Busty eva has her juicy snatch pummeled

Busty eva has her juicy snatch pummeled
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"Good girl. You can get dressed now." Rachel went to pick up her clothes from the desk. But Toby stopped her. "Oh no you won't need them. Just your shoes and coat!" Toby said pointing at the coat stand. She looked at him reluctantly.

"Go on! Put your coat on!" Toby shouted firmly. And like a naughty school girl Rachel shuffled over to the coat stand. She took extra care to make sure her coat was done up tight. Lucky that she had put on her long black coat that morning she thought. Meaning all of her modesty was covered. Meanwhile, Toby quickly grabbed everything up and made sure no evidence was left behind.

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He also grabbed everything for the presentation tomorrow as they wouldn't be coming back into the office in the morning. "Go on! Walk in front of me! And no funny business." Toby warned as they waited for the lift. Soon the lift doors pinged open and Rachel was pushed inside. Toby looked at her in the mirror. Rachel looked very elegant in her long coat, with her smooth pale legs contrasting seductively with the black material. Rachel backed into the corner, but as the doors slid shut, Toby stepped right up to her.

She felt the flaps of her coat parting and the hard metal of the gun rubbed against her womanhood.

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She squealed as the cold metal touched her warm, blood filled labias. She was pinned to the wall and as the lift started to descend, Toby leaned in and kissed her.

With a gun pressed to her vagina she had no choice but to kiss back. Toby loved the feel of her soft lips brushing against his. It was so pleasurable to feel the warm breath coming out of her mouth and into his and to feel her slender figure in front of him. It was heaven for him but hell for Rachel. Eventually the lift pinged and the door opened and Toby had to let her go. As they stepped out of the lift Rachel instinctively turned right to leave the office.

"Rach stop!" Her lip quivered as Toby abbreviated her name. He couldn't help laughing. "I'll call you whatever I want! I can call you slut, bitch, whore or even slave if I want to and there's nothing you can do about it!" The last word made a particular impression on her.

Up until now Rachel thought her horror would end soon. Now she had an inkling that Toby might be planning for it to last a bit longer than that. Toby left that thought to stew in her mind. He wasn't going to let that secret out just yet. "Anyway slut, we're not going that way." And Toby grabbed her arm, pulling her in the opposite direction. He pressed the gun into her side as they went. It was only a short walk.

After one right turn and a 15 metre walk down the corridor they reached a door. Toby knocked and then used a swipe card. "Isn't this the security room?" Rachel asked. "It is.

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Now in you go!" Toby said. "But how come your card works?" She said inquisitively. "You'll find out soon enough. Now get in!" Toby said shoving her in the back.

Rachel stumbled forward and entered and as she struggled to keep her balance she heard the door click ominously behind her. Rachel looked around the room. Along the left hand wall was a long desk running the full length of the room with a mass of monitors on it all hooked up to different security cameras. On the far wall was a coffee machine, a coke machine and a snack machine.

And along the right hand wall was a row of softer chairs and a sofa. Sat on the sofa was an enormous security guard. He stood up as they entered. "Alright brother?" The security guard said. "Alright Vinnie" Toby replied as they hugged and patted each other on the back.

While they were doing this Rachel looked at the TVs. She saw the screen showing the office where it had all happened. Had that camera recorded everything? If only she could get the tape she thought. The two men pulled apart. "You got the tape for me?" Toby said, as if reading her mind. He could see her face drop as Vinnie handed him a CD.

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"Thanks, Vinnie I'll be back in half an hour." "W.where are you going?" Rachel asked. "I'm just going to save this and the pictures on my personal computer.

Then I'm going to destroy this copy, wouldn't want anyone seeing what's on it would we?" He teased staring at her. "Don't worry Vinnie will keep you company!" He then stepped up to her and whispered in her ear.

"Do whatever he asks you to! Or I'll blow your brains out when I get back!" And with that he left closing the door firmly behind him.

Rachel looked at Vinnie nervously. He was huge. He must have been 6 foot 6.

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That made him an entire foot taller than her. His arms were bulging through his uniform. He could snap her like a twig if he wanted to. She suddenly felt even more conscious that she just had a coat on. "Alright sweet cheeks" Vinnie said in his thick Jamaican accent. "Why don't you take that coat off and bring your white ass over here and give me a lap dance. And he sat back down on the sofa." Rachel saw her chance. As he sat down she ran to the door and pulled as hard as she could.

But it didn't budge. She looked desperately for a button to release the door. Any second she expected to feel two massive hands close around her. But they didn't come. All she heard was Vinnie's booming laugh behind her. She turned to see he hadn't moved.


"You need a card to get out babe" he said pointing at a black card slot just to the right of the door. "And guess what Toby just walked off with the only one." He said chuckling again.

Rachel realised it wasn't Toby's card that had got them in. It was Vinnie's. "So it looks like you're in here with me till he gets back." Vinnie joked.

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"Now where's my lap dance? Make sure you wiggle that white ass good and sexy" Rachel sighed and turned and started to unbuckle her coat as she stepped towards him, then as she was above him. She let it drop to the floor. Vinnie sat up a lot straighter, he had not expected her to be completely naked underneath.

"Woah bitch. You are fine. Just stand there and let me take a good luck at you!" And he leant back and just stared her up and down. Rachel knew she was attractive and she was used to guys staring at her. But never before had she felt so much like a piece of meat. Once he had finished looking. Vinnie grabbed her arm and yanked her towards him. "Now for my lap dance bitch!" So Rachel straddled him and started to gyrate her hips. She started by sitting down on his lap and leaning back and running her hands from her hips, across her flat stomach and over her breasts lifting them up and letting them fall back down so that they bounced seductively in front of him.

She then ran her hands round her neck and through her hair, before leaning forward, allowing him a better view of her amazing rack. Then she pressed her body against his and slid her body upwards until she was standing with her breasts directly in front of his face. He made a biting motion at one of her nipples; causing Rachel to jump back in fear. She didn't think he'd actually bite her nipple off. But she wasn't sure.

She then turned away from him and bent over running her hands down her legs, until her hands were round her ankles. This meant that her arse was poking out towards him and he could see how round and perfect it was. It also gave Vinnie a great view of her vagina.

She held it there for a minute; then jumped as Vinnie's massive hand came down on her right arse cheek. It was agony, his hand covered her whole arse cheek and she was already in a lot of pain after the plundering her arse had already undergone from Toby. She wiped away a tear; before turning so as not to give him access to her arse again.

She ran her hands along his legs and up over his chest and down his arms. She could feel the bulge of his muscles through his uniform. Even both her hands would only cover half his bicep. He even tensed them at her touch just to show her how strong he was.

It was actually quite nice and Rachel couldn't help being fascinated and slightly aroused by his massive muscles. However she lost concentration and was jerked back into the real world by Vinnie's massive hands closing on her still stinging arse cheeks and pulling her towards him.

She felt his mouth close around her nipple and start to suck on it. He gently applied pressure with his lips squeezing it, whilst his tongue licked the end. He clearly knew what he was doing and Rachel actually started to enjoy herself. She felt her nipple harden at his attentions. He wasn't biting, and even when he started to use his teeth, he didn't bite; he just gently nibbled on it.

Rachel gasped at the feel of his sharp teeth gripping her hard nipple. However this one was a gasp of pleasure. Despite the situation, the combination of his muscles and his skill was turning her on. She could feel a certain warmth spreading between her thighs and through her whole body. She started to grind her body against him, pressing her groin against his. She could feel his hard on pressing through his trousers against her cunt and she began to moan in pleasure.

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He also started to moan as her weight pressed on his member. Vinnie was so turned on. He wanted to fuck this dirty white girl. So he gripped Rachel's arse again and picked her up like she was a feather, before dropping her on the sofa.

"Don't move bitch!" He ordered. And now it was Rachel's turn to get a strip tease. Vinnie ripped off his jacket and shirt to give Rachel a sight of his perfect body. She just wanted to reach out and run her hands over his dark skin. His perfect six pack, his pecs that he could bounce at will.

And his arms. How much she wanted to be gripped in those arms, to be held close to this perfect specimen of a man and have him embrace her and then feel his tongue on her nipples again. The thoughts made her warm inside, and in particular between her legs. Then once his trousers were removed her arousal heightened even further. His cock was massive. It must have been 12 inches and unbelievably thick. All she could now think of was the idea of his thick rod sliding in and out of her.

Fucking her to intense orgasm. The thought aroused her so much that without thinking she had slid a finger inside her pussy and started to pleasure herself. "So you like black cock then? You filthy white whore!" Vinnie smirked, a wicked grin across his face. And he wrenched her hand away from her pussy. He then pulled both arms behind Rachel's back. Rachel whimpered in pain. She thought her shoulders were going to be wrenched out of their sockets and her wrists were going to snap. "You're not supposed to be enjoying yourself." Vinnie hissed.

Then he pulled some handcuffs from his belt and all the pleasurable thoughts vanished. "I've always wanted to use these" he said and slapped them round Rachel's wrists. He stood so that he was towering over her, his cock at the same height as her face. Now his enormous black dick looked like a weapon of torture, not a device of pleasure.

Rachel looked at it in terrified anticipation as Vinnie pushed her onto her back. She was helpless as he placed his hands round her calves and pulled her legs around him as he knelt on the sofa, and positioned his enormous dick at the edge of her vagina.

Rachel breathed in deeply, in anticipation of being penetrated by this monster. However she soon exhaled in a gasp of pain as the enormous cock was pushed inside her. Her muscles throbbed as they were stretched like never before.

Vinnie grunted as he tried to force his dick as far inside her as possible. But he was too large and couldn't even get the whole of his bellend in before having to pull out. He then pressed again. Rachel screamed as the giant cock pulled her muscles away from each other. She couldn't decide which hurt more, being raped in the ass or this. She begged him to stop and ease her pain but Vinnie wasn't letting up this time.

He pressed against the helpless woman below him. Gripping her hips and using his arms to pull her onto him, until his bellend was inside her and his cock started to follow. Rachel's screams turned into a very different sound as his shaft slid along the walls of her pussy; rubbing along every nerve ending, his thick rod pressing against them; spreading heat through them.

His monstrous dick pushed deeper, touching areas that had never been reached before. Rachel groaned at these new feelings. She couldn't stop herself she started to enjoy it. She stared up at his muscly chest and savoured how she felt in his big strong arms. God he was hot. Her muscles started to clench around his thick cock and they both started to grunt and moan in pleasure. Vinnie grabbed her breast and started to squeeze it between his massive hands as he continued to fuck her.

Rachel's nipples hardened beneath his grip, further showing her arousal. She began to moan in pleasure as his cock glided in and out of her wet snatch.

His base pressed constantly against her clit, igniting it. She couldn't help it; she started to orgasm screaming in pleasure as he fucked her and squeezed her breast. Then she was jolted back to reality as he slapped her breast causing it to bounce uncontrollably. She gasped at the sudden violence. "You're not supposed to be enjoying it, bitch" Vinnie shouted But as she looked up at him through the tears; Rachel could tell by the glint in his eye that he was enjoying the effect he was having on her.

He continued to slide his cock in and out of her. Rachel bit her lip, trying to hold back another orgasm; or at least not show it; for she could still feel her muscles betraying her and clenching around his cock, causing the pleasure to continue to flood through her.

She gripped his cock harder and harder and she felt Vinnie starting to tense up. He then winked at her and started to up his pace, fucking her faster and faster. And she couldn't stop herself moaning now. And he started to moan too. They moaned in unison each time his cock slammed into her.

And soon she could feel his juices squirting inside her and soaking her pussy. The orgasms rushed through the both of them and she felt his weight collapse on top of her.


They lay there for ages recovering. "Well you two look like you were having fun" Toby said, laughing from the corner of the room by the door. Vinnie and Rachel had been so lost in what they were doing; they hadn't heard him come in. Vinnie jumped to his feet and looked at Toby guiltily.


This caused Toby to wonder if that meant that he hadn't been punishing her. Although with the size of his dick he didn't know how that was possible. The handcuffs were a good sign, but they were both definitely orgasming when he had entered.

He would have to check the tapes and see. "Sorry boss.

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Didn't hear you come in. I got a bit carried away" Vinnie said, almost sheepishly. "Don't worry about it Vinnie. You're allowed to enjoy yourself. She was your fuck slut to do whatever you wanted to." "You on the other hand!" Toby said dragging Rachel to her feet by her hair and slapping her across the cheek. "Who said you could orgasm?" he asked slapping her arse as well.

Tears welled up in her eyes; the joys of fucking Vinnie had quickly evaporated. Toby then took the keys off Vinnie and undid the handcuffs. And as he bent down he saw Vinnie's cum dribbling down her thighs. "You're disgusting! Clean yourself up!" He said throwing a box of tissues at her. Rachel looked mortified. She knew it wasn't her fault but she still felt humiliated for being scolded for having cum running down her legs She cleaned up the juices, her face going redder and redder.

Toby turned to Vinnie. "I'll need the video of this room too Vin." A look of disappointment spread across his face. "I was hoping to keep it boss." "Oh don't worry.

I just need it to take a copy. I'll give it back to you tomorrow." Vinnie seemed satisfied and rummaged around with the machine and pulled out the tape and handed it over. Toby then turned to Rachel, and shoved her tissues in a bin bag to burn later along with the things from upstairs.

"Right slut. Put your coat on! Let's go. Watching you fuck like that has got me very turned on. Let's get you home so I can fuck you myself." Rachel bent to pick up her coat, dreading what the rest of the evening had in store and then started to shuffle towards the door.

She winced with every movement. Maybe Vinnie had done his job well.