Hot blonde hooker works for her pay

Hot blonde hooker works for her pay
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Wow, she looks sexy, he thought. Her milky white Asian skin was presented to him of the Chinese minx dressed in black lingere complete with nylon stockings on the computer screen monitor in front of him.

I want to fuck that no question and as soon as I can. He moved to the dining table of his unit and grabbed a pen and paper to write down her number that was also on the website. Soon after, after he was getting slowly and impatiently horny, he called her up on the phone to arrange a meeting.

Ringing. ringing. the phone made its usual ringing tone across the receiver until she answered within just over five seconds. She answered by trying to say hello as best as she could with her little knowledge of English. "Hello?" "Hi, is this Sascha?", he said. "Yes." "I saw your advertisement on the website and I would like to come and see you." "Okie!", she answered beaming enthusiasm.

"Whereabouts are you? How much do you charge?" "Near ghettotown Shantyville at 111 Fake Street and I charge $100 an hour." "You can come any time you want.", she said.

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Unusual. "Okay, see you soon!", he hung up the phone. Of course, her English was terrible, but she knew enough to do her business.

She hadn't been in the country long. This is it, 111 Fake Street. He looked at the letterbox number and pulled in with his little metallic blue Mitsubishi Mirage.

He parked up, got out of the car then made his way to the front door. There was some kind of Chinese ormanentation on the door step which may have served more than decoration, he noticed. He knocked, then who appeared to be a teenage Asian girl wearing black thick rimmed glasses came to the door to greet him. You know the type, the kind of emo Asian girl. "Is Sascha here?", he said as the first thing to say. "Yeah, shes here.", her English was much better.

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She must have been a born out of Asia Asian. He saw who appeared to be Sascha wrapped in a green towel and said,"Hi Sascha, its me. I spoke to you on the phone." "Can I come in?" "Yeah.", the emo like Asian answered. He stepped in and then was motioned to a back bedroom.


The room was small. A bed, a chair with a portable air conditioning unit on it, bed sheets up as curtains on the window. The bed was all ready to go with a towel laid out on it. Another young Asian woman came from another part of the house and said in well spoken English,"Hi. She was the finest in Hong Kong, that will be one hundred dollars now please." "Okay.

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Twenty, forty, sixty, eighty and one hundred.", he said as he handed her the twenty dollar bills. "Thank you.", the door was closed to the tiny bedroom and it was just her and him. He stood there then she came close to him and unbuttoned his green shirt down one by one. Then she helped him remove his t-shirt from what was underneath, then his pants, then his underwear, then his shoes, then his socks. She was already naked and he liked what he saw as the towel had been removed.

Her smooth white skin, her long black hair, this turned him on. She seemed unusually excited for a prostitute or it could have been just all part of the act. She turned the air conditioning on then turned licking her lips quickly. Sascha motioned for him to lay down on the bed back up. She began massaging his back, his legs and his sides with perfumed oil. The scent of the oil made him relaxed as she dd her massage on his body. He laid there, taking it all in.

She was naked, he was naked, it was exciting.


She fondled his ass and said,"Like?" "Yeah, I like that.", he replied. She continued by running her fingers down his ass crack where part of the feeling was. Then down his legs to his feet. It tickled. He was getting light headed on the scent of the oil she used and he was losing feeling in his left arm for some reason.

Sascha then stood up, moved around to the front of the bed and worked on his upper back and neck. He could feel something working inside of him taking away all the tension.

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After five minutes of that, she waved him around to turn over front up so she could do the full erotic service. "Suck?", she asked sweetly. "Okay.", he said.

She began sucking on his cock, bent over, giving him a hand job as she did. He liked that and wanted more. She carried on doing her thing, sucking and licking then she stopped, got up and unwrapped a condom from the end table to make for fucking. The condom was on and she rode his cock making little grunts as she did.



aaah." She was squatting up and down and slapping his pelvis with her body while he fucked her pussy. Her pussy was warm and welcoming and he couldn't get enough.

This would be the highlight of the entire session. Sascha then dis-mounted and took the condom off. Then she continued playing with his cock with her hand, using all types of handjob methods to try and get him off.

Without warning, she began pumping his cock with the clenched palm of her hand then all of a sudden, he came all over her hand and all over himself. "Aaahhh.", Sascha said in approval with her hint of Chinese. That was the moneyshot. He crashed back down to earth from the sexual high that Sascha had made him reach. I want to do it again, he thought. THE END.