Real Sexy Indian Desi College Teen Masturbates Her Creamy Juicy Pussy To Orgasm

Real Sexy Indian Desi College Teen Masturbates Her Creamy Juicy Pussy To Orgasm
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Gulzaman rubbed his scrawny old face with the wet cloth, he stood facing the morning sun, scanning the dusty path below. if there was any profits to be made at the market, he'd have to start early. the town where the market stood was an hour journey from the hills, sometimes more if the donkeys disobeyed. he thought of the big breasted women he would meet there and a chuckle broke on his lips. he had been dreaming of the widow for quite a while now.

she had asked him for dates the last time he had knocked on her door. it wasn't unusual for him to be alone with the ladies but until now nothing had been bore of it. the afghan police was relentless and mean.

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they'd beat up anybody accused of adultery. the thoughts of him cavorting with her on the roof quickly waned and he set off towards the town with his large bags of dry fruit. after an hour of travelling by foot, his dusty caravan stopped by the highway inn. made of nothing but rocks and hay, the inn provided shelter to traders in transit. the view from the table where he sat was nothing short of spectacular.

the icy hills formed the backdrop and copper beaten grass lay like a splendid Arabian carpet all over the ground.

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while enjoying a meal of mutton pilaf, he eyed "Razia" the daughter of the innkeeper serving the guests. she was a tall and lanky lass of thirty. he could make out the outline of her shapely buttock in her tight "Selwar".

there were rumours in town that she had laid with a hundred men, there were some who swore that old man "Ramjani" died while getting serviced behind the wild bushes by her. what was interesting though was her height. she towered above most of the men folks that visited the inn. her broad behind and average but pert breasts gave her the nickname of the "camel". when Gulzaman came to collect his donkeys from the shed, he saw Razia petting "Raqib" the youngest ass of the lot.

overcome by affection the donkey brayed gently. Gulzaman decided to watch the camaraderie between the two lovers. no sooner had she started petting the animal on his mane, his huge organ began appearing from its depth. it was grey in colour dappled with pink. she stroked the lengthy organ gently ;coercing it to rise even further. the ass grunted when razia squeezed the dick tightly.

she quickly dropped her "Selwar" upon the hay and bent her magnificent arse for him to mount. he saw her spit on her large hands and rub it all over her hairy pussy.

the muscled beast quickly mounted with ease, penetrating a third of his length into her. Razia let a moan escape her lips before collapsing on the ground.


the ass ploughed a few more times before cuming thick white cum all over her defeated buttocks. Gulzaman decided the time as perfect to make acquaintance with her and coughed lightly before walking in on the pleasured lady. Razia lay there like a python after a huge meal.

she couldn't budge if she had wanted to. Gulzaman saw cum running down her thighs as she lay panting deeply. "Marhaba!" spoke Gulzaman admiring her broad behind. startled, she tried rising to meet the eyes of the stranger, but Gulzaman's strong hands pinned her down.

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he grabbed her by the hair and smashed her face in the hay and immediately drenched it in sticky cum. he undid his pants and mounted her from behind. Razia protested but was too famished to stage a strong protest. Gulzaman had aimed for the butt hole and dug deeply inside. after Cumming inside her he threw a few coins at her face and said " I swear I haven't entered a tighter arse before". Razia lay weeping quietly.

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Gulzaman collected his donkeys and set off towards the town. the caravan started on a sanguine note. there were fruits to be sold and profits to be made. the donkeys looked forward to sweet crunchy hay the town inns offered. Gulzaman mounted Raqib and put a tooth pick to his teeth. the town walls were somewhat visible now, it would be an hour before they reached the market.


with the sun getting warmer, the first place Gulzaman decided to visit was the widows house. he could visualize the woman's breasts pouring as he tore onto her clothes.

the town arrived soon and the donkeys rushed for the inn shed. after freshening himself up, gulzaman started off towards the widows house carrying his fruit bag. he knocked softly and a pleasant woman of about forty appeared.

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she was gentle in mannerisms and had a delicate aura surrounding her. she looked up with her large blue eyes and asked him to follow her to the guest room. there they sat on the carpeted floor and Gulzaman spread his wares for her to see. she was terribly excited to see he had remembered her dates and in her excitement she forgot that her bosom was delicately exposed for Gulzaman.

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the silk cloth covering up her low cut blouse flung to her knees and her tits shimmered with sweat in the heat. Gulzaman saw her milky white boobs and immediately tore open her blouse. the startled widow tried shouting but Gulzaman served a vicious blow to her jaw. lying bleeding on the carpet, the widow pleaded to let him go, but Gulzaman was already hard and would fuck a tree if he had to.

Gulzaman laid her on the floor and cut open a small part from her gown. her buttocks were visible, but only the hole and a few pubic hair tendrils. he spat on her anus and mounted her from behind.

his moves were vicious. they drove in the point that he meant business.

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and while he shoved his large penis inside of her, he couldn't help but ask if she felt any good? what she said next was that it was okay if he fucked her but it would be a lot better if they shifted to another room, preferably on the bed.

she even suggested she would undress for him and even suck his throbbing cock. Gulzaman lifted her while inside her and carried her to the bedroom. as promised, she undressed and lay on her stomach on the soft silky bed. Gulzaman fucked her a bit more before Cumming in her ass. just then he heard a strong thud on the main door and saw that raqib had broken into the house. he was neighing loudly and making way for the bedroom. before he could contain the animal, he pierced Gulzaman's ass with his dick.

seeing the whole incident, the widow mounted the old man from front and they both raped him till he got a heart attack and died. ps: for more adventures of Gulzaman and his donkeys let me know in the comments section.