Young blonde in threesome with older British guy

Young blonde in threesome with older British guy
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Medium-Sized Magnus walked through the enchanted glade. It was a perfect peaceful day, as it always was in the enchanted glade. Medium-Sized Magnus hated it, too quiet. He was looking for a wood-nymph to surprise, maybe that would liven things up. He spied a wood-nymph by the enchanted pond, on the enchanted rock, in the shade of the enchanted tree. "Awrite hen." He called to the wood-nymph, in an incongruous accent typical of his kind.

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"Want tae give jiggly wi' it?" The wood-nymph raised her head, topped by its crown of auburn hair, her milk white skin glowing in the soft light. She saw Medium-Sized Magnus, all two feet of blue tattoos, and said in a faint, week voice, "Fuck me please." "Ne'er swatch a gift cuddle in th' gob." Thought Medium-Sized Magnus, his thoughts also in an incomprehensible accent.

He jumped to fulfill her wish; he landed between her conveniently open legs.


His manhood had grown to its full ten inches. He'd been working on that surprise for the wood-nymphs, when your competition is centaurs, you need a surprise like that.

"Bang went saxpence!" Cried Medium-Sized Magnus, the battle cry of his kind. He manhood plunged alliteratively into her minge.

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A nice bushy minge thought Medium-Sized Magnus, these wood-nymphs definitely knew how to groom themselves. "Bang! Bang! Bang!" He cried as he thrust away, then finally "Aam comin'" He shot his piece into the wood-nymphs minge, then fell over backwards and was fast asleep.

Elrinvienne looked on in disgust at Medium-Sized Magnus's behavior, she had been so desperate; she had stooped to bestiality. A succubus would not normally be seen dead in the presence of one of his kind. Though if he hadn't come along at that precise moment, she may very well have been seen dead. She'd been dying of hunger; she was out of her element.


Why she was in the enchanted glen, so far from her home, was unclear to her at that moment. She was considering how long the meal would last her, when she heard the sounds of her natural prey. Instantly, her body changed. She grew slimmer, and taller, her hips lost their padding, though her breast remained wow! sized. Her hair grew blond and straightened, her minge became bare.

She walked through the enchanted glade towards the sound of her prey. At the edge of the trees she saw them, five preppies, they looked Eighteen to nineteen, the prime juicy age for her prey.

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They were bent over the hood of their car studying something. "I told you this wasn't the way to Vegas." Exclaimed one. Elrinvienne stepped out from the shade of the tree, into the harsh desert sunlight, and asked, "Could you help me boys?" And thus ensued the orgy. Elrinvienne surveyed the wreckage of her meal as she scooped up and savored some stray come. The five naked sweaty bodies lay snoring on the ground. In times past, a succubus feeding would completely drain the energy out of her prey, thus killing them.

Elrinvienne was a Californian, she was environmentally conscious and thought that was wasteful, so she only drained them to exhaustion, not death. They'd wake up in a few hours, sore in unexpected places with a memory they wouldn't believe. Nor would any of their friends they'd try to tell of it. Elrinvienne made her way back into the enchanted glade, back to the enchanted pool and sat on the enchanted rock in the shade of the enchanted tree.

She felt vibrant, alive, full of energy. A big meal would do that, some species would have a post-prandial snooze, succubi would go to a club and dance all night on a meal like that.

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She found herself turning back into a wood-nymph again. 'That fairy must be awake.' she thought. Indeed, she heard his voice, "Did ye loch yer snack?" "I did indeed." She replied, though 'snack' hardly covered the feast she'd just had. Imagine chowing down on a basket full of happy meals, that's what the snack was like to Elrinvienne. "Ah thooght ye micht loch it." The fairy seemed to be taking credit for the appearance of the preppies.

"That was your doing?" "Och aye, it's only fair, ye showed me sic' a kindness." Understanding dawned on Elrinvienne, "You're a luck fairy?" "Ah am indeed." The luck fairy repaid kindness shown to it by creating good fortune for the kind one.

While Elrinvienne had only been concerned with feeding off the fairy, he had seen her invitation as a kindness.

"Could your luck extend to getting me back to civilization?" "Ah dornt need luck fur 'at. Ah can travel atween dimensions." Elrinvienne had heard of the magical means of travel of some fairies, she felt hope growing.


"Ah can tak' ye tae Vegas. If ye tak' me it jigging. Ah ken yer kin' likes a guid ceilidh." Elrinvienne did indeed like a good party, she'd dearly missed them out here in the boonies; she was willing to even take the ill mannered fairy with her if that's what it took.

"OK, you have a deal, take me to Vegas and I'll take you out clubbing." As soon as she said it, they were in Vegas. She kept her word, a demon can't break a promise freely given, but by the end of the evening she'd found herself falling for the small blue fairy.

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Under his gruff exterior, hid a warm and funny soul. They wanted to live a cliched happily ever after, but their's was a forbidden love, they had to live in the shadows apart from their respective kinds. They didn't care; they had each other.