Cory is an anal fiend

Cory is an anal fiend
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On this friday night my friend was making plans to meet up with this hawaiian girl who i had fucked before. We decided that we were both gonig to fuck her that night. She only lived about a 5 minute walk from my house so we met at this playground half way.


When got there i started to kiss her and i started to finger her. My friend put her on the ground and took off her pants while I kissed her nipples. I took off my pants and started to fuck her mouth.

Half way when i was close I took my dick out of her mouth and started to fuck her tits. She was moaning so much. My friend who was eating her out started to now fuck her and she was moaning so much. I muffled the sound of her mouth with my dick in her mouth. When i was close i pulled out of her mouth and jerked my dick until i came all ove her tits and face and pulled up my pants and walked away.

I could hear her moan when my friend finished with her.

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I had to go to my ex girlfriends sweet sixteen the next night. My girlfriend at the time didnt want me to go because she was very jealous of her. That day i had to get a shirt because of the party being semi-formal.

I get to the party an hour late and my ex whos name is liz sees me and quickly runs over and gives me a hug. At the party i know only a few people but liz kept coming over to me and dancing near me and she had on this short dress that really showed off her ass.

At one point she just sat on my lap and my dick was getting so hard i had to go to the bathroom. After the bathroom i came back and ate some food. She later came over to me and asked why i had left and i told her she was turning me on so much. She grabbed my dick and said " Does this turn you on? ". I went wild.

I wanted to fuck her right then and there. The party went on and she kept coming over to me saying " I want you penis in my mouth ".

Later on i went outside to hang with some people and she came over and knibbled on my ear and grabbed my dick. This whole time i wanted to fuck her so bad and she came beside me and I slid my hand up her dress and rubbed her clit but she stopped me because of too many people around.

As i was leaving she walked me to the door and I noticed a hole where there was a pay phone so I grabbed her and threw her in there i started to kiss her so intensly.


I flipped up her dress and i was about to fuck her when i heard someone coming down the hall and we both left there and it was her brothe who gave her a strange look. I got to the door and she kissed me good bye and grabbed my dick once more and i got into my parents car and i had a huge boner the whole way home. The next day i had to go to a graduation party and then my friend Gregs house to sleep over.

My friend Greg had a good looking sister who i have kissed before but never gone any farther. The graduation party was boring and i watched a lot of tv.

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My parents and I left and i got dropped off at my friends house. When i was there i knew his sister wouldnt do anything with me cause she knew i had a girlfriend and so me and my friend Greg went swimming.

I came back in just in a towel and nothing else and my dick was very visible and i caught Gregs sister whos name is Kara looking at my dick. When me and Greg went upstairs i was laying on his bed and he was on the computer and then Kara came in to hang out with us. When Greg looked away Kara picked up the towel and looked right at my dick.

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I was starting to get so hard and thought this night would be a lot of fun. We later went down stairs to his basement and were watching a show.

Kara cuddled next to me and grabbed my hand and forced it down her pants and i started to finger her. When she was close to finishing she opened my pants and i was starting to jerk me off.

It felt so good and i wanted to just tell her to get on top of me and fuck me hard but i could because her brother was right there. She was so close and then i started to rub her clit and i was about to cum when she put her head under the blanket and said she was fixing her sock and i came in her mouth and I shoved her mouth all the way down my cock and she swallowed everything. After we finished she said she had to go to sleep and left.

Me and Greg just sat around and watched tv and later fell asleep. The next morning i found Kara to wake me up and Greg was upstairs eating breakfast so she took off my pants and started to jerk me off again.


She said she loved my penis and couldnt stop touching it. I attempted to put my hand down her pants when she stopped me so i lifted her shirt and started to squeeze her nipple and she was moaning and telling me to keep doing that.

When i was close i took off her shirt and started to lick her nipples and she was moaning so loud i thought someone would hear us so i shoved her head down again and fucked in her mouth. After i threw her over and lick her nipples until she came. Later on me and Greg went into the pool and i came back out with just a towel on again and Greg said he had to go take a shower.

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Kara asked me if i wanted to watch a movie and we went down stairs. In only 2 minutes she ripped the towel off and started to jerk me off again and wanted my cum in her mouth.

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Right when i was going to finish i took off her shirt and came all over her tits and she started to rub the jizz in like it was lotion and was licking it off. I later was picked up by my mom and I had work for the whole rest of the week.

My week was slow and my ex girlfriend Liz was suppose to be coming over saturday. Luckily the week went by fast. That saturday she came over and we were watching tv with my parents and then we went outside and my family said they were going to go pick up a couch.

Liz and I both ran inside and up to my room and i laid down and she took off my pants and started to suck my cock. She sucked for about 20 minutes and i wanted to cum in her mouth so bad. After a while she got tired so i flipped her over and pulled up her skirt and took off her underwear and started to lick her clit she was moaning so much and grabbed my hair and then when she was about to finish i stopped.

I took off my pants and slid my 8 inch cock all the way in her. She let out the biggest moan ive even heard. I started to fuck her. She was moaning so loud and then i started to kiss her neck and she went wild for that. After about 30 minutes we were both close when i heard my dog start to bark so I started to fuck faster and faster until she screamed and her cum went all over my cock and bed.

I pulled out and came all over her face and tits and jumped up and grabbed my pants. We both went downstairs and helped my parents with the couch. After we left and went into town. The whole time we were laughing and smiling and having fun like we used to. When we got back to my house i put on a movie and we were watching it and laughing. After a while i pulled out my dick and it was fully erect and she look at it and started to lick it up and down.

I pulled off her shirt and started to fuck her tits. I was rubbing her nipples and she was moaning so much. I got off top of her and she started to suck my dick and i pulled up her skirt and she jumped on top of me. I slid my dick all the way in and she started to jump up and down on my dick. She was moaning more than before and she came all over my leg and cock. i stood up and she started to suck my dick and then i pulled her mouth away and finished all over her face and tits.

She left and made plans for the next time we would hang out. That was my best week ever.