiny, they're no fun.

What else do you have…hmmmm.") I kissed my way down her tummy to the pussy I had dreamed of licking. She twitched with the sensations. I lifted her legs up and the knee and opened them wide. I loved to hear her moan. &hellip.She ran her fingers thru my hair as I, for the first time, licked her warm pussy. When I licked her clit, she jumped and moaned so hot. In went my fingers. I was going to make her cum so good with my tongue and fingers. She began to squirm and moan and pulled my hair.

She moved her pussy up and down as I tongued her sweet clit. She was building up to cum as her moaning increased. She wrapped her legs around me and pushed her pussy up and held it…and just shook with a big moan.

Her body trembled as she banged her pussy into my face. I almost shot cum in my pants, it was so hot. She moaned a long awaited climax. She twitched an moaned for a long time. I continued to lick her clit, just to feel her jump with each lick……she lay there jerking and twitching in her own little world&hellip.


&hellip.After a while, I managed to get her weak body to stand up and I put her robe on her. She held on to me as I walked her to the shower. I took off her robe, leaned her against the shower wall and turned on the cold water. I ran out of the bathroom. I heard her yelp and giggle. "Pervert!" she yelled out. ----------------------- Tina remembered&hellip.

&hellip.That was heaven for me. He knew how to get me hot and did he ever. I climax big when he does all those thing to my pussy. It gives me hot tingles just thinking about that night. &hellip.Now to make him cum, and cum big. I had to wait until he was good and horny first.

He and Melony fucked their brains out the next morning, I could hear them. Hearing my sister moan like that, was just driving me crazy&hellip. That should have been 'me', having hot sex with him! (* Tina and I were always close. I didn't show it, but I was still shocked that Tina would tell all this in front of me, her dad.

She seemed to love telling it, and of course now… Blake and her were&hellip.I'll talk about that later&hellip.) Tina&hellip. &hellip.Blake and I both waited for the right time to finally have long awaited hot sex. It happened. Melony went work and we were alone. I went in the kitchen in my panties and bra. I grabbed Blake's dick and then ran in my room.

In he came fast! "You little prick teaser, now your really going to get it!" I giggled and said: "Get what?…keep away from me you lusty pervert. I'm saving myself for a real man." He got this evil smile and slowly came towards me. I got real hot flashes as I gasp for breath. &hellip.The chase was on! &hellip.I jumped on my bed and then out the door I went.

I had thought about this moment for years. I got on Melony's side of their bed. I wanted to fuck him right where she did. Blake came in and shut the door. He smiled like "now I gotcha". I smiled back and squirmed my hips.

He slowly got in bed beside me as we faced each other. We now had hours of just us, to do as we pleased. &hellip.We started with our hands. Feeling each other hands, arms and just kept going. The pounding hearts and heavy breathing was on. We inched closer. Down went my bra straps.

I inched down his jogging pants. I felt the freeing up of my tits from my bra, as he unhooked it, and tossed it away. .I kick down and off, his jogging pants. He gently pealed off my panties, and off they went. To lay there naked with him was excitement I had only dreamed about. Our hands explored every part of our bodies. His fingers played with my slit so gently…at first.

I held his erection and felt every inch of it. Our only thoughts were about us, and nothing else. Like in slow motion I rolled on my back and my legs went wide open. I held his warm dick and guided it to my waiting pussy. The tension was peaking and we both felt the rush to get to fucking. I whispered: ("&hellip.pervert.") He whispered: ("…little bitch") &hellip.Then…all hell broke loose.

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We both wanted to fuck so bad we got aggressive. I started jerking his boner as he squeezed my tits hard. .My legs went crazy bucking and lifting my pussy up high to meet his cock. We both grabbed his cock and started shoving it in my wet pussy. From somewhere, a growl came out of me and my body began to squirm as I felt that cock slide deep in me. He grabbed to hand fulls of my hair and rock back and forth on my tits. His cock just kept going deeper and deeper in me. My hands grabbed his butt cheeks and I wanted to bite his hot tongue in my mouth.

My pussy was alive with feeling. We started speed fucking. Our bodies slapped loud together&hellip.faster…Faster!


I started a climax that was going to make me scream&hellip.I started screaming in his mouth. I though I was losing my mind as he began to moan loud, louder and loudest! My pussy locked around his cock as I started climaxing.

I felt the first blast of hot cum in me, it continued shooting and shooting hard in me. I drove my pussy hard into his shooting cock and screamed as I felt the climax take me so high&hellip.I lost it and my breath too.

We gowned like we'd been hit with an electric shock. I held him so tight my arms trembled as my hips did the fucking.

More…more my body wanted. Everything was wet and slick around my pussy. Oh my god, I had never felt anything like this …ever. &hellip.My pussy squeezed his cock by itself, over and over.

We slowly sank into each other and trembled. We thought we heard music and smelled flowers somehow. I was not…letting him go. I moved my pussy around and around on his cock. I wanted every last drop of the pleasure he was giving me&hellip.and I was getting it. ----------------- &hellip.I sat out of breath and looked at my dad. He didn't have to say a word.

He was happy for me. Blake sat there rubbing my leg and smiling. We were living together now, and I knew he wanted to hurry and go home&hellip.and so did I!&hellip. ----------------- --------------- &hellip.I watched as Blake drove off with my daughter. I grumbled to myself&hellip.

……&hellip.'That lucky bastard.'……