Male models Hot new model Leo Quin comes back this week in a

Male models Hot new model Leo Quin comes back this week in a
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I awoke to the sound of a slamming door. I hazily looked around and saw nothing, just a shut door. I got up and splashed some water on my face. I walked out into the kitchen where my wife was angrily stomping around, when she finally acknowledged me, it was with a glare. "How many days? Tell me! How many days are going to be the same?!

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I wake up and go to work, and you just sit around working on your music all day, then you wait until I get home to cook your damn dinner! I'm sick of this boring life! We haven't had sex in three fucking months! You CAN'T be fixed!" She screamed and slammed the front door in my face. It was the next day and I slept through most of Jessica's screaming. After I woke myself up, I remembered that I had an appointment with my therapist, Dr.

Sarah Evey. Sarah is an interesting and stunningly beautiful woman, she was only 27 and already married, she also happens to be Jessica's best friend. I've always had a weakness for her and probably always will. She always has this interesting was about her when it's just me and her, she acts differently when my wife is around. I left for her office and arrived 25 minutes later.

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I always thought that these sessions were boring and quite uneventful, but my Jess still thinks I should go, she says "Might as well fucking let you keep going, seeing how you never leave the damn house." After sitting in the waiting room, I was finally greeted by Sarah.

I sat down on the couch and made myself comfortable, knowing I was here for another hour. "So what's the subject of scrutiny today?" I joked. She laughed, "Something that we've never talked about before, and it might make you a little uncomfortable but you'll have to deal with it because this one comes straight from your wife." "Alright just hit me with it" "How's your sex life with Jessica?

Are you still having sex and do you feel you are having enough sex?" "Honestly? We haven't had sex in a long time, I just don't feel a connection to her anymore." "Is there another woman?" "Gosh no! I'd never cheat on Jess, I love her, I mean I feel terrible that I'm not giving her the love and sex she deserves.

I'm just in a funk right now." "Do you feel inadequate?" "What do you mean?" "I mean& you feel like you dick isn't big enough to satisfy her sexual desires?" I paused and just gave her an answer "Yes, it's just not big enough, no woman would ever want MY size." Sarah paused and reflected on her notes.

"Listen Zach, the average and adequate penis size is 5 inches, some men don't even have 4 inches. Do you know how long yours is?" "Have I measured my dick? Well yeah." "Well& big is it? You can tell me, it's alright." "Honestly? It topped out at 8 and a half inches." Sarah's eyes grew wide "Wow&hellip.8…inches? Come on now Zach, that's plenty of length to make a woman pass out with an enormous orgasm." As she talked, I noticed a little wet spot near the zipper on her pants.

"Well it has a strange shape to it. That's the reason why, I'm just embarrassed about the idea of showing it to my doctor." Sarah's face lit up for a moment.

"Well I AM a physician on the male anatomy, I could take a look at it for you and check for any problems." Her offer was extremely tempting. "Well I guess." She smiled, "Good, now we'll see this huge&hellip.problem." She got on her knees in front of me. "Pull down your pants and show it to me." I started to unbutton my pants and then I pulled them down.

Sarah's eyes widened at the sight of my dick.

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She put on her gloves and began to examine it, but as she examined underneath my balls, I noticed that her other hand was squeezing the top of my shaft and her thumb was grazing the tip. "Well&hellip.I uhm…don't notice anything wrong, in fact this is quite an amazing setup……I've never&hellip." She stopped as she kissed the tip of my cock. I tried to back away but she keep coming at me.

"Please, just let me have it right now." She said as she plunged my whole cock into her mouth. I tried to pull away again but her enthusiasm was overwhelmingly amazing and her mouth was so soft and tight and her tongue was drawing the cum right out of me. "Ohh-oh-h g-god." I shuddered as she violently enveloped my cock with her wonderful hands and mouth.

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She perfectly timed her intensity and speed and after another minute I finally erupted into her throat and she kept sucking until I was completely dry. After I came down from my high, an enormous feeling of guilt came over me and I told Sarah that this could never happen again, and she agreed. "I don't know what came over me, I just wanted it from you." She said guiltily. "It was good, don't get me wrong, but I do have a wife and you ARE her best friend." Over the next few months my relationship with Jess dramatically improved, we had passionate sex every night, couldn't get enough of each other, and my sessions with Sarah had ended and things were back to normal.

We were always going on dates and having fun like real couples do. One night while we were at the movies with Sarah and her husband, I went to go to the bathroom but was unexpectedly stopped by Sarah who looked a little depressed.


"I've got to talk to you." She said. She pulled me back to a dark corner of the hallway. She looked me in the eyes and said, "I want you.

These last couple of months have been crazy for me. I think I may be in love with you." "I-I don't know what to say, I uh-I can't say that I feel anything in return for you." I lied.

Sarah grabbed ahold of me and pulled me in, her arms wrapped around me. "I want you, please." She said. She slowly started to move one of her hands to my thighs, and then she started rubbing my cock. I quickly pulled away and we stared into each other's eyes. After a moment of silence my weakness for her gave in and we passionately kissed. We ripped each other's clothes off and I pushed her against the wall.

I reached down and furiously rubbed her clit, once she was dripping wet I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. She guided my stiff rod into her canal and I thrust into her as hard as I could. We tried to kiss but the sensation was too great. Sarah tried hard to hold in her moans but fell short as she let out several loud moans. Her pussy was amazingly tight, her muscles clung to my dick as if they didn't want to let it go. My cock was in direct contact with her g-spot and she kept moaning loudly.


The sensations finally led to our climax as we both came at the same time. I had never felt anything like that before and I could feel my cum pumping deep inside of her. We both fell to the ground and she lay on top of me naked. "I don't want to stop! Oh god let's keep fucking!" She moaned as she rode me. "Ohh god, ohh!

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I love you baby. I want you to cum inside me again!" She moaned again, and after a few more minutes she got her wish. I poured more cum into her amazing pussy.

She screamed as she had her orgasm and she passed out on top of me.