I see the way you stare at my sexy little feet

I see the way you stare at my sexy little feet
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This is my story, please give credit where credit is due. Thank you and enjoy.I am thinking about writing more. Johncrinshaw1 October 19, 1861 Wilmington, North Carolina Planter James Hopkins Plantation Laying on her back on the workbench with her arms stretched over her head is Hannah. Surrounded by three others, her hair is tangled and matted and she is drenched in sweat.

The tears streaming down her face leave salty trails out the side of her eyes; she has a permanent grimace showing her stark white teeth. Her plump mother Adena, the head of my kitchen staff, is standing at the end of the table by Hannah's head and has a tight grip, holding Hannah's wrists down over her head.

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Saysa, who usually works the cane field, is on Hannah's left side, his arms wrapped around and gripping her left leg in a vice like grip, hugging it to his body, to hold it stretched up and open.

My eyes flash with anger as I look upon Big Ray my blacksmith, who is standing between Hannah's legs with his large cock at full attention and shiny slick with Hannah's juices. Ray is one of my biggest slaves and I purposefully bought him at auction for this feature. Big Ray is forcefully ramming into Hannah's pink folds, rocking her body forward, toward Adena, with every forceful thrust.

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Abusing, those same pussy lips that I was in only a few hours before. Nobody gets to take advantage of my property without my permission. I will determine with who and when Hannah will breed. But in defiance of the plantation rules, there stands Ray, using Hannah for his own pleasure.sawing his thick black shaft with its bulbous head into her over and over… forceful enough to make Hannah's nipples dance on top of her bouncing black titties.

Reaching into my vest pocket, I pull out my derringer and while cocking the hammer back place it to Rays left temple. He freezes momentarily buried deep into Hannah's moist slit and quickly withdraws leaving a string of juices between his cock and her now gaping, puffy pussy.

Stepping backwards he shuffles toward the shed wall, his cock swinging wildly, with his hands up, eyes wide. Saysa drops Hannah's leg and steps back to the wall next to Ray while Hannah's mother Adena releases Hannah's wrists.

Adena's eyes open wide and show the whites around her dark pupil. I look over at Adena and with the derringer's barrel motion her to join the other two next to the shed wall.

Looking over the sight of the little pistol, I notice Saysa's bulge protruding in his pants while Ray's exposed cock is covered in a white creamy film, and notice that it is quickly deflating. "What is the meaning of this?" I question. Glancing quickly at Hannah as she is still on her back with her legs closed tighly staring at the sky and sobbing. "Sorry Masta Hopkins" Ray finally manages to stumble out of is lips…"We wernt expectin ya back so soon." "Adena says that I needed ta breed Hannah in order to keep her near her momma." "Sos you donts go off and sell her and split the family up." "She been talkin bout it since you went off and got rid of the last house slave who got on the wrong side of the Mizz Chandler." "Is this true Adena, I bark?" Stuttering Adena manages a simple "Yas sir massa Hopkins." "But Hannah wanted nun of it sos wees had to hold her for Big Ray to attend to da duty." "And what is Saysa doing here?" I retort.

Ray mumbles, "well Massa…Adena says he gets a turn afta me if hes a willing to help hold her still…so I suppose he was a just a waitin his turn to have him some of young Mizz Hannah." Pointing to the direction of the wagon I tell the three of them to move…NOW!

Turning to Hannah I coldly instruct her to go to the spring and get cleaned up. Rolling off the table she limps bow legged towards the spring while I walk with the other three to the front of the house where the wagon still rests.

Adena's large breast swaying with her effort to move quickly and Ray stumbling along trying to pull up his pants and suspenders along the way. Ed was just starting to unhook the horses from the wagon tongue. His face showed pure shock as he saw me prodding the three who I caught in the act… my pistol still out and menacing.

"Into the back of the wagon with you, NOW!" Realizing we were going to be using the wagon again, Ed quickly reset a few straps to prepare the horses and wagon for departure.

Stepping up on the wheel and swinging into the seat I turn and keep my eyes and pistol trained toward the wagon bed where Adena, Saysa, and Ray pile in and sit with heads hung low and eyes downcast staring at the wagon floor.

"Ed, head for the southwest oak near the creek." "Yessa massa, Ed returns." The wagon lurches forward and before long we are moving at a good clip through the fields towards the oak. As we pass the rows of slaves working the soil with their tools, I shout out to the overseers to get them moving towards the southwest oak.

Word spreads quickly and by the time we reach the oak, none of the fieldworkers are in the fields…they are being herded toward the big tree by the field foreman, a whip cracking every now and again to keep the pace swift. The wagon lurches to a stop under the shade of the tree. I hop off and quickly look over the area.

Spying two branches the perfect height, I call two of the closest field foreman over and instruct them to prepare Saysa and Ray for whipping. One throws a rope over a high branch and ties the end to Rays hands, binding him tight. The rope is pulled, taking up the slack and Ray is stretch tight, arms pulled up towards the leaves. The same is done for Saysa on the other limb, only Saysa is beginning to weep from the stress of what is to come. Their shirts are torn from their bodies, revealing their naked flesh, just as the last of the field workers are gathered around the tree, knowing what is to come, but not understanding why.


The foreman stand aside waiting for further instruction and I turn my attention to Adena who is still sitting in the wagon. "Adena, get out of there immediately." I bark. "I's sarry masser Hopkins, very sarry", she wines as she crawls out of the wagon bed. "You think you can just hoar your daughter out and make the decisions around here…you think that you have a right to decide who, how, and what will take place?" I holler as I grab her by the arm and pull her a short distance to a large stump.

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"Strip, I tell her gruffly." She looks at me wide eyed again, and slowly pulls on her apron strings to untie her kitchen attire. After it falls to the dirt, she tugs the top of her dress down off of her shoulders. Her breast bouncing free as she slides it down her body. Once past her large hips it falls freely to the dirt near the apron.

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Wearing nothing but her pantalets, she slides them past her hips and steps out of them. Naked and afraid, she stands there with her arms at her sides waiting.

Looking over at Peter, my waiting boy, I quickly tell him to run to the house, grab the paddle, the vegetable oil from the kitchen, and I then tell him to instruct Hannah to come to the tree quickly. He takes off on a dead run as fast as his legs can go and I turn once again to Adena. "Bend over that stump Adena." As she bends over it, my attention turns to Ed in the wagon.

Ed, bring a few pieces of rope from the wagon.


I take it from him and proceed to tie her hands together, but leave about five inches of cord between them, just enough room for someone to step on the cord and pin it to the ground.

Walking around for a few moments, I find a branch about four feet long and as thick as Rays arm. Carrying this back to her I place it at her feet and tie one ankle to one end of the branch and then tie the other ankle to the other end of the branch. Adena, with her legs spread wide, is bent over the stump…her hands barely touching the ground on the other side of it.

"Ed, go over and stand on the rope that binds Adena's hands." This secures her firmly over the stump, her large breasts hanging and her pussy lips parted. Peter arrives with the paddle and Hannah is a few paces behind, dressed again but still walking funny. Addressing everyone gathered around the tree, I relay to every one of them the reason for my ire.

No one dares to look at me, but all seem to grasp the severity of what recently took place. This public humiliation display should stamp out any thoughts of anything like this ever happening again.

Grabbing the paddle from Peter, I line up with Adena's big black ass and bring it down hard, causing a loud crack to echo around the circle of onlookers.

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Adena tries to pop up but with Ed standing on the rope binding her hands she only bucks around for a second, emiting a very loud hiss. I line up and hit again, making her black skin bounce from the impact.

After the fifth one, the tears are pouring out and her body is shaking from the sobs. Five more and I throw the paddle aside. My cock is raging and about to burst from my trousers. While Adena continues to cry, I release my buttons and drop my pants to my ankles. "Peter, hand me the oil." I call out. Pouring some into my hand, I rub it over my rock hard pole and stepping up to Adena, I line up to her fleshy pussy lips.

Grabbing her hips, I forcefully impale her as hard as I can, slamming up against her recently abused ass cheeks. Squealing, she wails in distress as I pull all the way out and slam in again. Fuck, she feels good&hellip.tight twat, padded cushion, with ample hips to really get a hold of. I go at her like a repressed stallion. Pounding into her warm fleshy pussy, using it for only my pleasure, enjoying her discomfort. "Some lessons are best experienced", I yell out to everyone.

"Now you know a little of what Hannah was experiencing you selfish, vazey, heifer." Over and over I continue to thrust my cock into her enveloping folds.

Pausing with my shaft still deep in Adena, I grab the oil again and pour it over her black crack, working it into her other hole. Pleading and moaning uncomfortably, she tries to tighten up and keep me out but a quick slap on her sore ass sets her strait again. Pulling out all the way, I line up my cock to her upper hole and plunge it balls deep with no warning. Ohhh, how she wailed and bucked, but Ed did a great job and keeping her firmly in place. Again and again I continued to saw back and forth within her bowels until finally, I slam in as deep as I possibly can and pump a load of white cum as she lay slumped over the stump, abused and beaten.

Pulling out with a pop, I grab her apron and wipe myself off, pull up my pants and turn to address the workers. "Any male who wants a turn is welcome, step up and use this slave for your pleasure." Three field workers rushed forward and fight for position.

The line continues to form, until the last count totals 24 black cocks waiting for a turn to fill her with a load. Adena begins to moan again in distress as the mass fucking begins.

Looking at the two foreman near Saysa and Ray, I holler out "let them have a lesson also, 29 lashes for each.

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The whips come out and with each woosh of the leather another wail adds to the chorus of Adena's agonizing song. After the 29th lash, Saysa and Ray are hanging limp by their hands, their backs bearing the marks of the whipping.

Adena is still bent over the log with four more workers to satisfy. One of my biggest field workers is working her over at the moment and as he pulls back, I can catch a glimpse of each of her holes gaping and oozing cum.

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Dripping down her legs, spewed across her back, glops of it in her hair, the tramp looks a mess. Another worker steps up just as soon as the big worker is done and begins his turn with her.

The last two still waiting patiently, watching as her current tormenter, pulls his black shaft from her pussy, only to plunge it into her gaping brown ass.

She just lay there, draped over the stump, almost comatose…resigned to her fate. As the last dick finishes spewing in Adena, I grabbed the paddle and hand it to Hannah, who has been standing and watching her three attackers bear their punishment over the last 90 minutes.

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"Now, take this paddle Hannah, and let your Mother know how bad Ray's cock hurt you." Taking the paddle, she walks over and with both hands brings the paddle down over her mothers' sore bottom. Quickly taking the paddle away, I hand it to the next female field worker and instruct her to land one stroke to Adena.

Again, I take the paddle and gave it to the nearest female, telling her to do the same. With only 16 females around the tree, it didn't take long for each one to get one swing each. Handing the paddle again to Hannah, I let her have the last and final one for good measure, after all, she deserves it. The filed workers then untie Ray and Saysa, who collapse to the ground in exhaustion.

Ed got off the rope that had held Adena bent over the stump and a few field workers gently assist her to the wagon. Peter grabs the oil and paddle and begins his trot back to the main house while the field foremen begin wrangling the workers back into the fields. "Ed, take those three wretches back to the house and clean and dress their wounds so no infection befalls them. Calling Hannah to me, I drop my pants again. She knowingly drops to her knees and pulls her top down exposing her perky breasts with those large black nipples.

Opening her mouth she takes my hardening member and begins running her tongue over the head. My eyes lock onto Adena's as she lay in the wagon watching. Ed gives the reins a flick and the wagon starts to head for the house. I nod my head at Adena making sure she understands who runs this plantation. She continues to watch as Hannah bobs up and down on my shaft while I kneed, pinch and pull at Hannah's breasts and nipples…until the wagon rounds the corner.

It isn't much longer until I place my hands on the back of Hannah's head and pull her tightly as I erupt, causing her to cough and sputter on my deposit. Finishing off and pulling my pants back up, I know that I will sleep solid tonight. It has been an exhausting day.